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Lil Wayne’s “Blunt Blowin'” Song Goes Platinum!

Tue, Sep 10, 2013 by

Lil Wayne Blunt Blowin Song Goes Platinum

According to the RIAA, Lil Wayne‘s “Blunt Blowin’” song was certified Platinum on August 23rd. This means that the track has sold over one million copies in digital sales since it was first released on August 29th, 2011.

What an amazing achievement this is for Tune, because “Blunt Blowin’” was never released to radio as a single and it doesn’t even have a music video! It is also the fifth song off Tha Carter IV that has been certified at least platinum.

Congratulations to Weezy F Baby once again ❗

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  • Bune


  • 2unechi


  • congrats to Tune!!!!

  • J Stanley

    Congrats weezy live this song

  • Love Live Life

    Why does Wayne keep winning?

  • Bawse

    My fav song off C4.

  • simba_dc

    Mie nikker wAynE_did_it_again,,,proud o f u wayne#C4

  • JSPR

    Can someone clarify whether that’s a man or woman in the top pic?

  • Edo

    “beach bum, call me ocean drive slim, drop the top, look up and make the sky green, Young Mula!..skinnies & some supras, belly o’ the beast till it puke us”……………..

  • Lil ZeeTune

    Tunechi stay winng #RichGang

  • JSPR

    It seems to be a dude, but that makes it even harder to understand why it’s pregnant.

  • Edo

    @JSPR…….thats a hermaphrodite!

  • Albert Samuels

    Good weezy good job

  • tedd

    Wayne is winning so easily without even trying these days, thats why he doesnt even try anymore and put effort into his music cuz he knows people will still end up buying it cuz hes lil wayne #fact


    Light the ahton kutcher I’m a limit pusher see yall dead meat and me I’m just a butcher!!

  • Swa

    I don’t give a lovely mother fut ass ngga

  • #Dro

    Lil Wayne always winning, best rapper alive

  • trevor muchirawehondo

    congratz tune…am edward the scissors***siingin

  • FemaleWayniac

    HEEELL YEAAAAH <3 it's like one of my favourite songs! and of course this is well-deserved! Congrats Weezy 😀

  • WeezyDaKing

    @Kidd What you said in the last post was interesting

  • Showiz

    Dope song!

  • Brinedd

    Why this?
    Why that?
    Why you on that ‘why’ shit?
    Mudafucka ask me why
    I say YM

  • Kcd


    Wayne look like a burned out cigarette bud in this picture
    Ashy as fuck

  • Number One

    Both She Will and Blunt Blowin are platinum… why are there no music videos for them??????

  • lilwaynelover

    congrats weezy keep it up 🙂

  • khosta

    This song is dope. Man I miss that wayne, carter 4 was wayne at his best for me. After that he just lost love for music. I mean songs like how to love, 6 foot 7 foot, blunt blowin, abortion, mirror, nightmares at the bottom, she will, president carter man he was dope

  • YoungMoney

    Congradz 2 Weezy. Great song it is.

  • whoo! Tunechi forever! ♥ xxxx

  • Orriize

    It’s a Rollie if I got time on my hand
    you ever see me broke…Write on my cast


  • Best

    Hello Weezy welcome home

  • Light the Ashton KUSH-tner
    I’m a limit pusher
    and yall dead meat
    and me, im just a butcher.
    I do it for the money, yeah I am such a hooker
    and freedom was my girl until they fukkin took her.

    Time has changed, so fuck it, get a new watch
    I still got da vision(division), like a line between two dots.

    wayne a beast, YMCMB til I die

  • im on th natural high

  • Some crazy thought tells me that all the songs on the carther 4 are gonna go platinum accept for the intro,interlude,outro

  • Young Teezy

    congrats big bro Tunechi best rapper tht ever waz da best there iz da best ever will be

    Free flow n Free BG shout to big bro Slim Boogie n 12 Shotty n T Streets when bro nxt mixtape coming

    Martians 4 Life

  • Wayne on me

  • Eshall

    That is wonderful! He works so hard. Your fans love you Weezy F. Baby

  • dear lil, Im crazy about your real fantastic songs. Especial mirror with bruno mars. Thanks for your best and your voice.

  • best rapper alive!!!

