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First Week Sales For Lil Wayne’s “I Am Not A Human Being II” Album

Tue, Apr 2, 2013 by

First Week Sales For Lil Wayne I Am Not A Human Being 2 Album

The first week numbers for Lil Wayne‘s I Am Not A Human Being II album are in! According to HDD, Weezy F Baby has sold 217,430 copies of his new album since it was released on March 26th.

If you haven’t already done so, you can purchase I Am Not A Human Being II from iTunes here or from Amazon here!

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  • Abbo

    DAMN IT!!

  • victor


  • mattyswizzle

    Album def deserves more…5 Mill next album. YMCMB TUNCHI LI. TRUK DA MOTHA FAWKIN WURL!!!

  • Abbo

    FIRST btw!!

  • truth

    watch someone come and comment

    omfg his best album yet … lmao dickriders…

    wayne dont give a sh!t about this album……

    he’ll be off probation and make Carter 5 a classic doe

  • Dayne Steele

    Wow, nobody appreciates greatness these day but ride the dicks of those “rappers” with WAY less talent

  • loooooove youuuuu

  • Hell&Back

    The album sucked ass

  • Tunechi f Baby

    He was not going to get those Justin Timberlake numbers

  • ElMonarca029

    Daamn, i was waiting for 400k or 450k copies

  • mence

    More than I expected. haha

  • sam speed

    lol this shows how bad wayne fell off

    nobody checking for his music like tha carter 3 days

    these are low numbers

    like really low for lil wayne

    i guess its all about drake now to keep young money on top

  • G-Unit

    These are lower than expectations right? I mean it might time for him to retire or start putting out music like he used to.

  • Vedvik music

    Everybody now lil wayne is not the same as he was! but i know he still have the talent he had!


    people are saying no one bought his album after he cancelled his european tour??? i am one of those people but i didnt realize everyone from france or europe did the same as me :/

  • @BiggDaddyRice

    This was expected… Wayne didn’t care about this one at all… And tbh this album wasn’t even good. Like honestly being Wayne fan for so long seeing him act like this towards his music is terrible. Whatever, it is what it is. I expected it not to do so well, and got what I expected.

  • Dry Carter

    Waitin’ for Carter IV…….

  • dipset

    🙁 I wasn’t expecting this..the album was too good

  • Seelz

    Confirmation that Lil Wayne did indeed fall off and not many people are checking for him anymore.

  • ymcmb truk

    justin timberlake sold more than weezy on his second week…..he did 317k 😮

  • Dry Carter

    Carter V*

  • Cheezy

    This Is Because It Leaked Days Before the Release Day !!!

  • Wow weezy almost hit number 1 on the list #weezyforever

  • xBradathan

    Tha Block Is Hot sold 229,000 in its first week. This shows what delaying an album for 4 months does. Now, take your time and make Tha Carter V another classic like Tha Carter II, III, and IV, end your career on a good note and be remembered as a legend. #TunechiNation

  • disappointedwaynefan

    This is his worst album yet and I’m so disappointed he bandwagoned on weak rappers only rapping about fucking bitches and getting laid where’s the old Wayne at? Why did he stop talking about relatable things rather than the 1% in this country? I’d rather blast The Carter 111 and Sorry for the Wait mixtape than any of this shit he’s been releasing! He has all the money he can possibly want why you trying to rob us? Why Wayne why? 🙁

  • brenners5

    was hoping for more tunechi bad ass album as always 🙂 next album will be a big one

  • weak rap

    i guess lil coonchi fans are finally starting to wake up and not just support someone who uses twitter and fake medical conditions for album promotion

    Slim Shady’s new album will sell double that… he’s still beating lil wayne’s album sales records by miles

    but i know u lil dwayne fans are gonna be upset that im on this website smack talking the horrible rapper so i will say this, his new face tattoos are supper cool (sarcasm)

  • jcrimson

    To be honest, I thought the album sucked. im disappointed. he didn’t take this album seriously. im surprised it sold that much. hell each song talked about the same thing. wayne has better talent than this. I dont want him doing drugs, I would never wish that trash for anyone. but he needs to get back on that old flow. cause these last two mixtapes and IANAHB2 was just trash.

  • watch him still go platinum on u bitch ass haters

  • Cortez Bryant

    Lmfao Wayne makes 1.5 every two weeks from his beats by Dre combine with his shoe deal and Dew nation partnership, pff a couple dollars from an album doesn’t define how great someone is, but only effort let that be a clue for you all. TRUKFIT! Truk Ya Gurl Nigga!

