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Tracklist For Lil Wayne’s “I Am Not A Human Being II” Album [Updated]

Thu, Mar 7, 2013 by

Tracklist For Lil Wayne I Am Not A Human Being 2 Album

The official tracklisting for Lil Wayne‘s forthcoming album, I Am Not A Human Being II, has just been revealed online. I Am Not A Human Being II will be released in stores on March 26th!

There are a total of eighteen songs on the album that include features from 2 Chainz, Big Sean, Detail, Drake, Future, Boo, Gudda Gudda, Soulja Boy, Gunplay, Juicy J, Shane Heyl, Trina, Dre, Cory Gunz, and Nicki Minaj. Other records that will be included on this project which we have previously heard are: “My Homies Still“, “No Worries“, “Bitches Love Me“, “Curtains“, and “Rich As Fuck“.

In a exclusive, you can view the updated tracklist after the jump below.

01. Lil Wayne – IANAHB
02. Lil Wayne – Curtains (Feat Boo)
03. Lil Wayne – Days And Days (Feat 2 Chainz)
04. Lil Wayne – Gunwalk (Feat Gudda Gudda)
05. Lil Wayne – No Worries (Feat Detail)
06. Lil Wayne – Back To You
07. Lil Wayne – Trigger Finger (Feat Soulja Boy)
08. Lil Wayne – Beat The Shit (Feat Gunplay)
09. Lil Wayne – Rich As Fuck (Feat 2 Chainz)
10. Lil Wayne – Trippy (Feat Juicy J)
11. Lil Wayne – Bitches Love Me (Feat Drake & Future)
12. Lil Wayne – Romance
13. Lil Wayne – God Bless Amerika
14. Lil Wayne – Wowzers (Feat Trina)
15. Lil Wayne – Hello (Feat Shane Heyl)
16. Lil Wayne – Lay It Down (Feat Nicki Minaj & Cory Gunz)
17. Lil Wayne – Hot Revolver (Feat Dre)
18. Lil Wayne – My Homies Still (Feat Big Sean)
19. Lil Wayne – Shit Stain

Which song are you most looking forward to listening to ❓

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  • tune

    The whole thing!

  • kim


  • YoungGod RigoRigo

    Young Mula

  • tune

    all the solo tracks

  • AD11

    Definitly God Bless Amerika !!

  • Derek

    Nice..lookin forward to this


  • all of em are dope

  • WOOO

    So excitrd

  • JK

    Follow me on twitter @just6kidding

  • DanYMCMB4ever

    wtf with this album, only 15 songs with most that we have heard??

  • FuckTez

    Why 15 tracks !!!??

    What about “walk”, “Itchy” and “shit stains” ?
    They where the tracks i was wanting to hear most :@ i swear Tez is a peice of shit!!!

  • ZipLiner

    scrap my homies still, curtains, and soulja boy….

    that record with gunplay has REAL potential. Both of them had their run ins with the law and this could ACTUALLY be a song with substance and about those experiences. i hope he doesnt waste the potential on that track by referencing jail once or twice then going back to pussy pussy pussy in the next verse.

  • AlexSutton

    aslong as soulja boy doesn’t do too much of a horrendous verse the album should be dope!

  • YoungGod RigoRigo

    i have a feeling of Days and Days, im sure it will be a hit.

  • ZipLiner

    I feel you though… wayne name dropped all these tracks in the interview and they aint here.. BUT maybe Walk got a title change to Gunwalk

  • tune

    dope, but we have already heard 1/3 of the album…..wish there were like 2 more solo tracks..

  • Wolf

    hopefully we get BONUS tracks…

  • Bandz

    Is that nicki minaj song the snippet we heard a few years back? Cause that sounded dope and she mentioned Wayne.

  • hood

    track 1 and 13 look interesting

  • Lil Tunechi

    It looks good but too many features..he only has 3 songs by himself and i bet one of them he will be singing!!!!!!!

  • Weezy4Life

    Looking forward to the solo tracks!
    Hopefully this isnt it and theres a deluxe version with like 3 more songs

  • weezy f

    obviously there will be bonus tracks that you have to buy on itunes and what not

  • lol

    looks fucking dope tbh and i wanna hear that God Bless Amerika track







  • bad decisions

    we’ve heard half the album

    every feature is weak

    soulja boy, juicy j, gunplay, big sean, boo, detail…..seriously wayne ?

  • F Baby

    I was hyped for this album and now I ain’t =/

    Too many features WTF

  • jamz

    The song titles look awesome but the feature list don’t…..I hope the music is awesome though ;_)

  • Lil Troll

    The record I am most looking forward to listening to is My Homies Still feat. Big Sean =]

  • Bandz

    And where is Terrorist feat Cory GUnz?

  • whatup doe

    No drake features other than 7 words on bitches love me ? Wheres Rick Ross ? French Montana ? The fuck wayne.. lets get hope for Tha Carter 3 & prepare for tha carter 4 ..

