Lil Wayne – Moment

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Lil Wayne Moment

Check out Lil Wayne‘s solo song from Young Money‘s forthcoming compilation, Rise Of An Empire, due to be released in stores on Tuesday (March 11th).

The track, which is called “Moment“, is a leftover from Weezy F Baby‘s upcoming Tha Carter V album. You can stream it after the jump below.

Click here to pre-order the Rise Of An Empire album from iTunes. There is also another new Tune feature on the project on a Christina Milian record titled “Video Model“!

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  • Weezy Germany

    Firt in this bitch!

  • Lobito

    First… weezy killed that shit !

  • Stunter

    KILLED !

  • JayhighAss

    I Love it he Killed it Fashoo Fashoo

  • Ahmad

    Weezy went in <3

  • aka remix baby

    weezy killed it for real

  • Skenny

    Weezy Wins !!

  • Cheetos Carter Abukanna

    Finally !!

    They Say Baby How You Do It ?!
    Never Question Greatness !
    I Just Do It !

    Dop as always weezy !
    Also i can hear him saying at the end ” this is the carter five ” .. i wonder if this track will appear on c5 ?

    • Skenny

      Yepp bro it will appear on tha carter 5
      I already heared an hour ago 🙂

      • Cheetos Carter Abukanna

        Perfection! 😀

        • John

          No this a carter 5 leftover

          • Skenny

            And what’s that mean ???

            • Zane Kirkwood

              It’s a song that didn’t make the C5 tracklist

    • Kay

      its on rise of an empire

    • Don_Hooper19

      I don’t think it will

  • WeezyFBabyFan

    Rise of an empire Leaked…

    • Cheetos Carter Abukanna

      Link Or It Didn’t.

        • Cheetos Carter Abukanna

          Thanx x infinite

          • St3v3n

            Y’all should BUY the fuckin album instead. I mean if u r a real weezy fan, support YM

            • Cheetos Carter Abukanna

              relax, im still buying it niggah

              • marc hare

                No u not stop lying

                • Cheetos Carter Abukanna


        • dontdownload

          dont download its a virus

          fucking faggot wanna infect my pc

  • Mack Maine Dissed Master P & No Limit In The Song “You Already Know” I Wonder What Will Come Of This …

    • JustAGuy234

      while its true theres been bad blood between Cash Money and NO Limit that wasnt a diss its kinda a reference to the old beef and its also a simple FACT. he didnt say anything to antagonize them all he said was they outlasted them which is just a factual statement.

      • I Know But Still I Feel Master P will Take It some Type Of way …

        • JustAGuy234

          its possible, you never know. aint it funny how people always seem more sensitive to their names being mentioned when they arent relavant haha

  • Kushy Kush


  • St3v3n

    Weezy killed this shiit!!

  • KingLabe


  • tunafish

    STILL D5 AND IANHB2 FLOW.. so bad

    • Kay

      its a C5 leftover. so we should expect a lot from C5

    • Dre

      You slow?? It’s a lot different

    • Cregg

      Bitch Stfu and and this sounds nothing like D5 Or ianahb2 and D5 sounds nothing like ianahb2. Go walk in front of a a moving bus. This that 08-09 shit

  • Little Rick

    Bang! Weezy is a legend and certainly a God.
    Weezy fan Fo Ra Va

  • King Weezy F


  • KING


  • King Weezy F

    And why yall bitch ass niggas posting Rise of an empire links on here buy it dont download it fake ass fans smh

    • Cheetos Carter Abukanna

      Still buying it. just couldn’t wait.

    • 86TiLLiDiE

      Chanel Westcoast isn’t on the leak? I’ll take that.

    • Carter323

      I agree I paid money 2 download it 2 my phone I got all his underground stuff 2

  • “never question greatness”

  • best rapper alive or nah?

