What Are Your Top 10 Favorite Lil Wayne Songs & Features Of 2013?

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What Are Your Top 10 Favorite Lil Wayne Songs & Features Of 2013

Like I did last year, it would be cool to know what your favorite tracks or featured verses are from Lil Wayne that dropped this year. You can choose any song at all, but it must have been released in 2013.

If you are struggling to remember all of the Weezy records and features that dropped during this year, click here to view them in our archives section. My top 10 list would be as following:

1. Lil Wayne – Curtains (Feat Boo)
2. Lil Wayne – Still Got The Rock
3. Lil Wayne – Back To You
4. Lil Wayne – Staring At The World
5. Future – Karate Chop (Remix) (Feat Lil Wayne)

6. Lil Wayne – I’m Good (Feat Meek Mill)
7. Lil Wayne – Started (Freestyle)
8. The Game – F.I.V.E. (Feat Lil Wayne & Chris Brown)
9. Lil Wayne – Levels (Freestyle) (Feat Vado)
10. Rich Gang – Bigger Than Life (Feat Lil Wayne, Birdman, Tyga & Chris Brown)

Let me know what your top 10 favorite Tunechi tracks of 2013 list is in the comments section below.

Best wishes to all you Wayniacs for the new year!

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  • RiRi

    Does this mean no more Wayne songs will drop in 2013 :(:(:(

    • Josh

      2013 is almost over in a day dipshit

      • xgoblin


    • stephanie

      well 2013 is almost done its just today and tomorrow

    • PresidentTrumpOGFurorOfThe45th


  • Patrick H

    Cream, Levels, Beware, Have It Your Way, We ‘Bout That, Scream & Shout remix, God Bless Amerika, Kush, Loyal, and I Do It.

    Not in order.

  • John Osco

    they all dope

  • lionchess

    So he still together with dhea?? Dhea is very hot tho!!

    • Guest


    • fewcha

      they engaged aint they?

      • gregg

        They propably are Wayne keeps everything with her low key.

    • stephanie

      they are nae nae posted pics with dhea during Christmas

  • Biatchhh

    Nice list Danny….. Do you know if Dhea is still with Wayne??

    • lionchess

      This picture was taken on Christmas so they still together

  • 1/ God Bless Amerika
    2/ You Song
    3/ Gunwalk
    4/ No Motive
    5/ Wit Me
    6/ No New Friends
    7/ Paint Tha Town
    8/ Ready To Go
    9/ UOENO
    10/ Trigger Finger

  • I probably would have tooken bigger than life off the list tbh.

  • King Weezy F

    1. Lil Wayne – God Bless Amerika
    2. Lil Wayne – You Song
    3. Lil Wayne – IANAHB
    4. Lil Wayne – I’m Good (Feat Meek Mill)
    5. Lil Wayne – Live Life (Feat Euro, T@)
    6. Rich Gang – Bigger Than life (Feat Lil Wayne, Birdman, Tyga & Chris Brown)
    7. Lil Wayne – Rich As Fuck (Feat 2 Chainz)
    8. Lil wayne – Fucking Problems (Feat Euro, Kidd Kidd)
    9. Lil Wayne – New Slaves
    10. Lil Wayne – Back To You

  • Kidd

    1. Ianahb
    2. Staring at the world
    3. You song
    4. Im good
    5. F.I.V.E.
    6. Pure Colombia (freestyle)
    7. No motive
    8. Cream (freestyle)
    9. God bless Amerika
    10.Have it your way

    (no order)

  • jimmy bond

    1typa way 2 im good ft meek mill 3 kush 4 rich as fuck 5 god bless amerika 6 fukwitmeuknoigoit 7kill my vibe 8 gun walk 9 Curtains Feat Boo 10 wit me

  • Manolis P

    Ok so, here’s my list:

    1. Itchin’
    2. Twerk Season
    3. Backpack
    4. Loyal
    5. We Been On
    6. Bugatti (ft. Boo)
    7. No Motive
    8. Trippy (ft. Juicy J)
    9. Rich As Fuck (ft. 2 Chainz)
    10. Commas

    PS: Love Me would be my number 1, but it was released in the very end of 2012 :/

    • Malik

      You sitting here telling me itchin better than “good day”

      • Moneaytalks7000

        DUUUUDE, u srs? ok the verse on good day is Fire but, just listen to itchin again: She treats me like a GOD and tell her man she ATHEIST, anow he call with all that bitchin… Who is this? we busy call her later, now we switchin positions…etc

      • Manolis P

        Good Day was good too, Meek Mill ruined it tho, thats the reason i dislike that song. Weezy’s verse was good but still, Ill have to choose songs, not just Weezy’s verses.

