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Bow Wow To Interview Lil Wayne On BET’s 106 & Park, Says Wayne Remixed “Type Of Way”

Tue, Jul 30, 2013 by

Bow Wow To Interview Lil Wayne On BET 106 & Park, Says Wayne Remixed Rich Homie Quan Type Of Way

According to Cash Money‘s Bow Wow, he will be interviewing Lil Wayne on BET’s 106 & Park show later this week. A fan tweeted Bow asking if Weezy would ever appear on the television show and he replied back by saying he is going to interview him on Friday.

“@Coach_Kadir: @YMCMB_BW is wayne gonna come on the show?” Yup im going to interview em for the show friday

In related news, before Bow Wow presented the #9 music video during last night’s 106 & Park show, which was Rich Homie Quan’s “Type Of Way“, he mentioned that the song has been remixed by Ace Hood, Ludacris, and Lil Wayne. Now if you don’t already know, Luda and Ace have already released their freestyles over “Type Of Way“, so it looks like Tune went over that beat on his forthcoming Dedication 5 mixtape.

Hopefully during the Bow Wow and Tunechi interview on Friday, we will get some more information and even a release date for the the fifth installment of Wayne‘s Dedication mixtape series!

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  • Don

    I will tune in for sho

  • Don

    Hopefully they give a realease date and track list probably not a track list they wouldn’t do that on tv but hopefully a track list

  • Tunechi96

    3rd person yaaayyy!!!

  • Tunechi96

    im watchin 106 2day shiiiiittt!!!

  • Sir. T

    Hell Yeah! My wishes coming true.

  • I Ain’t Nervous

    Lol Danny must of felt all the pressure of the comments going at him about D5 to post this.

  • Sir. T

    Hell Yeah! My wishes coming true. He will announce it, i bet.
    Twitter @ZukisaniT1

  • Tunechi96

    funna watch 106 all dis week

  • Lil ZeeTune

    1st in dis bitch hoe,I cnt wait 2 c him on da show

  • weezy fire baby

    yessss i hope weezy did remix type of way

    its my fav song to drop this year hahaha

  • TeamTyga

    “Pussy got me feeling some type of way”

    “Skateboarding got me feeling some type of way”



  • Tunechi96

    they should do a BEHIND DA MUSIC with lil wayne i would love dat….but cnt wait 4 dedication 5 hoeeee

  • D5

    Wow i thought wayne didnt like bet enny more but ok ill be watching 1o6 all week Wayne will probably just give us a few names of the songs he did or just the releasdate

  • Free boosie

    Lmfao y’all got danny streast out

  • Jetlifeymcmb

    Can’t Waite d5 bitcheees

  • Danny M

    He will not announce anything for D5 , He will talk about rich gangs album and his health


    tunechi96 …he was the first one to ever do Behind the music bro

  • BroskieYMCMB

    That Zimmerman case, it made me feel some type of way!
    I told Marley if he see em’, 1 shot to the face!

  • Young lebron

    Allmost Retiering made me feel some type of way ima keep spittin till the day I hit the grave

  • Ym boss

    Fuck bill o Riley that’s all I gotta say don’t nobody watch his interviewes anyway

  • Sir. T

    Sumthn’ z coming back on ma mind to confirm this. When Wayne was in Atlanta i thnk, he tweeted ‘When u are in the A, you feel some type of way’. He remixed this ish I bet

  • “that pussy got me feeling some type of way idk man im high catch me fucking aye bad yellow bone prolly in space”

  • Weeeezy

    My dick like speed racer that pussy got me in a race after we get don my dick start spraying like mace

  • Ym soldier

    I still eat rappers beat the beat like a murdercase

  • Young Sam

    Weezy remixed versace to

  • mike

    My chopper sneeze all in your face bullets to the head the head decapitate

  • Kidd

    @i aint nervous again danny doesnt post anything unless its confirmed news there had to be d5 news first for him to post it he cant just make up the news

  • Jungle

    I had VIP seats for the concert in NC the other night. Wayne’s speeches and gestures were EXACTLY the same as any live performance video clip I’ve seen of his on YouTube. For an artist who claims (lies) about freestyling all of his lyrics, you would expect Wayne to switch up his performance a bit, but no, that would require stepping away from the script.

