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Lil Wayne Nominated For “Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Artist” At The 2013 American Music Awards

Fri, Oct 11, 2013 by

Lil Wayne Nominated For Favorite Rap HipHop Artist At The 2013 American Music Awards

The 2013 American Music Awards nominations were recently announced and Lil Wayne received one in the “Favorite Artist – Rap/Hip-Hop” category. Weezy F Baby will go against Jay-Z and Mackelmore & Ryan Lewis.

The award winners are chosen by how many votes the artist received, so Wayniacs, please go and vote for Tune here! The results will be revealed on Sunday, November 24th on ABC.

Only residents from the United States of America can vote.

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  • Run Rabbit Run

    I cant vote….

  • tee

    wtf how can drake or kendrick not be nominated???

  • Gangstaaa

    I’m calling it now – Macklemore will win

  • AGA

    Congrats Weezy!! U da Best

  • bawse

    just voted 🙂

  • jamz

    On October 11, 2013 at 1:00 pm tee responded with…
    wtf how can drake or kendrick not be nominated???


    no kanye or nicki either

    but yea how the fuck can drake and kendrick not be there lmao

    wayne wont win this anyway smh

  • Lil Stona T

    Come on pussy ass nigga’s stop hating Wayne is going to win this shit just watch….Tunechi Lee in this motha fucka!!!!!

  • Don

    I want Wayne to win but I bet Macklemore wins watch and see smh

  • Love Live Life

    Voted but everyone knows Macklemore got this

  • Lil Stona T

    Yall just face it the world love wayne more then kendrick,drake and kanye so yeah that’s why kendrick,drake and kanye did not make the nominee’s

  • YoungTunechie

    I already voted. 🙂

  • patriots

    i don’t see how macklemore is getting nominations that’s why i don’t take awards show seriously

  • Im from South Africa so i can’t Vote.

  • huh

    Fuck every body waynes is every ones fav we all no that

  • your a motherfucking legend,

  • swiggy boy

    im from dubai so i cant vote but i wish i can!!!

  • young tunechi

    I voted and you already kno who I voted for YmcmbOverEveryThing.

  • trickster

    Make this happen 4 wayne n stop tripping… M from SOWETO

  • Y’all sum hoes if he don’t win it ur fuckin fault u niggas need to vote he best win fuck jay z n dat other nigga go n vote fuck niggas

  • Wadup 5!!!

    Imma work hard even if it kills me and he was true to his words…wayne ure d greatest of all time and thank u cus we ur real fans appriciate it and thanks to for fullfilin ur promise

  • Bawse

    Well done weezy.

  • Luciana

    i cant vote! not fair…

  • Tunechi96


  • lilwaynelover

    voted hope he wins gonna spred da work for ppl 2 vote for wayne
    cum on wayanics tunechi gota win dis

  • @tRuk_d_wOrLd

    Sometimes I wonder if most of ya’ll are real tunechi fans,c’mon he’s only gonn win this with your votes so c’mon no time to waste,vote and copy the link and spread it to other wayniacs to also vote for him,he deserves this peeps…c’mon cast that vote,fuck jay Z and Mackle….ItZ tunechi Jay BITCH!!!!!



  • khosta

    Who said you can’t vote if you’re from another country? I’m from Durban in S.A but I’ll make sure I vote. Lmao we had so many hip hop albums this year they all weren’t nominated. Wayne got nominated for IANAHB2, I wonder what will happen if he starts release material like The Carter 3

  • kelvox

    I’m frm Nigeria. Damn I can’t even vote… Oh please wanynaics fans over there go support wayne and make sure that niccur wins cuz if don’t the blame is on yhu guys! So jhs do the best thanq for him..I strongly wayne is still tha best and always the rapper I knw fuck odas who claim his position in the rap industry…

  • samsung

    Feel that gonna be close the voting

  • coconut

    Dis is american music award not international award so dis is why we can’t voted biatch! shoutout to my nigga weezy I fuck wif ya vote.

  • My nigga wayne Love that man no homo shit blood so what if u don’t win you are the favorite rapper in my book

  • If u not from USA, u can change ur IP address to a US IP or use a VPN, just google how to do it and then u can go to the site and vote… Cheers, keep on voting

  • laury

    Remember guys this is will be wayne’s first AMA award so he deserves to win but this macklemore nigga is getting everything this days with gays music…

  • avok

    Lil tunechi got this

  • Obi chuka

    Win or no win,i fuck wit weezy f baby nd d f aint for flop #Tunechi

  • Best

    No, I can’t vote. I just hope Wayne win it, YMCMB forever!

  • Freezer

    Where can i see how much votes wayne has and how much the others have?

  • xx

    Who the fuck is jay z and those other fools lol…….weezy f baby all the way…..bitches

  • keishaO.

    I just voted I LOVE YOU

  • wtf

    I hope he takes the W but I have a feeling it will go to mackelmore because of that I can’t change song.

  • CheyCheyLuvTunechi


  • SheWillbeResurrectedLikeJesus

    Lil weeny is a poser and skater groupie! wayne stays bustin his ugly epileptic head tryna learn a sport, he aint beast enuf to be good at!

    lil wayne will NEVER have the athletic talent that atheist niqqa has! & dat DGK niqqa don’t even care about skateboarding anymore, Thanks!!

    lil gayne ruined the skating industry wit his bitchmade faggot clothing line tuck-it/truk-fit, the clothing line of drag queens! hahahaha

  • Kj

    He’ll win ppl doubting him but who tf is Macklemore ??

  • Nigga never tell no lie

    First of all fuck u haters lil wayne da best rapper greatest role model out der I luv u lil tuncey even my baby cousin 3 yr old saying fuck ya haters lil wayne boss thank u very much this has been TERR!!!!!!!! ( u guys just hatin Cruz he living da good life and yeah living that crackhead life)

  • Nigga never tell no lie

    To kj how u don’t know who Macklemore is he is the nigga who made da song thrift shop

  • Mrs.carter

    I’m miss carter hehheheheheh

  • Mz xta

    So sad I can’t vote from nigeria #vote4wayne I careless about the other nominees