2 Chainz & Lil Wayne – Twerk Season

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2 Chainz & Lil Wayne - Twerk Season

To celebrate Christmas, 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne release a new song online called “Twerk Season“. The track is rumored to appear on an upcoming collaboration project from the two artists, which will drop sometime in 2014.

You can view the artwork above and listen to “Twerk Season” after the jump below!

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  • JustAGuy234

    this is a cool wayne verse, but its a bad song its has a shitty hook and basic beat. I like Wayne showing drizzy respect by borrowing his line “its supposed to be a lot of hard working going on, but who the fuck could focus with all this twerkin going on”

    • Dot

      Bra ur lame n on drizzy dick

  • Patrick H

    This song sucks.

    Wayne’s verse was okay but it could not save the song.

    Damn 2 Chainz sucks so hard.

    • Dot

      That was the best wayne verse I ever heard don’t kno wat he talkin bout

      • Patrick H

        He had no quotables in this verse


    Annoying beat…

  • Cam

    Wayne is my overall favorite rapper after Pac (Wayne is my Favorite living rapper Pac is my of all time fav) But 2chainz sounded better on this song. It fit his style more wayne sounded like he didn’t want to do it, I think at this stage in waynes career he can kill if if he wants to but I think he should take the Quality over Quantity route until he’s feeling it again, HE rapped his ass off on I am Not a Human Being 2, and on Lots of songs on D5. Even tho these fags say he rapped about pussy too much on IANHB2 Thats as Lyrical as he’s been in a while, that being said Wayne’s verse on this was god awful. Still have hope for 2014, I’ve got a feeling he’s got some great music he’s holding on to

  • Tune Knowledge

    Tis the Season to be Twerking! 🙂

  • Foreal

    Weezy please don’t do a collab album with 2 Chainz…..

    • Tune Knowledge

      I’d be fine with a 2 Chainz collab album… It would be better than one with Juelz Santana.

      • 9th ward G

        You stupid did you not hear the blow mixtape 2 chainz can not fuck with juelz obviously you don’t know music fuck boy

        • Tune Knowledge

          Yeah I’ve heard the tape… You gotta get your ass out of 2006 though. Weezy aint the same anymore and Juelz aint shit. You want an album full of Blackouts or Rich as Fucks? Fuck Boy…

          • Dot


          • 9th ward G

            2 chainz ain’t even rap on rich as fuck stupid ass if he did he would’ve fucked up the song id rather a album full of bad sides than fuckin twerk season stupid ass lil boy

            • Tune Knowledge

              2 Chainz rapped on duffel bag boy and that shit is a fucking classic. If you can bring up 2006 then damn straight I’m bringing back 07. If wayne and juelz made a tape it would flop and the beat selection would be worthless. At least with 2 chainz it would be hyped up and we would get good production.

              • Dot

                True that it was a classic But juelz an wayne wouldn’t be wack beats Bad Side n the jawn money ova bitch’s dats da model I follow

            • yo gotti

              Days and days was hotter than blackout. So was I Do it.

          • FWMYKIGI

            He said blow not god willn dumbass

            • YOUNG KID CREEZ

              I think yall may be retarded. haha All he said was weezy and Juelz couldnt replicate blow. it would come out sounding like god willin.

        • Sean Smith

          That mixtape is the shit

          • Tune Knowledge


      • better than i can’t feel my face? you got to be trolling

    • fewcha

      he need to do one with future

      • jalla

        Exactly!!!!!!!! That’s what I keep saying, we need a Wayne and future callabo. That would be so damn big

        • Dot

          Future a wanna be 2 chain’s yaw gotta be playin 2 chain been on dat space shit/AKA yaHHH

      • xgoblin

        Future sucks ass, nigga sound like he chewing peanut butter

        • fewcha

          if u hatin u just need some pussy

      • Young Cuban

        That’s even worse lol

    • xgoblin

      2 chainz buzz is dying no one will care. .

    • Volmajer Mitja

      Why the hell not?

  • Guest

    This is a letdown after those banging verses he gave recently this is that skating tunechi

  • Nice surprise for Xmas even if the track is only average

  • K. Hardy !!!

    SMFH Wayne has fell off so damn bad. This dude use to run the game with a 15 sec verse. He needs to listen to the Carter 1-2 to ground him.

  • dbone

    2chainz said he didn’t want to be able to know what the song sounds like by reading the title, yet we all knew what this would sound like. Fuck that foo if he wanna make songs wit Wayne he should of signed to YM – that being said Lil Wayne is an alien that jus so happens to be the best rapper alive!

