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Recap Of Lil Wayne’s Birthday Bash At LIV & Mansion Nightclubs In Miami [Video]

Wed, Oct 9, 2013 by

In the video above, you can watch some footage of Lil Wayne celebrating his birthday at LIV nightclub on September 29th and Mansion nightclub on September 30th, courtesy of Derick G.

Joining Weezy F Baby to help him celebrate turning 31 was Birdman, Mack Maine, Diddy, Bun B, and Flo Rida. The staff at LIV also presented Tune with a cake inside the club!

Click here to view some photos of Wayne at LIV nightclub in Miami, Florida.

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  • Jimmyluboyera

    Jimmy uboyera

  • Josh

    Who the fuck is jimmyluboyera

  • Yoooooo

    Still can’t believe he wore a robe to his own party lmao

  • Some rapper kid who calls him self jimmy otis carter on soundcloud I think

  • peeion

    jimmyluboyera is the white cameraman that tried to start a fight with wayne at that beach ball game

  • Jimmyluboyera is jimmy otis carter on soundcloud know him

  • Nah he’s that nigga some a movie who gets shot by the police for drugs

  • I need a birthday part like this one

  • We need a new mixtape and a longer song with the weeknd

  • The fuck is a jimmy luboyera and a jimmy otis carter who gives a fuck

  • Bawse

    Can’t believe we had two new Wayne songs today, it feels like Christmas.

  • Davidson

    november 9th is when the real lil wayne is back… get ready???

  • Davidson

    november 9th is when the real lil wayne is back…. dont sleep

  • maria_latina_wayne

    love it. i wish i could be there

  • Jon

    Just becuz he getting off probation dosen mean he will go back to the way he was b4 jail if wayne wanted to chainge back he would already have done it the only thing he will do is probably drink syrup again but don’t expect him to go frome tune to weezy again he made it very clear that he likes the new him.

  • Wadup 5!!!

    fuck jimmy oulivera and errbody else hatin o n this site

  • Sheena

    Hi Danny, I was searching for Wayne’s birthday picture and came across a website which said “Drake Gets Lil Wayne’s Face Tattooed Over His Heart for Weezy’s 31st Birthday”. Can you please look into it and confirm if it’s true or not. Thanks a ton!

  • 50sent

    Did d5 drop yet?

  • @danny lil wayne was on Jimmy Kimmel’s segment called “Mean Tweets” tonight when the video drops you should post it, it was funny

  • Tune

    Lil wayne has an instagram

  • Tobi

    Why was it only 2 ymcmb membaz dat attended?drake,nicki,dj khaled,tyga,lil twist,shanel,u guyz all 4kd up.wayne luvd u all bt u didnt show up at all.wat a disapointment

  • frezzym

    please name song

  • frezzym

    is good i have

  • Ed!

    Yeahhhh! LOYALTY!!!!!!

  • Your sweet cake, having all.”