  • Haaaaaan

    1. Lil Wayne – CREAM ft. €uro
    2. Lil Wayne – You Song ft. Chance The Rapper
    3. Lil Wayne – Triggerfinger ft. Soulja Boy
    4. Lil Wayne – RAF ft. 2 Chainz
    5. Lil Wayne – Still Got The Rock

    6. Lil Wayne – I’m Good Ft. Meek Mill
    7. Lil Wayne – Started (Freestyle)
    8. Jeremih – All The Time Ft. Lil Wayne & Natasha Mosley
    9. Lil Wayne – Staring At The World
    10. Chris Brown – Loyal ft. Lil Wayne & French Montana

    Cream, You Song and Triggerfinger are the songs that prove that Weezy didn’t fell off.

  • ArthurJC1

    1.Dj Khaled Ft. Lil wayne-No motive
    2. Billionaire Buck – Streets Raised Me (Feat. Lil Wayne)

  • J. Baby

    1. hot revolver
    2. curtains
    3. back to you
    4. bugatti
    5. God bless Amerika
    6. we been on
    7. love me
    8. Stafford Brothers – Hello (feat. Christina Millian & Lil’ Wayne)
    9. paint the town
    10. typa way

  • fewcha

    1. future; karate chop feat. weezy
    2. future; karate chop feat. weezy
    3. future; karate chop feat. weezy
    4. future; karate chop feat. weezy
    5. future; karate chop feat. weezy
    6. future; karate chop feat. weezy
    7. future; karate chop feat. weezy
    8. future; karate chop feat. weezy
    9. future; karate chop feat. weezy
    10. future; karate chop feat. weezy

  • Blake

    1. Still got the rock
    2. Gunwalk
    3. We ouchea
    4. space jam
    5. Good day
    6. Tapout
    8.ianahb2 intro
    9.you song
    10. Dat kush

    • Shew Andkicks

      trigger finger

  • Terry

    Thats a good list danny but rich as fuck was released in late 2012

    • Kidd

      No that was a leaked version just like with bitches love ne

    • I never chose Rich As Fuck?

  • DerrellMNE7

    This is hard to pick…

    1. Lil Wayne-Typa Way
    2. Lil Wayne-God Bless Amerika
    3. Lil Wayne-Still Got That Rock
    4. Lil Wayne-Back To You
    5. Lil Wayne-You Song
    6. Lil Wayne-Levels
    7. Lil Wayne-FuckWitMeYouKnowIGotIt
    8. DJ Khaled feat. Lil Wayne-No Motive
    9. Lil Wayne-Itchin’
    10. Lil Wayne-Devastation or Swizz Beatz feat. Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross & 2 Chainz-Hands Up

    they all dope though

  • Lilduke1

    no specific order but

    Trigger Finger
    Stay Hood
    Karate Chop
    New Slaves
    I Aint Nervous
    Hold Me Back
    Im Good
    Picture Perfect
    500 degrees

  • Young JT

    1. Im Good (feat. Meek mill)
    3.60 Racks Remix
    4. Cream
    5. God Bless Amerika
    6. Paint Tha Town
    7.Trigger Finger
    8. Devastation
    9. Love Me
    10. I Do It.

  • Young Kevin

    Here’s My List!!
    1. Trigger Finger
    2. Pop That
    3. Curtains
    4. Pure Columbia
    5. Staring At The World
    6. Itchin
    7.Scream And Shout (Remix)
    8. Bigger Then Life
    9. Space Jam
    10. Devastation

  • 001

    1: Typa of Way
    2: Streets Raised me
    3: Wit Me
    4: Cream
    5: You Song
    6: I Do It
    7: F.I.V.E
    8: Pop That
    9: God Bless Amerika
    10:Feds Watching “remix”

    Others then i liked too.:
    From RG: We been on, Tapout, Bigger than life, Paint tha Town, Have it Your Way.
    from D5 fucking problems, levels, stil got the rock, itchin.
    From INAHB2: nothing.
    from feat’s: Loyal, 422, Kush,Backpack

  • Matthew comon

    I love my idol lil wayne :* please consert in phillippines

  • gregg@yahoo.com

    Get ready Wayniacs, 2013 was Wayne warming up for 2014

  • untillmyfaceturnpurple

    “Back To You” is dope as hell. Love that song!