  • Lil Tunechi

    i wanna see how his 1st week sales will be!!!!! to me i think it will flop!!!!

  • BigTunechi

    I don’t know why wayne and tez would decide to release an album which we have heard 1/3 of already!!! All the songs we have heard are dope. but is there really need to put my homies still on there! I wish this was an 18 song album! Wit atleAst 1 with Ye! I hope all the unheard songs sound rich as fuck

  • Lil Tunechi

    @Bandz i was wondering bout that cory song too!!!!!weezy is fucking up

  • Why ?

    Because a dont think this album will hold me until another Wayne Album and i dont know how long that will take :/,
    Where is
    •Shit stains
    •Walk (walk could be Gunwalk)

    And the first track will probs be him talking :/
    And romance better not be a song like
    How To Love :/ ,,, i am praying for Bonus Tracks ,
    Remember when that bitch interviewer said that TUNE IS BACK ON HIS C2 FLOW
    Rather disapointed tbh :(,,, wayne even said that the album will have like 16 tracks and a couple bonus tracks… Oh well

  • Eshall

    Romance!!! I’m a lady what do you expect. He already knows his bitches love him. Exciting cannot wait!!!

  • Mariana

    OMG!! i’m so excited yooo! i wonder if ”back to you” and ”romance” is about dhea or something like that.. and i am excited of course for the one with Nicki Minaj!!

    I see VERY collabs, I was excepting solo cause that’s when he is more sincere and honest.. and he really means it when he says but it’s all goodd!


    1. Trippy
    2. Days and days
    3. IANAHB
    4 Beat the shit
    Idk these titles seem pretty dope!

  • Romance

    In this snippet he says “Romance”
    And it could be a leftover from C3 or early C4 days an in an interview with SWAY he said he is using C3 & c4 leftovers for IANAHB2

  • patriots

    so he change i aint nervous to curtains but i thought it wasnt suppose 2 on da album maybe he changed it up but even da 1 wit soulja boy gone be raw just like grove st. Party dat had lil b 2 try n mess it up but maybe soulja might go hard just cuz he on a song wit weezy so he better take advantage not alot of people want him on there song so him being on a song wit might bring out da best of him we’ve seen in a while

  • GreenRanger

    “I Ain’t Nervous” became “Curtains” and i bet that the song “Itch” (that everyone kept including in fake tracklistings and was one of the songs mentioned to be on the album) has instead been changed to “Trigger Finger” which is cool because “Hold up” from the first IANAHB album included a hook with the line “Benadryl shit….Trigger Finger Itchin'”

  • Nucklez

    Where the fuck the track he had wit flow this is the first I ever said this but fuck tune man

  • Bunz

    i swear to God, this album gon be the worst weezy album ever!!!!!!!!1 mark my words

  • lol

    u guys really judging by a tracklist lol gtfoh

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  • DAN

    WTF is Souja boy there please exclude him in this bitchd.

  • too many feats but still bet its gonna be b af! keep the shit up weezzyy you da best!

  • JThaMan

    I just hope he goes in. We need that 2007-2011 Wayne asap

  • Jordan

    Y’all can say what you want but that track with soulja is going to be raw as fuck, he puts out alot of trash but has some absolute beauty’s! And he ain’t gonna mess up this opportunity, People think it’s gonna flop but it will still sell like shit off a chrome shovel!

  • lil k

    all the solo tracks,Trigger Finger and Beat The Shit


    U people need 2 stop being gay, it’s just a Wayne (Lil Shame) album. (Any other rapper is better though) (Like Eminem, still waiting for his 8th studio album 2 come out). So what if its going 2 flop, (probably like Rebirth) (there pretty much leftover tracks, so I wouldn’t expect them 2 be good) plus at least it’s some shit 2 hold u over until he steps up his game and puts out another/better, multiplatinum album. He’s never going 2 though, he’s in some other reality which I don’t expect from him 2 come out of ant time soon.

  • JThaMan

    400k-600k first week record sales

  • Christian

    No Terrorist better be a bonus track and shit stains

  • A_WeeZY

    Back to You and Trippy are the ones I wanna hear first. He better have some bonus tracks. I can’t wait!

  • Egotistical Mcee

    When is it droppin’???

  • Livinz333

    What About ITCHY?!

  • Nigganigga

    Wat happend to that Tyler the creator song 🙁

  • YM

    Juicy is killing it, so that track guna be Ill… If soulja track is anything like ‘turn my swag on remix’ that’ll be a banger… Gunplay is a gangster so that tracks shud be goon Wayne.. Chainz on his shit plus they boyz so that’s proper. If you ask me the more features the better…

  • Wanna join young money

  • Tyrone

    Lay It Down ft. NICKI MINAJ will surely be the best track

  • Wezzy

    So we can all agree that the album will leak soon:). Aha

  • Wayne has changed, and some people don’t seem to get that thru their heads. So just accept that he’s not going back and accept his new style. I honestly think that that is the main reason this album will be his lowest selling record he’s had since Tha Carter II; because too many people want Lil Wayne and not Lil Tunechi. Because thing always change, they don’t remain the same. So we just gotta wait for what he has in store with this album.

