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Lil Wayne Rapped Over Jay-Z & Rick Ross’ “F*ckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt” For Dedication 5

Fri, Aug 2, 2013 by

Lil Wayne Rapped Over Jay-Z & Rick Ross FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt For Dedication 5

We already know Lil Wayne has rapped over Ace Hood’s “Bugatti“, Rich Homie Quan’s “Type Of Way“, and now we can add another song that Weezy has freestyled over on his upcoming Dedication 5 mixtape.

According to Navjosh from HipHop-N-More, Tunechi rapped over Jay-Z and Rick Ross’ “FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt” track off Jay’s latest album, Magna Carta… Holy Grail.

Oh yeah, Dedication 5 is coming sooner than you think. Wayne is rapping over ‘F**kwithmeyouknowigotit’ as well.

So this is three confirmed songs that Wayne has freestyled over for Dedication 5. What are some other instrumentals you want him to remix ❓

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  • Carter0512

    omg first yess

  • Jesus


  • Can’t w8!

  • What Up Doe

    My list:-

    Rocko’s UOENO

    2 Chainz’s Feds Watching

    Drake’s All Me

    French Montana’s Ain’t Worried About Nuthin

  • new slaves

    Lil wayne is the best rapper alive

  • mean mug

    hyped as fuck….. this is a banger….. my fav from jay album

  • That nigga


  • Trippy

    “Oh yeah, Dedication 5 is coming sooner than you think.”

    How many times has this been said? I’ve heard this every month and it’s still not been released :/

  • Bijon

    New slaves and Tom ford

  • words

    okay this is gr8 news. i just hope weezy addresses that jayz diss on this song and disses him back.

  • That nigga

    Maybe wayne gonna diss jay z on this track as a comeback to la familia

  • Double U

    A$AP Ferg’s ‘Work’ beat – that shit is hard.

  • Bawse

    “Fuck with me, you know I’m a skater.”

    “Fuck with me, you know I like pussy”

  • ElK300

    Cant wait for D5 man.

  • “She want dick, she know I got it!”

  • D5

    Migos jumpin like jordan

  • Drake

    No more free randy

  • My niggas

    Yo danny weezy rapped over versace to it features new artist called ykc

  • lilduke1

    all me
    feds watchin
    and please not versace

  • Don’t stop pop that

    Yo wifey you know I got it

  • Don’t stop pop that

    Yo wifey with me you know She got it

  • rigoc6

    U.o.e.n.o., new slaves, tom ford, all me,

  • @my niggas Young Kid Creez ain’t gonna make that tape… They said “we sent in a verse, now we sit and wait”

  • loyal fan

    Great news danny!!!! Wayne must freestyle on this tracks
    1. Aint worry abt nthng
    2. Jay z blue
    3. New slaves

  • Hopefully a Hov diss 🙂


  • “Versace Versace I just had a baby, Beyonces the mommy!” -Tune

  • TUNECHI in this motherfucker!!! Murder that dumb jay z and Dick ross!

  • Jr Smack a Hoe

    Wayne is fuckin garbage all he talks is eatin ass he never gets better he is not fuckin wit Hov no shape of form kill that bullshit y’all talkin ..!!

  • World peace

    I’m a fan of weezy&hov I wish they would stop beefing and get along cuz I want to hear them on the same track again I mean come on drizzy is still cool whith jay why can’t wayne and jay be cool

  • Kidd

    @jr smack a hoe when the last time you heard wayne talk about eating ass and as for hes not fucking with hov thats a dumb ass comment if wayne disses jay hes gonna wait till waynes retired to diss him

  • Will

    1. Black Skinhead – Kanye West
    2. She a Trip – Ludacris
    3. Levels – Meek Mill
    Please no UOENO or Versace

  • Tunechi lil brother

    I got aint worried bout nothin ft Wayne right here

  • Will

    Check This Dig That – T.I.
    Headband – BoB
    Bounce it – Juicy J

  • Bleezymula

    Wayne should rap over
    1. Versace by Migos
    2. Start From The Bottom by Drake
    3. U.O.E.N.O by Rockie
    4. Ain’t Worry About Nun by French Montana
    5. Bad by Wale
    The rest I really don’t care but I’m pretty sure he gon do his thang on this classic mixtape.

  • Tunechi lil brother

    It also got wiz and ti on it

  • swedefan

    1. Versace – migos ft drake
    2. All me – drake ft 2 chainz and big sean
    3. Rich niggaz – J.cole

  • dahood

    drug money, aint worried bout nothin, UOENO

  • @Tunechislilbrother… Fuck you that’s a mix.

