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A Recap Of Lil Wayne & YMCMB’s Visit To Paris, France [Video]

Tue, Oct 29, 2013 by

In the video above, you can watch a recap of Lil Wayne and his Cash Money family in Paris, France from earlier this month, courtesy of Derick G.

Birdman and Slim can be seen going on a tour around the city, visiting museums, checking out the Eiffel Tower, and taking pictures with fans at their hotel.

Also included in the clip is front row footage of Weezy F Baby performing live at the Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy and attending his after-party at VIP ROOM.

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  • Brinedd

    Why is Slim so quiet?

  • Love Live Life

    Birdman >>>>


    Yo Danny you ever think about making a website for drizzy? Cuz all the other ones out there suck. Your HQ sites are dopee! 🙂

    • I post Drake updates on YMHQ 🙂

  • MALI

    That crowd tho..

  • alpha t

    like father like son 2 single dropping at midnight.check it at stunnalife(s.a bitch)

  • French Montana

    On October 29, 2013 at 12:49 pm TUNEEE responded with…
    Yo Danny you ever think about making a website for drizzy? Cuz all the other ones out there suck. Your HQ sites are dopee! boy

  • ayy

    after 100 times of listening to dedication 5, i’ve come to the conclusion its the best project to come out in 2013

  • Lying ass

    Yo y u lying shit aint coming out like father like son 2 my ass fuck u fagget ass niggas lying

  • RyuDwayne

    What is the song 10:45 with birdman please?

  • Truk tha wurl bitch

    @ Brinedd.. That is Slim’s nature.. Slim is naturally quiet

  • Bawse

    I’m high like bonjour.

  • Truk tha wurl bitch

    @ bawse..Twisted like french breads

  • this is a sick video

  • Bunz

    them niggas are really about that life, mayne

  • Brinedd

    On October 29, 2013 at 2:52 pm RyuDwayne responded with…
    What is the song 10:45 with birdman please?

    Dreams Come True off the Rich Gang album

  • Tune jr.

    @Danny we are in the needs of a cash money site… Or maybe start posting cash money news in YMHQ …

  • Damn

    U niggas ask a lot from Danny n think he got songs n shit u nighass stupid as hell n like he gots time to do shit for everyone like make this n that gtfoh

  • Ed!

    Dammmmmn…. I think for me was “tapout” “still fly” in Paris One of the best Perfom ever Stunna and Weezy kill it men!!!
    Great weezy!

  • maria_latina_wayne

    i have been were they wore in paris but not where they perform an after party. and thanks for the help agen danny

  • tahir

    Its funny how Wayne gets more love in Europe than in his country smh. Love yu Tune

  • Gangstar Cheez

    Stop asking much from Danny.. Y don’t u open cah money site or is it noy somebody like u that open ymhq n lwhq???.. Stupid asss @ tune jr

  • jacob

    Whats the song called at the beginning off the video ?

  • chitunduchileshe

    Am abig fun of mr cater wish I can chat with him coz he is the source of my inspiratin I am a gospel raper tryin to break through the game end I belive he can help me