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Second Week Sales For Lil Wayne’s “I Am Not A Human Being II” Album

Wed, Apr 10, 2013 by

Second Week Sales For Lil Wayne I Am Not A Human Being 2 Album

The second week numbers for Lil Wayne‘s I Am Not A Human Being II album are in! According to HDD, Weezy F Baby has sold 61,514 copies of his latest album this past week! This brings the total album sales at 278,944 copies since it was released on March 26th.

If you haven’t already done so, you can purchase I Am Not A Human Being II from iTunes here or from Amazon here!

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  • Vanek

    First! Weezy can do better!

  • Refayne


  • Aimee Hall

    Weezy can do better, but the album could of been better he seemed like he didn’t care on some of the songs

  • James-Tunechi1

    2nd!!!! Yes weezy best rapper alive I love this album I would of expected it to go platinum

  • bugatti tune

    he needs to start promoting the album more

    these are terrible numbers for lil wayne


    Just wait until Eminem drops his album later this year. He will show Weezy how it’s done by selling over 1 mill first week…..



  • No Worries

    Stop complaining and go buy his album then 😐

  • thats ok considering that alot of people don sell that much on the first week!!

  • No doubt dat album is DOPE!!
    But it seems dat bad luck is wid weezy.. Coz first he lost the case… Secondly- health issues.. Now weak sales of his album..
    But we know Tunechi is Best Rapper Alive!

  • HEY U “UDENI” note that lil wayne wil also b dropping CARTER 5 later which wil probably sell alot!

  • Poopie

    I hope he realizes he has to rub his poopoo on me.. I wanna taste it.. Then his album sales will increase dramatically 🙂

  • Hustle

    God Bless Amerika is the best song on the album I hope he makes it a single!

  • lilwayne4evver!

    are you fuckin kidding me? why should eminem sell more albums in one week? they’Äre both great rappers and wayne sold more with his last album than eminem so shut up! i guess if tha carter v will be his last album it will sell the fuck out!

  • lil wayne

    wayne aint even done no promo what numbers you expect? they not bad. some artist best albums do thes numbers. goo weezy go

  • Eli

    I’m a very big fan of Wayne but he HAS to promote this better. I honestly had no idea it was out until a week later. The album is okay; the Carter V will hopefully be a lot better. I miss the Carter 2 and 3 and No Ceilings Weezy. Where he at?

  • DOPE

    BIG WEEZY FAN! But this is pretty weak.

  • DOPE

    Tyga’s album will sell more

  • saint robert

    He did it like fresh from d box, no rehersals, many people took it like d boy ain’t dope,need credentials

    Till I emerge he remains d best rapper alive

  • Im not a human being 2. 8\10
    Tha Carter 4. 9\10
    Im not a human being. 8.5/10
    Rebirth. 7/10
    Tha Carter 3. 10/10
    Tha Carter 2. 8.5/10
    Tha Carter. 8/10
    Block is hot. 7.5/10

    Im only doing wayne poplar albums
    But all his albums did good

  • Im not a human being 2. 8\10
    Tha Carter 4. 9\10
    Im not a human being. 8.5/10
    Rebirth. 7/10
    Tha Carter 3. 10/10
    Tha Carter 2. 8.5/10
    Tha Carter. 8/10
    Block is hot. 7.5/10

    Im only doing wayne popular albums
    But all his albums did good

  • JTheMan

    Good sales but this is Lil Wayne aka king of the charts.. I expected more. We need that lyrical Wayne back the one that made us think. I’ve been fighting it and I’m sorry to say it but Wayne has fell off.. true fans know. I really hope he gets it back because the rap game is nothing without him. Where’s the growth?


    GUys u gotta understand that wayne doesnt even care now all he does now is skateboardin and watchin espn, he wont make another succesful album and im pretty sure bout that

  • teejay

    Did uu not see the interview ? Clearly he ain’t give a fuck bout it, callin it bum ass album loll. Obviously he didn’t put much in yo it

  • Loyal fan

    Nt bad bt i th!nk tunechi can do better!! He has to show all this faggots(haters) that he is still the best rapper alive… I Hope he cn promote the album more, so that he cn increase the copies. Damn i mic WEEZY!!!! Fuck Eminem and siege

  • ….