  • Nick

    People criticizing him on numbers for an album he honestly didn’t give a fuck about. This is a mixtape that people got charged for. It’s not Carter and it never will be. Get over yourselves all those who say people and checking for him no more.

    Those “people” only buy the Carters because they scared to like his other music because they friends won’t… Carters sell because one they actually an album not leftovers from previous projects. And also because it’s his most successful album series.

    Everybody gonna buy Carter V whether or not his music is good just because it has legacy behind it. Also because he said he’ll be retiring. That album gonna break records and set a standard for the rest of Hip-Hop with numbers sold.

  • weezyfbabyy

    Wooooooooooowwww HE FELL OF FO REAL!!! I think the album is really good but not near as good as the rest of his albums hes falling of more and more but complainin doesnt help so imma stay and support him i like all off his music and i will forever but now most of the time i say if i hear a new song that its an okayy song while back in the days a new weezy song would make my day…. Truck yo girll!!

  • Tru

    Smh lol

  • suckmygooch

    People are saying he fell off, and whatever that is there opinions. But pay attenton to other album numbers. Carter 3 sold a million its first week, IANAHB i dont even think hit 200k its first week, carter 4 was just under a million in its first week, IANAHB2 has a little over 200k. Basically what i am saying is that this album didnt get high numbers because it isnt in the carter series.. This album is still going to go platinum, just give it some time. Probs by the end of summer it will reach the one million mark.

  • Oscar Galvan

    Wayne should be selling more than this!

  • Kings

    ^^^This is ONLY the FIRST weeks sale , im sure the album will go platinum like the rest of his albums.

  • @weak rap…… U are one of those dick n d booty ass niggas dats stuckd on eminems dick, but guess wat? Dat white fool is so lazy… He didnt even lay a verse d whole of last year.


    ” Tools on deck, Tattoo’s on Necks, life is a bitch and i’ll make her yo ex”…#Weezy

  • nd dis is an ianahb series wit little or no buzz nd recognition(basically left over songs nd non mainsteam type shit unlyk c4 wit mirror, how 2 love etc ) nd it still manage to outsell Nas album (so calld classic of 2012)……pls tell me how he fell off wit dat.

  • Shawn Scott

    Fuck all y’all IANAHB2 killed it! Onlii the Trigger Finger fucked it up. n sure the album didn’t sell as much.Bitch we in a bloody slump Tune To tha .MOFUCKIN WORL……..GOD BLESS AMERIKA Yo

  • Nola


  • ianahb1 sold 124,000 copies first week. People show less importance 2 dis series dan dey do d carter.

  • ….

    IANAHB series is garbage. Im not going to make excuses like all these baby fans above me. Just be honest, it sucked.

    Wayne only tries on the Carter albums, and even C4 was trash but still sold.

  • @ Wayne haters, pls name one rapper dat was buzzin n 2008 nd still making his way into d headlines lyk Wayne n 2013 pls name one……….. Wayne b steady runnin shit 4 2 decades now. He’s clearly d greatest wit dat kinda longevity dat no rapper will ever attain.

  • thereal#1weezy an

    I’m am the real tunechi number one fan. Not body else. Just me

  • Rickeh

    The album was leaked.
    Made a big factor on the album sales.

  • @……o u hav to b re admitted into dat psychatric home nuff said.

  • he didn’t even try on this album and sold over 200 hundred thousand that shows how big his fan base is

  • @…….on ianahb1 is d only album 2 ever hit no 1 (aside all eyez on me) while d rapper is imprisond.

  • Nola..

    Well what’s terrible is that if he were to just make some gangsta music like he did from 05-08 he would still be selling a milli a week.. But since he’s just messing around making wack ass rock and devil shit, people degrade him and that causes his fans not to buy his shit

  • TrukThaWurl

    If It Wuznt Leaked, Numbers Would B Wayyy Higher. Wayne Didnt Fall Off, The Numbers Fell Short Of Expectations Bcuz Of Tha Leak!

  • InkEnt

    IANAHB 1 sold 100k first week this was an improvement on sales people talking bout oh he fell off he just Doubled sales and as Carter sales Carter series has nothing to do with this If U wanna hate make real sense and I bought the Album Replayin da ish out of it its not a Usual one its Iam Not a Human Being its crazy but I digg it Hiphop meets Rock meets everything else my dude its Wayne

  • Shawn Scott

    So kiss my ass if u hate….am gettin ass on skate. Tunechi to tha worl. Hatin ass pussy need to go n listen sum pussy shyt like pitbul or sumpn. Tune kills it on every ablum n every mixtape!!!

