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Tyga – Good Day (Feat Lil Wayne & Meek Mill)

Mon, Dec 9, 2013 by

Tyga Good Day Feat Lil Wayne & Meek Mill

Check out this new song from Young Money‘s Tyga called “Good Day” featuring Meek Mill and his boss Lil Wayne.

The track can be found on T-Raww‘s latest mixtape, Well Done 4. You can listen and download “Good Day” after the jump below!

Download: Tyga – Good Day (Feat Lil Wayne & Meek Mill)

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  • Dayne

    I got the bread never fed pigeons

  • therealcbb

    goes hard

  • Busy B

    1st in this B..

  • ThaLastKing

    This Iz A Banga….I Fxcks Wit It

  • Busy B

    well fuck it im goin’ 2nd too…


    dope,weezy went in

  • MOB


  • Keko

    This goes hard, Weezy is really on point with this one, Drake is going to release 3 or 4 songs next week or for Christmas, and I heard that there is one with Wayne.

  • Duties

    Finally some new music from the real Rap God

  • M-Twist*.*

    didn’t know that weedy still makes tracks with his YM artists…. Kinda miss the “08 early “09 days. The buzz was mad real.

    • fewcha


      • yeah


  • Ken Cunningham

    Weezy stay killing it!

  • fewcha

    wayne verse was fire

  • Morris

    Finally been waiting on a weezy song for a min. and GLAD to say i wasn’t dissapointed ! GO WEEZY !

  • Patrick H

    This bangs….

  • thug8200

    on his 02-07 flow shit

  • time

    “I can’t stand these niggas I’m about to fall” LOL

  • Nathan Bryant

    Thumbs up for once. He had character on this track.

  • Solo_Prince


  • Don

    Man if yal say he didn’t kill this yal honestly just haters.

  • wtf

    Wayne did his thing. Nice flow, better punchlines

  • Dizzy B

    Sounds like old wayne he got his Voice back

    • Jug

      He got his weed back. Screamin’ fuck probation!

  • Tony Altrudebta

    Shoot you in yo memory, memorize it. Bahaha thats so fucked!!! This song is crazy!

  • aaron_88

    isn’t this the first feat. from wayne since he’s been off probation?

    • corbin wells

      2nd kush by gunplay was 1st.

  • Karl

    Yeaaa Boi…..this track is Fire…Meek always does what he does best and Wayne…Weezy was on Fiiire! His flow reminds me of the old good days. Keep it up!

  • George Baker

    Weezy kilt it!!!

  • George Baker

    Idgaf what nobody says Wayne gonna come out with some crazy music and be the best again

    • Don

      Yes sir man me too

  • Trizzy

    “I got big headed so the crown won’t even fit me”…. #RapGod

  • JB

    Waynes flow is back, we just need to get those killer lyrics back

  • Baneezy

    i have a feeling this midget is cooking up a huge come back in the Hit Factory. U can jus hear by his verse

  • Lil B

    Ladies and Gentlemen Lil B is the best rapper alive..Hit me

  • deemi

    its about time i heard some real shit

  • Chris

    I completely loved Waynes part man!!! Straight killed it! But why is that night meek always screamin lmao!!!

  • Sandile Hlongwane

    Straight fire bt wen I 1st heard da hook I thought its was worse,I knew wayne wuld come back

  • Chris


  • JayHighAss

    Shoot you in your memory bank memorize it

  • Best

    Nice song, I like it. Ymcmb forever!

  • Malik

    Told yall he was going to be on well done 4

  • corbin wells

    this was okay. i know he way better then this though. im not gonna settle for half cause there is other dope rappers making “good music” which he is not still. ill stick to danny brown and old wayne. maybe he will put some good shit out soon.

  • Best

    Today is a good day, I ain’t kill nobody. They all killed it!

  • tune sucks now

    This shit is garbage and corny.
    Today was a good day. I didnt have to kill nobody. Like really…. this is so corny.

    • tune sucks now

      And it was full of recycled shit he already said

      • thug8200

        no its not

  • Ant

    Lately all the Wayne fans been saying he bout to make a comeback lowkey I was thinking the same before I heard ppl talking bout it jus kick back and b patient greatness takes time ppl