Christina Grimmie Covers “How To Love” On The Voice, Lil Wayne Says He Would Sign Her

Wed, May 7, 2014 by

Above, you can watch contestant Christina Grimmie cover Lil Wayne‘s “How To Love” single on The Voice. After the show on May 6th, Weezy also went on Twitter to share his thoughts on her performance, as well as say he would sign her up to his Young Money record label:

Much much luv for Christina Grimmie!!!! That was dope ma! I’d sign ya right up!

What are your thoughts on Christina‘s cover of “How To Love“?

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  • Fabo

    Wayne need his next single to be like How To love if he want to sell a decent amount of copies

    • MS

      Bro are you fucking retarded? Wayne has been MURDERING the game lately… Pay attention or shut the fuck up

      • nfs444

        No he hasn’t… He’s about to murder the game. Let’s all be honest, he hasn’t exactly been killing it like he used to.

        • MS

          Loyal, believe me, thug cry etc… Look it up

          • nfs444

            “Look it up”… stfu

            • MS

              Nah you shut the fuck up… Idiot.

              • nfs444

                She Will is bettter than Believe Me. Fuck you, it’s fact… I’m not saying Tha Carter V isn’t going to be good tho. I’m just a little dissapointed

                • Prince_Academics

                  Lie Believe Me is 10 times better than She Will, Drake even had 2 killer verses, all Drake did on She Will was sing a damn hook, everybody likes when Drake and Wayne spit verses back to back, that’s what sells

                • nfs444

                  She WIll has sold over 5 MILLION copies… Believe me ain’t even on iTunes yet… fuck you

                • Saïf Aree Tugood


              • nfs444

                lol, you know I’m right so you shutted the fuck up

                • Ye’

                  Believe me is shitting on she will && he does need a how to love/lollipop type single if he wants spins on pop radio…dudes need to understand the market

                • Prince_Academics

                  That’s what I’m trying to tell him, and most people will agree with you, She Will ain’t even getting played no more after Believe me dropped,

              • Danny M

                nfs444 is right, you’re a dumbs

      • Lil Jay

        Yea he been murdering da game lately my nigga. The shit you talkin is irrelavent as fuck.

      • seriously agree with this ^^^^^^^

      • dharma

        That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t need a fire ass banger like How to love to sell as much as C4 did.

  • go gurlll

    i really enjoyed it, she rocked it

  • King Weezy F

    But you need to suck some dicks to meet the president

    • Jae Millz (Forgot Password)

      It’s “You gotta take 10 dicks before you meet the president, Young Money” – Jae Millz

  • fewcha

    i bet he would sign her

    he signs anyone to young money

    bunch of tax write offs

  • She probably better than shanell, Chanel west coast, and Christina Milian.

    • Skenny


      • Jae Millz (Forgot Password)

        Have you heard “So Good”?!?!?!? Plus Shanell is the lady that does all the back up singing on his tours. She’s way better than all of dem and don’t get no credit.

        • That’s exactly why we all think she is better than Shanell lmao

          • nfs444

            Literally Krispy Kreme is a better rapper than Young Thug. Look it up, and stop trolling.

  • Linoh Locc

    He’ll probably fuck her then sign her lol

    • fewcha

      who would blame him

    • Eric Toomer

      Looks a little too young.

  • Doom

    Dope ass cover !!!!!

  • LiloWeezy

    Love this song. Which more like that on C V. Lyrical beside Something you forgot and Trouble one of his best.

  • no lie

    it’s made me want to go and play how to love again…..

  • DannyK

    I’m in love with her, I wanna see her succeed!! Her “hold on we’re going home” was even better!!!

    • Khosta

      no it sucked but how to love rocked

  • Trizzy

    Why didn’t my momma sing lullabies like that

    • nfs444

      cuz then you’d wanna fuck your mom and we don’t all live in Kentucky

      • Skenny

        Chill out
        You so aggressive

        • nfs444

          Atleast I don’t type in all caps like that @Trukfit guy. He’s trying to be like Meek Mill or some shit

          • Trizzy

            Aight Mr Digital Gangster, I guess Christiana’s kids are gonna fvck her by your theory?

