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Lil Wayne Will Be Interviewed For CRWN At SXSW On March 14th

Mon, Mar 10, 2014 by

Lil Wayne Will Be Interviewed For CRWN At SXSW On March 14th

This Friday on March 14th, Lil Wayne will be taking part in an interview with Elliott Wilson for his CRWN series. The interview will take place in front of a live studio audience at 3:30PM EST at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas during SXSW.

A good thing about the CRWN interviews is that they are never short – most of them are between 45 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes long! Click here to watch Drake’s interview with Elliott that took place last year to get a see of what they are like.

Hopefully we get some great questions asked!

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  • they better ask him about carter 5 and why he dont have hunger for hiphop anymore

    i dont want any longer than 5 minutes spent on trukfit and skating

    • RAW TUNE

      damn you have no life ,you’re always the first one on this site SOON as a post is made

      • Lolz

        Thats what i was thinking too. That niggas a fucking dickrider

        • ken

          Na he not he just love lil wayne music tf. I swear dumb ass ppl these days but anyway if you don’t got nonthing nice to say say then keep it to yourselfs ctfu

          • Eric

            Just like yo momma luv dheze nutz bitch!!!!!!!

            • ken

              Do she now

            • four none

              dheze nutz be in yo mouth you fukkin bitch.

      • Eric

        Yep, just ignore his fagget ass. He just mad cuz his sister fucked me and his momma sucked me

    • Eric

      Yo momma still got hunger for this dick tho

      • AJ

        Bruh chill tf out!!!!!!!!!!!…………..Yea i admit u were funny at first but now u just lain annoying. Just chill bruh, u gettin lame.

      • four none

        Im surprised that you took your cock out of the family dog long enough to post,faggot.

    • jbadd504

      Well I think we all know why he doesn’t have the hunger anymore…wayne will always be the best to ever do it in my opinion but the guy has been rapping, partying, fucking bad bitches, doing all the best drugs, and making crazy money damn near 20yrs STRONG ..If you do anything that long and that consistent your gonna get tired of it..imagine going to the club to party once ever few months to celebrate an achievement or hangout with friends..its gonna be epic as hel and feel new every time….now imagine going to a club and partying 2 times a week for 15 years.its going to feel like a sure rapping also feels like a chore to him now…!! Thats one hell of a lifestyle and he has already achieved damn near more than most rappers in the game and way more than who will ever enter the game. WAYNE IS LEGEND. cant wait for c5..

      • Akila9D4

        You’re an idiot if you think Wayne is the best rapper ever.

        • Ask euro he say he been spend time with the greatest of all time all the time… wayne is the greatest ever

  • True story

    Lilwaynehq needs to do an interview with weezy


    ugggh that elliott dude is a bias hater. i’ve seen him throw shade towards wayne a few times on youtube and twittert. he’s a mmg dick rider too

    • fewcha

      i cant stand that elliott wilson dude

      he is a dickrider and has a horrible laugh

  • Michael

    Yes LilWayneHQ needs to interview Lil Wayne ! Danny deserves it ! But hopefully they do ask him about C5, like features, if the release date is official, what he plans on doing after C5 and if he’ll do ny other albums like LFLS2, Big Tymerz & Devol !

  • [Original] Gudda Gudda

    all i want is someone to ask weezy when gudda will get an album release date

    • St3v3n

      March 32nd!!

    • Eric

      And all i want is for u to stfu and kill yourself bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tflames Bitch


  • AJ

    Ym album drops in 10 mins yall. 12am est

    • Ericc

      Bitch u can take that album and shove it up yo ass!!!!!!! Clearly no one cares about that piece of shit, the only good songs were moment, we alright, senile, and induction speech. The rest is trash and sickning. We want a C5 single

  • mortimerr2014

    Rise of an empire was one of the few albums that I have downloaded rather than buyin. Only a few good tracks and 75 percent of the album we done heard already. I want c5

  • mohamed

    True Danny should interview wayne matter fact ill just tweet Wayne that(@jaraboks). lol Danny we dnt even kno how u look it feels like kill bill or charleys angels in this ish lol no homo

  • Chuck_Brazy

    something to look forward to!

  • Tflames Bitch

    Dis nigga betta ask sum C5 questions…prolly juz an waste of an interview…n a waste of waynes time

  • Cocaine Biceps

    them niggas are soft tho, the gon askin about health issues, family.. weezy should do an interview with breakfast club son

    • Tflames Bitch

      Im feelin that idea

    • On The Real Wayne Would Never Do That, He Would Probably Go To Funk Flex Or Angie, But Really When the Last Time Wayne Did A Press Run For ANYTHING …

  • I can’t wait for dis interview

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  • four none

    “lil wayne” aka no balls ghetto punk,needs to do a face to face interview with an Veteran of live combat,and explain why he desecrated the U S flag.Hey puke,if you hate it here so much,get the fuck out!