  • So when’s the album gonna leak? Lol

  • tahir

    kinda disappointed with the track list but I’m still coping this joint as soon as it drop .. Wayne fan forever and i think its gonna be a dope album tho

  • I though Meek Mill was suppose 2 b the???…….

  • Tunexx

    @lil_ricky69 he been calling himself lil tunechi sense c3 I was listening to it today

  • Tribby

    How is starting at the world not on the list but rich as fuck and curtains is? Starring at the world is better than any song he’s released off the album so far


    Hold up! This is the track list? This is what it got pushed back for? C’mon, we have heard most of the album! And I was really looking forward to hearing Wayne go off, like he used to! Guess that Wayne doesn’t exist anymore! I am a huge Lil Wayne fan and tbh, I was looking forward to more of a solo project. This album has just got too many features for me! Don’t get me wrong I’m still looking forward to every track (And I will probably pump them all religiously) but overall, I’m NOT impressed!



  • wow

    Going to be very disappointing…. the vibe is way off.

  • Swezy

    C’mon guys we jus heard 5 of them, we got 10 new songs to lsn to 😀

  • Ym2430

    not saying that I want all these features. but in my opinion the features arent all that bad. Because there is only one song with multiple features on it and we have already heard that one. and who knows if the other features are just a chorus. I mean C3 only had 6 solo songs and we all know how good that was. I’m just saying, wait and see. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Feel me?

  • lil yzyz

    Just wait 🙁

  • @becguyzlax

    Beat the shit wid gunplay might be raw..and seriously why no birdman..

  • sticki


  • Tunexx

    Does anyone think that days and days might be “shit stains” because tune said it was featuring 2 chainz

  • @Tunexx but look at what Tunechi turned into. Lil Wayne was gangster rap, and Lil Tunechi turned into somethin else

  • Tunexx

    @lil_ricky69 I get what your saying.. believe me I miss waynes I am the best rapper alive mentality.. he done said he dont care anymore

  • well damn

    Was really hoping for Flow to be featured on here, get him some more recognition/publicity.

  • Sir. T

    BITCHES LOVE ME is de one dat rocked.
    If only Tune could feature Future more often.

  • Raul jr

    I’m excited for this album!!! YMCMB!!! Follow

  • tony_montana

    @bunz I agree with you bra,I have a feeling this gonna be the worst album this year! What happened to that song with cory gunz? Lil wayne though…smh

  • DOPE

    I thought flow was on this shit to? Just remove Boo with Flow !!!

  • Jack

    There will be a deluxe edition, so people stop moaning!!!

  • Tity boi

    I’ve already overplayed no worries an I ain’t nervous

  • Compare this tracklist, to a Nas album or a Lil Wayne album before Tha Carter 3! Such a shame

  • Looks ok. Just wish they were more solos. Among this tracks, which of them are singles?

  • oscar

    “Gob bless amerika” i hope its an-illuminati

  • petronella evah

    i’m scared for Tunechii this is goin be a disgrace,mean from IANAHB1,the carterz ol heard so far on IANAHB2 is bullshit,no worries aint nervous my homies stl rich as fuck r ol crap;;;

    plz Tune don’t disappoint me;and rily hope other tracks goin be far better than the crap u been releasing;;;

    looking forward to hearing other tracks though;LOVE U LOTS YOUNG TUNE!!!

  • 2starR

    Why is everyone fucking complaining? Wayne don’t need to put a album out, he still does it for his fans though…and y’all motherfuckers are crying because the track list doesn’t fit your needs? Come on man, this is why lil wayne is the way he is now, cause of fake ass fans

  • Hell&Back

    Lookin forward but not enough songs for a 4 month delay :/

  • me, lt

    at least three bonus tracks or stfu

  • tony_montana

    @2starR incorrect,he does it because his contract requires him to,not for the fans

  • sean

    Stop moaning if ye think its shit don’t buy it or comment on this be sick, its not a major album release by him tha carters are the main albums so shut up and listen or don’t support

  • Danny M if you find tracklist for Wayne’s Europe tour, please make a post!

  • me, lt

    yeah would be helpful to know the songs in order to have all the lyrics in mind ^^ no native speaker so it needs practice ^^

  • Jays

    First Wayne album i wont buy

  • C-Money

    I am very disappointed in this shitty tracklist. I was excited for Dedication 4 and while it was ok it wasn’t what I expected and it also had “My Homies Still”. WTF!!! Why do they always put the same fucking songs on all the albums. Wayne is slowly losing one of his biggest fans. Kevin Gates is taking his place. I am just very upset that we have to wait so fucking long for the album then its about that bullshit. It doesnt have gates, drake, or ross. If you want to keep the rap game on lock you need to put down those mushrooms and skateboards and pick up the cup and hop in the booth. Please step your game up!!!!!!!!!!1

  • ball

    where are the songs featuring cory gunz, tyler the creator and flow?