  • Jonatha

    1. T.I ft Lil Wayne – Wit me
    2. Chris Brown ft Lil Wayne & French Montana – Loyal
    3. Lil Wayne ft 2 Chainz – Days & days
    4. Rich Gang – Tapout ( feat Lil Wayne,Future,Birdman,Mack Maine,Nicki Minaj,Detail)
    5. Dj Khaled ft Drake, Rick Ross & Lil Wayne – No new friends
    6. Lil Wayne ft 2 Chainz & T.I – Feds Watching
    7.Lil Wayne ft Euro & Kidd Kidd – Fuckin problem
    8. Rich Gang – Bigger than life ( ft Chris Brown,Tyga,Birdman & Lil Wayne)
    9. 2 Chainz ft Drake & Lil Wayne – I do it
    10. Lil Wayne ft 2 Chainz – Rich as Fuck

  • YMCMB TRukkeR

    My top 10:
    2Trigger finger ft soulja boy
    3karate chop remix
    4good day ft tyga & meekmilly
    5kush ft gunplay & rozay
    6i do it ft drizzy & 2 chainz
    7still got that rock
    8levels ft mavado

  • Kareeem

    1. Im Good (feat. Meek Mill)

    2. Ueno (freestyle)

    3. Days and Days (feat. 2 Chainz)

    4. Rich as Fuck (feat. 2 Chanz)

    5. Way Im Ballin (freestyle)

    6. Pop that (feat. Rick Ross, Drake and Lil Wayne)

    7. I Do It (feat. Drake and Lil Wayne)

    8. No new friends (feat. Lil wayne, rick ross and Drake)

    9. No motive ( feat. Lil wayne)

    10. Scream & Shout remix (feat. Wacka Flacka Flame, Brithnay Spears, Hit-Boy, P-diddy and Lil Wayne.

  • Rob Engelhardt

    1) God Bless Amerika
    2) Fucking Problem
    3) Love Me
    4) Curtains
    5) Trigger Finger
    6) Gunwalk
    7) No Worries
    8) Rich as Fuck
    9) New Slave
    10) Tapout

    • Rob Engelhardt

      I shoulda ranked Trigger Finger higher. Prob bumped dat more than anything this year while cruising down Olive St. & thru the hood (0017th’s GTV a close 2nd – Hollygrove, Hollygrove that’s what they be yellin!)

  • Weezy 4 life

    1st off ain’t dat dhea?? I thought they broke up but my list has 2 b

    Trigger finger
    Bigga than life
    Type of way
    God bless amerika
    Pure Columbia

  • detail

    I think I can speak for everyone when I say that 2013 has been hell for Wayne. The health problems, terrible music, and low ticket sells. This hole year was definitely horrible for Wayne but I’m glad to see that at least he ended it well. Happy 2014 Wayne. I hope this will be a way better year for you. I think 2013 was the worst Wayne year.

    • xgoblin

      I Agree….and what makes it worst is that drake was killing everything with his music, tour, and features and Wayne is supposed to be the boss… I hope 2014 will be better

      • Malik

        Yo what’s up with you, you always hating on Wayne but on every post Danny puts up. If you don’t like Wayne then you’re comment I’m replying to should be your last one on this site.

        • xgoblin

          It’s not hating..It’s called an opinion dick face

          • Jess’ca Green

            Stop hating and calling them a name when they just being honest.

      • Kidd

        Drake fell off he might be the hottest right now but his rapping ability is not such that he’s “killing” anything concerning music anymore

        • Robbo

          I dont think it will have been cast as a bad year im guessing he made more money in 2013 and did more in that year than any of us on this site and you will ever make or do :L

          #Wayne is the best rapper

      • Dawn Bosley

        Wayne has said from day 1 Drake and Nicki would both be the biggest artist ymcmb would see!

