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Lil Wayne, DJ Drama & Mack Maine Confirm “Dedication 5” Mixtape Is In The Works

Mon, Jun 10, 2013 by

Lil Wayne, DJ Drama & Mack Maine Confirm Dedication 5 Mixtape Is In The Works

Brilliant news! DJ Drama and Mack Maine have both confirmed that Lil Wayne is indeed working on the fifth installment of his Dedication mixtape series. My guess is that Tune will finish and release the mixtape while on his upcoming America’s Most Wanted tour, because you know how Wayne always likes to work on mixtapes while he is touring.

“Yup. D5. Tunechi. Dram. YM. Stay tuned. But pleaaaase…. b patient” – DJ Drama

“D5” – Mack Maine

Click here to listen to the first leak from Weezy F Baby‘s Dedication 5 mixtape! Are you excited ❓

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  • MALI


  • MALI

    D5 HOE!

  • hello

    Kill Them BEATS Tune !

  • luck

    i hope he goes over that UOENO it instrumental

  • D boy

    Oh shit he needs to make a no ceilings 2 also

  • Good

    I’ve sill got D4 in rotation lmao

  • LastKingz

    Sooner the better Wayne 🙂

  • gucci

    i dont understand why…..weezy only puts out a dedication mixtape before a carter album

  • D5 hoe Lil Wayne will go down as The G.O.A.T. Of hip-hop just watch

  • Best rapper alive

    Wayne you need to remix that Meek Mill Levels song bro.

  • sully-boi

    hardest working rapper of all time

    always stays working on the next project

  • DK

    Disgusting¡¡¡ This drug addict has been in an intimate relationship with another, a 64 year old ugly Nigga called birdman. I will never respect that.

    Wearing spandex and uggs, lip rings, an idea of fashion by homosexual gremlin.
    This faggot kissed another man on the lips, that is a NO NO.
    Plus Nigga gotta be the ugliest gay I have ever seen, damn, monstrous little black creature.

    Hip Hop, This bitch made an album talking about sex in every song.
    Talking about his dick to the cheers of his homosexual little ass faggot fans.




  • Ronie

    FUCK you DK … better suck your own cock… how can you wish him death , thats so fuckin stupid… bitch ass motherfucker

  • Michael

    Yeah D5 will definitely come out between nov-dec I doubt he’ll put it out during his tour. Maybe after his tour ? But I know its gonna take forever by the way Dj Drama says “pleaaaase…. b patient”. Anyways excited for this shit !

  • Sir. T

    Brilliant News indeed D. Oh by the way.. FUCK YOU DK.

  • Alkiuris

    Dk u dirty son of a bitch nasty mother fucker why the hell are you judging another man on his looks your the gay one …why da fuck would you gone on someone elses website to hate on them if tou dont like them bitch get life …d5 on da way yeuppp

  • Nino

    Lol @DK damn i dnt c y u gt 2 hate na nigga,hs gttin paid 4 wat hs doin unlike u talkin shit bout hm. Hate s a form of love dat hasnt found a way 2 expres itself logikally so fuck u,fuck yo clique & fuck whoeva designed u BITCH ASS NIGGA… No marikon

  • wael

    Okay everyone, we all know that d5 will all be: i pop that pussy like a…., ride that dick like a…., pussy feel like…. But well just hope tunechi give us something real, just cant you make more songs like god bless amerika?

  • DK

    I am not as rich as Lil wayne but neither are you. So are you saying that because he is rich he is permitted to kiss and have sex with Birdman? You just gonna let it slide because of money? Yeah Money can buy you anything I guess, This junkie can kiss an old man and suck his dick on national TV and you niggas think is right because he has money? Really?



  • Mariana

    HAAA! I’m so excited! And from this ”Bugatti” Freestyle u already know it’s going to be good.. I always prefer the MixtapeWeezy.. Ahhh!!

    D5 probably coming next year!!