  • BlackMamba

    good thing its a leftover…track is good, but not for a Carter album…if C5 is his last carter album he needs to bring his A game and needs better tracks than this, if he wants to go out with a bang, IMO

  • evilgeniussaz7

    Wayne murdered the song with the help of a microphone #cant wait for c5 may 5

  • Weezy da God

    Album Leaked on leakedearly, some good songs on it

  • This Shit Is So FUNNY To Me Lmfao !

    • W$GT$


  • Akmal Ayesh

    No homo can’t get enough of this nigga.. Best rapper alive hands down

  • Ken Cunningham

    Yo this track serious! Fire. Not playing games. Weezy!

  • Cheetos Carter Abukanna

    leak is real. album is good. delete the spaces.
    http://sharebeast .com / 8n2gu1dkmlod

    • MilliTune

      I did something wrong?

    • Kendrick Lamar

      That album garbage as fuck

      • W$GT$

        K Dot overrated.

        • lookoutnigger the klans gettin

          Shut tge fuck up

          • Nexoduss

            lol no it’s true. He’s a pile of dog shit. just like you

      • Skenny

        Kill yourself before I kill you !

    • Know Fo Sho

      Lil Twist actually really impressed me. He should stick to singing with rapping once in a while and just make hot ass songs. His best project is 3 Weeks in Miami and he did a good job on One Time with YG and Tyga. I think that song could do great with a great visual for it and I could see Twist doing a sing but sometimes rap role like Chris Brown.

      I’d say he found his niche, he should do a song with Rich Homie Quan, PJ Morton, Short Dawg(Short Dawg would be a great match for Twist like a Twist/YG kind of duo, Fresh has the style, and they both from Texas) Chris Brown, even Z-Ro and Trae the Truth. That would give Twist an album that’s good and stays true

    • Tony Altrudebta

      I just want to say, didn’t I say “Bang” was gonna be fire. Everybody on that record proved they can rap and are a threat lyrically. Cory is a lyrical assassin in the game right now, I get the feeling he’s gonna take the spotlight from Kendrick anytime soon, and he’s back so he’s hungry to. Whew!

      Euro is talented to, but he’s a different kind of rapper. I don’t really know what it is yet bet it’s something different about him. He’s talented nonetheless. “Induction Speech” was an instant classic for me in regards to him. I can see myself looking back 30 years from now and saying this record is where it all started for Euro.

      Lil Twist was very impressive, I was impressed with everything he did on the album, and all of it was really good material. He stepped it up the most i’d say, but he had no choice, it’s about that time that he pop. All in All, the entire Young Money album is solid! Now im just waiting until the 11th to go and buy an official copy, I trust that everyone else here will be doing the same.

  • King Weezy F

    ” All yall that lashed out i come see what that’s about.. But you don’t need to call the fireman to put a mawfucka match out! ” meaning peope calling them amazing in the rap game .. Saying they fire but really they are a lil match and you don’t even need Weezy to put those niggas in their place.. Amazing line

    • jbadd504

      I think he could even be talking about lil chuckee in that line…yall know chuckee been sneak dissing

      • FOH FOOL

        LOL wayen aint worried bout that wack ass lil boy. he talking bout other niggas

        • jbadd504

          He coulda ben talking about Turk as well…..or anyone he used to be cool with who started dissing…I feel like he was talking about ppl he knows personally when he says “lashed out”

  • John Osco

    dammn wayne went in
    dope tune

  • Morris Kal B

    Wow ! Just WOW !

  • Deontre Lewis

    Yeeessss!!!!! He better then ever! …..hes back

  • Guest

    Made me feel some type a way

  • Tun3

    A Carter v left over? That means c5 is done. Drop that shit tune!!!!

    • Guhodlee

      May 5th BITCH!

  • YME For Free

    Twist killed the “back it up” track with tyga. Post that leak up to Danny



  • paul

    Welp…no need to buy rise of an empire the only song i wanted to hear was moment and i already heard sinile and trophies..

  • Cade Matthew Hughes

    Wack weed get ashed out put persian rugs in a crack house! Hahaha love this song wayne kills!

