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Lil Wayne’s “How To Love” Single Goes Quadruple Platinum!

Wed, Jan 8, 2014 by

Lil Wayne How To Love Single Goes Quadruple Platinum

In January last year, we found out Lil Wayne‘s “How To Love” single went triple Platinum and now in January this year, the RIAA says the Detail-produced song has gone quadruple Platinum! This means that Tha Carter IV cut has been purchased over 4 million times since it was first released in May, 2011.

Click here to watch the music video for “How To Love” and here to read the lyrics. Congratulations to Weezy F Baby on another amazing achievement!

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  • wayne won, pusha t lost

    • Young Cuban

      Pusha been lost, That nigga has been taking L’s since 2006

      • Jack Hoff

        MNIMN > IANAHB2

        • Cam

          Nigga GET. THEE. fuck outta here, MNIMN was pure bullshit, that nigga is a walking fucking let down I waited 10 years for that subpar ass album and all he did was rap about his brothers life the whole album. FEAR OF GOD>>>>>>MNIMN Pusha T is a flop artist. He been takin L’s so god damn long, he can’t sell, he can’t headline his own shows/tour this nigga did a show with fuckin SPACEGHOSTPURRP and he opened up for HIM. Its supposed to be the OTHER way around LMAO! And this faggot of a failure can’t grow fuckin hair, he’s a fake. The nigga owns the same dog Paris Hilton does and got roasted on twitter because he had weave in his head 1 night lmfaooo WAYNE AS A ARTIST, BRAND, HUMAN>>>PushaT LOL

          • Jack Hoff

            I completely agree with everything you said.
            Wayne as an artist > Pusha T as an artist
            Pusha T as a rapper > Wayne as a rapper
            Fear of God > MNIMN
            Fear of God, MNIMN > Post Jail Wayne
            Ghoulish was complete garbage

            • Dot

              see brah u don’t believe his music?when he say he a alien he serious,i dare sumbody tell u u not a Alien.Like if somebody said i wasn’t a Alien,u would see.

          • Dot

            lol T_T

  • King Weezy F

    That is Weezy for you..
    YMCMB ball till we fall.

  • pete

    mayne it’s a drought with weezy music right now smh….

    • est___side

      that’s the plan bro
      wayne know what he’s doing

  • Dillon

    That’s an amazing achievement when you consider the fact that it’s an R&B track by a Hip-Hop heavyweight

    • Dot

      right people be hatin cuz dey can’t rap or something

  • realness

    Isnt that song still in the radio a lot of times in one state in the usa? Awesome achievement btw..

  • dontae’


  • chris_26

    well damn – gucci voice

  • mark L.


    • fewcha

      the only artist out right now that can sell higher than wayne is future

      • Baneezy


      • Fuck Fewcha

        Aye fewcha , you all ways saying stuff about future when this a lil wayne fansite , FUCK YOU AND FUTURE . I wanna see him go platinum 4 times you pussy

      • twizzy F

        only because his whole career is based off wayne style,

        • Dot

          he nouthin like wayne.first off all.Why u singing high note’s on track’s nigga u aint maria carey fuck outta here.Bull who satrted this comment.Really need 2 be socked.

      • Dot

        brah u need 2 be spit on

  • est___side

    danny what are all of wayne “tha carter” serie’s sells to date?

    • DWI bitchh

      Yeah danny it’d be gud to knw

  • Young Cuban

    Congrats, not my favorite song on Tha Carter 4, but congrats. Not many rappers achieve this level of success.

  • lilmt

    thanks to that Pyramids in the jacket

    • Young Cuban

      Haha, I noticed that to.

    • est___side

      you’re a braindead idiot!

  • brandy

    congrats tune !!

  • Belford

    Never seen a song go four times platinum damnnnnn and everyone hated this song when it came out

  • KingLabe

    That’s just simply amazing

  • Don

    Dang Wayne need to let us know something lol

    • PhilWeezy

      Don maybe wayne is working on like father like son 2 with birdman birdman tweeted it’s coming soon

      • Don

        Ya I saw and birdman son tweeted the other day Sorry 4 The Wait ll

      • stephanie

        birdman has been saying that lately n hope its soon

  • YMCMB TRukkeR

    I seriously need new music from weezy now!!!Im STARVING! !!!!we should officially declare this a Drought!!!!

    • realone504

      exactly….we need a drought 4

  • Jordan Stanley

    Isn’t this the song everyone hated? The song were everyone got mad at lil Wayne for making? Bc it’s ” gay” yet it’s one of his biggest songs lol, idk why people hate on it then go out and buy it

    • brandy

      you know the new ” cool thing” to do nowadays is to hate on everything wayne does. smfh cornball lames

    • UPT


  • Sidney Sidro Mennis Jr.

    Wayne is taking a break… HE NEED IT SO HE CAN COME BACK WITH FIRE…

  • 3 peat

    Its been almost a year since ianahb2 ain’t it bout time for Wayne to drop another single and talk about a new album

    • Tb

      Dont know if its true or not but I heard its supposed to be a drought 4 commin soon and idk if he droppin an album or not

      • Don

        Birdman son tweeted the other day Sorry 4 The Wait ll but it hasn’t been confirmed

      • fewcha

        wayne aint gonna do another drought tape

    • realone504

      no skeetbording or nothing

  • medicatedsole

    Whats the meaning of a “drought” in music?

    • DJ AJG

      When he doesn’t drop any music for a good minute

  • DWI bitchh

    You can hope but he wont be droppin a single anytime soon its only gona be features its what his always done

  • Baneezy

    I guess this can kinda give him the formula to follow when making music that can really sell in today’s age

  • JayHighAss

    I remember when this song came out you niggas wasn’t fckn wit it..

  • Shandra

    CONGRATS 🙂 he deserves it !

  • Marquita Caroll Carter Jr.

    Love that platinum triple.” Um.”

  • YM


    • Don

      Lol it hasn’t been confirmed yet l

    • Kidd

      Lol he needs a wait to be sorry for so even if its real he would have to drop a release date and push it back a couple times

    • 9th ward G

      Who said something about sorry for the wait 2

      • Don

        Birdman son tweeted it a few days ago lol

  • nighty

    What happened to all these songs that r supposed to drop this month?

  • Best

    Fuck you haters, Wayne is still winning 😀

  • Young Cuban

    Bitch learn how to spell before you try an insult me.

  • Shaquan James

    Lil wayne is boring now a days he fell offim sorry

  • Malik

    I would like to know all the songs from hip hop artists that went quadruple platinum cuz I’ve never heard of a hip-hop/RnB artists doing numbers like that

  • Himanshu Oberoi

    Congrats Wayne !!

  • Eshall

    Yay Wayne!!!! Great job darlin’, Much love.

  • Dot

    if somebody said he was God i wouldn’t even be mad