  • Zodiac

    Lol at these stans making excuses like it sold low because it leaked.

    Every album leaks you dumbasses.

    Do you think carter 3 and carter 4 did not leak?

    Straight idiots.

  • Patriots

    Its all good the album got postponed for months and leaked plus its an ianahb album it doesnt get a “push” like a carter album would get so wat more would u expect i was surprised tho i thought it was goin to do atleast 500k

  • ZipLiner

    Wayne fell off, is he capable of being carter II wayne again? yes. will he? no. so get over it. people who say this album is great give waynes fans a bad name lets be honest TRUE fans are honest. it was wack, had some good individual tracks some bangers but every song was pussy, dick, pussy dick, while i will say im glad he didnt spam trukfit he still was wack juice on this…….. he can do better C5 could be better or he could just bullshit another album….. whatever

  • pajonk

    fantastic news, that is the only way to redeem Wayne. If he would sell many albums he would think that he did a great job. Now, we need to pray that he will ask himself whats wrong and what he needs to change. People! You need to understand that he doesnt read your comments and people around him will always tell him that hes the best even if he isnt. Im saying you that is the only way to save Weezy, I didnt buy this album and Im glad that he sold only 200 000 copies. Great NEWS!!!!

  • ZipLiner

    ***PLEASE READ**** lol

  • Goldentiger3

    These days your not gonna see amazing numbers due to album leaks most ppl dont have the time to go and buy the album but somehow have access to the internet tahts all u need to be honest, I bought the album but alot of my friends didnt. Back in the day you had to buy a CD copy now its everywhere online.

  • Tunechiallday

    For everyone that doesn’t like Lil Wayne, I don’t think you understand his music. He’s too good for your ears. All that gay shit music other artist in different rap labels make. IANAHB2 deserved way more sells. Shit, his worst song on the album is better than the best song from any other artist (outside of YMCMB). Lil Wayne is THE BEST RAPPER EVER. fuck tupac, fuck biggie, fuck snoop and dre. Tunechi all day. Fuck if you’re hating. Love if you love him.

  • popped a Molly Im sweatin!whoo!

    I don’t judge by sales. I thought it was a great album. Felt like Wayne did a real good job. But @tunechiallday are you outta your god damn mind! Wayne isn’t better than 2pac! Saying Wayne is better than pac is like Wayne saying he fucked Boshs wife. Its never gonna happen.

  • Blunt Murda

    Of Course this might happen the industry really ant the same and promotion methods, digital sales, people ear drums damaged from listening to (gucci mane, waka flocka, chief keef). Piracy (fuck it i bootlegged the album myself too)., Drake being Scary, Lil Wayne Obviously isnt in the best health. (Mentally & Physically). and etc.

    Some people shouldnt speak before grasping the reality of a situation. Smh

  • thereal#1weezy an

    Im the biggest tunechi fan. I love em.

  • Blunt Murda

    @popped a Molly Im sweatin!whoo! .. actually Lil Wayne was Dating Adrienne Before Chris Bosh and her was married ?

  • Wow

    These sale numbers will probably shake his head back in its place and make him realize that something is obviously wrong when you sell one album at almost 1 million the first week then you sell the next on almost 700k less


    my mind is so far past the wizzle that all these comments are making me stupid about how i judge music.
    whats making me the most stupid is trying to figure out why ur still defending him but i know it all comes down to skin color… because he’s black its cool to hate women talk about ganging up on people and using drugs.
    its cool tho cuz his legacy amounts to… shit stains.

  • Tunechili

    The first IANAHB sold 134,000 copies the first week so its better than the first one … IANAHB2 >IANAHB>C4

  • John

    The album sold 200k..
    That’s only the first week
    Wake up ppl the man still on top
    These other rappers out here don’t sell half that in a year..
    I been a weezy fan since the start.. he ain’t went nowhere. Did u forget he spent a year in jail.. That’s along time away from yo craft. So all u virgins out there in the world that’s why he is rapping about pussy..u ppl r something else(Kevin hart voice)

  • NOW QUIT HATIN!!…we’ve already heard too much of…”Lil wayne fell off”…the numbers are good for this album in the first week sales…rem:Its not a CARTER series but IANAHB…WEEZY is really tryin from all the Pressure his gettin from HATERs!!come on his numbers are doing fine…people don usually recognise the IANAHB series as they do the carter…this is jus his bum ass album the songs are going platinum,COME ON!congragulations WEEZY u good niqqar*…n this is real nigga talk shut the fukk up bitch ass niggaz ur bitch LOVES HIM!