  • Best

    They say baby how you do it? Never question greatness, I just do it. Shout out to the best rapper alive, he killed it. C5 coming soon

    • realtunefan

      Yes he is back. Back in 2013 when the music was awful, I knew he would come back and make something delicious!!!!!! No more pussy music. Weezy F Baby is officially back, luv. Sounds like 2007-2008 weezy.

      • Dubb

        Fool his 2013 music was great too! Y’all know how Wayne records, he gets in that booth and he just spits what’s on his mind, that’s how he works, quit dogging on his music, if you don’t like it then get off a weezy website

        • Milli Tune

          If u are rly fan u should know he starter writing since No Cellings moron. Yes his music was bad in 2013 dicklicker

      • Where Did He Go ?

  • The God

    Who fuckin wit wayne in this rap shit …


    don’t get me wrong weezy is still the greatest rapper alive hands down but since C3 it’s different.. that niqqa used to demand the world pay attention to every line. playing with fire, a milli, 3 peat, shoot me down.. now he flows hella hard still but doesn’t demand greatness. you can hear he’s only rapping now because he has to instead of C3 when rapping was his life. whatevs weezy you’re the best ever homie

    • BlackMamba

      well said

  • Trizzle

    Bet it will be a bonus for C5

  • EPIC!!!

    Lil Wayne……Moment……..Epic…..

  • Wiz Dillah

    if this left over of c5 , c5 gonna be epic lil wayne.. my nigga

  • Kingz

    Got these voices in my head screaming! Kant believe that they’re not hoarse


    wayne needs to bring out another song like blunt blowing!

  • absolutely fire

  • Tune

    Tbh I don’t get why you guys are so hyped for Carter5? Come on we all know it’s noway gonna be the C3 or the others. Face it Wayne has lost it his dedication5 was so shit and also IANHB2.

  • SwaggaDonCarter

    Shit track

  • T@

    Why everyone still hatin? He finally putting out some quality verses and y’all still hatin like tf why you even on this site then

    • Don_Hooper19

      He always gone have haters bro don’t worry bout it

      • mortimerr2014

        Exactly. Like I said if this was Kendrick spittin these same bars everyone would feel it

        • Don_Hooper19

          Exactly bro

        • BlackMamba


        • JustAGuy234

          pick a different rapper lol Kendrick is a story based lyricist if he rapped a wayne verse from 2010-2014 people would NOT be feelin that shit whatsoever. if Gudda Gudda or Kidd Kidd spit some of these verse that’d be good for him

          • mortimerr2014

            you get my point either way right? my point was people hate on wayne but in reality he puttin out shit thats better than A LOT of rappers even to this day..perfect example is this song. hatin on waynes just cool to do now i guess

  • Don_Hooper19

    This is on repeat

  • Don_Hooper19

    I’m telling to 2014 Wayne gone kill everything

  • Colby

    yall were hatin because he was spittin about pussy every line and now he aint and you still hatin? gtf outta here

  • damain


  • cashmoneyyoungmoney

    album leaked

  • mortimerr2014

    This is dope weezy music. While it might not be as good as the shit he dropped in his prime, it’s better than what we’ve heard the past 3 years plus. If this was any other rapper spittin these same lyrics over this beat y’all would feel it heavy, it’s just cause it’s wayne and the cool thing to do now a days is hate on wayne. C5 will be a classic for sure

  • cashmoneyyoungmoney

    you can tell Euro writes his lyrics and just spits it on any beat. he has a good voice but he needs to learn how to flow to make a catchy song, or else he’l just be a good lyricist and not blow up

  • wiseman91

    absolutely bodied this shit

  • ym100%

    This shit a classic I only seen bout 3 niggas haters up here wats wrong haters its usually more of yall Lol y’all quite now cuz y’all kno this shit hard

  • Little Boss

    Rise of an Empire is great Album. I like most of the songs and Euro is dope

  • Lil Wayne is the shit. True. His lyrics go hard af in this track but im not very happy with the beat. Either way,, weezy tore it up.