  • tahir

    the features on this album suck but im still coping this join as soon as it drop..i think its gonna be dope..hating ass niggas saying Lil Wayne is wack .that tells me y’all started listening to music just last year..if you dont like his music,thats fine but dont hate ..Maybe y’all mofokers needa ask your fave rappers and they a tell you Wayne a legend ..Dude started rapping since he was 8 ,his first album came out when he was 14 and he hasn’t rested uptil now. No rapper in the game has Waynes work ethic or consistency .He has put out so much out there .. He made mixtapes relevant,
    he came out with the word BLING,check your dictionary
    he saved cash money,
    he made niggas wanna have tattoos ,
    he is one of the rappers who managed to sell a milli in a week and still selling,
    i think he has more tracks out there more than any rapper ever,
    He made a record 77 features in a year rapper has or will ever beat that
    He broke Elvis Presly’s record of most songs on hot 100 ..Dude is helping hiphop win cuz no other rather is in top 20 of that list .
    Waynes the only rapper a president ever made a reference to in an official speech,
    Many rappers out there naming Wayne in their top five ever,some saying Wayne saved hiphop
    he the only rapper Eminem ever said he was scared of (talking to my self)
    Jay-z passed the torch to him and many other rappers saying Wayne is the best of this generation..Even Kanye admitted it .All other rappers take time off but not Wayne cuz he always has so much to spit ..ive gotta admit thou,he been a bit lazy since he came outa jail but thats cuz he found a new love in skateboarding and it still hasn’t stopped him from spitting ..y’all haters need to respect this dude forreal . on the link below are a few compliments from top rappers for Lil Wayne ,this should tell y’all something:- click on the link


    @tahir I agree with yah
    He be the new 2Pac.

  • daReal214

    I wonder why he changed “I Ain’t Nervous” into “Curtains”


    soulja boy sucks but as producer hes lookin forward for this album & think wayne will use terrorist maybe for C5.

  • JThaMan

    He needs that best rapper alive confidence back. He did kill that verse on banana clips with gun play so beat the shit might be a good track. We need more verses like he did on picture prefect, banana clips, i ain’t nervous, zip it, i don’t like, we bout that and stay away from verses like he did on pop that, marble floors, hold me back, stay hood

  • BestRapperAliveisIndeedme

    Guys don’t be disappointed, If you guys were true Wayne fans, you would know he has something in store for us, this right here is just to make us disappoint, but on march 26th when the king reveals himself, i guarantee there will be about 10 more songs are so, I GUARANTEE. Wayne also did songs with way more people, trust me, this is only like 1/2 of what he has done atm, this just a preview. Lol

  • philly c

    Tez should’ve left off my homies still, that’s been out too long. Besides I doubt anyone is going to listen to that song at this point. And I was personally hoping for a collab with Cory gunz !

  • lil wayne

    all look amazing but romance is lookin hot

  • Tunechi’sFutureWife

    Romance and Lay It Down Ft. Nicki Minaj!! I can’t wait to hear the whole album tho!!!!

  • Tune Man On The Moon

    every track looks great but im most hyped for the gunplay and juicy j features

  • GreenRanger

    One thing i don’t like about this listing is if the tracks are actually in order, “My Homies Still” being so far down the list worries me.
    Mostly no one fucks with it much anymore and everyone kinda knows that by now, so they’d probably just want to throw it in for the Deluxe version, and if that’s the case, then it looks like this is probably all the songs we’re getting, no more hidden.

  • Tunechilionches

    Tunechi should do a track on chief keef’s finally rich beat .. But it should be autotune where he spits a deep verse .. 🙂

  • Soulja Boy…………

  • LSDandDMTandMDMA

    You really dont get it that he is into skateboard cuz of weed? I want to stop weed and i need to find something else to do…. so thats what he did too, he has to stop weed and he has to find something to do. go fk urself, this tracklist looks gay but i still believe in him.

  • Kidd

    Wheres terrorist and itchy

  • Fixkkkkk

    Tez you worthless piece of shit
    He probally looked at features and probally didnt even listen to the songs

    I bet a brainless monkey couldve come up with a better tracklist

    And to all the people thinking the same way but still buying it ? Why ?
    Spend your hard earned money on sonething else

    Wayne bein a millionaire since 12
    Let him become a skateboarder and just end his music career
    Just compare this shit to 2008 and we all know wayne has had his best time

  • Ryan

    You guys are crazy. Of course there is going to be bonus songs and that is probably where terrorist with Cory gunz is. I’m not saying it is going 2 b C3 but it might be dope.

  • hi guys , f any one have the full album mp3 please send the download link to my E-mail , please guys , im waiting !!!

  • tony_montana


  • KingZ

    @Tahir thank you! I agree with you 100%!!!>

  • Angel

    So hyped for this

  • kwy

    A lot of features, an album is suppose to be majority of the artist. Fans don’t want to hear other people on ur album we want to hear you.