    Weezy’s setlist was designed for people who have just started listening to his music in the past few years. Gunwalk, No New Friends, No Worries, Bands Make Her Dance, Million Dollar Pussy, Blunt Blowin, How To Love, Days and Days, Pop That, Rich As Fuck, John, Bitches Love Me, She Will, etc. There was a part about 3/4 through the show where Wayne said he was going in the back to freshen up for a few minutes while his DJ kept the party going. The DJ played snippets of Fireman, Go DJ, Hustler Musik, The Block Is Hot, basically everything I was interested in seeing Wayne perform. A few bars from 6 Foot 7 Foot and A Milli were spun too. It was a major disappointment for a longtime fan. The highlight was when he brought Birdman out to perform Still Fly from the Big Tymers days. I saw Lil Wayne a couple years ago on the I Am Still Music Tour. At that show he played 2 or 3 songs off C4, and the rest was old school shit… even some songs off No Ceilings. I guess he doesn’t give a shit about those days anymore. Unless you’re a new fan, don’t waste your money on this tour.

  • Jungle

    Oh by the way, shut the fuck up about Dedication 5 and go get a life. Look at Wayne’s music throughout the past couple of years. Do you really think he’s going to suddenly start making great raps again that aren’t all about skating, Trukfit… and of course, pussy?

  • D5

    @jungle I have a life to mama is in it

  • Kidd

    @jungle if you were a real lil wayne fan you would know that when he went to jail he started to write and has been writing more often since then

  • Big man

    @jungle fuck you & 3verybody who love you

  • Shaq

    He need to state that he did. u.o.e.n.o remix ill be completely satisfied

  • Ricki

    LIL wayne fans get it into ur thick skulls he fell off he aint komin bck D5 will b TRASH dn’t say I didn’t warn u!!

  • purpledrank

    There is a difference between being a real Lil Wayne fan and being a dickrider who studies his every move. 97% of the people on this forum are dickriders. Wayne is a mortal just like the rest of us.

  • The king

    @ricki your mom will be raped & throwed in the trash don’t say I didn’t warn you

  • Jungle

    Haha very true purpledrank! I think those 97% are probably a bunch of teenagers with Lil Wayne posters on their wall.

    Oh I almost forgot. 2 Chainz came out and performed Duffle Bag Boy with Wayne. It was hilarious hearing 2 Chainz sing “I ain’t never ran from a nigga.” Fake ass motherfucker, we all saw the TMZ footage of him getting robbed.

  • A milli

    This bitch I’m fuckin mack me feel some type of way as soon as she fall a sleep I sneak out her house n skate

  • Glenn

    @Jungle you a duck the niggas had guns in they hand he stupid if he dont run you ole dum ass nigga you wouldnt tell chains that to his face fuck boy

  • Jungle

    You’re right Glenn. If niggas had guns in my face I would run. But I’m not a rapper who lies about being a thug. He even went on Twitter the next day and said it didn’t happen, then the video emerged. 2 Chainz is garbage. The only “hits” he has are thanks to collabos with Drake, Wayne, and Kanye. You’re the dumbass if you believe anything 2 Chainz says. You want real shit listen to Nas, J Cole, old Weezy.

  • Don

    People who get on here and talk shit is something I will never understand. Smh

  • Don

    The only thing about Wayne that is different is he is less consistent that is it, he is still the same but anyway I don’t feel like getting into it right now so imma let yal get back to shit talkin tho that’s what yal do best. Smh

  • Young money

    Singing to yo bitch call me Marvin gay got a plate full of rappers eat them spitt them out in yo face

  • Ymymymymyymymym

    I got a feeling d5 gonna sound like d3 that tape wus ok but it hat to much atotune & to much featchers and young kid creez sounds dope wayne allwayse finding hot new artist to put on his tapes!

  • Trayvon

    Everybody said Carter 4 was going to be the comeback of a lifetime. Not even close. Everybody thought Dedication 4 was going to bring back Mixtape Weezy we all loved. More like Disappointment 4. Everybody couldn’t wait for IANAHB2 to drop. It was going to be Wayne reinventing himself right? Try again. Not only did it sound like a bunch of songs that didn’t make the cut for Carter 4, but it included a few tracks on that were ALREADY ON D4 AND REBIRTH. Ya’ll some creepy ass crackas if you think Dedication 5 is going to be anything more than another letdown. The man is in his early 30s, has 4 kids, a fiance, and a strong passion for skating. All he is doing now is staying in the spotlight to help YMCMB grow, same as Birdman. LMFAO @ anyone who buys Rich Gang.

