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Watch A Sneak Peek Of Chris Brown’s “Loyal” Music Video Featuring Lil Wayne & Tyga

Sat, Mar 15, 2014 by

Watch A Sneak Peek Of Chris Brown Loyal Music Video Featuring Lil Wayne & Tyga

A teaser for Chris Brown‘s forthcoming “Loyal” music video featuring Lil Wayne and Tyga has made it’s way online. There is no exact release date just yet for the visual, but it will premiere during this upcoming week!

Hit the jump to watch a preview of the video, which was directed by Eif Rivera. Click here to listen to “Loyal” and here to read the lyrics.

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  • Bs up

    Lol ain’t Chris brown currently in jail?

  • Everdaygrinding365 1/2

    Tough! 1st

  • Davidson Lumas

    First?… yeah my nigha first


      NO 1 CARES

    • Skenny

      Nigga better kill ya self before I kill you



  • Davidson Lumas

    Carter v will flop and be disappointing like IMNAHB2 yall better start listing to iceberg and migos and meek mill

    • Skenny

      You ain’t a god father

      • Davidson Lumas

        Da fuck

    • Dillon

      Look dude I get that you don’t like wayne, but if you ain’t got anything smart to say they just shut the Fuck up and take your hatting ass somewhere else. (Look everybody, his about to reply with something irrelevant and stupid)

    • Chuck_Brazy

      Just because we’re Wayne fans doesn’t mean we don’t listen to other artists, idiot.

  • Skenny

    This is going to be dope ladies and gentlemen

    • Davidson Lumas

      Nothings dope about lil wayne anymore maby 6 years ago

  • Song is catchy, video looks good too.

  • Davidson Lumas

    Carter v will be shitty. I rather listen to k dot

    • Michael

      Why you on here ? Get to steppin’ bruh

      • Davidson Lumas

        Go eat a bag of dicks faggot

        • Michael

          Once you grow a pair of balls bruh. Fuck out of here thinking you bad talking shit on the net. Obviously you don’t get any attention at home so you fish for it on the web smh

          • Davidson Lumas

            I will fuk the shit out ur mom faggot ass nigga

            • Michael

              Act your age not your dick size little ass kid

              • Davidson Lumas

                Tell your mom I have a nice 7inches that can change her life

                • Michael

                  C’mon bro, my pubes are longer than your dick. Fuck outta here with yo dumbass

                • Davidson Lumas

                  Fuck ur mom, daughter, aunty, cousin, grandma

                • mortimerr2014

                  7 inches? That’s it nigga?

                • Davidson Lumas

                  Never had a complaint my nigga

                • Dillon

                  Because you never got before….

                • drake

                  stfu cunt bag….go suck your dads dick and get busy…dickhead

        • Freddy Oliva

          Shut the fuck up you stupid bitch migos dick ridin ass nigga .. Lil wayne to ever do it you dick sucking nigga , you the faggot . Lil bitch get the fuck off

    • Skenny

      STFU man !! You ain’t a god to tell us things before it happens -_-

      • Davidson Lumas

        U right. But im smart enough to know carter v will be shit stains on top of shitt

        • Skenny

          First, you hatin’
          Second, if you think that C5 is wack than you should save it to yourself

          • Davidson Lumas

            Naw I can say wat da fuk I want

            • Skenny

              So you are dick rider
              Don’t F with lil wayne fans man

              • Davidson Lumas

                Ima nut all ova ur moms mouth

                • Skenny

                  You have a 7 inches of bullshit
                  I advise you to fed it up to the cats you fake nigga _|_

            • mortimerr2014

              Not on here you cant

        • Chuck_Brazy

          You a sus ass queer. Kendrick wouldn’t be shit without Lil Wayne btw. One of his mixtapes were based on Tha Carter III.

    • mortimerr2014

      Get the fuck off lil wayne hq with your hatin ass bitch foreal.

    • YMCMB TRUkkeR

      Please hattin ass nigga get OFF the lil site!

    • bb5132014

      the fact that stole wayne flow, and tried to remix the carter 3 and call it C4 yea lost no comparison, good and all but will never do what wayne did #facts

    • Riz90s

      Why is kdot trying to do everything lil wayne did already? Fuck you fuck nigga

  • ovo

    When did Tyga jump on the song? Or is he just in the video?