    Congrats Weezy u the best!!! Btw Kendrick calling himself the King now I know Wayne is all layed back now but he’s allowing all these new school rappers claim he’s throne!!! Drake shit is waaaay hotter drake jus drops anthem after anthem and people saying rappers need to step up their game to get to level…but in my opinion the nigga on top of the game now is drake its been drake ever since weezy went to jail

  • Kidd

    @best rapper alive!!!! Ill say that drake is prolly the hottest in the game but his lyrical skills are not on kendricks level dont get me wrong he can go bar for bar with anyone in the game right now but hes just simply not on k dots level

  • maria_latina_wayne

    Congratulations to Weezy F Baby

  • Waynedad

    I just bought the same shades as Lil Wayne. They even have FREE worldwide shipping! –

  • khosta

    Lil wayne’s cream verse is hotter than any Kendrick lamar verse. Lil wayne still shows he’s the best rapper it’s just that he doesn’t show it in each and every song. But Wayne be killing shit.
    “And rappers is what I’m eatin I’ll make sure of it. And he who don’t believe I’ll make desert of him”

  • tunechi is a livin’ legend ………………….f**k ya’ll haters

  • azgoweezy

    Have gone through long,true or false right or wrong-HELLO WEEZY WELCOME HOME(bbm:25259411)

  • @azgoweezy,Ummm no!! He said, “I been gone to long(prison), true or false, right or wrong, hello weezy, welcome home.

    Get the song right.

  • blunt blowing

    Imma beast imma dawg imma mother fucking problem…congrats tune its an achievement ad mist all the hating

  • Wayniac Bitch

    Wayne’s the best to ever live!!! Y’all haters Roger that. Lil Wayne’s the Living Legend! He’s the dope SOB shit. #SkateboardOverBugatti..

  • Tunechi in these bitch!!!!
    Congrats weezy f!!!
    U da sHIT!!!

  • Don

    @Khosta ya bro CREAM is the best song on D5 he was spitting bars

  • Trice weezy

    Go go tunechi

  • Theo-g

    Lil wayne is still the best in the shit niggas I’m birdman muthafuckers N.W.A in these fuck niggas THeo-G is the best rapper of South-Africa!!!!

  • Jc

    Nah brah levels is the best song off d5 the whole song is raw…..

  • realtunefan


  • where Weezy At???

    Did wayne climb into a cave or something? There’s no news about him,any music scheduled to come out,features or the next album he dropping???

  • ted

    @where weezy at Stop being greedy dude he just gave you D5 and appeared on katies talk show let the man breathe

  • Nuke

    Ted,yo knw its a Gthang in tha words of Dre…we fans jes Greedy#GreedThang…weezy tha Best

  • patriots

    @where weezy at he does have songs that suspose 2 come he has a song on drake album and song on jadakiss album and song on rick ross album so he does have ft. Coming up plus jada said it was mixtape killer weezy also its a drake album so there’s probally more than 1 song ft. Wayne

  • wayne the best to ever did it

  • Pyp3r

    Congrats!!! Best Rapper Alive

  • maria_latina_wayne

    Congratulations to Wayne once again

  • Freedom was my girl until they fucking took her

  • where Weezy At!!!

    So Weezy is featured on NTWTS?? I saw the tracklist and read an article that said that both wayne and nicki weren’t on the album

  • Madcool

    Weezy is my hero….he is better than better itself greater than great itself he is a legend a legend beyond legends throw me into a wishingwell now wish me well facebook:DANIEL MADCOOL SMITH

  • Tunechi96

    GunPowder in my hour glass , niggas faker den some flours in a powder bag….Congrate Wayne we love u

  • Dshizzo

    Hard work pays. Go hard TUNE

  • #TrippleD#3D [HashTag]

    Wayne Got 23 Platinum Singles

    Mo’ Dan Any Other Rapper





  • #TrippleD#3D [HashTag]


  • #TrippleD#3D [HashTag]

    “It’s Obvious He Won’t Be Cash Money Till Tha Death Of Him”





  • #TrippleD#3D [HashTag]

    “Young Money Million.. Aire 2 Da Throne”

    “Go’n At They Headz Like Hair In A Comb”




  • #TrippleD#3D [HashTag]

    “Mudafucka Ask Me Why I Say YM”