  • Luis Tony G

    Im a huge wayne fan but I aint no dickrida this album sucked I would return it if I could

  • i would want people to compare his sales with the other albums..weezy on top!
    1:justin timberlake-317031 copies
    2:lil wayne-217430
    3:based on tru story-198735
    4:native-60520(one republic)
    5:depeche mode-53688
    … WEEZY on top!!!some people like rihanna,taylor swift and kendrick lamar havent even done 20,000…i guess some people are jus broke ass haters!

  • Nava Hoe

    thats a wake up call

  • Nava Hoe

    The album had some real nice beats and some nice verse. There were a couple of good features (maybe a few too many) the thing that bothered me the most is you could hear Waynes intelligence at times but then you could also hear Waynes lack of effort. Not saying he didn’t try at all but he didn’t give it his all…..I mean when is he going to give it his all again if he ever does??

  • Congrats goin over the 200k wanye

    My nig has done alot for hiphop,and due to me be bein a real fan since as far as the hotboys,i rep Weezy

    And yea,i feel Wanye hasnt fell off,lol he just havin fun,dumb fucks,plus it jams

    For those who lookin for a unbelievable finish when its all set and done,lol just be ready booooooi

  • Mook

    They still going to go gold no matter what yes this not a Carter album those albums always sell more because it is a legacy for instance Rebirth album didnt make alot of sales its first week but it went Gold the next album Im not a human being did the same as rebirth went gold but when C4 was release it basically did a Mill in a week. Now when the Carter V releases it will do the same thing has C4, & C3 especially since its his last album. I havent listened to Imhb2 yet didnt even listen to it when it leaked. Im a die hard Wayne fan so I buy the albums to support Tune been a fan since Bloc is Hot. What I dont get why all these Wayne haters on here talking shit if you dont like the man why the fuck you coming to make comments on a website mainly talking about if you dont like him?? I dont listen to Hov but you not going to see me getting on a site talking shit about the man. Picking up IMHB2 later this week & looking foward to getting C5 in the next year or 2

  • Rich gang

    All of y’all haters sayin that wayne fell off and that all his albums are trash blah blah blah but y’all still listen to it! How is that? Smh ppl jus love to hate! U think wayne cares bout how much numbers he doin, NO! He got money and his new love is skateboarding! But anyways I love the album, been on repeat since it came out! But who ever doesn’t like wayne or not a fan of his music jus don’t listen to it simply as that!

  • my pants saggin like fu*k it

    I’d say this album is better than c4 even D4 is better than C4 the only reason C4 sold its because people thought it will be like C3 or C2

  • Hype

    The album deserves way more than this, it goes too hard.

  • the truth

    If you say this album was fire relatively similar you’re stupid. I’ve been a fan since he started his career. This album was bad just like C4. The last good thing he put out was no ceilings. He used to say clever shit. I feel like his fans are nothing but teenage hipsters.

  • Lilmannerz

    I loved this album. I love all his albums. He’s the best. Who gives a fuck about the sales for the week!

  • Chris

    Why are y’all so shocked abt the sales lol? Wayne’s side projects never sell like his Carter projects. This sold more than IANAHB I so isn’t it a success? lol Carter V though is going to sale through the roof.. especially since it is supposedly Wayne’s last album.

  • I Aint even gonna say anythin about IANAHB2 okay it was as sick as f*ck, it left me muth’ f*ck’n speechless okay that Album is defo the sh*t, I went out in the freezin cold just to CHECK if the album was in stores ready for me to grab mane, but it was worth the while.
    BTW what mixtape you droppin nex’ tune!!!! 217,430 copies yet and you deserve every number that adds to that total of copies

  • tony_montana

    How can 217 430 people buy the worst album EVER?!!! I bet birdman bought 200000 if those copies lma0,definately way more than I expected hey!

  • joeyBada$$

    Its double the sale of IANAHB not bad !!!

  • tony_montana

    Y’all need to understand the 1st IANAHB was not marketed at all & It was also kind of a rushed job because it got released when he was in prison so that 1 was not expected to sell that much at all,not because of the quality of the music but basically because the whole marketing process did not take place,this one on the other hand,we’ve known about for over a year now and It had a lot of hype and shit,yet it sold a few thousands more that the 1st one,this shows how bad it was,this album really really genuinely sucked…& that’s a fact!