  • Mac_coy

    Da best Rapper live Lil Tunchi……..keep making us feel u
    can’t w8 for da D5

  • Mac_coy

    Da best Rapper Alive Lil Tunchi……..keep making us feel u
    can’t w8 for da D5

  • Don

    WOW I don’t even know where to start first off this is great news keep that type of news coming. Secondly man all I can say is wayne is Finna eat of course lol and last D5 I cant fuckin wait.

  • if wayne could go back to carta2(real rappin) he’l rip da joint of…woke up in a new punani…came da fuck on dumu…were da rappin at…Lil’coin da lyrical ova n out,….

  • Mixtape weezy

    Bounce it show you Feds watchen uoeno blurred lines blackskinheads act right upper echelon rotation

  • Don

    Started From The Bottom
    5AM In Toronto

    And idk I can’t think of any more

  • Lil who

    The rapper eater

  • Mixtape weezy

    And all me

  • Don

    I really want the first three I named I really wanna hear him on those

  • Don

    @Mixtape Weezy aww hell ya All Me he would kill

  • Kevin Meck

    D5 ho

  • ctwins3644

    after his last few mix tape offerings i dont see how you all are excited for this..D4 was horrible and sorry 4 the wait was even worse

  • tunechi fan


  • Don

    Now all I ask is that Wayne put Drake on the mixtape man please I been missing a Wayne and Drake song where they spit str8 bars man. Ex. Ransom, Stuntin, Goin In, Ignorant Shit, Unstoppable. Lol yal know

  • RuffBuff716

    @ctwins for real tho sorry for the wait was worse than D4 they both were sick ass mixtapes so the burn remix was shitty how bout same damn tune an cashin out n on Sorry for the wait sure thing remix Gucci Gucci n Rollin,racks ,hands up that’s wayne at his best

  • Look at me

    I don’t beleeve y’all are saying d4 better than s4tw s4tw was hard as fuck especially rollen gucci and tuncies back and throwed off

  • Look at me

    I don’t beleeve y’all are saying d4 better than s4tw s4tw was hard as fuck especially rollen gucci and tuncies back and throwed off those songs were raw as fuck

  • Tunefbabi

    I hope it’s at least 20 songs with only 3 skits and make them funny like the ones on d3 does and donts of rich gang weezy on dedication 6 weezy on retierment

  • Bones

    I wish Eminem would make an entire diss song about Lil Wayne like he use to do with Everlast and Ja Rule. It would either put Tunechi back on his game or send him into early retirement. It will never happen, but…

    Imagine the crew battle though. YMCMB vs Shady Aftermath. Royce Da 5’9 would slaughter Tyga and Birdman while Em and D12 rode on Weezy, Nicki, and Drake. Even Dre might go in on Mack Maine.

  • 30 seconds to young money mars

    @Jr smack a hoe when he does talk bout that he’s talking bout ur mom u fuckhead idk why people come here to hate on Wayne this for fans not pussy ass hater go suck a niggas dick for some truk fit …….. Ymcmb over everything and fuck camel ass jay z he’s sucks and a pussy to

  • Wayniac001

    Lil Wayne should remix :
    1. Versace
    2. Feds watchin
    3. U.e.o.n.o
    4. Like whaat
    5. Started from the bottom
    6. Memories back then
    7. MOLLY

  • @Liltunechi94

    Dis ain’t what you want
    Feds watching
    New shit
    Macaroni time

  • Kafa

    I just Hope there wont be many Features on D5 i like it more when weezy rapping alone on a Song i always skip Parts from other Artists

  • Youngkidcreez

    If you wanna see the mixtape cover go to our twitter page

  • U.O.E.N.O- Rocko
    Levels- Meek
    All Me- Drake
    Feel Like it- Fabolous
    Bounce it- Juicy J
    Freak- Montana
    Do Something- Uncle Murda is a MUST!!!!!!

  • Brandon

    We can’t stop – Miley Cyrus
    Radioactive – imagine dragons
    Harlem shake

  • Young Veli

    Wayne need to get on
    Fire- Big sean
    Villuminati or She Knows- J.cole

  • khostÁ

    I’d like for him to remix feds watching and black skinned

  • D5

    I’d like for him to apologize for making I Am Not A Human Being II.

  • Don

    New Slaves?

  • Old slaves

    I’m itching to she what the artwork will look

  • Flow

    Im so ready to hear this shit gonna be real as Fuck.