  • piece

    a 2 chainz and lil wayne collab album…..yep you might as well add this to the list of the other collar albums that are never dropping like i can’t feel my face with juelz, t-wayne with t-pain, luv sawngs with lloyd, etc

  • Tevo

    Danny what think of Wayne Verse?

  • yo MTV raps

    How does he go from “Gossip” or “I’m Raw” to this sewage?

  • xI6IHEATI6Ix

    This is dope to me. Why would wayne rap about things like on “Gossip” or “I’m Raw” when this is a twerk/club song. This guy below me is fucking stupid. Do you know how stupid this song would sound if he did. SMH

    • Fuck u, Pay me

      A “twerk” song? Do you know how fucking pathetic that sounds? Twerking is retarded, any dumb bitch such as Miley Cyrus can do it. It’s songs like this and My Nigga that show this generation is fucked

      • Dot

        So let me ask u some u see a biddy at da club twerkin butt ass necked on stage or possibly on ya dick u not happy?

        • Cam

          I think that nigga mus dont like pussy, that nigga said twerking is retarded lmfaoo!!!! VIRGIN. LAME. LOSER. nigga fuck miley cyrus you ain’t seen these bad bitches that been pussy poppin for the longest? i ain’t finna let that long backed bitch make me not like a fat ass shakin like it got parkinson’s he said this generation is fucked LMFAOOO NIGGA YOU AIN’T READ A HISTORY BOOK? LOL THE WORLD BE WYLIN OUT YOU AINT NEVER HEARD OF THE ROMANS? ALEXANDER THE GREAT? HILTER? LMFAOO I LOVE THE TIME I LIVE IN, I CAN SEE A BAD BITCH FROM ACROSS THE PLANET WHO WOULD HAVE NEVER EXISTED IN MY WORLD IN THE 90S LOL I LOVE THIS INTERNET SHIT!

          • Dot

            Nigga said parkasen’s LMFAO I’m done

      • FWMYKIGI

        Anybody cant twerk miley is not half good at it i can tell you’re white cause otherwise you would’ve seen some real twerking and those words wouldn’t be in your mind

    • Cam

      Bruh i support Wayne to the fullest even met dude before. But his verse on here was subpar and his flow was ass, I like the song but 2chainz had a better verse. And Wayne has had better songs that are club songs that bitches twerk to than this, I’m a die hard wayne fan but i’m not going to lie and say this shit is dope, if wayne could have flowed, done his old off the wall punchlines like before, 2chainz style and waynes classic style and even his new style could have fit each others on this song but wayne rapped like he didn’t know what to say. And
      I agree with the person below 2 and Wayne would be a fire ass album you niggas act like Days and Days wasn’t dope or I do it with 2, wayne & drake. Rich As Fuck. I hate how you niggas won’t own up to the fact that a wayne verse isn’t on that level we know he can do I mean Wayne my nigga but his flow on here was garbooo. Wayne could have used the flow he had on the Racks freestyle from sorry for the wait or somethin fuck. Wayne still my nigga tho 100%

  • Kevin

    Wheres the collaboration album with T Pain??

    • Coffee is bad for you

      On the same shelf as detox

  • KoShleToO

    weezy need to make song only with himself

  • KoShleToO

    tunechi must drop song only with himself

  • Deion Bonner

    Man… I’m finna listen to ‘Breaktime’ to get this outta my system…

  • Olli

    How does he go from features like good day and backpack to this 🙁

  • CMB_

    yall crazy…This a song about twerking…so You expect wayne to come and kill shit? No, not for a twerking song atleast….it’s dope to me….

    • Patrick H

      Yes….. the best rapper alive would kill every feature he does

  • inewwiththis .

    the song wont play

  • YRfromthetown

    i liked wayne verse.. this is a twerking song strictly for bitches at the club…i didnt expect no bar for bar song from him and chainz..but tha carter V gonna be crazy cause wayne feel the hate and he gone surprise alot of yall mother fuckas but yeah nobody’s gonna cop that collaborative album so at least they dropped this before 2013 was over

  • Scott Pieper

    Wayne Please Dont Calab Wit 2 Chainz. I swear listenin to the stupid shit 2 chainz say your I.Q will drop by the second. A waste Of A Calab. IF ANY CALAB WIT DRAKE AND NICKI MINAJ.