  • tony_montana

    Lmfao @ stans blaming these bad numbers on the leak hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahhahahahahahah the album sucked,that’s just the way it is!

  • don tomasino

    Soulja boy was not needed on that album… Dafuq is wrong with that kid ? Ruining every track he spits on !

  • Khosta

    Don’t be stupid guys. Lil wayne always does this after a good album. Like after The block is hot he released wack albums, light up and 500 degrees. While the block is hot was straight fire. And when he released 500 degrees everybody said he fell off. He responded with the carter. So he will rise again with the Carter V…and this album was straight fire I don’t know why yal hatin. God bless Amerika doesn’t have sex references, trukfit, scatin and shit. Fuck yall and who birth yall!

  • KeepItTruckin

    Wayne made diz album 4 his loyal fans . Wayne rap about what he doin now . Da nigga is paid y rap like da Carter II life is about evolving . Im not human 2 still goin platinum . Curtains is vintage Wayne . Dayz and dayz is straight Wayne killed his verses 2 chains da 1 who fell off….big time ! (i got dat ?) . Gunwalk go extra hard think datz my fave. Back 2 you got da potential 2 be a #1 hit . Shows how much of a legendary muscian Wayne is . Trigger finger classic Wayne . hard beat hard bars . beat the shit go hard datz my shit . r.a.f is my muthafuckin shit ! trippy kit is outta diz world . romance is da shit anotha classic . god bless amerika is deep on some make u think type shit . Souljia Boy should win beat of da year with wowzers . when dat beat drops u juz get dat feelin like damn dat nigga Wayne juz cant do nthn but make hits. Hello goes 2 hard but of course ppl gon say dea dont fuck wit it cuz its rock . Hello shows u how great wayne is . how he flowed on da beat at da right times . da beat makes u wanna skate smoke & fuck . lay it down is like my 3rd 4th fave . dat beat is ridicolous . erbody killed it & da hook goes extra hard been stuck in my head ersince i heard it . hot revolver sounds 10x betta . & wayne juz snapped on shit stains i mean juz destroyed it . but fuck da haters diz was 1 of da best albums Wayne made . Imma be at da tour rappin all da songs word by word . Audi , Trukfit M.O.B.

  • Tony Montana

    @Tony_Montana 😀 All his previous albums were leaked u dumbfucks

  • wayne vs lil wayne

    Wayne is the greatest, when the album first leaked, all yall was commenting was how great it was now the same people who was praising him talking shit because of the sale numbers. It still hit 200, 000 after a lush. What other album leaks days early and still sale that much..a major album that everybody expecting and waiting on. Not another lol. Yall some fake fans…

  • Tune Man On The Moon

    dope shit
    i love thsi album

  • mylesnieves

    The sales had nothing to do with the leak, Tha Carter 3 leaked a month or 2 before it dropped and sold 1 million records in a week. Now how do you guys sound?

  • killer187

    These niggas hating too much, but while u are hating you are just giving the greatest rapper alive his fire. Weezy f for president

  • killer187

    And for the record u see greats always sat a high bar that fans expect for them to keep up they entire career for example mj mike tyson even eminem but weezy is the same as 06 weezy so if u dont like him now than you never did so give my fist a kiss niggs oan yall niggaa start making money fuckin women and smoke dat purp then ysll probably can relate

  • WAYNE my trigga finger itchin’ if you don hit tt multiplatinum. . .

    blowin ya brainz off. .lol

  • Rhino

    Whoever is dissin this album don’t know what the fuck their talkin bout. This album was kickass. Wayne went in on all these songs!

  • Freshh

    What happened to the Carter 1-2, dedication 1-2, drought 1-3 Wayne?! I miss the Greatest Rapper Alive!!!! If your heart is no longer in rap, then plzzzz just stop rapping. Don’t tarnish your legacy putting out garbage music

  • tony_montana

    ^^^ truuuu!

  • tc

    This is just i am not a human being the last one sold that many but the carter will do million again he said.he didnt likes this album and he don’t care if you.get it plus it leaked two weeks early so that will affect the sells

  • DRE


  • Kingz

    @DRE EXACTLY! THANK YOU. These “FANS” need to do their research Before they say “that’s low for Wayne”

  • Stupid Fuck

    This Stupid Album Wasn’t Even Worthy Of Selling 100K Copies

  • Mario mclemore

    Hahaha it’s only because it leaked! It’s cool. Real notice real. Most of them songs were real lol. #haters

  • Paul

    Or people just illegally downloaded the album…

  • Sea Golf

    You know why this fucking bitches get bummed out when Lil Wayne don’t sell 1 mil???!! Cuz thats all ya’ll have on niggas, is the fact that Wayne be selling thats it.