  • Don

    @Dk I don’t know who you are but you sound like a bitch made nigga if u don’t like him why he fuck you on this site I do recall the site being for his fans so u can shut yo ass up for real cuz I don’t make since to be hating and I bet yo ass deep down like him and quit making up shit that ain’t true ol hoe ass nigga



  • Don

    @Dk just you even wishing he was dead shows how much of a pussy ass nigga you are idgaf how much of u don’t like someone that’s not cool at all

  • jessica

    I love dwayne


  • Don

    I hate niggas who claim they don’t like somebody but they know they fuckin do just shut the fuck up. Matter of fact I like when niggas hate but to wish somebody dead come on really u deserve to go to hell like that’s not cool bro

  • Don

    Bu this mixtape gone go so hard I already know what I want him to kill lol Wayne the Best!!!! And ya I fuckin said it

  • zod

    Wayne is so predictable these days

    Wayne: pussy taste like a…..
    Wayne: I beat that pussy like a…..
    Wayne: I do tricks on my skateboard
    Wayne: I’m in my truckfit..
    Wayne: I got the world in my hand imma….
    Wayne: got a bad redbone….
    Wayne: hit yo ass with my skateboard
    Wayne: YOUNG MULAA BABY!….tunechi!

  • Kidd

    @DK you a real fuck bitch for coming on a fansite and talking bullshit nigga dont hide behind no keyboard #pussy

  • MALI



  • zod

    How many chances are you guys gonna give this guy to realize he fell the fuck off he hasn’t dropped a classic song or album since no ceilings…

    Rebirth – trash
    I am not a human being – trash
    Sorry for the wait – trash
    Carter iv – trash
    Dedication 4 – trash
    I am not a human being 2 – trash
    Dedication 5 – will be trash

  • @Official_X_ don’t even exist
    Yall shudnt pay him no mind,DK is tryna be relevant…ignore d bitch

  • Wayne should freestyle that box chevy beat off rick ross with mack maine and cory gunz and that Kobe and ginobili beat off mack maine with flow and that 5 am in toronto off drake weezy can call it 5 am in new orleans and another beat with nicki minaj. Oh and fuck that nigger dk he’s a gay bitch hater he talks a lot off shit my fist are like toilet paper ill puch his mouth clean

  • Young Money Anonymous Member

    D5 will be released late September/ early October! YM confirmed.

  • Young Money Anonymous Member

    D5 will also feature the following artists:

    Nicki Minaj
    Lil Twist
    Tyler the Creator

  • Storm

    @zod, just as predictable as the shit you said last time.

  • tiff

    I don’t get why wayne doesn’t make gangster music like carter 2 anymore..

  • dan

    Lil wayne – Bad (rmx) ft. Shanell

  • Don

    U.E.N.O Ft.Drake

  • SamsonYMCMB

    I wanna hear a track with Short Dawg. Maybe a remix of UOENO with Short Dawg, Flow, Gudda Gudda or Drake


    @youngmoney anonymous member the mixtape is only three songs in and only has two features so far and thats boo and birdman

  • Young Money Anonymous

    @GTFOH Actually I know for a fact that the mixtape is 5 songs in and the features I previously mentioned are ones Wayne mentioned….what song with Birdman have you heard?

  • Cortez Bryant

    Also New Single From Drake Featuring Wayne Its Droping June 17 Stay Tune!

  • alicia


    >.< Sorry to be THAT person, but it was bothering me.

  • Truk yo bitch

    @DK you’re the type of pussy nigga tunechi always be rapping about. Instead of hating on a fan page like a real fuck nigga why don’t you go out and get your own paper? Until then gtfo bruh we don’t care bout nothin u have to say. #YMCMB

  • jessica

    Only one

  • Truth

    If it sounds anything like D4, he might as well keep it.

    His last 2 projects have been the worst shit of his career.
    Dedication 4 is hands down his worst mixtape, IANAHB2 is his worst album.

  • Fish01

    Whoever says dedication 4 sux is tripping
    It has crazy punch lines fo days Tune went in!!!!

  • To start im one of waynes biggest fans but hes killin me lately with his music ianahb2 sucked D4 was his worst mixtape ever. Im just hopin no ceilings wayne comes out 1 more time in his career. Waynes still above average but hes fallin. Fan for life no matter what though.

  • Expertburrito

    Yes kill it weezy

  • Kidd

    I hope it doesnt feature anyone like tyler the creature

  • David

    They need to do
    – Started From The Bottom
    – Not Afraid
    – Hustlin

  • Space

    Man this nigga wayne need to get young money on this shit like he did with Dedication 3 that’s all

  • Hec_yeah

    Ok I should start posting on this blog LOL
    EVERYONE!!!! go check out the new Bugatti freestyle by lil wayne on YouTube……he KILLED it

  • JTheMan

    That U.E.N.O Ft.Drake would be a problem @Don

    I can’t wait.. I hope & pray he murders D5

  • Eshall

    I am thrilled to hear this news. I appreciate the frequent drops and the quality of the songs. Keep beatin those beats Wayne. Eff a hatin ass bitch.