        However I vote for wayne any day any year any time

        D5 was definitely reminiscent of Da Drought 3 which means he’s in a new mind set…can’t wait to see what’s next! T-pain is back and you know he sings and Wayne raps…

    • tune sucks now

      Foreal. Wayne sucks ass and he hasnt made a good project since carter 4

      • Dawzy

        you not download d5 fam

      • tommas

        man fuck yu bitch

    • Anti

      He had low ticket sales?

  • Marcus Sweden

    1. God Bless Amerika
    2. Curtains
    3. Pure Colombia
    4. Back To You
    5. No Worries
    6. Staring At The World
    7. Romance
    8. Fuckin Problems
    9. Started
    10. Backpack

  • Ron Mckinney

    1. No Motive

    2. Typa Way Feat. T.I.

    3. Still Got The Rock

    4. FuckWitMeYouKnowIGotIt (Feat. T.I.)

    5. Levels Feat. Vado

    6. Trigger Finger (Feat. Soulja Boy)

    7. Trippy (Feat. Juicy J)

    8. God Bless Amerika

    9. I’m Good (Terrorists) (Feat. Meek Mill)

    10.Wit Me T.I. & Lil Wayne

    11. I Do It (Lil Wayne, Drake & 2 Chainz)

  • JayHighAss

    1:Rich As Fuck
    2:Fckn Problems
    3:Still Got The Rock
    4:Pure Columbia
    5:Don’t Kill
    8:No Motive
    10:I’m Good
    I have so much more favs

  • heatz6nation

    Picture Perfect
    We been On
    Karate Chop Remix

  • RealOne

    10 – Tapout (ft Rich Gang)
    09 – Kush (ft Gunplay and Rick Ross)
    08 – FIVE (ft The Game)
    07 – IANAHB
    06 – We Outchea (ft Ace Hood)
    05 – Type Of Way (ft TI)
    04 – Itchin
    03 – Levels (ft Vado)
    02 – Pure Colombia
    01 – God Bless Amerika

  • It’s a blend.

  • Jonatha

    1. T.I ft Lil Wayne – Wit Me
    2. Chris Brown ft Lil Wayne & French Montana – Loyal
    3. Lil Wayne ft 2 Chainz – Rich As Fuck
    4. 2 Chainz ft Drake & Lil Wayne – I Do it
    5. Dj Khaled ft Drake,Rick Ross & Lil Wayne – No New Friends
    6 . Lil Wayne – IANAHB
    7. Lil Wayne – Back To You
    8. Lil Wayne ft Boo – Curtains
    9. Lil Wayne ft 2 Chainz – Days & Days
    10. Stafford Brothers ft Christina Milian & Lil Wayne – Hello

  • D500

    Who else agrees that D5 is just like D3. Just listen to D3 then once its over put on D5. They are very similar especialy the skits. When I first heard d5 the first thing that came to my mind was D3

  • D.Dangerous

    1.paint tha town
    2.still got the rock
    3.live life
    4. way im ballin
    8.God bless amerika
    10.beat the shit

  • WaynesTheNewPac

    1. Lil wayne – Trippy or Trigger Finger
    2.Lil Wayne -Back to you
    3.Lil wayne- Still got the rock
    4.Lil Wayne – Levels
    5.Lil wayne – Live Life
    6.Lil Wayne -Staring at the world
    7.Lil wayne-442
    8.Lil wayne – Dont Kill
    9. Lil Wayne – I Do It
    10. Lil wayne – Kush

  • arth

    Will.i.Am. – Scream & Shout (Remix)
    T.I. – Witch Me
    Lil Wayne – Thinking About You
    Lil Wayne – Bugatti (D5)
    Lil Wayne – God Bless Amerika
    Ace Hood – We Outchea
    Tyga – 500 Degrees
    Dj Khaled – No Motive
    Swizz Beatz – Hands Up (the beat is horrible but wayne’s verse is awsome)
    Big Sean – Beware

  • math

    1 – I’m good
    2 – 500 degreez

    3 – god bless amerika

    4 – good day
    5 – typa way
    6 – still got the rock
    7 – stay hood
    8 – hands up
    9 – rich as fuck
    10 – loyal