  • Drizzy

    Stop giving us one song tittle a month and just give us the full tracklist

  • aston

    ^^^ right!! danny stop giving us bit by bit. give us the WHOLE TRACKLIST or wait until we get the tape and let us find out on our on. this shit is annoying

  • dontae

    people already ready to hate on d5 and it aint even here yet! smfh yall some bitches and hoe ass niggaz bruh

  • 2waynes

    Weezy gone spazzzzzzzzzz the fuck out on dedication five!!!!!!!!

  • I hope this is a diss to jay .
    murder him on his own beat…

  • tunechy lee

    i think he should rap over Rick Ross – ‘Pirates’
    its a sick beat n i think it suites him

  • Kidd

    Yall niggas are so annoying yall complain about wanting D5 news and bugging danny to post something and now that he is posting something yall bitching just accept it or get off i bet if you didnt hear none of this you would still be urging danny for more D5 info great news danny keep it coming

  • DrizzyYMCMB8

    Work – A$AP Ferg
    that is all i want .

  • miyo

    Rating from Wayne’s verse’s on Rich Gang album… He’s found himself again… He don’t need drugs… Dude is getting his bar’s up… Keen!

  • dalow

    @bone lol u crazi bt dat wuld b funny though

  • daReal214

    He needs to do a Levels and love Sosa freestyle!!

  • AlexSutton

    so excited about this song!

  • Versace – Migos
    U.O.E.N.O – Rocko
    Levels – Meek Mill
    Ocho Cinco – French Montana
    We Still In This – B.o.B
    Collard Greens – ScHoolBoy Q
    Martians vs Goblins – Game
    Feds Watching – 2 Chainz
    Molly – Tyga
    Switch Lanes – Tyga
    All Me – Drake
    Don’t Kill My Vibe – Kendrick Lamar

  • OVOXO.

    New Slaves.
    Black Skinhead.
    All Me.
    Started From the Bottom.
    Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe.
    Chris Tucker.

  • YoloSwaggYm

    Lil durk life ain’t no joke

  • Don

    @Kafa ya me to

  • Chelly

    1. New Slaves
    2.Curren$y – Mary (would be dope)
    3.All Me

  • Bobb

    Work all me highjack uoeno dreams come true 50 plates problems headband heaven

  • Xicano101

    Fuck remixing him and Curren$y should do a track, same with him and Kevin gates, big krit too. Stop fkn around with these sellouts.

  • Swat

    Theres only the most nigga type of songs out right now wtf

  • Don

    106 is on is he still gonna interview Wayne?

  • tony_montana

    @D5 lol I’m with on that one, he should definately apologise for making IANAHB2!! Haha

  • I want Wayne to do the Meek Mill Levels song i think he would kill that beat… well at least i hope

  • Dio

    UOENO – Rocko
    Females Welcomed – Trinidad Jame$
    Aint Worried About Nuthin – French Montana
    Show You – Tyga
    Love Sosa – Chief Keef
    Switch Up – Big Sean

  • Best

    I think Dedication 5 will be out in September or December, because the Dedication 1 to 4 mixtapes all came out in those two months!

  • Sbulesley

    Wat I knw z dat weezy gonna kill dat track *blv dat*

  • Big papi


  • Jwhite

    Dat love sosa joint

  • Shark

    I hope he diss jay z :\

  • Lilweezy Anna

    He better use the same flow he used on run this town

  • Double g

    Levels darker blackskinheads Feds watchen how manny drinks love hate thing highjack shit uoeno 50 plates 4what jumpin like jordan

  • BeenAWayniac

    Just want him to take a shot a J

  • Grown steewie

    Memories back then

  • ifwathma

    Levels, feds watching, aint worried bout nothin, versace and started from the bottom.

  • Mixtape spitter

    I bet money that he gone rapp over ain’t worried bout nun

  • Nigga

    He better diss jay on that shit! FUCK HOV

  • Mister

    He said best rapper alive

  • sulvz

    He should do m.a.a.d city … Blackstreet
    freestyle … Kid cudi ‘s just what I am

  • yanni

    I wish Wayne and Jay z would stop beefing and do another song like Mr. Carter

    But Wayne should jump on that work by asap ferg

  • MrYoungmoney29

    Buggati is on D5? I think it was removed. If it’s there, the album gonna be like IANHB2 and D4 just sucks ass…….

  • richard

    wild for the night

    startead from the bottom

  • john

    He should do FDB by Dro

  • postive abnormal kid

    Holy Grail

  • Amir Hossein

    he need to free style Bitch,don’t kill my vibe

  • A$AP Ferg- “Shabba” Remix would be fucking doppppppe!!!