  • kenny

    Damn I got my weezy song it super dope

  • mortimerr2014

    lean nd weed..c5 bein a classic

  • Tramaine Johnson

    My Nigga Snapped

  • boboy


  • SidDOK

    dis nigga killin shit

  • Countin’AllDay

    Light up to this #weightless

  • Misunderstood

    Tunechi went on holiday and weezy snuck into the studio to record this. FIRE.

  • cespo2430

    this is the first song since right above it that i actually play on repeat because its actually good and not because its just a lil wayne song hahaha

  • Cocaine Biceps

    Man Euro is a beast! pause

  • triggacity_813

    Good song but this album sound more like a mixtape

  • KingZ

    Nobody likes Wayne but search lil wayne on twitter & everybody’s talking about this track

    • tom

      I got the young money album if u have a android phone u can get it

  • kenny

    I can’t stp listen to this

  • Brandon Harris

    been bumpin this all day

  • Cj Heard

    My oldest son just turned 5 i say little Nigga you man now. Wayne is my Nigga!!!!!

  • Chuck_Brazy

    never question greatness. that’s what a lot of weezy fans were doing for the past few years.

  • Nfs444

    This YM album is going to blow, CAN WE JUST FAST FORWARD TIME TO THA CARTER V PLEASE?!?!?!

  • fooleymanooley

    If this is a leftover imagine how crazy Carter V will be.


    This make me even more hype since this was a leftover and there’s more tracks better than this


    I told all y’all it would leak four days before

  • rg1985

    Flow killed that fresher than ever damnn…cant get it why he only got one fucking verse..i think he s lyrically way better than Euro he reminds me off the old wayne…and about the fact that wayne is back.. nah i dont think so he s on a different high i think only weed but for sure not on syrup.

  • Guest

    Lil Wayne – Moment Lyrics On Screen @ Malwoodz (no spaces)

  • Tune Up

    Lil Wayne – Moment Lyrics On Screen @ Youtube. com/ Malwoodz (no spaces.)


    Twist killed it … bang is da shit … plus fresher than ever .. this album is dope ..

  • Brandon Harris

    ay y’all i want to get y’all opinion on something i saw were somebody said wayne never fell off cause he has always been average

    • wiseman91

      thats completely false he didnt fall off he just sobered up and it was harder for him to think so he stop trying he even told sway that shit

    • mortimerr2014

      i saw that too on hnhh if thats what you mean where dude said waynes always been average except now were realizing it because were older and dont feel his shit the same way we did when we were younger..its fucked up cause i was like 18 when he was in his prime and knew he was above average

  • hiphopfan

    Now this song is nice!!!! Lyrical from beginning to the end even the hook is dope…

  • Dave fly

    Y’all must chill the fuck up .. I mean y’all on Wayne’s dick like “Omg C2 Wayne is back” and shit. I mean if y’all really listen to his old stuff y’all should admit this is just an ok song, don’t even compare that shit to Tha Carter II or somethin’ . 1 minute ur like “To bad he fell off” and next minute ur the biggest weezy fan. On this song u can ear clearly that his flow and delevery are just a little better than IANAHB2, but it still far from C2 for real

    • hiphopfan

      This song is a big big improvement his lyrics are getting better and better

      • Dave fly

        Better than his 2012/2013 project, yes .

      • supermamba17

        How do you get the song on your device. You gotta go to ITunes?

        • hiphopfan

          Depends if u got an IPhone

          • Guest


            • supermamba17

              *I don’t have an Iphone

  • CMB_

    This song is fvcking amazing! C5 leftover but still good, fuck anybody that hate #C5Soon

  • Nukey

    Love It! my new fav song of 2014 so far…. 😀

  • alex

    Anybody feel like twist killed each song? And mack murdered his verse on fresher than an ever

  • T@

    Who cares if waynes sippin or smoking as long as he’s making music shit is so annoying and if your still questioning him smoking every picture he has a blunt and the first weezy Wednesday he’s smoking blunts da fuck

  • Wiz Dillah

    that track with pj morton tho

  • wow…….. *sigh* fk all yall niggas that say he aint the best……. weezy f baby is tha best hands down!!!