  • xBradathan

    I just hope its a good album. All i really want him to do is take his time and put together Tha Carter 5 and make it another classic like Tha Carter 3 and 4. Weezy always saves his best tracks for Tha Carter albums. And thats why the all go multiplatinum.

  • Brady

    All these ppl saying Wayne sucks. You obviously werent listening to him from 2006-2011. HE IS A LEGEND IN HIP HOP. He saved rap. Listen to tha carter 2, 3, and 4 listen to The Dedication 2, 3, and 4. Listen to Da Drought 3. Listen to Sorry 4 The Wait. They are all amazing and you are still hating. You all think he is slacking because he is skating but even though he is skating he is still putting out more music than everyone else. His work ethic is incredible. Do your HW before you start hating.

  • Don


  • Don


  • Don

    @Brady told the truth on that but honestly we need that 2007-2009 Wayne back he doesnt have that best rapper mentality anymore and we need it cuz nobody was on his level at that time yes i said NOBODY

  • Don

    i wish i had the chance to talk to Wayne cuz man i feel like a normal civilian and Superman has died seriously he has to come back 4 real but imma keep supporting him cuz i still feel he is the best rapper he just has needs to get back in that mind set if he do that its over

  • Don

    I will remain a fan watch lets just say if we was to get back to that mentality the people that were saying he suck they gone be back on his wagon those are the fake fans

  • maria_latina_wayne

    the whole album. i thought t i was going to be a deluxe album to or i am i missing something.

  • alfredo gonez

    no meek mill???

  • iyke

    Wayne won’t disappoint…buh wia is kanye on this…

  • wayne

    yo does this mean there will be a music video for curtains??[ i aint nervous ]

  • Goldentiger3

    i really wanna hear Days and Days But im really hyped for god bless amerika, his anti -illuminati songs are always on point.

  • lol

    cant wait

  • Weezy4Life

    Who cares about who are featured?
    At the end of the day we all just wanna hear LIL WAYNE

  • wtf

    this is da official tracklist whers da bonus tracks this album gonna be sick as fuck

  • jesse

    Heyguys could you link me some anti illuminati songs by wayne?

  • Blake

    @jesse: Just listen Mirror.

    People, why suppose that ‘God Bless Amerika’ is a Anti-Illuminati song? I mean, why speculate so much about that? No hating but maybe is just a song talking bout Pussy, Molly, Money, etc.

  • Wtf




  • These are some weak ass features. Not lookin forward to this album

  • Hi! My name is Tunechi


  • Lil Wayne india

    Where is the track with Tyler the creator?

  • Lil Wayne india

    We aren’t getting terrorist because wayne thinks it got leaked


  • yahoribe

    The back to you has a leaked a part with a DJ drama shout when he says inhale exhale I just need a breather love is a bitch but everybody need her and when I’m not feeling the same I just drive my Bugatti down memory lane and cone back to you

  • Daaaaaaaamn, I love this. Tunechi, the best rapper alive in case y’all suckas forget.

  • Fuckwithmeandgetbodied

    Bonus tracks are missing.. Tyler the creator is going to be in the bonus tracks.

  • Tunechi going hard on this album, i can’t wait till he release this album.

  • No Offense to the white fans. but wayne needs to stay away from the crackers in his circle. I know you were in Prison for a while and you havent had “Pussy” in forever and now that you got out, all you can rap about is the same fucking shit, But lets all be Honest with ourself and stop the denile in saying that Old Weezy Will NEVER NEVER NEVEEERR come back as long as the “Trukfit” Company is around.

    Every Song he features in i Lose a little respect for.

    The “Birdman Jr.” You guys used to know is gone and done for. and i blame his “White Entourage” and his SkateBoarding mind state.

  • Banned 4rm TV

    Looks like garbage …

  • 2StarR

    @Tony_Montana do you really think he needed to sign that contract LAST YEAR? Where his downfall was at the most? He didn’t. He has been signed for 19 years, accomplished everything in the rap game…he does NOT need to go on if he doesn’t want to.

  • How tf r u suppose to talk abot the album when It ain’t out yet and saying you don’t like the tracklist dats on some hating shit

  • That Kid

    Worst Wayne tracklist to date. Enough said.

  • Zackeryyy

    Where the fuck is Terrorist with Cory Gunz?!

  • I_G_M_F

    Goin to go get this shit no watter what the best rapper alive YMCMB Bitch

  • I_G_M_F


  • DJ Arsonist

    where did this track list come from? Not Tez?

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  • Homecoming

    Props Danny

    Is Hello Featuring Pharrell ?

  • ZipLiner

    another song called Hot Revolver? i hope its a new song and not a new version of the semi rock song that came out during the rebirth era

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  • Thatguy333


  • Malene

    I cant wait!! Im really looking for the song with nicki minaj, and Hello!