  • Malik

    1.) trigger finger
    2.)500 degrees ft. Lil Wayne
    3.)good day ft Lil Wayne meek mill
    4.)dat kush ft. Lil Wayne Rick Ross
    5.)I do it ft. Lil Wayne Drake
    6.)stay hood ft. Lil Wayne
    7.)no new friends ft. Lil Wayne Rick Ross Drake
    8.)still got the rock
    9.)levels ft. Vado
    10.)bigger than life ft. Lil Wayne Chris Brown
    trigger finger was crazy the best in my opinion by him this year but some of yall naming shit from last year.Danny you could’ve made it top 15 cuz I wanted to put more d5 in my list.
    2014 bout to be crazy these labels gonna have to pack they bags,YMCMB bout to eat these niggas lunch

  • Tunechi_LEEL

    10. Rich Gang – Have it your way ( ft T.I., Birdman &
    Lil wayne )
    09. Lil wayne – Trigger finger ( ft Soulja Boy )

    08. Lil wayne – Live Life ( ft Euro & T@ )

    07. Lil Wayne – Itchin

    06. Rich Gang – Bigger than life ( ft Chris brown,
    Birdman & Lil Wayne)

    05. 2 Chainz – I do ( Ft Drake & Lil Wayne)

    04. Lil wayne – Devastation ( Ft Gudda Gudda)

    03. Lil Wayne – God Bless America

    02. Lil wayne – Cream ( Ft Euro)

    01. The Game – F.I.V.E ( Ft Chris Brown & Lil Wayne)

    I still
    got Loads of other sonqs I didn’t put up there

  • Tunechifan237

    10.) No New Friends
    9.) 500 Degrees
    8.) Way I’m Ballin
    7.) Typa Way
    6.) Levels
    5.) Pure Colombia
    4.) Love Me
    3.) God Bless Amerika
    2.) Gunwalk
    1.) Trigger Finger

  • Kwill7480

    1. Gunwalk
    2. Commas
    3. Trippy
    4. We outchea
    5. Back to you
    6. Typa way
    7. Trigger finger
    8. Hold me back remix
    9. I do it
    10. UOENO

  • JayHighAss

    Did everybody forget about Shit Stains??


    1. F.I.V.E.
    2. no
    3. no
    4. no
    5. no
    6. no
    7. no
    8. no
    9. no
    10. hell no

    2013 wasn’t a good year, sorry.

    • nfs444

      Beware, Tapout, Wit Me, and some other shit… The first half of the year was good, but once fall hit I’ll admit it went WAY downhill from there. D5 sucked nobody on this site will agree with me on that tho 🙁

      • Guest

        You suck….Dick

      • MDRAIJER

        Indeed those were good but I didn’t know they were from 2013 or end 2012.

  • Godo Zilla

    Hey Danny does Lil Wayne have an official Instagram and if so what is it so i can follow him always been wanting to know but always seem to forget to ask someone.

  • Lageon

    I can’t even do this

  • nfs444

    1) Terrorists Ft. Meek Mill

    2)Terrorists Ft. Meek Mill

    3)Terrorists Ft. Meek Mill

    4)Terrorists Ft. Meek Mill

    5)Terrorists Ft. Meek Mill

    6)Terrorists Ft. Meek Mill

    (I’m too lazy to retype this 4 more times)

    Oh yeah, and it’s called TERRORISTS not I’M GOOD @Danny M

  • Weezy F Baby

    1. God Bless Amerika

    [Lil Wayne]
    2. Bigger Than Life

    [Chris Brown, Tyga, Birdman & Lil Wayne]
    3. Back To You

    [Lil Wayne]
    4. Still Got That Rock

    [Lil Wayne]
    5. F.I.V.E
    [The Game Feat. Chris Brown & Lil Wayne]
    6. We Outchea

    [Ace Hood Feat. Lil Wayne]
    7. 500 Deegres

    [Tyga Feat. Lil Wayne]
    8. Romance

    [Lil Wayne]
    9. Have It Your Way

    [T.I., Birdman & Lil Wayne]
    10. Typa Way
    [Lil Wayne Feat. T.I.]