  • Young C

    Damn this leak like 3 days before release anyways the Album is dope that song BANG go hard AF my youngin €uro killed every song he was on and Twist and Gunna went in on tha BANG. Make sure listen to Fresher than Ever my nigga Flow bodied tha track

  • Cash Money Vs No Limit …

    • FOH FOOL


  • tunechei da immortial

    moment was good enough for tha carter 5…. bt it show how great tunchei da immortial is. tune HATER dont be mad long cause he aint going nowhere he is the hardest workin mad alive and the greatest of all time if they dont believe i can prove it with fact i promise you!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ken JR Lopez

    wayne so sexy

  • Efren Morales

    He needs to go back to his flow he had before jail. Listening to his old stuff today made me sad cuz he doesn’t go hard anymore compared to this music now

    • FOH FOOL

      made you sad? ……………… nigga you gay

  • Angel No Motive Ramos

    Greatness nigga !!

  • arth

    I hate these weak ass beats, why wayne dont fuck with kanye beatz, bangladesh, swizz beatz or maestro no more!??
    I still don’t like his lyrics, they’re good, but if you compare them to No Ceilings or C2, this is bullshit, hope he gets better punchlines in c5
    his voice sounds like in D4, but his flow is getting much, much better, i like that


      STFU and stop bitching the punchlines are great in this song and no offence the punchlines in no ceilings are not that great if you actually listen they are mind blowing but not “complexed”

      • hiphopfan

        DISAGREE the bars in No Ceilings are absolutely classic, probably one of the best mixtapes ever!!!

  • liltwist2die

    This Lil Twist is next Lil wayne ;Man i listened Young Money’s “Rise Of An Empire” 100 times already and i also kinda like his bro “Lil Za”; he kinda cool but no compare to Lil twist (next lil wayne 2 die)

  • fuckme

    Man i listened Young Money’s “Rise Of An Empire” 100 times already, man this Lil Twist is next Lil Wayne and no offence but i Think in this album twist is better than anyone and i also kinda like his bro “Lil Za”; he kinda cool but no compare to Lil twist (next lil wayne 2 die)

  • I luv dis shxt

  • Sheena

    He’s the Greatest Of All Time!

  • wiseman91

    but you don’t need a “fireman” to put a motherfucking match out………… uh oh weezy f aint playin with these new niggas

  • Mar

    It’s dope if this is a leftover he about to eat the game

  • mortimerr2014

    This track ain’t exactly like the shit he dropped in his prime and definitely isn’t that carter 2 wayne or as good as his thug cry verse but it’s better than the shit he’s been puttin out the past 3 years or so. Being that this is a c5 leftover means that the albums better than this most likely makin it shit like c3 and 2 which = classic

  • Guhodlee


  • Cool J.

    Why do people keep saying Wayne ain’t the same as the 07 Wayne but if you really look at it now he’s just showing us how versatile he is with his different flows. Just my opinion

  • Guest

    i know i’m not the only one that noticed he said Carter V

    • alex

      Because the song is a c5 leftover. That’s been known

  • larra

    this sonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng thoooo

  • Oh_alonzo

    C5 will not be last album i can promise u hes going to drop a drought idk how many droughts he has but yea yea. I can picture another drought r 2 if he has 4 n a dedication 6 den carter six carter five will be out i say .. 2016(just being realistic) follow me on ig ladies only @oh_alonzo

  • Oh_alonzo

    I meant carter 6 will be out 2016

  • mortimerr2014

    Love the vibe of this track. Weezys gonna fuck around and drop a classic c5 niggas

  • C5isTheEnd

    Carter 5 gonna blow all you motherfuckers out

  • John Brown

    Am I only one who thinks that it’s more like D5 shit? I mean flow style lyrics and everything fits Dedication 5

  • Countin’AllDay

    Never question greatness #thatnigga

  • LuvTunechi

    Sik az fuk az my Boo alwayz been ♡♡♡♡♡

  • Future Drake
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  • Future Drake