  • Sir. T

    Mhmmm… #Romance
    Lookin’ forward for that track. SoundZ interestin. Especially if Tune’s doin’ a solo

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  • me,lt

    Hot Revolver??? This shit hella old and anybody got it and anybody knows it for years? as if they were no unreleased wayne tracks no more they could ve placed on the album … what about the 90 tracks he got with dr. dre??? i dont understand …
    hope its a new version or a even a different song or something …

  • me,lt

    however, if this is the normal version and theres still an deluxe version with like three bonus tracks then everthing will be fine 😉

  • Wayne

    Where the hell did this list come from lol. Not from wayne or Tez’s twitter or young

  • Jaz

    @Danny M, is there a deluxe version or dont you know yet. 🙂


    @DANNY M

    Where did you find this Danny???
    Will Hot Revolver be Re-Done with diffrent verses?

  • Bans

    Wack Album cover and possibly a wack tracklist. Wayne will NEVER be the same anymore. After he came out of jail he hasnt been the same. I understand that he wants to skateboard not a problem but for the love of everything all his features sound the same. If he wants to focus on skating do that but music wise he fell off major. This album sounds like a flop and birdman that bitch nigga will always ride wayne’s dick. How you supposed to be his “daddy” and you not setting him straight ? Birdman is a sorry excuse for a mogul. Tez is just a sorry excuse for a manager who needs to be fired ASAP.

  • I looking forward to Hot Revolver

  • Vedvik music

    Hot revolver is the same old track from rebirth.
    Dre is the second guy in cool and dre(the producers of the song)
    Dre have uncredited guest vocals on it.

  • AlexSutton

    now this tracklist looks better!

  • SkullTune

    Im looking for Hot Revolver!
    Hope it will be like the Rebirth Edition!

  • Rans0m3

    Why are yu guys excited about the songs that you already heard? It just takes up more room for songs tht yu didn’t hear yet. Get ya mind right. Lol and there is way to many features. I am still waiting to see if this is carter 2 wayne like that interview said….

  • Shut up

    @Bans ur a fucking idiot. Its a fucking cover which lil wayne didnt even create. And the tracklist, its just song names. Sit down and shut the fuck up. At the end of the day ur still broke and wayne rich as fuck so stop hatin an get of this site

  • Shut up

    Its funny how the only people hatin on wayne is the fans. But all the good RAPPERS in the game think hes dope and put him on there songs. Yall judging this album before youve heard it . Smh just haters

  • lloyd_flamez

    no cory gunz or flow -.- dafuq!!!

  • ctwins3644

    Isnt hot revolver a rebirth throw away that has already been released on itunes??

  • Ravi

    800k to 900k first week …….

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  • philly c

    Wait a minute…Wayne already has a song called hot revolver with Kevin Rudolf….he’s done another one !?

  • lilwayne4evver!

    @Danny do you know if the last two songs are deluxe tracks or can we expect other songs that are only on the deluxe version? i hope so, an eminem feature would be very nice as bonus track!

  • Nick Jaye

    Bout time tez dropped some more solo dolo’s

  • Njaye again..


    Back to you
    And wowzers

    Will prob be the best!

  • I caaaaaant waaaaait this tracklist is amazing gonna kill it.and everyone stop nagging till u hear it and who told u that the songs on the fake tracklist wer real so just enjoy everyone its weezy the president

  • 821!rQ3u

    seems like the first half of it gonna be trash, but second looks interesting and the intro will sure be fine too

    personally, id like to hear another phone home type-track. i think the theme and instrumental fits perfect to weezy

  • lol

    hell yea hot revolver is one of waynes best rock songs glad its gonna be on the album

  • tune

    Heck yea Boy even better now!

  • miyo

    Mmm,with the feature.. It shows that lil wayne performs best under pressure(Wayne wanting to better than his counterpart) look at his best tracks…most if not all, are Lollipop,Mirror,She Will

  • tony_montana

    @ransom3 carter 2 wayne? Impossible ma dude!

  • Don

    YES MORE SOLO TRACKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bunz

    now its lookin up

  • sean

    More songs added get in

  • Tru

    Dope ass looking track list. More excited now than before. But what happened to terrorist with cory gunz? Scrapped? I was looking forward to tht song

  • Kidd

    Terrorist still left off or will there be bonus tracks?

  • Greg charles

    Hot revolver is on rebirth

  • michael

    Ay guys I need your help, I’ve got 2 friends on twitter that say that lil wayne is not a hip legend . Please tweet them and tell why he is .m they are @nadiaOVOXO and @Juven_naidoo .please please please …. They really making me mad….. I’m not trying to get them followers or anything . Just show them how dumb they are thanks

  • kwy

    Hot Revolver?? The one that was suppose to be on Rebirth? “She said do you have the time to listen to me wine” She said whos on the otherline you diss me everytime”

  • dillydb

    Hey Danny, wasn’t the track “Hot Revolver” on Rebirth??? Or did Wayne redo it or something?

  • aiecoy

    @Tune ; Well said man!!! I was thinking the same thing

  • Wayne

    Thumbs up if you think wayne is gonna go hard in 2013! You dont just call urself the new pac for nothin

  • LilWaynefan

    I’m really looking foward to this album !
    I don’t see why everyone is hating on it, it’s not even out yet.