  • Don

    @JTheMan lol ya I hope so to

  • tupac25

    D5 all day but do something crunk and real

  • Dwill

    My nigga Tunechi gone always bang idgaf what y’all haters say d5 we innins hoe? Lets get it

  • Bash Khalil

    you guys need to salute president carter. Do you see how much he works? we dont rest 4 months without an album coming out. And he records 4 times a week just to keep us entertained and not forget who the fuck he is. Theres always 2 music videos every week! and plus that a tour this summer. This why he has seizures because hes not sleeping and working hard every day so he can make music that would change peoples life.

  • Khosta

    I only hope it has more songs than d4, like d2 and d1

  • what is the story of d5 , d4 , d3 , ………..

  • mastaba8

    he’s got 2 feature flow and cory gunz on one song

  • Tunechi Chubs

    How many rappers y’all see still around?? Wayne manages to stay current! He evolves with time. He knows exactly what he is doing! He dresses weird and the media talks about it, he skates and haters talk about it, he does different music and his fans talk about it! No matter what he is on everyone’s lips, get it!! He is the most famous man on the planet, GET IT?? Ok good! FUCK YOU DK! Pussy ass ni55a!

  • KingZ

    “See 1 , 1 made u realize, 2 that’s when the game Became ours, see 3 That’s when we showed you the future, this here (D 4 ) this is for the sport” – Dj Drama @mahyaa_iran

  • KingZ
  • dalow

    D5 AhGgGgg,sori dnt mean 2 scream lyk dat……FUCK DK go suck ur dick nd fuck ur mom

  • LuvTunechi


  • Young Teezy

    tune iz still on move YMCMB never ever stop dedication 4 iz still tha shit and i know dedication 5 it’s goin be fuckin bomb TRUK DA WURL

    Rich Gang x YMCMB x FGM x B.W.A
    Free da ESHO HERO

  • miyo

    DK? And that dude who said “Why wayne don’t make Gangstar Music anymore”… Get with the times playboy… No one got time for Gangstar Music, Wayne Lives in a Mansion, Dating Model’s, Driving Exotic cars… His Changed, People Change… Part of life, he still passionate about making money like Birdman raised him to, Let’s respect that… Cause once his time is up, you gona start downloading his music…And it will be a bit too late

  • Ducksick999

    Available in 2019

    Reason : im to busy skateboarding

    Yours truly little wayne

    Ps. Drake has the charisma of a potato and dj khaled acts as furniture in every video i put out

  • Shaq

    Idc what songs are on there long as you do a U.O.E.N.O REMIX PLEEEEEEEEEASE THAT WOULD SATISFY A NUMBER ONE FAN YMCMB

  • Shaq

    I agree with @JTheMan that shit would be epic and tell future to cum on wit a new verse shit ill
    go in

  • trickster

    …They throw dirt @ ma name well that’s y they still dig me” to all them haters outhere there… Weezy is the real thing. FULL STOP.

  • denilson

    Fuck all who hate Wayne, he is still the best rapper alive!

  • Trebles’ Garcia

    Lik wayne is still the best rapper alive. Hes got hatters? Yess but yett bitch niggas like DK come to weezys fan page. U probly a gay fuck urself, upsett dat weezy aint rapin bout u ur shribled dick. Lil wayne kissed birdman in the mouth. Yess he even admits it it in a track on one of his mixtapes. So what. Many cultures raise their kids in this manner. Myself for example kiss my dad in the lips for affextion aprexiation and respext.. U aint no one to judge. Lil wayne is #1 amd dats it!!!

    Truckfit, wezzy fan to the fullest.. Fk yall hatting ass snitches. .

    Follow me on fb..

    Trebles’ Garcia. .

  • DK

    @trebles garcia yo nigga you as gay as that lil wanna be rappin ass nigga

  • Trebles’ Garcia

    Haaaa,, nigga im made. Dont even care wat u write down on here. All these ppl here know the truth. Ur a sad lil man with no life, and u should stfu before i record ur gay ass getting double penetrated, creampied by the hole YMCMB team .. Lmao

  • BroskieYMCMB

    “See 1 , 1 made u realize, 2 that’s when the game Became ours, see 3 That’s when we showed you the future, this here (D 4 ) was for the sport, see 5.. this is the ReTakeover.. Weezy, show these niggas why you the best!
    *lighter flick* *inhake, exhale*
    WEEZY comes alive!
    That would be a dream come true.

