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Feature Friday #6: Tyga – Breaktime (Feat Lil Wayne)

Fri, Dec 20, 2013 by

Tyga Breaktime Feat Lil Wayne

I have chosen Tyga‘s “Breaktime” record that features a dope verse from Lil Wayne for this week’s “Feature Friday” installment.

The song appeared on T-Raww‘s Outraged & Underage mixtape, which was released in 2009, but the track was actually recorded in 2008.

“Realest is my middle name, my heart pump nitrogen; And I breathe fire, better stand by hydrogen; Duffle bag big enough to fit the rifle in; I’ll cut yo’ ass short, call me Hyphen then”

You can listen and download “Breaktime” below! Waynaics do you remember years back when this song first dropped?

Download: Tyga – Breaktime (Feat Lil Wayne)

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  • Fuck What You Heard Like My Dick Against Yuh Ear Drum ! BARS
    I Was Just Listening To This

    • B.D.E.


      • Random

        I can make you the son yo mama never hear from

  • will


  • flowflow

    Just wow

  • pete

    Danny its fearless not realest sorry man for point that out

  • Sandile Hlongwane

    Swagger so sharp weezy where u get there sphere from

  • Snake

    Hardest song of the year!

  • Kyle McCarthy

    Hardest song of the year!

    • Patrick H

      Of this year or 2009 lol?

      • YMCorey


  • ThatDude

    My Goodness. Every Line had a dope quote in it. Too real. Mixtape Weezy.

  • Patrick H

    I remember when it dropped…..around the time Tyga was signing to YoungMoney

    • YMCorey

      Not at all

  • i stick that metal in your face and now they call you chrome face

  • cheeseburger eddy

    I was expecting “a dope verse” from weezy to last what like 30 to 40 seconds max. This is the length he should be spittin today because he simply out did himself with this one. #killedit

  • YMCMB TRukkeR

    Back then this was the shit, Weezy on his best rapper alive shit!!!!!

  • arth

    When tyga used to be good and didn’t make only porn music 🙁

  • treal

    They dont even sound like that anymore its weird ha…wayne had mad mars

  • xgoblin

    I actually liked tyga back then, and i liked the first welldone mixtape everything after that was garbage music about pussy and sex, nigga got famous from “rack city”and the fame got to his head and he switched up his style..

    • volcomnukka

      shut up

      • xgoblin

        Shutup fagg

  • ~teamweezy~

    Dope song bt faded is better

    • WaynesTheNewPac

      Faded is not fucking with this . You must be off the shits

      • Don

        Hell naw he killed Faded don’t get me wrong but this shit right here lol no way just listen to him he spazzed the fuck out

    • time


  • Don

    This has been on repeat all day lol

  • Marquita Caroll Carter Jr.

    Skate day”

  • rybread

    Ah I love this song! Don’t know many people that know it thank you for putting this up!!

  • Tunechi_LEEL

    “ANd fuck the world is my Assignment” Weezy went in real hard. He definitely killed the track bring it back to life and killed it again #Respect

    • Jimmy Maleko

      daaaaanm man, yu real rock da workd man,bid up dude! yu are on top as ANTENNA,guuuuuud.

  • Djpotfonick On Themix

    Lil wayne is my 2nd God

  • JayHighAss

    I gotta bitch named Keisha, she a real dick pleaser
    But shawty from Cuba still workin’ on a Visa
    Her girlfriend Lisa met her in Puerto Rico
    How she don’t suck dick but expectin’ me to eat her? Lol who remember this song

    • ddyynno


      • tedd

        That song gets house partys amped

    • time

      dick pleaser haha

    • Chad

      old weezy is king

  • volcomnukka

    Fuck you. Stop spamming this site jackass!

  • volcomnukka

    Weezy BODIED this track!

  • TreNino

    Wow thats just classic wayne. I remember just hearing this, hoping he would stop until the end of the song lol, every bar was some ill shit.

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