The Game – F.I.V.E. (Feat Lil Wayne & Chris Brown)

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The Game FIVE Feat Lil Wayne & Chris Brown

The Game, simply known as Game, just dropped a new mixtape hosted by DJ Skee titled O.K.E. aka Operation Kill Everything. Like on most of Game‘s projects, there was a dope Lil Wayne feature on a track called “F.I.V.E.“, which also features a hook from Chris Brown.

If you can remember over a year ago, “F.I.V.E.” was originally supposed to be the first single from The Game‘s Jesus Piece album, but for some reason it didn’t make the project. You can stream and download the Cool & Dre and Sap-co-produced song after the jump below!

Download: The Game – F.I.V.E. (Feat Lil Wayne & Chris Brown)

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  • there we go weezy

  • song is great, but i can not feel the hook…
    but weezy kills this shit!!

  • loyal fan

    great track Weezy killed it!!!!!!!!

  • Don

    Ya weezy!!!!!

  • MelisaFBaby

    I’ve never heard a bad collab from these 2 🙂

  • Lyrics Master

    I got 5 on it
    5 short, Young Tune nigga, bitch fuck 5-0
    Nigga play the 4-5 if I have issues
    Get your ass black and blue with a bag of liquids
    I’m a G, do something ’bout it
    You ain’t half of me, you ain’t 500 thousand
    And my red bone, 5-5
    No hand slapped, but I’m high, five (hi-5)
    Get with the game or play the sidelines
    I dream to get the cover of High Times
    Now take 5 paces
    And try to guess the color of my shoelaces, red, bitch
    Yeah, I’m on my high horse
    Now the sky mad at me cause I stole five stars
    Got some freaks in the living room gettin’ it on
    And they ain’t leavin’ til five in the morn’
    Young Tunechi, bitch

  • Bawse

    This is dope.

  • Brinedd

    Weezy went in

    So did Game

    Chris chorus was cool too


    I GOT 55555555 ON IT

  • kold boy

    chuck and tunechi did it again

  • Ym

    Sounds like c3 wayne I think he’s slowly trying to go back to his old self.

  • HotBoyzWayne

    Wow!!! like wow!!! who said Wayne lost it, stand up mutherfucker and get the phuq out on this site…..Um feeling some street heat song from that NO MOTIVE feature from dj khalid…#WAYNIAC4EVER biaaaaatch

  • tunexx

    @Lyrics master. Better re listen to that verse. Your shit is messed up. “Leave you black and blue with a bag full of liquid” ??? Really? Try bag full of nickels, which goes along with the “Five theme

  • Drizzy

    @bawse come ride big papi

  • Freezer

    Good news and great song everybody should stop hating weezy he comes back

  • tunchiz son

    Weezy F

  • Guess he kills it wen he wants 2 bt h will never be the same again wayne fell off he aint killing it lyk he used 2 So stop sucking his dick your fagots

  • DopeWayne

    wayne killed it as always 2nechi be the Best till da end..enough said

  • wtf

    He started off good and I’ll just leave it at that

  • wtf

    The hook is trash

  • got that old tune back

  • Don

    Wayne just dropped a song called Original Science ft. Mack Maine

  • a) just enjoy the song this is over a year old remember this was supposed to be on games LAST album.

    b) those lyrics are way off lol “a bag of liquids?” haha

  • nucklez

    @DannyM Bruh This That Weezy We Be Aint lol

  • bryce 404

    @waynefelloff bitch suck a fat aids dick. you say he fell off but yet you still checking for new music he drops and bothering to leave comment’s and shit. ol hoe ass nigga lol

  • lo_atl

    dopeeee! game shouldve kept this1 on the album

  • brandon

    game and wayne need to do a album or mixtape ….esp since wayne and juelz wont

    anymore -___-. game and wayne always make fire shit together

  • Arabo

    Wayne killed it , can’t stop listening

  • the old wayne.. c3 wayne

  • Young mula baby !!!!!

  • Qiydaar

    The link won’t work for me

  • Wadup 5!!!

    Finally the news ive been waiting 4 for months now,great song great verse fuck wat everybody thinks

  • CJ

    Lol. The Dave Chappelle. I remember that episode. Love it. Tunechi.

  • Denilson

    Danny please arrange this track BROKEN LINK, when I open it says that the file was not found, THANKS



  • Best

    I love it, Wayne Killed it. Young mula babyyyyyyy

  • Jack R

    young money is the best lil wayne and drake I need you to follow meeeeeee!

  • hi lil wayne, send to me link