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Mike WiLL Made It’s Upcoming Single To Feature Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar & Future

Sun, Mar 16, 2014 by

Mike WiLL Made It Upcoming Single To Feature Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar & Future

Elliott Wilson announced on Twitter today that producer Mike WiLL Made It‘s upcoming single will feature Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar, and Future.

The homie Mike Will Made It told me about his upcoming single featuring Future, Lil Wayne & Kendrick Lamar. Crazy!

There is no confirmed release date just yet for this single, but hopefully it gets released soon!

In related news, Lil Boosie recently mentioned in an interview that he will be sending a song to Weezy for him to record a verse on this week. You can listen to that interview here.

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  • Baby f weezy

    Wayne better not let kendrick destroy him on this

    • Kendrick Lamar

      Of course im gonna destroy him

      • Frank

        Nigga your overrated

        • god

          Kendrick overrated? Man grow up. Kendrick is in my opinion on tupac level

          • mortimerr2014

            Just no… Kendrick good but he is real overrated and ain’t no pac

            • god

              Explain whats overrated bout him. I cant think bout one overrated thing man. All his verses are hard, his lyrics are defenitely on pacs level. He is at least the best lyricist of the year. At least

              • Chuck_Brazy

                Nawww. Everybody on 2Pac dick cuz he dead. Same with Biggie. I bet if 2Pac & Biggie were still alive they would do songs with Wayne too. Nas, Jay, TechN9ne, Scarface & other legends respect and fux with weezy. Kendrick still has a long way to go.

                • Michael

                  Biggie has a song with hot boyz so he has worked with Wayne kinda

                • Chuck_Brazy

                  Yeah that’s kinda true.

                • Michael

                  But Biggie would of worked with Wayne even more if he was alive today.

                • Chuck_Brazy

                  Hell yeah hahaha

                • youngrizzy

                  u not lying

              • mortimerr2014

                He’s overrated because 75 % plus of his fans hopped on his dick after gkmc and his overrated control verse. Which by the way wasn’t even that good even for Kendrick, his don’t kill my vibe remix 2nd verse was 10 times better.

              • Riz90s

                The nigga like a fucking gps on his album. Take left take right and another left. Wtf

                • god

                  Go to and check the line. There is a deeper meaning. Check it

                • Riz90s

                  The same way there’s a deeper meaning to the things wayne says. Kendrick was just explaining how they ducked the cops. Have you heard Kendrick’s take on carter3?

            • boosie

              Pac wasn’t lyrical

            • YMCorey

              He isn’t overrated

          • Chris Vs Christopher

            You can’t compare Kendrick to PAC..can’t compare Wayne to PAC.or any of em niggas to Wayne..they’re all great in their own way

            • Corey Boss

              pacmusic wasnt all that good , yall niggas hype that shit cuz thats what you hear and that nigga dead. gtfo the past

              • Lethu

                Yeah people just elevate pac and biggie because they are dead

              • Chris Vs Christopher

                Pacs loved cuz he made u feel his music and he talked about what niggas loved..and he also spoke fa the females.but i was just saying they’re all different so u can’t compare em

          • Riz90s

            Fuck you for even thinking that

          • TRUKFIT

            LOL U DUMB

          • Frank

            What? On tupac’s level nigga you’re the one who needs to grow up!

    • sizzurp

      Will somebody please, please double cup me

    • kdotdopelildopest


      Fuck I agree punjabi waitin’ for C5 same like D5 but man these BAN FAN swap and talk shit about Tune; and then again when get low puttin’ their cock and pussy back to him; man these looser just wanne dope and listen to him and get high and then want more same like dope fuck what u did haters; what tune can do and get high fuck all bitches which u can not even imagine when u masturbate but he in STUDIO and like u pussy showing, getting high and demanding more; by now anyone like him should be outta but he is still here for us F.A.N. not like u fake nigga who swap friend for dope.
      He can retire and can have concert4life with al these numbers/songs he got but he is still on with us because of us and in this age of net artist make more money in concert than album, u know that; he can go world tour actually tours for his life what he got and got many feat with all the top artist, man anyway, just hold down and wait for C5, and then he is outta life and u hater gonna beg BEG for new album or feat or whatever, but he gonna back to his hood. FUCK U HATER; i wish last day of tune in studio should be last day of life but after listening to YM GANG now LIL TWIST is like next LIL WAYNE and drake will keep on sucking his dick4 life.
      anyway hope twist gonna save me if he gotta his LP right, but if not RIP ME

    • YMCorey

      Kendrick can’t fuck with wayne overall .. But he’ll get em a little

  • mohamed

    Yeaaaa.can’t wait hope weezy kill it. like always

  • tre_soswavey

    Fuck Yeah! Hell fuccin yeah! Thats all i gotta say

  • mohamed

    Weezy and Kendrick. the mentor and the student that’s classic

    • I’m 2010 Kendrick attacked Every “Living Legend” In A Song Called “Monster” (Which Was The Kanye Beat) Eminem, Jay Z Big Pun Ect. & Of Course Lil Wayne. he specifically Said “Tell Wayne Swallow His Pride I’m The Best Rapper Alive …

  • merey

    first niggaz

  • Michael

    Yes, finally ! I wish it was just Wayne and Kendrick but I hope Wayne recorded it during his C5 mode cause if he did, he gonna kill Kendrick ! I’m a Kendrick fan but Wayne over Kendrick !