  • Moneytalks7000

    Maan that bitch that said he aint got no classics since no ceilings… 6 foot 7 foot, blunt blowin, bill gates, hustle hard, president carter sorry4the wait on the adele beat just to mention a few…

  • @DK it seems lyk you sucked very big dick dats y you are talking shit,fuck ya nigga you aint nthn,weezy is the best ever obama knows abt it,

  • @dk why did you wrote in dc site coz you admire him,fuck ur hand wrote shit,dont u see singers lyk rihanna stay naked in her video,you wil die die b4 tunech

  • Kidd

    @broskieymcmb that would be awesome and he comes out with no ceilings/da drought 3 type energy

  • Can Somebody Below Answer Me This Question Please?? What Is The Difference Between Lil Wayne’s No Ceiling Mixtape And His Dedication Mixtapes? On Both Of The Mixtapes Wayne Remixes To All The Popular Songs. So What Is The Difference In His Mixtapes??

  • @DannyM (Can Somebody Below Answer Me This Question Please??) What Is The Difference Between Lil Wayne’s No Ceiling Mixtape And His Dedication Mixtapes? On Both Of The Mixtapes Wayne Remixes To All The Popular Songs. So What Is The Difference In His Mixtapes??

  • Syrup

    @young Kevin no ceilings style is more of the smoke weed sippin lean mixtape dedication series is more of a party get wild mixtape yaaaaa digggg your boy draster

  • bkche

    yesssssssss-paris hilton

  • Kidd

    @youngkevin no ceilings was more of an out of this world mixtape showing that he has no limits and no one thinks like him
    @syrup he actually admitted he quit syrup on may 9 2009 while no ceilings came much later in the year

  • Syrup

    @kidd lmao hahahhahahaha anyone can say the quit something for the media and still do it shit I would too let’s be real now he may not sip like he use to but he still does he can do anything he wants he’s rich

  • @Syrup And @Kidd Well I Wish He Could Get Back To That No Ceilings Mixtape Type Weezy. Because That Mixtape Was A Classic And No Lie Every Song On That Mixtape Was DOPE’ The Dedication Mixtapes Are Hot To But Shit That No Ceilings Wayne Is Where It’s At, Ya Feel Me?

  • Syrup

    @young Kevin… I know I miss the no ceilings weezy I also liked the dedication 3 weezy his leaned out auto tone rap that was sick…..but as sad it may seem he’s gone he will never be the same he moved on to a different wayne it’s just part of change but that’s why we have old music to listen to now a days

  • I can’t wait to get one of his songs frm D5. Fuck u DK and up tune. Vote for president carter. Truk ur gurl!

  • @Syrup I feel u mann. Shit is crazy, just don’t get why he doesn’t give his fans what they want. But I understand it’s a change and new style! But I will never forget bout that no ceilings wayne, Straight Fire!!

  • BroskieYMCMB

    I Honestly Believe We Getting the Real Weezy!!!
    No Way He Would Release a Dedication So Close To a Prior One If He Didn’t Feel Like He Was In His Zone.
    & Probation Bout OVER, TURN UP WAYNE!

  • When Is Lil Wayne’s Probation Over??

  • DK

    All you fags who responded to me are probably addicted to sizzurp until they burp and have 4 drug addicted kids like lil wiesel fuckin baby dont forget the f cause he fucking baby

  • Grant

    @zod , if you hatin you just need some pussy

  • Iceberg slim 2.UOENO ft Tyler the creator 3. Don’t kill my vibe ft future 4. Poetic justice 5 started from the bottom ft Birdman 6. R.I.P 7 skit- still in this bitch ft drake 8. Bad ft nicki 9 power trip 10 pour it up ft nicki 11 suit & tie 12. Open letter 13 show out ft 2chainz 14. Skit- Trap house 15. Guap 16 Neva end. 17 all gold everything 18 skit – wicked games 19 bow down/ been on 20. Outro/ dedication ( one in a million) by * Aliyah

  • Yosi F

    DediKaTioN 5 hoe

  • he need to do that don’t kill my vibe for “dedication 5” its dedication fiiive dedication fiiiive dedication fiiive dedication fiiive !!!!!