  • Kattdaddy 601

    Shut the fuck up and just listen to the album
    He is going off that dude is saying shit no rappers is never said some of you mf just listen to beats lilwayne is killing it

  • Trizzle

    Low numbers for Wayne. I ain’t trippin cuz I got it. He’ll boost his numbers next album

  • Bunz

    That shit is free for download all over the internet.

  • Hell&Back

    Beat The Shit
    Days n Days
    Back To You were okay
    But his verse on Tyga’s 500 Degrees was Great!!

  • jonathan_ym

    imagine if i would not bought the album the number was 278,943

  • Khosta

    It is the most played album here in South Africa… Dope as fuck! Block is hot. 7/10 500 degrees 5/10 light out 7/10 The Carter 8/10 The Carter 2 8.5/10 The Carter 3 9.9/10 Rebirth 9/10 I am not a human being 8/10 The Carter 4 10/10 I am not a human being 2 9/10

  • patriots

    wayne didnt promote the album at all he didnt say on no recent feature no talkshow or on radio waz 2 busy talkn bout health issues but its not a carter album. I told someone that ianahb 2 waz cumin they thought it was the rock album rebirth not alot people know about this album series im not surprised about the numbers the whole album got leaked plus multiple delays no promo he shouldnt have got the numbers he got but when u got some comments on every song tha album that this is my favorite song on the album then that means its a good album and he knows wat his fans like sometimes people dont want to hear songs like gunwalk or trigger finger they wanna hear shit like romance or hello or wowzers i was surprised when alot of people said wowzers was there favorite song when most dont be fellin all of his songs about eatin pussy theres alot of times when other artist fans talk about that artist album n say the album waz good but it waz some songs i didnt like or wasnt feelin but wayne is the G.O.A.T.

  • lukie

    wayne is good, 1 of my favourite rappers i can say, bt we miss da old wayne. Da 1 who used 2 spit dope lines en shit, like C2 en C3. pipo change Ya bt u dnt hav 2 change 2 da max wayne. Like IANAHB2, God bless amerika, dope track, bt some tracks nt tht gud. IANAHB1 is far much better thn this 1.

  • Hindie

    @Khosta @sidro you two should never be allowed to post anything on the internet again. Your bad taste is fuckin up the place.

  • Tune Man On The Moon

    gratulations to wayne and ymcmb
    flasing lifestyle brrrrrrrrrrrr

  • realone504

    some body said that this was not a successful album… do 200,000 plus after a leek if this was 1999 that 200,000 would easily be 1.5 mill….nobody buys albums no more the iTunes numbers are higher thin dat and the illegal downloads is more thin dat…..200,000 + is the CD hard copy as they say album sales don’t mean shit….its so hard to be consistent in the music game and he puts out hits after hits..every year…but watch that show money..

  • Khosta

    Weak piece of crap!

  • alex beyllignont

    All I can say is T.O.E
    Lil Wayne is not of this Earth he is somethin music has not come across IANAHB II is sick AF, and Lil Tunechi is untouchable.
    I also feel from my opinion his best success in YM was bringin in Tyga Tyga

  • TC3

    This isnt a THE Carter album he usually saves his lines and features for The Carter Albums. That is when he will promote more and sell more in the First Week.

  • I dnt no why everyones suprised. Obviously waynes not gonna sell like how he use to. No one does anymore cuz no one buys albums anymore. I bet he got big ass numbers on itunes and shit tho. No ones uses cd’s anymore. which is why no artists sell big numbers anymore. I bet wayne prob had the most sells this year and last year prob any way too.

  • Byrdboi

    Danny, what did I am not a human being 1 do by this time?

  • xBradarhan

    Waynes first album sold more than this. You can really tell he didn’t even care. BIG Weezy fan and i hope he brings it back to the 2005 – 2011 days with Tha Carter V, it doesn’t matter how good Tha Carter V is, it will sell great because of its name and its his last album. I really just hope we can get one more masterpiece out of Weezy. P.S. Wayne and Eminem have about the same amount of records sold, so Idk why you’re acting like Eminem is the king of sales.