  • Jago

    1)Still Got The Rock
    2)I’m Good (ft Meek Mill)
    3)You Song (ft Chance the Rapper)
    4)Party Rock Anthem (Timbaland ft Lil Wayne)
    5)Beware (Big Sean ft Lil Wayne)
    6)Fuckin’ Problems (ft Kidd Kidd & Euro)
    7)We Bout That (Bow Wow ft Lil Wayne)
    8)Wit Me (T.I. ft Lil Wayne)
    9)No Motive (ft DJ Khaled)
    10)Way I’m Ballin’ (ft Mack Maine & Birdman)

  • Cool Breeze

    1. Cream

    3. Live Life

    2. Wit Me

    4. Gunwalk

    5. Commas

    6. Lay It Down ft. Cory Guns & Nicki Minaj

    7. Started

    8. Trigger Finger

    9. Tap Out

    10. Paint The Town

    • Cool Breeze

      2. wit me 3. LIve life*

  • Ted Tandilashvili

    1) Love me
    2) Bigger Than Life
    3) IANAHB
    4) You Song
    5) Live Life
    6) Fuckin’ Problems
    7) Romance
    8) Tapout
    9) Pure Columbia
    10) F.I.V.E

  • YMCorey

    Still got that rock.. Back to you.. Cream.. Trigger finger god bless Amerika.. Love me.

  • Shaquan James

    Lil wayne had a weak ass year dude just ain’t relevant man

  • YMCorey

    You can tell wayne doesn’t have love for the rap game anymore.. He doesn’t put his all into his lyrics and songs like he used to.. I’m guessing because there’s no competition.. But I ask wayne are you content with 4 Grammys?? Are you? Let’s get this shit together in 2014.. You went from the favorite.. To the most hated.. Let’s show em you still the beast.. Throw that skateboard away and get right

    • Kidd

      Maybe you lost sight of todays rap game theres more competition then there’s ever been kendrick eminem j cole etc.. however I will agree that no one in the game right now is as good as wayne in his prime

      • YMCorey

        Man these niggas ain’t doing it how wayne was.. Eminem only doing this shit just cause..

  • SJ408

    Not in order but

    Trigger finger
    Rich as fuck
    Typa way
    God bless amerika
    Love me
    Karate chop
    Still got the rock
    Kush (gunplay)
    No worries

  • nahhhhhright?

    honestly wayne fell off. he know it, fans know it, the whole damn industry know it. The fact his protege Drake came out and flat out murdered 2013 in a more hard way shows wayne aint on top of his game. kudos to wayne for signing drake but drake proved this year that not all his shit is for ladies and lovey dovey. he proved he can drop just as many hard bangers (i.e. started from the bottom, worst behaviour, and just about all the new leaked tracks that released in the past couple days) Drake hungry and Wayne full…….of shit

    • Zeke

      I’m not a big fan of drake but man, 2013 was drake season even kanye said it…all Wayne need to do is stop the skateboarding shit and he serious

      • Zeke

        I meant and be serious

  • Wavey Abz

    They are
    1. With me with T.I
    2. Bugatti
    3. Rich as fuck
    4. New slaves
    5. God bless amerika
    6. Curtains
    7. Still got that rock
    8. Pure Colombia
    9. Backpack
    10. Fucking problems

  • LMV

    1. Back To You
    2. IANAHB
    3. You Song
    4. Original Silence
    5. Cream
    6. Curtains
    7. Have it your way (only wayne’s verse)
    8. Shit stains
    9. Hello
    10. Tapout (wayne’s verse)

  • Sidney Sidro Mennis Jr.

    2. Karate chop
    3. Gunwalk
    4.Way I’m ballin
    5. Kush
    6.Good day
    7. Romance
    8. Orignal silence (Lil wayne first verse)
    9. Type of way
    10. Itchin

  • ~teamweezy~

    1- Devastation ft gudda gudda
    2- uoeno
    3- no motive ft dj khaled
    4-im good ft meek mill
    5-Backpack (wayne verse only)
    6-i do it ft 2 chainz, Drake
    7-typa way ft t.i
    8- bitches love me ft Drake, future
    9-Gunwalk ft gudda gudda, juicy j
    10- still got that rock

  • Yun

    KUSH (w Gunplay, Wayne and Rick Ross)