  • PrincessShalisaCarter

    INAHB was so good, I been waiting on INAHB2… So, I wanna hear the album but I especially would like to hear: 1Back to You 2.Beat the Shit 3.Romance 4.Hello and 5.Lay you Down ;Thou I’m sure they’re all really good, I just hope not too offensive lol

  • JohnnyDAndreW

    Trippy and wowzer gon b ignant!!! Tunechi li ya heard me!!!!! Wish The Esho Hero a.k.a Flow was on here tho. Nd I also wish He had another song wit Drake Othr than Bitches Love Me but YMCMB ALL DAY!!! FLAMEGAMG!!! OVOXO!! LAST KINGS!!!

  • Nukey

    Dope updated tracklist, guess Wayne answered to his fans demanding more solo tracks on the album! 13new songs to listen to and i bet curtains has a few changes to it than the I ain’t nervous version is! Can’t wait for 26th of march to come around!!

  • liltune

    theres no way “hot revolver” from like 4 years ago is on this album,,,must be a different song, and “curtains” cant be on the album, gotta be a different song that also features boo…if those two songs are actually what they are ill be very surprised

  • danny prado

    Why is he putting his rock album, track song back on this one. Hot revolver

  • Lil Tunechi

    where is flow n cory gunz songs weezy said they will be featured

  • Looks better now since theres more solos. But still dont like any of his features. Btw is it gonna be hot revovler from rebirth?

  • Dr

    need to throw Wolf on that bish… hes one of those dudes u could see easily featuring on anybody mixtape/album

  • Savaq3

    i Want To hear All The Solo Tracks , Trigger Finger Ft. Soulja Boy , And Trippy Ft. Juicy j . Turn Up !

  • Lilwayneman

    Haha its not gona be hot revlover from rebirth. Why would he put that song on here if its been out forever. It obviously gonna be a different song

  • Lilwayneman

    Gunwalk was probaly walk, beat the shit was shit stains, and trigger finger was itchy

  • Triggerman

    i like that wayne is using diffrent artist tired of seein him with the same people on a song good job wayne keep it up it would be better if u would feature with eminem a little more tho and kevin gates

  • Shaq

    Big ups to this tracklist Tune gone go dumb on this he bout to show yall why Kayne said he #1

  • Shaq

    900 to a mill tha 1st week

  • Tanner Bryant

    God bless amerika! And romance

  • wtf

    hey motherfucker dont use my name lil wayne is the best rapper alive you pussy ass hater dis gonna be best rap album of the year

  • jayblazer

    guys i dont think we did our job with c4 sure we came out and proved were the best fan base in hip hop but could of sold a milli the first week if u bought one album buy two if you bought two albums buy 3 lets go ham and prove wayne still at the top

  • Bobby M

    Obviously “hot revolver” is not the same song. It might be a rock song since that was his best song from the rebirth days imo and so he chose that title, but it will for sure be a totally different song. Do you really think he would put the original on here?

  • HOT REVOLVER?!?!?!

    Wayne’s putting Hot Revolver from the Pre-Rebirth days on IANAHB2?!?!?!?!? This was completely unexpected… But I am satisfied with hearing that because unlike most people I ACTUALLY enjoyed Lil Wayne’s rock album. I can’t wait to hear him drop a couple of new sick verses on it.

  • erick

    im pretty sure its the same hot revolver. it sounds like it would make sense some rap rock and looks like possibly more singing with the song “romance” to show his diversity because he is not “human”

  • Gim

    Can’t wait sick album

  • Wow

  • Elijah

    Is this the Deluxe or just the straight album?

  • tony_montana

    Lol I told y’all wayne wouldn’t make the list lma0 don’t worry tune,you’ll get em next time…

  • Sander Bonneur 36

    Beat That Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tunechi x Gunplay!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sander Bonneur 36

    Beat That Shit!! Tunechi x Gunplay!

  • im looking forward to hear INAHB 😀 , 500k-700k sales first week !1

  • Hi! My name is Tunechi


  • I_G_M_F

    TRUN UP bitch wayne is runin this shit get in line YMCMB FOREVER

  • Wheres its the bonnus tracks????? But this album will beat another record…will be the best album of 2013… I put that pussy on my face, i got no worries

  • this already tells you that wayne the best.jay z puts 12 songs on an album but weezy puts 18,thats a 6 track difference.weezy goes hard in what ever he does.weezy gives his all behind the mic but them haters can’t see that because they sit behind the light!

  • Swag

    400 – 500 anything else i’m suprised

  • i cant believe lil wayne didnt make it to mtv hottest mc even thou after all these features haters. kendrik is no.1 then 2chainz i think and the list goes
    no problem weezy we all know that they hating.i just want to say one thing to u GET’EM

  • Ret

    He dont got 1 album thats like a story or anything
    Its just a group of random songs thats why the last song is My homies Still like fuckit

  • Mic

    theres gonna be a deluxe version too, can’t wait for this album

  • Stef

    Features ain’t always bad. On “bitches love me” it had drake and future but only on the chorus and it was still a killer song. So chill

  • listen to RAMMSTEIN!