  • H.G.

    Wayne at his best is the best rapper alive… At his worst he’s top 5.
    IANAHB 2 sold almost twice as many in the first week as IANAHB 1.
    This album is fire! Brilliant, at times lazy, but too many bangers and signature Wayne punchlines to not be one of his best albums.
    Lyrically.. If you can’t take explicit content, why are you listening to rap? This album wasn’t made to make you think (excluding one song). It’s a feel-good sound that puts you in your zone.

  • This album sucks and the numbers just further prove my point. It seems as if Wayne doesnt care about his music anymore hes just putting music out because he knows his name alone will make him some money. Dude has turned into the biggest joke ever.

    Yours truly,
    A Carter1-3, Dedication1-2, No Celings, and earlier wayne fan

  • donkeykong

    that probation thing is annoying

  • Truklife

    Great album, don’t see why yal think 217,000 is bad! That’s well over 3 mil in a week

  • moneytalks7000

    @Truklife WTF u talkin bout bro ? hope u ment in a month…

  • Lil wayne believe’s n god he quote something from the bible on God Bless Amerika this is way he said n it’s n the bible- I live by the sword n die by the sword n said we live by the sword he put a bible verse inside his verse… From the bible.

  • kayb

    Weezy is on his shit always has and will there are places to download the album so imagine the download total and sales but either way tune dont care wat he sales he got money coming to him from every angle so that part is not an issue as far as the album is it goes hard give or take 2 songs everything else bangs


  • Some of you guys comments really scare me. To think that ANYBODY could remotely think that this album is good, is just beyond me.

    If you are real within yourself, you could easily see that this is the WORST Wayne album ever. Hands down this shit was WACK juice from curtains started playing.

    And to those comparing IANAHB numbers with IANAHB 2 numbers are obviously blind to the fact that his first week numbers last time we ALL DIGITAL SALES ONLY. This time 217k is a combination of physical and digital sales. PLUS Wayne was in prison and was unable to physically promote it, shit IANAHB 1 is better than part 2 easily.

    I was a fan of Wayne when he was killing it, I remember when C2 dropped and how Wayne killed everything after C2, almost every verse was ill as fuck. But come on, Wayne has NO quotable lines on this album, nor any good production, fuck even the features were wack juice. Gudda Gudda had the best feature on the album probably. Gunwalk? Beat The SHit? Romance? ALL that shit is fucking garbage. Romance has got to be one of the most pathetic attempts at making a song I have heard in awhile. Wayne talks about pussy and his own dick more than anything else period.

    This aint hate, this is somebody who was once a fan who is more than disappointed at this point, I’m disgusted at the music Wayne makes now. Somebody who commented close to the top got it right, Wayne gave us piss on this album and those who bought it said thank you for the wine. If you took money out of your pocket and purchased this piece of shit, you would have been better giving your $10-15 dollars to the homeless guy down the street. The crack he would have bought for a couple hours high would have been better spent than on this horse shit that Wayne delivered here.

    Oh those saying the album leak affected sales are just pitiful, The Carter III leaked almost a MONTH before release, C4 2 weeks before release and do I have to remind you THAT EVERY ALBUM LEAKS BEFORE THE RELEASE DATE lol.

    I feel bad for those that don’t believe Wayne has fallen off, I guess you will just have to wait till next week to see the major 2nd week decline… If you don’t get it then… Just maybe you will have to wait till Tha Carter V doesn’t do anything close to a milli in its 1st week but honestly if you have to wait till then to realize, you are just a brain washed dummy who has their head so far up their ass you can’t tell the difference between food and shit. Good luck to you stans…

  • He has a point I’m a Wayne fan he sounds like he doesn’t care no more this album was ok I think he needs to rest leave rap alone for a while

  • Kmsl,yall fake ass fans been on blast a long time ago

    I mean its cool if u dnt fuck with this album,but you cant front no fan for what they like

    And half these niggaz,bandwagon fans anyway
    You didnt wanna feel left out when Wanye started gettin real respect as a lyricist,honestly

    You know what im tlkin bout,smh Wanye got that fire for fireman lol,this album bangs,

    Haters suck a dick

  • Mr.Carter

    No quotable lines? What the hell is wrong with you man?