  • Shaq

    Here go my list
    1. Wale- bad
    3.All gold everything
    4.Bitch Dont Kill My Vibe
    5.Ali Bombaya
    6.Aint worried Bout nothin
    7.Started from the bottom
    8.Feds Watchin
    9.Love Sosa
    10.A verse on N.O.R.E (She tried)
    11.Gucci Mane-Use me
    12.Tyga-Show you
    14.Future-Fo real

  • Lil ZeeTune

    I bet dat shit will hit hard D5 hoe

  • lil teo

    he have to dropp over u.o.e.n.o, thrift shop, versace

  • Weezyzbaby

    Ok I’m tiered of all the news unless its the full tracklist cover or releasdate pleas don’t talk about dedication 5 the more news we get the more impatient we get

  • Sebastianjhehr

    He needs to rap over UOENO

  • The prince

    He had to dedication five it

  • Dae_View

    Hope wayne fuck wit the versace beat i know he gone kill it!

  • Calicode

    New Slaves – Kanye
    Ain’t Worried Bout Nothin’ – French Montana
    Versace – Migos
    U.O.N.E.O – Rocko
    Started From The Bottom – Drake
    All Me – Drake
    Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe – Kendrick Lamar
    Backseat Freestyle – Kendrick Lamar
    Memories – T.I.
    F.D.B – Young Dro (He would kill this $hit)
    Power Trip – J Cole
    Body Party – Ciara (For the ladies) or
    Dirty Laundry – Kelly Rowland (For the ladies)

  • Moeketsi Hector Foto (@King_Enigma)

    That i aint worried bout nothin remix is kool…but tune ddnt put inn any wrk on it…he pulled the hail merry verse on it…

  • Qed

    Versace with Big Sean on it too

  • Kidd

    @moeketsi thats because that not the official remix thats just a mix

  • bigmoneyweezy

    weezy better go bannanaz on that versace track and I wanna hear him on that blurred lines

  • scar

    forget these new dedication mixtapes new IANAHB albums new no ceilings new carter 5…I want a drought mixtape..or drought is over

  • k-lo kizZy

    somebody pray for me.. Ace hood…

  • Carter mollah

    In addition Everyday-Rich Gang (Birdman, Cory gunz, Busta Rhymes, Mystikal)

  • T ronny

    Migos jumpin like jordan

  • Leo

    I want him to make a remix of wild for the night – ASAP rocky!

  • trickster

    All I want is wayne n ace hood… They both dope

  • Tunciefbaby

    Wild fore the night feat gudda gudda upper ecalont feat big sean and tyga

  • King Nikko

    Drake-All Me
    August Alsina-I Luv This
    J. Cole-Trouble
    Kendrick Lamar-Dont Kill My Vibe
    Big Sean-Guap

  • Kidd

    French-Aint worried
    2 Chainz-Feds watching
    Drake-All me
    And Versace

  • Wondrbred

    The way
    Ali bomaya

  • Javi

    My list:
    Fuckin’ Problems
    Ain’t Worried Bout Nothin’
    Started From The Bottom
    Backseat Freestyle

  • Iceberg slim

    1.Bugatti Ft Boo
    2. 5am in Miami
    3. Feds watching ft TI
    4. Some type of way
    5. Skit
    7. Started from the bottom ft Birdman
    8. UOENO
    9. Still in this bitch ft 2chainz
    10. Pour it up ft Nicki Minaj
    11. Skit
    13. Versace
    14. Levels ft future
    15. Poetic justice ft Wale
    16 skit
    17 Bad ft Shanell
    18. Shit
    19. Bitch dont kill my vibe
    20. Show out ft Gudda & 2Chainz
    21. Bow down/been on ft Birdman
    22. Poor decisions
    23. All gold everything
    24. Skit
    25. A dedication (don’t think they know
    26. Hidden track. (Song from new album “Devol”)

  • YoungNunnz

    1) Versache
    2) Aint Worried Bout Nothin
    3) Levels
    4) You Broke
    5) Bad
    6) Mula or Guap
    7) GOOD Morning

  • SobSMG

    I’d love Unk Wayne to rap ova “Mad Fo” and ask Pusha T wat he mad fo?

  • duanewayne

    He should rap over

    Feds watching – 2 chainz
    Honest – Future
    Hannah montana – Migos
    U.o.e.n.o – Rocko
    Work – asap ferg
    Shabba – asap ferg
    Aimt worried bout nothin – french montana
    Mary – currensy
    I wanna be with you – dj khaled
    Irie – ty dolla $ign

  • marijnmeeusen

    Big seans control

  • YungNilo

    1. Jay-z – Beach Is Better
    2. J. Cole – Crooked Smile
    3. Meek Mill – Levels
    4. Fat Trel – Niggaz Dying
    5. Drake – Started From The Bottom
    6. Jay-z – Blue