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Young Money’s “Rise Of An Empire” Compilation Album In Stores Now!

Tue, Mar 11, 2014 by

Young Money Rise Of An Empire Album In Stores Now

Young Money‘s new compilation album, Young Money: Rise Of An Empire, has officially been released in stores today. Show your support for Lil Wayne‘s label and group by purchasing a copy (or more) from your local music store, iTunes, or Amazon.

Don’t forget to leave your feedback in the comments section below with your thoughts on Young Mula‘s latest project and how many copies you think it will sell in the first week!

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  • Dillon

    cant see it doing more than 200k but that’s still good

  • Showiz


  • King Weezy F

    Young Money Killed the album now lets move towards Tha Carter V

    • William Lemon

      This album going to hot ever carter is hot I get so if it not hot who fuckin cares I love wayne

  • weezy


  • weezyff

    i cant really feel them, except in a few songs. wayne is on a good way to get back, hope C5 will be better. young mula baaaaby

  • Ym

    Just got this off iTunes and its a lot better then I thought comparing to rich gang everyone killed it..
    Track 2 bang is dope

  • Swaglikeyanni

    Just bought it off iTunes waiting for it to finish downloading. Can’t wait to hear it!!!

  • Yepp

    Fresher than ever is pretty dope! They all killed it. YM’s got it. Now it’s time for C5

  • [Original] Gudda Gudda

    Gudda had the best verses on the album

    • Ahmad

      Not you again -.-

    • Eric

      And Dheze nutz had the best verses to yo momma last night, I had that bitch wit her leggz wide open screamin Amen and throwin up the peace sign Bitch!!!!!

  • NOLA

    Why did I think this would be better then the last one? SMH

    • Jamie Hamill

      Misleading album title and album art perhaps lol

    • Eric

      Why did think yo momma pussy would be better than my bitches? SMFH

  • Young mula babbby

    We are young money was better just for the fact that they were actually in the studio together. Fresher than ever, you already know, and video model are all really good

  • Dillon

    Cant Believe ain’t nobody commenting on induction speech…… one of the better songs on the album

    • Tierra

      Honestly this album will not sell well lets just be real. Rich Gang was pretty disapointing. After hearing the rich gang album, I will never buy another Ym album again. They have too many wack artists. Im only supporting wayne albums, not Ym. Im not a dick rider and I will not be wasting my hard earned money on trash. I wasted my money on rich gang but I am not wasting it with this.

    • johnraiindia

      No, U r wrong here, best songs/verses, not better than BOSS though (Tune) is of Lil Twist (dopest of dope); shows once in a full moon but when shows up itz fire. He is kinda next Lil Wayne; note my words; MARK IT. Induction speech is very good number but fall way below twist shit; he kinda kill all songs he is in. I am just waiting for LP. It gonna be G.O.O.D to die

  • Kendrick Lamar

    This shit gonna flop…Schoolboy Q Oxymoron went #1 on the billboard TDE run this shit fuck niggas..

    • Dillon

      yeah that’s all good and well but I cant see him holding it for two weeks. YM might get #1 next but not that that’s any achievement . at the moment there aint no real competition fighting for #1….. True story

    • William Lemon

      Fuck you kendrick and your whole crew

    • Eric

      And yo momma went #1 on my dick

  • ineye gabriel

    i the album was alright to be honest . but we are young money over this one (ROAE)
    really loved euro and lil twist stepped up his game for reel and to my amazement wayne had n o pussy verse on this one he is really getting better.

    • marc hare

      Getting better makes no sense u mean just putting more effort. .u cant just 4get how to rap overnight

  • CMB_

    56-90k first week….if you think about it, this isnt gonna go gold, this album doesnt have the same buzz as WAYM….its a solid compilation tho

  • KING

    Euro went in on that tune!!!
    “listen to the hype & I never dropped a song,I just say I’m nice”

  • stephanie

    To be honest I think young money first album was way better I honestly expected more from this album I’m not saying this isn’t good but like everyone went their own way I miss the old young money where they would all rap together but still Gotta support ma man weezy cuz that’s wat real fans do I hope C5 is better than any other carter album it’s a 50 50 chance

    • AJ

      It’s because they grew up. They are now able to support themselves without the help of Wayne. Drake, Tyga, and Nicki no longer need wayne to support them because they are allready out there and being very successful. When Wayne first took those artists off the street and signed them, he seen something in them. He knew that one day they would own the world. So he took them and molded them into being from underground artists to world icons. That’s he does, he takes artists off the street and makes something out of them. Its like taking a peice of trash out the trash can and turning it into something big. He cant really do anything else to them anymore. He has already made them into the best that he can. I’m sure he is so proud of them and himself for all of their succsess. Now its a new generation of young money and their are newer artists that he needs to put out. Thats why this album is called rise of an empire, cuz its the rise of the new ym generation and I think euro is gonna be the next artist that he transforms.

      • Eric

        Just like this dick turned yo momma into a hooker

  • Drizzy Drake

    Wouldn’t be surprised if the album didn’t sell over 100k first week cause the promo has been terrible

    • nfs444

      Really true… The first YM album was a BIG time success because of songs like Every Girl and Bedrock. That’s the type of shit that even girls listen to. They appealed to the masses… But they hardly did any promo for this YM album.

    • nfs444

      It’s kinda sad that the only promotion they did for this album was for the underground fanbase. Nothing really went mainstream like “We Alright”, barely anybody outside of the fanbase even knows about the album. smh

  • Jamie Hamill

    I listened to this album a few days ago…”We Are Young Money” is a much better album than this one. With the exception of “Senile” and “Good Day” and maybe one more, this album isn’t worth the time or money. Basically it was Tyga that saved this album.