    “never talked to the cops, I don’t speak pig latin.”

    “I’m Tunechi, Young Tunechi, I wear Truckfit fuck Gucci”

    “Bitch I’m from New Orleans, everybody ain’t saints. Pockets never empty Weezy F full tank”

    There are money good lines in ianahb2, but even I gotta admit, that this is no Carter level. But fuck that shit about falling off! This guy got so much money he can’t even fall man! I mean he is rappin’ since 2 decades now and he did better, for sure. Started with 500 Degreez (albulm was wayy better that it’s sales) over C1 till C3.

    I don’t understand why everybody is hatin’ on him now!? I mean for sure he changed, but he also changed from C2 to C3 and everybody liked that. Just compare him with all those over rappers in the game… Even if there is someone as talented as he is he still got one advantage; he does what he wants and that is was makes him this good. I don’t even like autotune that much, but i still enjoy “curtains”. And if u don’t realized! He used the autotune u hate that much on “lolipop” too…

    But still, this is not Weezys best form, even if I like the Albulm. I was disappointed about all those verses just about sex too. But god damn, you can’t still find some good old wayne lines on that. 🙂 So guys stop hating, because if you don’t like his music just don’t buy the albulm, fool! 😀

    I hope he will make a big one on C5…

    That’s it for now guys 😛 shouts out from germany.

    PS: to all americans: please learn your fuckin’ language! I don’t get the shit you guys sayin’ 😛

  • I Am Not a Human Being sold less copies than Part II this shows an Improvement in the album series..Only Lil Wayne’s Carter Albums touches enormous figures first week..P.S. I Liked the album 😀

  • Khosta

    No matter what yall say, I’LL NEVER STOP LISTENIN TO LIL WAYNE!!! And I like the new wayne over the broke old Wayne. Yeah diss him all you like but I’l never stop buyin his albums and pump the music in my crib. And all the songs I have are Lil wayne’s. I DON’T FUCK WITH OTHER ARTIST BITCHES!!!

  • Hi! My name is Tunechi

    I thought it woukd be about 4x platinum. 😛

  • yall on dick with the hate, its obvious his side albums dont be that successful cuz its not a carter album, only his carter albums sell alot of units in the first week etc, watch what carter 5 does smh haters, get a life

  • Malene

    I have the whole album, and it took me a while too LOVE it because I was expecting something else, but now I love the album, Wayne is still my favorite rapper, and I think that if you dont like the album, its not because Wayne is a “bad rapper”, but because you didn’t like THIS album. He is still one of the most successful rappers out here.
    AND even though Wayne didn’t go for the european tour this time, I still got the album. So I dont think the reason for this sale is because he cancelled the tour.


  • Weezy fan

    this is not a Carter album, if it was it would sell a lot more. Weezy is still one of the best rappers, btw this is just the first week, more people will buy it

  • LB


    since this album and wayne’s seziures have gone hand in hand, I would like to take the time to explain, to anyone interested, including wayne (obviously that’s a long shot) what would take care of his seizures if, by chance, they were drug related instead of epilepsy-related. (I pass no judgement either way, he’s a grown man who has made millions and should be able to do whatever the hell he wants). The VAST majority of epileptics are diagnosed in late childhood to early adolescence and have their seizures under control by adulthood; his seizures have apparently worsened with age which is very unusual. Also, while stress is a trigger for seizures, a bigger trigger for epileptics would be the flashing, bright, concert lights he is always under and the adrenaline associated with performing and he has never collapsed at a concert which he has done thousands of.
    MOST RELEVANTLY THOUGH, promethazine, NOT codeine (those are the two active ingredients in drank for those who don’t know), lowers your SEIZURE THRESHOLD greatly through the creation of b-vitamin deficiencies (b vitamins are important in neurological health) and other neurological activity associated with its chemical effects. An epileptic would not likely have been able to have the habit with drank he had due to the fact that they already have lowered seizure thresholds combined with the fact that promethazine (brand name phenergan) lowers your tolerance to seizures, especially in high doses (google it for yourself). If he was an epileptic, promethazine would have likely caused severe seizure activity much earlier; to the point that he would never have been able to get physically addicted to it as he was.
    In conclusion, if some doctor did diagnose him with epilepsy in adulthood, I really fear that he is wrong and could be endangering wayne’s health. Secondly, only with the assistance of someone medically knowledgeable and slightly rogue, it would be safer to COMBINE CODEINE (which alone, is very hard to overdose on due to the fact that the levels of codeine in your blood can only be raised as fast as your liver can convert it into morphine which is why you can’t take codeine intravenously like heroin or morphine; because it needs to be ingested to pass through the liver initially.) WITH some alprazolam (xanax) or lorazepam (ativan) to achieve the same relaxed, euphoric affect. (Only xanax and ativan, and all benzodiazapines for that matter, can be used to TREAT seizures instead of causing them like promethazine – which again is what is in “syrup.”
    *On a side note, marijuana has been extensively studied in epileptics and can be very useful in treating seizures OR very harmful. The way epileptics respond to weed falls far and wide on every part of the spectrum. Epileptics need to exercise caution with marijuana which wayne obviously does not.

