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Feature Friday #10: Bun B – Damn I’m Cold (Feat Lil Wayne)

Fri, Jan 17, 2014 by

Bun B Damn Im Cold Feat Lil Wayne

I have chosen Bun B‘s “Damn I’m Cold” song featuring Lil Wayne for this week’s “Feature Friday” edition.

The CHOPS-produced track appears on Bun‘s II Trill album, which was released in 2008, and includes Weezy performing the hook, as well more than one dope verse!

“One, two, three way, fo’ fo’ makes eight; Nine times out of 10, it’s 11- or a 12-gauge; Friday the 13th, that’s the day that hell raise; But y’all boys too weak, like fourteen days”

You can listen to “Damn I’m Cold” below and read the lyrics here.

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  • untillmyfaceturnpurple

    I always thought that I’m a real wayniac. But the does not seem to be so, because many of the features I do not know – thank you danny!

    • how have you never heard this feature for real?

      • untillmyfaceturnpurple

        of course I know this feature, but many previous I did not know

    • stephanie

      I agree

      • francis

        What does he mean by But y’all boys too weak, like fourteen days”

        • moejay

          hes playin with words. its “two week” = 14 days

          • Baneezy


        • fewcha

          come on, he been counting from 1 to 14

          • Baneezy

            nope. 5,6,7??

  • Hot Boy

    One of Wayne’s best ever features.

    Bun and Wayne both killed it and the beat is so hard.

  • cashmoneyyoungmoney

    Danny is there anyway you can provide a download link for this. I can’t ever get the CDQ of the dirty version.

  • i seen footage of when weezy and bun performed this at a show…. straight classic



  • stephanie

    There has been no news this week about weezy damn

  • Don

    It is now Friday and still no Rocko and a Wayne song

    • fewcha

      rocko is like birdman…. he always lies

      and i know this cause im a big future fan and rocko is like what birdman is to wayne but to future

  • Rybone

    This is what we all wish weezy still sounded like

  • Gangsta

    When he spells out fuck cops >>>>>

  • YMCorey

    Classic… Like buuurrrr machine gun bbbbbllll I am a beast grrrrrrrr money machine bbbbbllllll

  • Best

    I’m Wayne’s fan since 2008 but I haven’t hear this song. They both killed it

    • Nathan Bryant

      He had mixtapes before then. If you haven’t already man, then you need to go back and listen to his rap from 2008 and before. Because 2008 was just his high point. His grind up to 2008 was dope.

  • Cody Winslow

    Should have used “Apologize Remix” if you were gonna use a Bun and Wayne song

    • That is a blend.

      • Cody Winslow

        ah youre right, but its niiiiiiiiice

      • Jays

        Do you know where wayne’s verse in that song is from danny?

        • “Lil’ Girl Gone” by Devin The Dude featuring Lil Wayne and Bun B 🙂

          • jimmy bond

            yo danny birdman son said cater v is coming soon it on his twitter

  • thug8200

    classic wayne

  • JayHighAss

    Damn that’s cr8zy I was just gonna tell Danny to post this throwback song

  • JustAGuy234

    I LOVE WAYNE AND STILL SUPPORT IDC WHAT HE DROPS I PURCHASE OR DOWNLOAD (IF ITS FREE) BUt look at the difference in this man’s music. the level of creativity is gorgeous here

    “One, two, three-way, four four makes eight,

    Nine times out of ten it’s 11- or a 12-gauge,
    Friday the 13th: that’s the day that hell raise,
    But y’all boys too weak, like fourteen days”

    all im saying is this was when the creative juices were FLOWING
    now its kinda lazy



    Wow!!!!! no news or new music in almost a week.Maybe weezy is cooking up something real dope and crazy.

  • polsonman

    Y’all boys too weak, like fourteen days

  • Danny You Should Make A “ThrowBack Thursday” & The First Song Should Be “A Milli Sold”. Going Through My Old Playlist & Heard It !

