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T.I. – Wit Me (Feat Lil Wayne) [Music Video]

Mon, May 20, 2013 by

Here is the official music video for T.I.‘s “Wit Me” single featuring Lil Wayne. The visual was directed by PhillyFlyBoy and the song was produced by Lil C.

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  • dj


  • Mouayd


  • Omar

    Nice Vid .. Tune go harder .. First in this bitch ..

  • Bawse

    Sick ass video! The song bangs too.

  • Luke

    Nice video.

    A lot better than Ball.

  • volcomnukka

    been jamming to this all day sick song

  • Tammy Ward

    As always yall went in on this one too!

  • Tune!

    Better then ball. T.i dressed better then tunechi but tunechi did his thang

  • Vinicius

    Super Dope!!!Brasil!!!!!

  • jaylen jackson

    wtf kind of bullshit is this

  • Eshall

    Such an excellent video. So excited to see you in Jersey on July 20 with TI!! Hope you play this song. Still ILL. Haters sit down, ain’t cha tired of hatin yet.

  • Vinicius


  • Don

    This go hard way better than ball reminds me of swagga like us days lol Wayne went in

  • Ryan M


  • …….

    This song sucks. The only good song they both did together is “Yeah” back in 2010.

  • YungGod

    Dope video, wished was dressed as gangster tho but anyways still good. Dope song Finally Wayne does a feature with like 2mins of rapping, not that bs 30second verses. I was already thinkin that thank god i was proven wrong lol.

    On another note T.I. is the only nigga in the game right now you cant say “We want the old T.I back” that nigga always dope


    Nice video… But Wayne has gotta fuckin stop with all this high pitch screaming bullshit, wtf happened to him man!

  • Lol

    I’m sorry I just can’t listen to this dude nomore. It’s hard to believe wayne was my favorite rapper until 08. Even when his lyrics are decent the shit still sucks because his flow and delivery are completely gone.

    Not to mention he dresses like a fucking clown

  • bodybag513

    Wayne my all time fave rapper behind tupac & 50 but without drugs and mind off skating and pussy his music will never be the same now he just a illuminati puppet smh, mut of did same deal pac did when they both was locked up.

  • shayma

    J’adore certe video Lil wayne :))))

  • CJ Blue

    DOPE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Epic vid and Lil Wayne rox it

  • obinna wilson

    cool song… good for the tour…

  • vini

    So many haters
    Shut tha fuck up!

  • @official_X_

    Dope Tune + RIP to those who still think Wayne is Illuminati

  • lilwayne4evver!

    great song, great video, one of the best since love me! well done!

  • @lol

    Why are you here ? If you don’t like his flow &! delivery don’t listen to his music. Wayne is going to lose sooo much sleep.

  • kingZ

    @Lol , Why are you here ? If you don’t like his flow &! delivery don’t listen to his music. Wayne is going to lose sooo much sleep.

  • flystealth

    Weeezy flyin motherfuckin stealth man!!


  • Man yall niggers crazy if you say this track or the video aint dope I can’t stop listening too it niggers even my chick fucks with this track when she on my****

  • Mdeezy

    I’ll plead Guilty, before I let these nigga Judge me!!!!!!!!! Wayne!!!!!!!!

  • Lino

    this song what im talkin bout… off w/ they heads #YMEmpire

  • amenace

    fuk.. tune bout to sneak the bs. forget tha past weezy. some of the best cant even touch these caliber type artists. wat they doin, wat they bout 2 do

  • Kidd

    When does rich gang flashy lifestyle come out

  • Dipset

    Ma nigga tune went …follow me on twitter —>

  • Young Teezy

    Damn tht video iz dope big bro u and TIP y’all be killin it y’all be destroying it when Big bro Tune and TIP team up YMCMB X Hustle Gang


  • Khosta

    Which song is the dopest here: shit stains vs we outcha vs I’m good vs With me

  • Luke

    On May 21, 2013 at 10:37 pm Khosta responded with…
    Which song is the dopest here: shit stains vs we outcha vs I’m good vs With me


    I’m Good with Meek Mill imo.

  • snowball

    weezy voice is so high, cant fuck widdit anymore

  • denilson

    haha ‘
    I Love you Weezy ‘ <3

  • 4:20_Babyyy

    Ayyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeee This Shit GO Hard !! Tip and tune always kill it ! Murrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Siege Lil brother

    yall see his shirt five star goat boafomit devil goat

  • Kaps Carter

    ”Before you judge me, I plead Guilty”


  • LuvTunechi


  • Wayne Kill these NiggazZ #Bitch

  • dank

    Are you guys kidding?

    Once again TI killed wayne. Couldn’t say that back in the day before you weenies were fans

  • barbermaynee

    This site is obviously for “WAYNIACS”
    Get the fuck outta here wit that ti killed tune.
    Yull never change how we think. We LOVE him.

  • barbermaynee

    On the coo.
    I don’t give any other rappers the time of day.
    Exept for kirko or drizzy somtimes other than that. Straight wayne

  • Thommo
  • Wit me is a hot track! Can’t wait to see tyga at spac hopefully he raps his song hijack. I’m still not going unless I get a free VIP pass

  • 1803

    Ti killed wayne on this track everything tip said he could really wayne will never cut nobody head and mail it to their parents just sayin

  • dope alien

    yo man dis track is addictive cant stop listening.wayne and tip did it and i give the 50% each. dis song is bananas all the haterz dis is one helluva dope isht

  • Young Money Cash Money Obama

    T.i know wayne murked him,thats why he sat back and let him do his thang,who gets a two minute feat?lol Wayne,thats who

  • Rd. Dogg


  • M

    Tunechi go hard!

  • KillahKlyde555

    Dayum love this song! Honestly I liked both rappers’ parts, both are good!