    • Hold up

      Dude senile was weak compared to roger that. Tyga didn’t do shit for the album

      • aapolinna

        Senile was tygas song first, so yeah, he did shit for album.

    • hiphopfan

      Nicki had the best verse in senile so how did tyga save the album

  • Jayman



    I wish there was like a bed rock song on this album oh well maybe next time

  • Young Cuban

    I hope y’all niggas don’t be cheap and go out and buy the album.. I’ve bought a physical copy, and bought it on I Tunes.

    • got the leaked version

      Some niggas got bills to pay therefore can’t afford to buy every ym or wrest album as much as we love their music I think I speak for some fans when i say why spend ya hard earned money on something that u can get for free

      • Young Cuban

        therefore your not a real fan. $10 isn’t a lot of money.I bet u have Jordans and shit, so why not spend 10-20 bucks to support your favorite musician.

        • hiphopfan

          U wear jordans tho its clothing bro this is a cd thats just average C5 is what ppl are going to buy

      • Eric

        Just like yo momma gotta.bills to pay. She gotta suck this dick first

  • luis

    Euro is the future of rap! Hes already my favorite rapper.

    • paul

      Dickridin ass nigga

  • Chuck_Brazy

    my favorite tracks
    1. Induction Speech
    2. Moment
    3. Fresher Than Ever
    4. Bang
    5. Trophies
    6. We Alright
    7. One Time

    • hiphopfan

      That Nicki lookin ass niggas is also one of the best songs on the album

  • Tflame Bitch

    As a whole…it coulda been better. Moment..senile..fresher than ever…trophies…n u awready knw bangtho. We r young money seemed like a more complete album n it was more togetherness between the team

  • Heather

    Hi Danny, talking about the first week sales, I had a question. I live in Vancouver, Canada and will definitely buy the album on iTunes. So, my question was what is considered as first week sale. For example: since I don’t reside in US and buy the album on iTunes, will it add to the first week sales number? Or is it only considered as first week sale when people actually go in US stores and buy a hardcopy? It will be great if you could give an insight to the sales criteria. Thanks.

  • WeezyFFan

    This is way better than the last album, The flow of most of the rappers has sped up and not to mention the lyrics are more real than they have ever been. It was a good album and it showed how much these young artists have improved.

  • Gianluca lopetale wayne

    nice very nice

  • Tunechi_LEEL

    This Album is goinq to be the shit + C5 on the way…YMCMB we the biznz

  • I luv every song… euro introduction speech is the fuckin true

  • nfs444

    Y’all are all sitting here blogging about how “good” the album is… HOW BAD IS YOUR MEMORIES GUYS??!?!?!? Do you guys even remember Bed Rock or Every Girl? Shit, those were the good old days. This album was a flop and I highly doubt it will be a commercial success.

  • Luis

    Euro Killed the 3 songs he was on. He is the future of Rap. he will continue after wayne.


    “You already know” Mack Main’s verse made me laugh. Taljing about Miley. I love the album. It’s great. YMCMB for life.

  • Shaquan James

    It’s not gonna sell but the album is fair not good not bad not solid but it’s tolerable

  • ted

    “every girl,” bedrock”, “roger that “are classics gave me good high school memories…but this album did nothing for me it’s just there

  • Michael

    I honestly think Wayne gonna kill it this year. I’ve heard a lot of people that hated Wayne say he hasn’t dropped a bad thing at all this year. I’ve been supporting Wayne for a long time now and I always told people that he’s my favorite rapper and people would tell me he’s trash now but those same people are saying he’s been killing shit lately. Check the comments on YouTube about Moment and people saying he’s back. He never left in my opinion but his music lately has just been straight fire and now I can imagine everybody jumping back on the Wayne Train after C5 drop ! 2014 is Wayne’s year !!

  • nigel

    i like the album

  • Squek

    Moment and induction speech are the only two songs on the album I fuck with

  • Nathan Bryant

    This album was complete trash. It doesn’t have any real content. Just a number of randomized songs it seems. No story or theme to it. For all we know it could have been some random tracks they recorded and put it all together and called it an album. Rapping about some stupid mess. They have no real skill. They are just making words rhyme but not saying anything.

    You don’t hear of any of them outside of this. Not recording an album, not making nay moves, or anything. It’s just an unorganized camp to me that feed off the “popularity” of fans.

    No I’m not hating. I knew the album was gonna be trash. The first was trash. I downloaded it anyway to hope the better for them, but I deleted that shit after I was done. Drugs, money, bitches, etc. That’s all these dudes rap about. Sometimes the rap they rapping not even on topic of the song. Wayne even do that sometimes.

    • Wait

      Yeah it does sound thrown together but I wouldn’t say they ain’t making moves. Cory gunz has kriminal minded coming soon, twist has golden child two, flow has withdrawals, and euro might drop something soon. They working its just the promo sucks

  • just copped the album at best buy

    even though i think the album is average i thought i’d still support my fav artist’s label

    • Weezy

      Thats wassup!

  • Weezy

    Just finished listening to the whole ym album without skippin a song..goes hard!
    But wayne shoulda been on every track

  • Weezy

    Even tho the album doesnt have any classics..there are some bumpy tunes

  • Best

    The album is good. I love all the songs, but I think the first album was better. Anyway fuck you haters, Wayne and his artists are still winning. Young Money is forever

  • Khosta

    67000 copies first week but it deserves to go gold first week

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  • Marquita Caroll Carter Jr.

    Rise of an Empire” um new cd” loving that