    • aaron

      he posted his verse on Instagram last month

  • blahhh

    Idk why they made it seem like wayne had a long freestyle or performance at the woodies.. He performed 2 lines from a milli and only had one line after for the freestyle it goes “let’s be Frank from now on, call me Frank from now on, I ball till I fall and when I do them hoes gon pile on”

    • Davidson Lumas

      Stfu if u think wayne is a good rapper. Who goes from wearing blue to red. Kissing another man and claim straight. Wearing leggings and having suspect artist like drake. Wayne is a faggot

      • blahhh

        Only Faggot around here is you worried about the next man

  • YRfromthetown

    Davidson lame. This nigga listen to migos…..MIGOS !?? Ctfu lame. Respect Wayne dawg….and you a lame for being on here to Dissue another man anyway lol

    • Davidson Lumas

      U listen to a rapper who kisses other grown man in the lips andbu have a problem with me listing to migos

  • YRfromthetown

    Diss *

  • Tune Up

    I could of sworn French Montana was on this instead of Tyga. lol

  • Episode Himilaya

    Every thing is dope if It’s about lil wayne

  • YMtunechiCM

    haha damn! now thats a teaser!!!

  • Moose

    French Montana and Too Short got removed from the song?

  • KING

    who heard that line on the moment song…”niggas think they kings they lying” …—Kendrick’s control verse!!

    • C

      No, Wayne was one of the first person to cosign him. More likely aimed at Pusha.

  • supermamba17

    At first I thought the track was ok… couple weeks ago I listened to it again and I had wayne on repeat. Hope they play it on the radio

  • Davidson Lumas

    People I will leave this site forever if one person tells me why he kissed birdman on the lips. Why he wore girl leggins and still say hes straight. Why he started out as a crip and now hes a blood. U can’t do that without dieiing. Hes a gay ass fakes ass rap gangster turned skater blood faggot

    • Josh Kilgore

      I know in a older Wayne song he admitted to kissing birdman I think he said ” damn right I kissed my daddy” can’t recall the name of the song though. Lol something on D3

      • ThaddeusRex

        Lol that was the “We takin over freestyle”

        • Josh Kilgore

          I still listen to Wayne though. Lol I seen the picture, I know what happened. I know he ain’t a real blood but shit how many rappers are these days? Lol

    • YouToDamFas

      You saying wayne gay but your here WANTING to know everything about
      ANOTHER MAN is your hobby following everything men do and masturbating
      to it? Your comment is the definition of gay fake as nigga “People I
      will leave this site forever if (“You tell em everything about another
      man”)” does it turn you on at night to know everything about lil wayne?
      You say he is gay yet he probably has more kids than you and have been
      with more women than you/ been in more relationships than you and have
      been with ladies hotter than your old tranny of a girlfriend if you even
      have one…Get a fucking life homie…also what does wayne kissing
      birdman or even beyonce have to do with his fucking music? NOTHING
      …what does wayne being gay/bi or straight have to do with his music?
      NOTHING. who the hell cares about that sh!t anyways wayne could get more
      women than in 1 week than you ever did in your lame boring ass
      lifetime.. so how about you get off this site…shut down your computer
      walk outside your door and get a life and get a real girl and get a
      hobby that’s not gay (like following everything a dude does so you could
      say he is gay especially when you could clearly see he isn’t

    • Skenny

      Get th F out or I’ll be kickin yo ass again and again and again you bitch nigga !!

  • Busted

    Davidson – u r another mouth runnin, wait… isn’t tat a female trait 0.o

  • jeff

    Hey Danny is there anyway you can have that motherfucker removed from this site?

  • Made1nbg

    Yeah . . Look nize

  • lil tunechiie

    davidson lumas yur soooo f@#king stupid…… lil wayne is the best rapper alive… widout wayne wtf is rap ?

    • Skenny

      True .

  • Best

    How many rappers are feature on this song? First they were Lil Wayne and French Monata, and then Lil Wayne and Too Short, and now is Lil Wayne and Tyga! Anyway I can’t wait to see the full video

  • Ibrahim Basree

    Tyga? I thought French Montana was featured on the song instead of Tyga.

  • T

    Cant wait for the video. Love the song. Its catchy

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