  • He is the best

  • summer

    ELI i am sorry but you are NOT a huge wayne fan if you did not even know about this album til a week after it came out. Real wayne fans knew about this album monthssssss ago if not a year so please do not blame it on promotions because at the end of the day if you a real wayniac then you KNEW everything to know about this album!

  • Shawn Scott

    Days and Days
    God Bless Amerika
    Back To You
    Best songs on the album Juicy J, 1 chainz.
    Killed it! Cory Gunz Verse was hot 2.

  • yaboiJAVO

    Wayne will never outsell Kendrick Lamar!!!!!

  • JTheMan

    U sound stupid @yaboiJAVO Kendrick has a lot of work to put in before he even reaches wayne numbers.

  • Alex-G

    LOL Kendrick sold more the first week than Wayne.’
    Fuck all that YMCMB bullshit.. it’s burnt out already…
    Wayne ain’t coming back…

  • Khosta

    @alex-G kendrik lamar sold 245 201 1st week and 31k second week so don’t tell me he sold more than wayne!

  • banger

    That track “wowzers” is the worst piece of shit I’ve ever heard from wayne… Soulja boys beat sucked ass wtf ?

  • k

    sales are especially low because people download it for free. If you were to see how many times it was illegally downloaded im sure there were millions.

  • Diabolic

    Lol Seems Like Your God Of Rap Isn’t Doing Good Anymore… Lil Wayne Suckss And The Sales Are Proving It,He Doesn’t Give A Fuck About You… You’ll Just Keep Liking Him And He’l Continue Breaking Your Lil Hearts….

    FUCK WAYNE and YMCMB,and Everybody That Like ‘Em!!!

  • Leo Sizzle

    Weezy needed to promote the album better, the release date had to be perfect, this album would have done better if he released it after a month after releasing Dedication 4!

  • If you listen closely, this album is Wayne revealing himself for you…Song #2 open Curtains. There’s a reason why Kanye called him the “Number One Rapper”. The cover is his masquerade he’s put on for you…a mask. His life is a “movie” as he described in Dedication 4. “Potato on the end of the barrel…French Fries!” His gun is fake, his lyrics of murder are a facade, but his talent is real. He’s broken hearted by his girl whom he wants to get back with…Back To You. He proves this by his celibacy before going to prison. Love Me is monumental, listen to his HISS at the start after the bic flick… God Bless Amerika explains everything if you want to listen. His theory of life being a program in a computer. Thoughts to twist up your mind and distort your reality. “Catch the Bouquet” “There’s a chain of commands, I’m the missing link” “I’m wired out the socket, but still shockin em”

    Weezys beyond the money, beyond the fame, beyond the rappers, beyond you all.

    A real monster. With his sex revolution on his mind still. Sorry Weezy.

    The bonus songs after are just that…Bonus…OPEN UR EYEZ NIGGA!!!!!!!!!

  • Bobmahn

    smh for ya’ll fakers. I wish yu culd know millions of people who already have wayne album downloaded illegally here in Nigeria. In Nigeria we dnt buy albumz using credit card or som shit… we have site which givs us all for free nd millions downloading it ere. Am α fucking tunechi fan nd I gat frnds wu fucking love d guy and they all gat d album so ya’ll shuld quit saying shiid bout him not selling enuf cuz if yu wuld luk into ma country alone millions already ve d album on dere fucking device in an illegal way.

  • Maaaan y’all crazy

    I fucked you on the table, that’s romance!

  • can you please stop making excuses for lil Wayne talking about he didn’t promote his album right and talking about he don’t care…..its not that he don’t care the people don’t care anymore

  • ceej

    First off wayne has gone multi platinum on every album he has ever put out since he was 11 years old so I’m pretty sure he could care less about how this album sold, especially when the genius made $100, 000, 000 in jail not making a single song bit he still murdered several songs on that album eben though a xouple of them were pretty weak

  • 10mana

    i like your style but 1 day i will do

  • Wr shady

    I lv wayne wth al of mi heart bt, wt he did is disappointng. Wayne is dead! Lets wait 4 eminem(the god of music). Hs new album is on the way. See triple platinum wthin a week. EMINEM.

  • G.ZEE

    my favorite traq yet, God Bless Amerika…AMNAHB part II be da dopest album…nd url peeps gotta stop h8in, that album gotta go platinum!