    Ok, A million sold first day I went gold how do I celebrate work on the carter 4
    Yup, I ain’t here to brag nor boast, this is simply an attempt to thank you the most
    You the fan, you the man, and to my female audience I hope you use sanitizer cuz I’m kissin all ya hands
    All my plans, well executed
    This that electric music, you can get electrocuted
    You know I extra do it, they say I’m the best to do it
    I say I’m better than who next to do it or whoever do it
    They could never do it like me, I C O N, or you could call me MR. I GO IN
    Boy you don’t know nutthin bout me I am hip hop’s proof
    While they was hangin around I got that SlipKnot loose
    I am Notorious, I’m 2pac in Juice
    I’m the dudes from off Readin Rainbow but in Roots,
    No fruit, no sweet
    Which MC next yall new rappers like subway and I eat fresh Yes
    Be blessed such a M-E-S-S that you cant clean
    I’m dirty like feins ya
    I’m king, I do it like i’ve seen, or been here before or between
    Your hoe or your queen
    You know wadda mean, yea you know water dry
    And you know carter tri, can you picture carter five?
    Now put ya eyes at camera no recorder all live
    And yup I rep that beehive, red flag on my levis
    I hallo to the east side, I been a beast since I was knee high
    But now I’m goon since I’m tree high
    As a matta fact I’m in the sky, as a matta fact I’m in the ride of every black and the white human being
    Can’t forget about the Europeans, n the Asians, n the Haitians, n the Jamaicans, the whole nation, if I forgot ya I don’t hate ya that’s just my human nature YEEEE DIGG!!
    I’m fire like a cig, break ya off like a twig, swear I’m iron like brig
    Flow dyin, not sick
    I am triumph, I’m big
    Ask ya girl she agree, she been on me since they were callin me lil weezy wee
    But now it’s Weezy F. Baby don’t forget the F Baby
    Yea you know I was gon say it, yea you know you wan say it
    I’m the greatest, I’m always better than my latest but back to yo girlfriend I got her wetter than a bathing suit, shoot to kill never to hurt, Weezy tippin yay the definition of hard work
    Even the humble Jay say that this is well deserved
    He said I’m doin my thang, I said well shit you did it first, Thank You
    Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t
    So I moved outta my condo and into the bank vault
    Record sales….Bank Teller say hahah..
    Shout out to every DJ, bootleggers, I made history any-way
    In the way, they said I couldn’t
    Shout out to Young Money cuz without them I couldn’t
    Shout out to Cash Money cuz without them I coudln’t
    Shout out to Universal cuz without them I couldn’t
    Shout out to my friends cuz without them I couldn’t
    Shout out to my daughter cuz without her I wouldn’t
    Mad rappers look on the bright side
    I sold 1.5 Hip Hop is alive
    haahahah thank you thank you everybody

    • fewcha

      yep danny you should do solo wayne songs for throwback thursday

    • Milli Tune

      Shout out to Young Money cuz without them I couldn’t
      Shout out to Cash Money cuz without them I coudln’t
      Shout out to Universal cuz without them I couldn’t
      Shout out to my friends cuz without them I couldn’t
      Shout out to my daughter cuz without her I wouldn’t

      His flow here killed me!!

  • Nathan Bryant

    I used to have this on repeat. 2008 is when I graduated. Dude used to rule man.

  • tre_soswavey

    I just dont see why he cant just put out a tweet. Saying when hes dropping something. He dont have saywhat is or about. All i want is a release date for a song n ill stop complaining. Weve been waiting for what 2 months!! But at the same time im coo with it cause it makes me anxous and excited. Cayse the drought is def sayin he puttin some work in

  • stephanie

    carter 5 n like father like son 2 b coming soon cuz birdman’s son posted on twitter!!! hopefully their not his last albums tho

  • nfs444

    I’ve heard this before. Was this in the carter doc or something… I swear to god I heard it somewhere other than here.

  • Bu$y

    if i do a trakk with wayne everybody a go krazy

  • Muhliciouz

    I heard this before, just not this version..I know the other version were he says “H-A-T-E-C-O-Ps:”

  • Marquita Caroll Carter Jr.

    3 multiply by 8 gives 24 a day.”

  • jimmy bond

    yo birdman son said cater v is coming soon

    • Kidd

      And like father like son 2, but he confirmed there aint no sorry 4 the wait 2 tho



    The head Mommy Kali is holding in the pic and around her neck, represents the slayed demons that Lord Shiva sent to test Eve. It also reminds Her of the haters who wear fake mustaches, js.

  • turk

    i want this song to be played at my wedding

  • Linda_weezy

    damn! i don’t understand why rocko is taking so long just to leak the song already.nigga we hungry and we have to eat.feed us some wayne verses!

  • Gamma 12 monster

    I have updates!!!

    I dont know if its true or not but word on twitter is that wayne is not really going to be doing much if anything this year. Mack maine and birdman son said that wayne will be very busy on C5 and birdman said 2015-16 is definately going to be a wayne take over. Also word on twitter is that wayne will be dropping sorry 4 the wait 2 but it will be later this year.

    • Glenn

      That shit not true at all whoever your source is you need to slap tf out them birdman son already said Wayne not doing a sorry 4 the wait 2 and you really think Wayne is not going to be doing nothing this year you fucking sleep don’t believe everything you hear on Twitter son

  • LilWeezyAna



    where are the all the songs that were supposed to come out? the song with rocko? the song with rif raf? the my nigga remix? WTF!

  • Made1nbg

    love dat song

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