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Lil Wayne & Birdman Will Be Celebrating New Year’s At CAMEO In Miami

Tue, Dec 17, 2013 by

Find Out How Lil Wayne & Birdman Will Be Celebrating New Years

If you are wondering how Lil Wayne will be celebrating New Year’s on Tuesday, December 31st, he will be attending CAMEO nightclub in Miami, Florida with Birdman.

So if you want to spend the last moments of 2013 and ring in the new year with Weezy F Baby himself, you can do so by purchasing tickets here!

There are plenty of ticket packages available that you can buy, which start at $50.00 and go all the way up to $100,000.00. The highest VIP package will let you and four friends meet Tune himself at his recording studio.

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  • loyal still on repeat

    • Patrick H

      Wayne verse was crazy

      • Dank

        You’re a fuckin idiot. That verse was like 30 seconds long. If it was a 5 minute straight spittin like Wayne does in The Mob or Watch My Shoes then I’d be really fucking impressed. Haha but he isn’t ever going to one of them tracks again

        • devin

          take yo negative ass somewhere else lil bitch!

          • @LIL-KOOMO


          • LILWAYNE#1FAN

            Right ha

        • Patrick H

          Those are solo Wayne songs that go on albums or mixtapes you dumb frog

          • Dank

            I’m going to fuck you I’m a gay ass nigga

            • Patrick H


  • Tony.

    Who in their right mind would pay $100k just to meet Wayne??


      someone with alot of money ! duh

    • JAZZY_b7

      are you stupid? you know how many rich college kids that are wayne fans that would pay that price just to meet him and in a private setting too??!
      they’ll fly to miami if they have to.

      • Biggie

        Oh really? Can someone who buys a ticket for 100k afford to FLY to Miami? :O That must be some expensive shit for them!

      • tunechi f baby

        its still a waste of money… wayne has enough money

      • 2pacalive

        It would be 20K each if you split it with the four friends, niggas blow that kind of cash on courtside seats of course they would pay that to be courtside wit the MVP of tha rap game



  • Sean Smith

    Wayne in his recording studio, be like watching God create the earth

    • Patrick H

      I bet you dont get to watch him record though

      • Sean Smith

        Wish I had 100 grand to toss around

        • 2pacalive

          20K each mah nigga

        • LILWAYNE#1FAN

          Me too

    • zim dawg

      Dude all love man but thats some hardcore stanning right there



  • John Osco

    i wish i could afford it


      Me too John me too

      • John Osco

        id pay anything just to meet Wayne ,,i wish i couLd afford it bro

  • Somebody would be crazy to pay that much damn money.

  • Brittney

    YES!!!!! Im Actually gonna be in miami with my friends for new years. I just might stop by but I need to check my budget. I mean that is pretty expensive.

    • tunechi f baby

      y would u waste $100k just to meet another person… just go to liv club on sundays or a skatepark in miami during the night and u can meet him for free

      • 2pacalive

        its 20K each for your 4friends

  • Damn ! I Was Hoping They Would Be At 106 & Park New Year Party. In 2010 New Years YMCMB Took Over 106

    • tunechi f baby

      that was when wayne still did TV appearances 🙁

  • cassieoasis

    I wish I could go

  • Lageon

    That 106 and park thing back in 2010 was dope

  • Abu Abbas

    You’ll be suprise to knw how much they’ll pay him for the apearance

  • Tune

    planning on dropping the 100k to meet wayne. got friends that are down for it! Going to be best New Year ever.. (o yeah I’m lil rich lol)

    • Ziggy

      Tell him about lilwaynehq

      • Tune

        he knows bout it

  • jjdestructs

    Fuckkkk dat lol too much 150 ain’t bad tho

  • Sense100

    $100,000? They ABSOLUTELY TRIPPING. I don’t care if I was spending the night at his house. Or any celebrity house. 100,000?! C’mon mannnnnn

  • Marquita Caroll Carter Jr.

    In doors”


    I would kill for that ticket

  • Carl Ferguson III

    I wish 100 grand right now cause I really want to meet the best rapper alive

  • bonbast

    good arshiv!!!!

  • jeff romeo


  • cbc

    Just think eightvppl for the thousandth place eight thousands ad not including regular pk hundon and so

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  • Black Clan

    Your up wayne