  • TwiztidOnez

    It is strange birdmans not on one track but oh well things change and im pretty sure ive heard hot revolver i think ive had that track since like 2009 if its what im thinkin

  • Rickeh

    I highly doubt Hot Revolver is the same exact track as the one from back then.
    Wayne changed his style so much since then, so you should know he is going to work that into the song and use parts (Like he did with “I’m Not Human” and “I’m Not A Human Being”)
    I can’t wait to actually hear what it’s going to be like.

  • DMasih7787

    Looks really dope… nice…

  • Swezy

    Out of 18 songs jus 4 solo :'(

  • DOPE

    Shane Heyl is a f*ucking skater! Gotta be kiddng me

  • DOPE

    Shane Heyl is a f*ucking skater! Gotta be kiddn me

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  • mezzy cuz

    All of the above.. def want to lissen to them all

  • It’s obviously not the same “Hot Revolver” if Dre is on it. I’m looking forward to all the tracks :))


    ACTUALLY, it is the same Hot Revolver from the Rebirth era… For all of you retards out there, Dre was in fact a part of the original song although he wasn’t credited for his work on it. Dre was responsible for the chorus of the song and he took part in the production of the beat.

  • juicy J

    itunes always has an additional 1-2 bonus tracks and then target does the same. so theres gonna be like 22 songs in all

  • NO IT ISN’T! The original doesn’t have Dre for 1 millisecond and why wouldn’t it say Kevin Rudolf? It could be the same beat or format of song but I guarantee it will be drastically changed.

  • justice

    Can’t wait to hear my homies still. Sounds dope

  • “Why Dew 1 platinum Album while u can dew 5 platinum Album, why dew alone while you can dew nation”Fuck Haters Um Nt a human being gone hit 5 platinum um behind tunechiiiiii ,um going 2 buy two Album one 4 my bitch one 4 me ,wat abwt you ?????????????????????????????????

  • “Why Dew 1 platinum Album while u can dew 5 platinum Album, why dew alone while you can dew nation”Fuck Haters I Am Not A Human Being II gone hit 5 platinum um behind tunechiiiiii ,um going 2 buy two Album one 4 my bitch one 4 me ,wat abwt you ?????????????????????????????????

  • Caleb

    Why are you all getting mad at the number of solo tracks? He had the same amount on the first I am not a human being, so why should he change his style for this one? Tha Carter V will be the one with more solo tracks.

  • erick

    17 and 18 are bonus tracks so its the same hot revolver… the regular is only 16 songs.. not bad but not great either

  • Zimmdawg

    people complain about no shit stains itchy etc relax
    Trigger finger= Itcy (trigger finger itch)
    Days and days= SHIT STAINS?
    Terriost now is probably lay it down just relax song names got changed i mean itchy shitstains and walk are pretty dumb titles for songs dont u think.

  • Tunechi Incarnate

    IANAHB. Im luking forward to the whole album.

  • KingZ

    @DannyM I pre-ordered the deluxe album from Amazon, do you know if Shit Stains will Be on there?

    • It won’t be, it’s just a Target bonus.

  • weezy f

    all you haters doubt wayne go to hell man hating ass niqqas not even fans wanna be freaks who come on a fansite to hate wayne always delivers a milli first week

  • Tunechi96


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  • ivan

    ALL OF THEM!!!!

  • Big Dong G

    The whole thing will be dope. Wayne is nasty.. End of discussion……

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  • Swaggy

    Im a lil dissapointed this shitz not that hot at all

  • Young DC

    Weezy still the best rapper alive. No question. Kiss my ass if you hatin. GTFO this site if you aren’t a true fan. Don’t need you rusty niggas. #cash

  • Shamik shinde

    I listen to this video everyday

  • Adrian

    How could you do that to drake just a hook in love and he gets no verse in your album thats not gee man that i love you Wayne but my boy dont change stay the same bra dont care about watch the throne that happened you have been the greatest rapper for so long I dont think u will ever fall off my brother hope u or Jay Z will sign me one day check out my rap videos on YouTube theres YPB Go Get It….. YPB My Way and i forgot the other one but hey Wayne much Love bra get well soon everyone who will read this check my videos on youtube much apprectiated

  • Black Eagle

    wasnt no worries part of dedication 4

  • Libra

    @DannyM The itunes tracklist doesnt have romance listed. any idea why?

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  • ronnie

    @danny is it dr dre featured in hot revolver

    • Nope, it’s Dre from Cool & Dre.

  • Ian

    I have the album most of it is terrible I’m so upset !

  • definitely bitches love me. but i look forward to the whole thing

  • junior

    features parts ain’t olways interesting….but i trust nicki there

  • pL.wesby

    It.s all right I ain’t sain I like it n I aint sain I don’t like