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Lil Wayne & Chris Brown Featured On Game’s “F.I.V.E.” Single!

Thu, May 17, 2012 by

Lil Wayne & Chris Brown Featured On Games F.I.V.E. Single

It looks like Game has grabbed Lil Wayne for his new single once again, which will be the first track we hear from Game‘s forthcoming album. The song is called “F.I.V.E.” (acronym for Fear Is Victory’s Evolution) and feature both Weezy and Chris Brown. Sap is behind the production of the record and you can read what he said about the single to XXL after the jump below. The main points from his interview is that “‘F.I.V.E.‘ is supposedly dropping on Memorial Day Weekend” and “Wayne killed it”.

“I actually produced this record for Game called ‘F.I.V.E.,’ featuring Chris Brown and Lil Wayne,” the Delaware based producer revealed to “That should be dropping anytime now. Supposedly it’ dropping Memorial Day Weekend, but I’m not sure.” The track is on pace to be the first new music released from Game’s upcoming album, which the California native announced to would be called F.I.V.E.: Fear Is Victory’s Evolution back in March.

Sap thinks it’s a sound that should be familiar to fans. “It’s definitely got an East Coast style a little bit—it kind of reminds you of how that ‘Real’ joint is,” he continued, comparing the production on the upcoming single with a joint that he did on Meek Mill’s recent Dreamchasers 2 mixtape. “It’s not a South beat. It’s more of an up tempo beat, but it’s not a club record. It’s more of a traditional hip-hop beat, like a hard sample. It’s Game’s style but it’s still something you can hear Wayne on, too.”

The collaboration came about because of the young producer’s relationship with Cool & Dre. “I was just sending Cool & Dre music, and next thing you know they was like, ‘Keep sending beats, keep sending beats,’” Sap recalled. “They’re executive producing the F.I.V.E. album. And next thing you know, Cool called me and he was like, ‘Man, Game has this record called ‘F.I.V.E.’ It’s crazy. It got Chris Brown and Wayne on it, Wayne killed it.’ And then he was like, ‘It’s on your beat.’ And I was like, ‘Wow.’”

Are you excited to hear Game‘s “F.I.V.E.” single featuring Lil Wayne and Chris Brown

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  • Mac Miller


  • JFrankenstein

    Tunechi’s back .

  • blaise

    bring it on…………………

  • Chedderton

    Who is dude in the pic?

  • tony_montana

    I jst hope wayne killed itt!

  • gutz

    I bet we don’t get this track for like another 2 months lol

  • Future

    Not even hyped tbh…..Wayne probably only on the chorus like:-

    My life
    Red nation
    Martians vs goblins

  • Brandon

    I hope chris brown ain’t rapping on this shit

  • gary gee


  • Initiann

    I think I will be the judge myself to say if Weezy killed it or not.

  • yyeeeaaahhhhhh

    can’t wait

    game and tune should release a geatest hits album cuz they got so many records together 😀

  • Dream

    East coast style???

  • kero moodley(south africa)

    Cnt w8 4d dope track 2drop,it gots 2b dope if weezy n d game is on it





  • YunG based god

    why is everyone excited hes just gona be on a wack hook and that it. game has never had one wayne verse on any of his albums

  • lilme

    weezy is aint weezy any more . can drake handle young money alone

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  • Kay B

    Y r these h8terz on ths muhfcken blog. Pussy damn leav if u hv ntn gd 2 sy abt Wayne lilme pussy ass muhfcker, y tha fck should drake handle Young Money, damn nigga drake won’t evah b tha rapper Weezy is or tha rapper Weezy ws. Drake is hot Weezy is GREAT. U pussy ass niggaz tok shit like u gt paid 4 it. And 2 tha bitches syin Wayne is g0n b on a hook, bitch u hvnt heard tha song bt u already judgin. Fck u stupid ass muhfcker

  • Harley

    Breezy will be on the hook, with the song most likely consisting of 2 verses from Game and 1 from Weezy.

  • Excited 🙂 Follow me on Twitter . @lowkey_ImZee #TeamTunechi

  • Ibrotunechi @nigeria

    Can’t wait

  • fear me

    may 28th we will get the single.

  • @RamonRebolloso

    the song is gonna be sick. follow me at @RamonRebolloso

  • WeezyWood

    HARLEY said the only INTELLIGENT comment on here…can’t wait to hear it though, and Games cd, always been a big game fan.

  • fuck all you haters talkin shit, yall talk shit bout every fucking artist tht you dnt like i say respect every rapper,singer, everyone tht is making a living out it you mutha fuckers is all hatin cuz you dnt have wat they got i dnt like sum music but i still stand it this is a fansite NOT a place to fucking hate so just grow the fuck up and either wait for this dope ass single bout ta drop or get the fuck outa here an go listen to wat yall like

  • Don

    Wayne is da best i just hoped he killed it thats the only person i really want 2 here imma fan of chris to but i just want to hear wayne murder some stuff of again

  • RealTuneFan

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Kay B and Colton Simon Hit It On The Nose Wit a Hammer…Fuckin Haters

  • Ta2edRican

    @yyeeeaaahhhhhh stfu idiot they have a hand full of songs together not enough 4 an album fuck boy

  • wayne and zab judah this shit might be good

  • Can’t wait!

