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Ashley Ring – Moving Target (G-Mix) (Feat Lil Wayne) [Official]

Mon, Sep 23, 2013 by

Ashley Ring Moving Target Official Feat Lil Wayne

Check out the brand new G-Mix for Ashley Ring‘s “Moving Target” single featuring her Cash Money label-mate Lil Wayne. This song leaked unfinished back in 2010 before her Cash Money Records project was complete, but we now have the official version of Ashley‘s “Moving Target“.

The Gilflo-produced track was written by Frankie Storm and you listen to it after the jump below in the music video trailer for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire!

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  • MG


  • Tune


  • trav

    Wayne snapped

  • Weezy verse nice.

  • Ed!

    THIS Song is sooooooo sucks

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  • jamz

    weezy verse is dope but way too short

  • French Montana

    What’s up with Hunger Games? Is this song the theme song for it??

  • trill

    you can tell wayne recorded his verse during the rebirth sessions

    the autotune reminded me of his most wanted rockstar song

  • Don

    Now that’s the Wayne I miss right there, to short but that is the Wayne I want back. That monster came out

  • alex

    yoooooo holy shiiiiiit!!!! hearing wayne sound like this makes me so fucking happy, this was definitely recorded a while back but either way it sounds so good. I wish he still used autotune like this 🙁

  • Brinedd

    “Carter harder than the hardest, I got more paper than an office”

    Oh I still need to watch Hunger Games, I heard it’s good

  • Trigger happy

    Damn I miss the 05 07 09. Wayne his new stuff is good but not like it use to be

  • Damn! Tunechi Be makin’ a nigga think about those times, I hope you get that shit back on maybe that’s what has being lacking for you not winning awards, Luv

  • Eshall

    Am I the only one who remembers this song? The remix is hella fly. Excited for Catching Fire, less excited by the remix. Sorry.

  • this song is on the blue martin mixtape.. its old. why is it being put on here just now?

    • I don’t know what a Blue Martin mixtape is, but that is not an official project. Also if you read the post, you can see it’s a new version of the song and also the official version of what leaked back in 2010.

  • Ok This Is How It Going To Go Yours Numbers Are My Numbers Your Hits Are My Hits Your Eye Is My Eyes. I Have 5.5 Eyes Left If You Move Right I Move Left To But The Pieces Together You Stay Straight I Move Around Them I Will Give You Info When Something Come Up Guess It Back In That Suit N Tie. If A Fool Get Murk Oh Well. (Guess You Can Say Let The Game Begin) Wayne Stay Good In To The Women Back In Those Dresses BET Network Got Your Back To, And Fuck Fuse Network Yah Suck. Guess Can Say It Jew With A Blue Flag Team With A Jew With A Red Flag

  • YoungTunechie

    Download link anyone? 🙂

  • tdub

    This verse was on the song Invasion on The Leak Reloaded mixtape years ago. Funny to hear it again…

  • realtunefan


  • TruthHurtz

    Smashable! Wayne killed it and lil mama did her thing too-it’s a radio joint that will bang in the clubs too

  • YungGod

    I like the 2010 version more

  • Whers weezy

    I gotta. E honest ima wayne fan till death but he really fell off we gotta do something about it befor it gets worse d5 was decent I knew it wasent going to be annything special I just wanted it to be better than d4 & ianahb2 it was but that’s not saying annything good wayne needs to step his shit up or he will loose a lot of fans not like he cares he’s to buisey skating & shit but come on ther has to be someone who he listens to that can sit him down & tell him wher he went wrong & how he can fixs it & most importntly tell him the shit he’s making now is garbage niggas like Mack Maine & birdman are gassing him up & making him think that he is still the best he needs to know the truth so he can get a reality check.

  • Best

    I love Weezy verse, he killed it!

  • AmanU01

    ive heard this way before mann


    behind the scenes…wayne in the booth recording CREAM, levels and pure colombia… lil wayne is amazing

  • Key

    hot track, radio smash

  • This verse is so old the song dropped way beforei was singing it wid him when he’s verse started. idk y she called it G mix may b cuz its mastered but yea its nice to get the master version its a nice song

  • CheyCheyLuvTunechi

    My erythang killed this; great song!!!!

  • charles

    Wayne voice tho..!

  • invasion >>>>

    correct me if im wrong but the reason this verse wasnt official was because all “the leak” mixtapes were literally leaks from the carter 3 album.. right? well not all of course but im assuming that “the leak realoaded” tape was, because the songs on there were originals..