    • kukuc

      Weezy should colab with Nelly

  • jimmy bond

    she got a popcorn booty
    everytime i see that ass it makes me wanna watch a movie lol

  • lookoutnigger the klans gettin

    This was awful

  • tuned

    2 Chainz & Lil Wayne collab would be the best thing ever.

  • Dae_View

    Keep calm and wait for “my nigga” remix

  • xgoblin

    Can we please move on from this twerking shit, everybody want to jump on the miley cyrus twerk bandwagon…..rap about something new, be original!! Fuck…

  • Exposed101

    This a old song yall … Dont trip

    Wayne flow improved … just wait

  • lowizz

    A weezy and 2chainz collab album will be great… future lame ass nigga ruining every damn song he appearing… this song is dope…

  • Truth

    What the hate for? This song is catchy lol
    Not bad verses either, people just need to stop trying to judge waynes every lyric and verse. Just relax and let wayne do him the music has gotten better & I can’t wait for this project!

  • icemanthrilla

    Reminds me of rich as fuck……A collaborative effort should be good!

  • Cam

    Also Wayne is a fucking lyricist which is a dying breed of rapper these days. Jay or Drake could have hopped on this and sip some bars that fit the song, i’m not cuttin this nigga no slack just because he my favorite rapper. This nigga is held at a extremely high standard and gets so much critique from people who are/were fans of him because he literally from 05 to 2011 put our FIRE nonstop, even from prison. HE MADE TIME FUCKING MAGAZINE OVER BARACK OBAMA AND FUCKING OPERA! THEY CALLED HIM THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE ON THE FRONT COVER OF TIME FUCKING MAGAZINE! THIS GUY IS A LIVING FUCKING LEGEND! I’m not settling for trash verses when I know he’s got it in him to rip every song dude is like fuckin Michael Jordan on the track, He let 2chainz rap on his album then he came back and had another fire verse right after that, He literally raps around niggas. But this nigga was not feelin this song at all, wayne was a fuckin perfection addict, dude was obsessed over killing every verse/how it sounded/how it felt when you heard it. But then again he did that shit for years nonstop so I aint mad at him for having fun on a track.

    • YoungGod RigoRigo

      you speak the truth!!

  • 9th ward G

    Anybody know when my nigga remix supposed to drop

  • royal1993

    Lil Wayne and Eminem should do a album and both retire

    • 9th ward G

      That shit would sell 3 million first week fareal

    • Kidd

      Right Eminem would elevate waynes gane too

  • wtf

    Hot garbage. Twerk? Where’s the creativity? Wayne’s verse was ok but I’m not feeling no collab between those two. Where is I can’t feel my face, like father like son 2 & the big tymers album

  • Best

    Not bad at all

  • Eugene

    it says 2chainz name first not wayne and if they make a collaboration album, i am not listening to wayne anymore, thats just low

  • nighty

    TBH back pack was way better

  • CMB_

    No, We need Like Father Like Son II, The Big Tymers Album….and I’d like to hear Lil Wayne & T.I. Collab album rather then 2 chainz or Future

  • JayHighAss

    “I’m the best to ever do it mutha fucker I know it
    No Ceilings Got Dammit now the fuckin Sky’s showin uhh” -Wayne Since I was 5 years old 13 years I’ve been loving this nigga No Homo blood

  • cashmoneyyoungmoney

    @dannym why did you stop posting the download links to new songs! i have to go around the internet and find it you could post it here. thanks for the posts tho!!

  • azsi

    i aint really with chainz but this song grew on me..its a party sing and works good as that. and a collab? id say
    ICFMF > T-Wayne > This
    but maybe it will be a nice surprise

  • mmmgg

    wtf lilwayne stole the word from meek mill

  • JustAGuy234

    told you guys wayne and Dhea didnt split….

    Reginae’s IG posts:



  • Tyga

    lol Knowing how wayne and Ymcmb is, this album will either be cancled or delayed for a VERY long time

    • Taylor

      I agree, it seems like every callabo album fro wayne haeither been cancled pr delayed. If its cancled that means its never ever EVER comming out. If its delayed then that means its never comming out but incase it does it would probably be years from now just like those other callobo albums. O have a strong feeling that this one will be cancled tho. No one will buy it if it does.

  • Chrizzy

    Song sucks ass….

    Still bumping that Backpack Verse!

  • jimmy bond

    danny lil wayne got a new song call street raised me with billionaire buck

  • BeeRBby


  • Sole Shop


  • Youngimane

    i bet a future collab will be better

  • D.Dangerous

    thiz shit iz off tha chain Truk ur Gurl

  • Lil Wayne

    Lil Wayne awesome

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