  • chata boy


  • 1fan

    She rock

  • Skenny

    Damn she’s hot
    “I’d fuck ya right up”

  • Jae Millz (Forgot Password)

    This is how I feel about Bieber on CV


      Yeah but not if your already rich as fuck and have two artist like Drake and Nicki making you a shit load of money. Especially Nicki

      • T@

        Bieber still a different fanbase a lot more people will buy the song because of it like it says good business move wayne tryna break records out here

  • Linoh Locc

    Its would be dope af if Weezy did a Foot note verse like he did on Ransom or in any other songs, he just straight kept going with out stopping… thats wat we need in C5 .. Imo

    • Prince_Academics

      You ain’t lying, I think Drake is going to have another feature on C5, something tells me this, but they do need a 5 minute song where they spit for 2 to 3 mins straight, 25 bars a piece


    Whoever signs to YMCMB is desperate. Tyga is only kind of poppin because he makes club music for females to twerk to but other than that only two of your 30 man royal rumble participants are left. Drake and Nicki

    • hiphopfan

      You’re whack u dont even know bout rap so shut up.


    Your precious,wayne is goooone hehehehe He left when he had to get sober in rikerrrrrs hahahaheeeeookohhh lmao… Wayne never had it.. Random meaningless but clever punchlines.. Gudda Gudda out raps him everytime haha heeeeeee heeede haahaaaa lmao.. Dread head alien looking loser ! Lmao! I wanna,skateboard.. I wanna,be a rock star and play geetar oops meant guitar lmao ! I’m a,monster booooyyyy i’ll eat you aliiiiive.. Yooooung muuuulaaa baaaabyy lmao.. Ok it’s nicki I guess it’s my turn . Put this pussy on ya,sideburns and start GETTING ANGRY BECAUSE I’M BIPOLAR! ..

    NOw it’s,DRIZZZy DRake ! Shake my hand and go naahuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu lmao. Shannell with her big ass chain nose ring.. bald headed ass birdman lmao.. Skinny ass tyga married a,stripper on some drake ish. Gudda gudda still aint shit lmao.. Lil twist …. Lmao… Lil chuckee actually was doing s bad in ymcmb he wanted to struggle on his own instead of looking at wayne skating and looking lame spittin pussy lines and nicki taking naked selfies looking desperate lmao … Hhhhheeeeeeeee haaaawwwww !

    • IKillOldWhiteMen

      Go get a life you old ass white cracker looking mo’fcker!!!!


    Stay as far away from this lil pain, lil stain,.. Lil wanker

  • C5Slime

    @DannyM lil twist put a picture of wayne in the studio on Facebook with caption #C5

  • AK

    I guess wayne need to drop to many artist from young money like lil twist and shanel and chanel west coast


    This is south african special force hire us to kill all these haters on this website!!!

  • Dom

    Can we have more positive less negative please.

  • kim

    i know why he would sign her

  • hahaha *phew thought this was bout to set me off

  • first of all i would NEVER do a cover of wayne song

  • LondonB

    I luv Weezy but he needs to stop being a yes man, she aint nothing special. Young Money should of just been Drake Nicki and possibly Tyga. Stop signing talentless artist Wayne

    • Eric Toomer

      Seriously Wayne a ”yes man” baby?!?!

  • Eric Toomer

    Very good job!

  • Zac Bobolo

    That performance was off the charts. Well done foe sure. I can’t bring myself to delete it off the dvr

  • LuvTunechi

    Brought me tu tears 4Real!!! She has a beautiful voice; I wud sign her tuu, straight up!!!!! ;+)))

  • Jon Royal

    He should get her to do a dope chorus or hook on CV