  • Bigger than life

    @trayvon your not a tru wayne fan and you must haven heard I’m good Bugatti freestyle or any of his rich gang verses ill give you time to listen to those song if you still feel the same way then that’s you

  • Mayback curtains

    @trayvon you dumb as fuck c4 wus the best album weezy dropped since c2

  • Bigger than Iife

    Rich Gang is just a recycled Birdman album. I’m proud of Birdman though, he almost rhymed different words this time.

  • Bigger than Iife

    @mayback dumb nigger you can’t even spell Maybach

  • tunechi fan

    d5 cant wait

  • Bitch Gang

    Birdman is embarrassing… ol’ nursery´╗┐ rhyming ass nigga.

  • Kidd

    Alright did this nigga just say that c4 was better than c3 smh get off

  • Don

    Lol dude Carter 3 is the best wayne album like for real Ioved carter 4 but carter 3 is the best album by him but I’m just really tired of people talkin down on him man get real dude still raw AF go read my other comments. He is just less consistent now but he still the same idgaf what people say js

  • Mee

    Yo stop being fucking bitches wayne fell off … He gives a good freestyle or berse every now and then but hes getting worse every day ….i still fuck wit wayne hes ok …but stop with the arguing d5 is not gonna be nothing special just another decent mixtape by wayne

  • Wiz dome

    Weezy pleas freestyle that versace&feds watchen & blurred lines that’s all I ask

  • Don

    Lol we’ll see

  • My niggas

    I hope wayne goes harder than ever on dedication five so the haters can finally shut the fuck up

  • true jas

    @My Niggas I agree with you

  • Kidd

    I hope wayne doesnt do blurred lines

  • Bitch Gang

    Fuck all ya’ll niggas… except @My niggas

  • Don

    @My niggas and @ true jas lol he definitely is going to wreck but the haters will never stop

  • @KingPurp_RipBop

    Dj khaled proposed to nicki got me feelin some type of way

  • Lmao why do you fake wayne fans always come on weezy site and hate is that all you guys can do some of ya’ll just need too chill the fuck out if you hate lil wayne so much then fuck off we dnt need you haters here. Lil wayne is one off the best rappers alive he has made his mark on hip hop since 2008 I’ve been a wayne fan he has always been the best so stop hating and go find a new hobby or a new rapper to listen too

  • @ ma Nicca Graeme;.. WORD !!

  • Swagg surf

    This is how I know d5 gonna be better than d4 that Bugatti freestyle better already than the whole d5 so yea !

  • Fire man

    D5 will shut the haters up for shure

  • Kidd

    @swagg surf idk about the whole d4 tape because there was green ranger cashin out and burn but other than that im with you

  • Don

    @Graeme Thank You

  • tunechi fan

    danny will you have the interview for the ones who missed it

  • Kevin heart

    Wayne seas he listens to a$ap ferg so we might hear a work freestyle on d5

  • D5

    Thanks danny I missed that

  • How high

    Come on weezy drop that heat so the haters can drop ther heads in shame

  • tunechi fan

    thankz danny

  • Ugh

    Bow Wow Is A Fuckin Liar !

  • Don

    @Ugh lol right I’m watching it right now I haven’t seen a interview

  • Ryan M

    I am watching right now and he is not even talking about doing the interview. What’s up Danny? o_O

  • Rawtune334

    Where the interview at Danny?

    • It didn’t happen unfortunately.

  • Tunechi F

    First off. Weezy has been the man since day one! You can not compare him to anyone but himself. No mixtape album in this world was or ever will be better then No Ceilings. He paved the way for the entire generation. There is no doubt in my mind that the dedication 5 is gunna be insane. Also I have went to 4 of his most wanted shows. Some where better and some where pretty much exactly the same. But in the end we left each show knowing that this mothAfucka is doing something right. In my eyes he is by far, Tune isn’t going anywhere and for the peeps that don’t like him I’m sure he could care less.
    And the F is for fuck your selfs!!!