  • im on 50/50 on this 1 wayne better bring it i mean if old wayne is here damnn ill say welcome back but im a fan no matter what thats my nigga from tha carter lets hope he is here

  • jelani

    Game will sign over to YMCMB after this album, he even said in interviews that he’s only got one more album in his contract…

  • “wayne killed it”

  • Ta2edRican

    i wanna see these interviews y’all speakin of


    Weezy back Weezy back

  • Wata 4rk ya a̶̲̥̅ℓℓ talking abuh..let’s JU̶̲̅§τ̲̅ waitt till da modafuckin hit iz out punk ass niggaz..#SMH

  • tony_montana

    Follow meE 0n twitter @siR_tshepo0, I shall follow baq!!!!

  • Fake Bloods

    The guy in the pic is Zab

  • johnnyboy

    it clearly says Cool said, “Wayne killed it”…why in the fuck would he say Wayne killed it if he’s just on the hook lol, you fucking idiots. he obviously “killed” his verse…ill be the judge of that though.

  • Fahaj

    Wtazup with all these stupid acronyms

    First yolo, then devol and now f.i.v.e. ?? V

    Be fucking crwtive for once and game really another album

    When is your scytzo qss gonna stop with this bullshit ? You will at least hear dre being mentiond aleast 200 times

    Im not wiating for this shit and then you got chris brown

    Fuck off allready you blonde funky ass homo and stop looking for attention

  • App

    Game and wayne the kings of hip hop stright up b..

  • i hate people tht get on here an talk shit and if i knew who yall were i would show you my music so you could talk shit bout it to……haha

  • Meek


  • hunter

    Haha johnyboy, u know who it is!

  • Jade Bw$MG

    Fuk the haters get off the hate jus kno Good musik wayne & chuck cant wait:]

  • App

    Fuk johny boy more like gay boy this niggs a MAN FAN haha YMCMBW$ MONEY GANG

  • Kid-starter

    Should be classic like all the other shit they drop TheCAL.Republic mixtape was fire Cuz.. Game on point we need wayne &Game in this hiphopGAME more than ever to save this shit now ppl on this 2chinz dude wow haha nigga wack af dude will be gone in 7 mo.. Like these other temp.. Rapers but wayne & game legends

  • Meek

    Wayne and chuck the best

  • Don

    i cant wait 4 this i really want Wayne to release a single by hiself im ready to start hearing a lot more just wayne and nobody else and im still waiting for a
    no ceilings 2 ife he make that its a wrap!!!! Wayne still the best point blank

  • ineye gabriel

    i will be the judge of whether Wayne killed it or not. i hope he killed it, but that hppe you feel when ever a weezy track is out i ain’t feeling it now cus he fucked up alot lately but i still pray for the bet for weezy. and when the the fuck is I.N.A.HB2 dropping cus i’m tired of waiting .

  • yay

    cant waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

  • cb yu da shit follow me @ayman_abdi

  • YM sam

    Game time! Dre voice… yo chuck fuk these niqqas wezzy voice lol F.I.V.E! Its funny how wayne fans are Game fans and Game fans are wayne fans and jay fans are man fans game & wayne will shit on dat dude srry b

  • K.Lamar

    Fahaj… yu got FAG sWAg and yur a MAN FAN ha any way DJ pemo betta fuks wit chuck agian he was #1 last year on his list and #1 every where Game took wtt for that top spot and yu kno wayne is at his best when hes wit game so.. fire &classic they need a lp wit each other. Nas, wayne ,Game ,nipps &kendrick best F.I.V.E YMCMB

  • Doc2

    Game#1 Wayne#2 Nas#3 Best MC F.I.V.E I.N.A.HB2 WHEN? BrO

  • 2 Geez’

    57 Comments and the song aint even here yet………

  • Dino

    Lol true.. ima get high af befor i hear it more epic frm a stoners point cant wait F.I.V.E is Game goin to YM if so MMG is ovr lol so ross i like yu to tho lol

  • TMC tour

    Skee..going to be all ovr this black wall MoneyGang TMC get it CuZ

  • Detox ?wait?

    Hope they on Detox make magik ;p.. kdot Game Wayne dre 50 nas eminem nipz n Kiss my line up… F.I.V.E fuk yea Bak to bak albums R.E.D was jus here it seems like a week ago but i have a good filling bout this one Lets do it Wayne get a 16 this time bro lol but game is goin2 kill it.

  • C.R.2

    I kno Game droped Cal.R mixtape sick Af bangin it today he needs less ft tho i want to hear him.. his heat not fukin 2chainzzz or wat ever lol but Tune ft im not mad at that love Wayne n Brezzy.. F.I.V.E YMCMBWS MoneyGang and that Drake ft on the mixtape was Fire the come up look for that shit! Yu dig lol damm we GOT THE GAME to add to The YMCMB FAM fuk! I kno he signin if he do he’s bringin the BWS wit him to kings in the same group kray?!

  • TuneWiz

    The WEST COAST KING and best Rapper alive Making Classic’s dope shit

  • v-jay

    lil wayne is young money

  • Gina

    Tell em Its MoneyGang my nigga sonic real..God speed sick song! ymcmb lets get it.

  • Scala rodriguez

    Tunechi has never let me down !!!

  • swezzyy

    I dnt get it why do haters even come heree !!

    Wayne <3

  • Jay jay

    MoNEYGang i like em shirts thats Games new line huh?!



  • M,Mill

    Jus sing already MR. Chuck Taylor piz lol ymcmb that will be the new death row

  • i hate u lil wayne

  • What!!?

    Sk8 oR Die

    Randily Bandily

  • weezy will smoke the music up……..i betcha…..YMCMB till i die….

  • jacob

    cant wait 4 this shit!!!!

  • S Trigga

    weezy always kills it

  • denny

    I really hope this is just a random single. Game said himself no name dropping or features on his new album. I just want to hear him. Not Wayne not breezy not even Eminem snoop dogg or anyone.

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