    • Don_Hooper19

      That would be dope AF

  • Dayne

    I hope this is that C5 single

    • Michael

      Naw I don’t think it is. Probably for a Mike WiLL Made It project or something but it’d be pretty cool if it was !

      • Dayne

        Wayne was just in the studio like a month ago with Mike Will. This song didn’t make Futures tracklist for his upcoming album & Kendricks album don’t drop til the Fall so lets cross our fingers!

  • King Weezy F

    hell naw future lmao

  • xgoblin

    Oooh shit….this is gonna be crazy

  • Tunechi_LEEL

    Woah! this sh!t gon be so crazy af…I’m so hyped for this. Btw no release date yet Oopz!

  • Zay

    I check this site at least 10 times a day lol
    Thanks for the upload Danny

    • emma


  • corbin wells

    Love both interested in seeing how this song will work out since Mike will make it usually makes garbage songs like 23.

  • corbin wells

    heard Kendrick only does the hook.

    • mortimerr2014

      That’s fine let him do the hook and weezy rip the verses

  • Yes!, i’ve been waiting for this collab for a while now. 🙂

    • ripper

      wayne and kendrick?

      they were both on the jay rock single in 2008

  • Best

    Wow Wayne, Kendric and Future, I call this good fucking news. Menn I can’t wait to hear it



  • virgin

    c5 single this week mudafuckaaasssss

  • this is a great collab looking forward to hearing this!!!

  • Chuck_Brazy

    Lol all the kendrick fans can stfu. Cuz “king kendrick” is on the same track as Weezy F. THA GOD

  • JustAGuy234

    Get future the fuck outta here

  • mortimerr2014

    Wayne bouta spazz

  • Snuggs

    Haaaaaaaan!! The best and Future again!!!

  • Wayne Has Been In The Studio With An Old Friend Working On The Carter V…

    • WTF IS UP


    • mark

      i rememeber you talking down on ymcmb411 for posting pics the comment section but now you doing it…smfh

    • eric moore

      ateast ymcmb411’s pix’s are rare

  • Countin’AllDay

    My nig Euro in the back

  • triple OG

    As long as he doesn’t talk about pussy then WE ALRIGHT

  • Weezy

    Weezy gon retire soon y’all
    Had this poster for years it ain’t coming off

  • Tune Up

    Drake > Kendrick

  • Weezy

    not all but some #realfan #sinceday1

  • Rocko

    I destroy every single female punany of your fam. Niqu. Ur dad shit in pumkins and push it into yo momma pussy after lickin it Niq. Swear the dooDoo on yo moma tooth smell like piggy meat but your daddy likes it. Nd tell yo sis she aint ballin, cuz she didnt get my balls in her mouth.

  • wtf

    He has to out shine Kendrick on this track

  • Capo



    You see euro in the back you know they just recorded that song


    I pray weezy don’t get killed on his own song and he should have gotten drake not Kendrick oh well

    • Yeyo

      This is “Mike Will Made It” song………


    I like future but Kendrick something else

  • philly c

    I like future but i would of preferred to see just Wayne and Kendrick on the song together. future is already on IANAHB2 , no need for him to be on this song IMO but we’ll see how it turns out. Plus I hope this song is just Wayne and Kendrick spitting bars !

  • Sandile Hlongwane

    Lil wayne ft kanye west and 2chainz Bang SNIPPET THOUGH #C5


      It’s aright I gotta hear more

  • Floyd YoungWill Mitchell

    “Fingertips on Her Hips as I Dip , Gotta Get a Tight Grip , Don’t Slip ; Loose Lips Sank Ships , it’s a Trip ; I Love the Way She Licks Her Lips – See Me Jockin’ ; Put a Little Twist in Her Hips Cause I’m Watchin’ “

  • #Xavii$uave$implexE$

    This record is goin to be huuuuuge!
    Weezy F better step his game up on this record cause kendrick is more than likely goin ALL OUT on his verse.

  • young tuna fish

    wayne gonna annihilate kendrick

  • TBRA

    Kendrick did kill Jay in that vibe remix.. it sounded like Jay wasn’t even trying though..his bars were hollow with no real thought put into them..maybe its because Jay doesnt rap to spit harder than the younger nigga cause he know who he is..maybe Wayne will think the same way and not go as hard as he could just because he aint that nigga that will be on a track with freeway and lil scrappy and make us skip both they features and leave his shit on repeat. He aint tryna steal nobodys shine anymore he has enough of it as it is.

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