  • Big base

    1) lil wayne 442
    2) lil wayne fuckwitmeyouknowigotit ft ti
    3) lil wayne no motive
    4) lil wayne shit stains
    5) lil wayne dont kill my vibe
    6) lil wayne ft gucci mane runnin circles
    7) lil wayne levels
    8) lil wayne gunwalk
    9) lil wayne paint tha town
    10) lil wayne im good ft meek mill

  • los gomesy

    1. Gunplay – Kush (Feat. Lil Wayne & Rick Ross)
    2. Started
    3. RAF (Feat. 2 Chainz)
    4. Pure Columbia
    5. Typa Way (Feat. T.I.)
    6. The Game – FIVE (Feat. Chris Brown & Lil Wayne)
    7. Future – Karate Chop (Feat. Lil Wayne)
    8. Still Got That Rock
    9. Fucking Problem (Feat. Kidd Kidd & Euro)
    10. You Song (Feat. Chance The Rapper)

  • martian master

    1. Lil Wayne – Starring At The World
    2. Lil Wayne = Started From The Bottom (Freestyle)
    3. 2 Chainz – Feds Watchin’ (Remix) (ft. Lil Wayne, T.I. & Pharrell)
    4. Lil Wayne – I’m Good (ft. Meek Mill)
    5. DJ Khaled – No New Friends (ft. Drake, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross & Future)
    6. Lil Wayne – Gunwalk (ft. Gudda Gudda & Juicy J)
    7. Ace Hood – We Outchea (ft. Lil Wayne)
    8. Future – Karate Chop (Remix) (ft. Lil Wayne)
    9. Lil Wayne – Live Life (ft. Euro & T@)
    10. Lil Wayne – Curtains (ft. Boo)

  • corbin wells

    1. You song. chance and wayne murked it.
    2. my homies still < was on IANAHB so i will count it.
    3. Days and days
    4. Gunwalks
    5. Trippy
    6. UOENO
    7. Space jam – audio push feat lil wayne
    8. Twerk season.
    9.I do it – 2 chainz
    10. Backpack
    this may have been his worse year but some good music came out of it. but the best rappers this year were chance the rapper glad Wayne got him on a track and Danny brown who Wayne needs to make a song with soon.

  • FreshPrince

    1. Trigger finger
    2. Trippy
    3. Gun walk
    4. Way I’m ballin
    5. Levels
    6. Pure Colombia
    7. Curtains
    8. Karate chop
    9. RAF
    10. Tapout

    • Shew Andkicks

      trigger finger was a under the radar banger but def not #1

  • Carter Andicene JhunYor

    1 – Lil Wayne – Back to you
    2 – Lil Wayne – Romance
    3 – Lil Wayne – Bitch Love Me (Feat. Drake & Future)
    4 – Lil Wayne – God Bless Amerika
    5 – Lil Wayne – Curtains (Feat. Boo)
    6 – Lil Wayne – ianahb

    7 – Lil Wayne – Shit Stains
    8 – Lil Wayne – Dont Kill
    9 – GunPlaY – Kush (Feat. Lil Wayne & Rick Ross)
    10 – Rich Gang – TapOUT ♥

  • Felicia

    Well, I guess Wayne still is with Dhea! :O

  • Jess’ca Green

    Lil Weezy will always be dope!!

  • llReactionz

    I Dont Like Tunechi I Like Lil Wayne.

  • whatupdoe

    10. Twerk Season
    9. Loyal
    8. Staring at the World
    7. Rich As Fuck
    6. Curtains
    5. Trippy
    4. Trigger Finger
    3. Feds Watchin Remix
    2. You Song
    1. Cream

  • Lukaas

    1 God bless Amerika
    2 No new friends
    3 U.O.E.N.O
    4 Way im ballin
    5 still got that crack
    6 started
    7 Romance
    8 new slaves
    9 levels
    10 Tapout

  • Hillsadavid

    Basically the last 3 features of 2013 . Backpack, good day, and kush. I kinda like we outchea and karate chop. Other than that his music reay has declined. Im 100% a wayne fan, but he was slidin this past year and i think he noticed and is changing for the better in 2014. Im so excited for carter 5, even though its waynes last album. He never fucks up any of the carter series.