  • vell

    Y’all do realize this is a album he did for the fuck of it he barley promoted it and this nigga told everyone b4it dropped that it was shittie and the mutha fucka still sold 200+ the first week more than 2 chains and kendrick the mtvs 2 hottest mcs.. nd y’all wonder why he doesn’t try any more CUZ HE DOESNT HAVE TOO! LOL s/o ti weezy F


    Better quality than C4, worse sales.

  • wtf people

    I don’t get how I see comments on here riding Waynes dick so fucking hard. If you were a Wayne fan this is not Wayne. This album and all of his post jail shit is complete garbage. Everyone going #trukfit4lyfe is equivalent to the people doing #cuts4bieber you are fucking morons. The guys has you brainwashed and you can’t even realize it. When Wayne drops some real music I’ll start listening again.

  • well IANAHB album does not sell buh carter will break records

  • LuvTunechi


  • smh

    I keep seeing everybody talk about how Wayne “didn’t care” about this album.. well when was the last time he did care?? Because the last few mixtapes and albums I have seen people saying he “didn’t care” about them either. Definitely fell off since his tha carter 3 days.. he has hit the top, formed YMCMB, gotten complacent, and doesn’t try as much anymore. Really a shame!

  • ZZzz

    @vell this did not sell more than kendrick lamar get your facts straight

  • hezzie

    Wayne is tha best rapper alive,,,dunno why u muthafukaz hating……I have d album buh I still prefer D4 to it somehow

  • thabiso abel tesfaye

    Weezy Baby! This album leaked that’s why the sales didn’t even reach 500,000. I’m Lil’ Wayne till I die.

  • the truth

    To the dick riders. Us “haters” still listen to the new shit he puts out to see if its good, because we are Wayne fans, but the ones that will tell him to his face that his album isn’t good.
    You guys are the same people that say his music is the best when its absolutely shit now.

  • Cat

    I love Lil wayne but this album sucks! He need to go back to the old weezy the Carter’s all he talk about is fucking dam…,

  • ceaser randle “Bonnell’s Finest”

    still killing the game fuck u mean

  • trebles Garcia

    Damm its sad to know the numbers. Im a weezy fan. I enjoy his music no matter what. I loved the album. No homo. But i. Sure he can do better. Im hoping he doesnt make more haters 🙁

    Im an event coordinator and promoter. Thats my hobby and living. I manage to speak with many groups of ppl on the daily, variety of ages, and hes lost many followers due to misunderstandings. But yet again misunderstood doesnt have to be explianed. Weezy if u ever take the time to read these, i wont play the lead in ur life, but ill play the roll as a true.fann. And u need to drop atleast one song my boy. One song to drop the shoes off ur haters’s teeth. Make em stop running they mouth homie. Only YOU can do that. Only u.

  • jiggy

    what goes up must comes down. sorry wizzy.

  • anonymous

    Wayne iz singn shit nowdayz the album has sold more than i expect

  • Michael

    where can i download this amazing album for free?

  • Real

    Cortez Check Me Out Bro,. If you Love Me Music . heh . Then . Get Me On The Roster. Plz . This All I Been Workin For .
    Young Money Entertainment On My Wrist. (tatted)
    Yall Make Wayne Sign Me.

  • Real

    rich fire type that in on SoundCloud

  • Album was great

  • sunnyjapin

    pussy money weed. I fil u brother up young money

  • sunnyjapin

    lil wayne on the top,i lov ur rapping,i which i could rap like u brother.lov u brother.lov ur pussy money weed,nightmare of the at best music is how to many of them,more power to ur elbow keep it up brother.up wiz

  • Nas Farlow

    Y’all must aint hear d4

  • richard

    I think his new one is nice people are trippin sayin they don’t like it I think its one of the best you people are suckas

  • Godsmo

    MilLION woMAN March +0day_*