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Kurupt Says Lil Wayne Is One Of His Favorite Rappers, Calls Him “Great”

Sun, Mar 16, 2014 by

Kurupt Says Lil Wayne Is One Of His Favorite Rappers, Calls Him Great

Cypress Hill rapper B-Real recently caught up with Kurupt for an interview on his The Smoke Box series. During this interview, Kurupt discussed his favorite rappers in hip-hop right now and praised Lil Wayne. You can read what Kurupt said about Tune below:

“I like Lil Wayne, cuz. And you know why I like cuz? Because it don’t matter what they talking about. He’s being his self. And musically, the boy is great. So, we can get to his personal… but that’s irrelevant to the music. He knows what the fuck he’s doing, cuz. He was a youngster doing it when everybody from Cash Money was flying. Juvenile and everybody… B.G., my nigga. And he was just watching. He got his little pieces in, he did his thing. And then he got the reins to make that horse run, the boy did what? He killed ’em, cuz… lyrically too. He shaped a part of hip-hop.”

Kurupt and Weezy F Baby have previously collaborated on “Lock And Load” off Tha Carter II and “Cali Dro” off Like Father, Like Son, but would you like to see another collaboration from them both?

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  • Sam K

    Tha Carter V. it’s gonna be a classic. this is gonna be the first album i’m gonna buy. y’all buy it too if you are a true weezy fan. shit is gonna go platinum first week. a milli a milli.

  • Free Crack

    Wow lil bibby met weezy

  • King Weezy F

    Sad day for Hip-Hop when Weezy retires

  • #YMCMB

  • Michael

    Damn I need one of these TRUKFIT shirts asap !

    • I don’t see no trukfit shirts so which one you on about?

      • Michael

        Cortez put it on IG. They were selling them yesterday at a store to celebrate for Tha Carter 5

      • realness

        T=Carter 1
        R=Carter 2
        U=Carter 3
        K=Carter 4
        And the fit is under the pictures in white.
        I will definately buy the edition with this shirt.

        • St3v3n

          The picture on the 5 will be the artwork of THA CARTER V

          • That’s not certain, you just guessing.

            • Nexoduss

              I wanna see the Carter v cover with him graduating high school

    • Jbadd504

      Man this shirt is hard as fuck

    • punjabi4lifenotindia

      fuck Kurupt

      C5 countdown on and u BAN PAS on some fake shit

      Fuck I agree punjabi waitin’ for C5 same like D5 but man these BAN FAN swap and talk shit about Tune; and then again when get low puttin’ their cock and pussy back to him; man these looser just wanne dope and listen to him and get high and then want more same like dope fuck what u did haters; what tune can do and get high fuck all bitches which u can not even imagine when u masturbate but he in STUDIO and like u pussy showing, getting high and demanding more; by now anyone like him should be outta but he is still here for us F.A.N. not like u fake nigga who swap friend for dope.
      He can retire and can have concert4life with al these numbers/songs he got but he is still on with us because of us and in this age of net artist make more money in concert than album, u know that; he can go world tour actually tours for his life what he got and got many feat with all the top artist, man anyway, just hold down and wait for C5, and then he is outta life and u hater gonna beg BEG for new album or feat or whatever, but he gonna back to his hood. FUCK U HATER; i wish last day of tune in studio should be last day of life but after listening to YM GANG now LIL TWIST is like next LIL WAYNE and drake will keep on sucking his dick4 life.
      anyway hope twist gonna save me if he gotta his LP right, but if not RIP ME

  • fuck tez

    well today is the last day that the c5 single can drop before “this week” is over

    but i think we all know a wayne single will not drop today

    so fuck you cortez bryant you look like a mixture of a frog and a rat

    • alex

      He said it’ll drop this week and that interview doesn’t officially drop till after today. Prolly get the single Monday or Wednesday

  • nfs444

    What the fuck is a “Kurupt”?!?!?!? We want CV single @Cortez Bryant

    • c5

      you need to learn your hip-hop history

      kurupt was on c2 you fucktard

      • nfs444

        Hey I’m on your side ass clown. I hate Cortez Bryant too!

        • YoungMob

          You dumb hoe!#OnDave That nigga kurupt been cool with ymcmb.

  • I would love to see another kurupt and wayne song.

  • nfs444

    I’m assuming that “free crack” shirt is implying that he wants Fat Joe to get outta jail or something???

    • Smfh definiately not and fat joe aint even in jail.

      • nfs444

        I’m pretty sure his nick name is Joey Crack you fucking know it all

    • CMB_

      Free crack is a mixtape by Lil Bibby….smh

    • Nofukshytallowed

      naw thats the name of Lil Bibby’s mixtape, hes just promotin himself

    • TenchiLi

      ” free crack” is his mixtape


    Where that Ghost single from the carter V


    possible C5 cover ? maybe

    • nfs444

      I pray to god that this isn’t the fucking cover


    but this is dope…i hope kurupt and tune work together again that c2 track was dope af!!

    • WeezyWee

      implying c2 had a song that wasnt dope af

  • Davidson Lumas

    Really kurupt? Great? Smh people just throw that out there now and days

  • Tahir

    Danny did you ever watch this interview? It’s worth sharing with Wayniacs.

  • YMCMB 411

    Photographer that took this said he was taking pics of the whole CMB crew at a video shoot in the hood 1 day in N.O. and he randomly walked up to wayne and asked “weezy can i take your pic? ” and wayne replied “here bitch, snap this!” …..& so he did lol

  • YMCMB 411


  • LondonB

    anyone notice wayne been doing all of press release and appearances lately and not like usual. im guessing hes tryna hype up something real crazy special n new for the fans real soon

  • JustAGuy234

    you guys are so funny for all the hate on Tez. You realize how stupid it is for an artist of waynes caliber NOT to be hands on with his work? Sequencing, picking singles and shit like that are huge factors. Especially these days when idiots who review music dont give the whole album a fair shot you have to strategically arrange your track list and make a BODY OF WORK not just a cd full of random songs…. Wayne should have BEEN picking out all his shit Carter 2 was his last album that had a Cohesive feel (before the new or stupid fans jump down my throat i didnt say it was his last good album) but c2 was the last one that sounded like a BODY OF WORK the rest all sound like just songs on a CD.

    besides half the time wayne says blame tez its a joke. Usually the real reason shit gets pushed back is because YMCMB has a bad habit of not clearing samples or paying producers which effects release dates of songs. which is why they are ALWAYS getting sued.


  • razor

    Kurupt’s one of my favorite rappers I hope they have another collab.

  • Dillon

    That’s all good and well but we be needing that Carter V single now.

  • Nofukshytallowed

    Damn,Lil Bibby finally met Lil Wayne. now they should do a song with him. and since Lil Bibby real cool with Drake, he should sign with OVO Sound

  • Martiansfromouttaspace

    Hey can anybody tell me where the fuck can I find TRUKFIT t-shirts the best designs becuz I swear know everywhere they sold out I mean really selling out all over Zumiez and Macy’s sold faster now than ever like Air Jordan retro kicks smh damn wtf ??

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