  • FatLazyIDGAF

    10. Lil Wayne – You Song [feat. Chance The Rapper]
    09. Lil Wayne – God Bless America
    08. Lil Wayne – Way Im Ballin [feat. Future, Mack Maine, Birdman, Detail]
    07. Lil Wayne – Still Got That Rock
    06. Lil Wayne – Lay It Down [feat. Cory Gunz, Nicki Minaj]
    05. Lil Wayne – Karate Chop [feat. Future]
    04. Lil Wayne – Trigger Finger [feat. Soljia Boy]
    03. Lil Wayne – Beat The Shit [feat. Gunplay]
    02. Lil Wayne – Back To You
    01. Lil Wayne – IANAHB

  • Madhu Wayniac

    Weezy is the best rapper forever…..!!!

  • Mike Gee

    1) New Slaves
    2) Type Of Wayne Ft. T.I.
    3) Dont Kill
    4)Trigger Finger Ft Soulja Boy
    5) UOENO
    6) Itchin
    7) Way Im Ballin Ft. Mack Maine An BirdMan
    8) Gun Walk Ft. Gudda Gudda
    9)Fuckin Problems
    10) Kush Ft. Gunplay & Rick Ross

    All Bangers !!!!! He Wnt In On All Those Tracks !!!!

  • SwaglikeYanni

    10. I’m Good (feat. Meek Mill)
    9. Back To You
    8. Live Life (feat. Euro)
    7. Trippy (feat. Juicy J)
    6. Trigger Finger (feat. Soulja Boy)
    5. Gunwalk (feat. Gudda Gudda & Juicy J)
    4. Started From The Bottom (Freestyle)
    3. I Do It (feat. Drake & Lil Wayne)
    2. Karate Chop (feat. Lil Wayne)
    1. God Bless Amerika

  • Ajm Martinez


  • Rocxanne G.

    You the shit then N now Fuck wat they talkn about!!!!You got the president on you’re music too.lmhao don’t let them haters in you’re head!they mad they want to be you!

  • A$VP-Yurii

    Rich As Fuck;
    Back to You;
    Beat the Shit;

    Wit Me;
    No New Friends;
    I Do It (2 Chainz song);
    High School;
    UOENO Freestyle.

    …and Rich Gang – Tapout

  • YoLoMan

    Lil Wayne – Mr. Carter ft. Jay-Z

    Lil Wayne – President Carter

    Lil Wayne – Dont Like

    Lil Wayne – IANAHB

    Lil Wayne – Itchin

    Lil Wayne – Bitches Love Me Ft. Drake, Future

  • YoLoMan

    Lil Wayne – Mr. Carter Ft. Jat-Z

    Lil Wayne – President Carter

    Lil Wayne – Dont Like

    Lil Wayne – Itchin

    Lil Wayne -Bitches Love Me Ft. Drake, Future

  • YoLoMan

    Lil Wayne – Mr. Carter Ft. Jat-Z

    Lil Wayne – President Carter

    Lil Wayne – Dont Like

    Lil Wayne – Itchin

    Lil Wayne -Bitches Love Me Ft. Drake, Future

  • Hunter Goss I

    1) Lil Wayne Feat. Boo – Curtains

    2) Gunplay Feat. Lil Wayne & Rick Ross – Kush
    3) Lil Wayne- God Bless Amerika

    4) T.I. Feat. Lil Wayne – Wit Me
    5) Lil Wayne Feat. Gudda Gudda – Devastation
    6) Rich Gang Feat. T.I. – Have It Your Way
    7) Future Feat. Lil Wayne – Karate Chop
    8) Lil Wayne – UOENO
    9) Lil Wayne – IANAHB
    10) Lil Wayne Feat. Vado – Levels

  • Holme

    1. Lil Wayne – Still Got The Rock
    2. Lil Wayne – Itchin
    3. Lil Wayne – Love me
    4. Lil Wayne – Rich as Fuck
    5. Lil Wayne – Typa Way
    6. Lil Wayne – U.O.E.N.O
    7. Lil Wayne – Back To you
    8. Lil Wayne – IANAHB
    9.. Lil Wayne – Curtains
    10. Lil Wayne – Levels

  • jordan

    Lil Wayne- burn

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