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Feature Friday #25: Parlae – The One (Feat Lil Wayne)

Fri, May 9, 2014 by

Parlae The One Feat Lil Wayne

This week’s “Feature Friday” installment is Parlae‘s “The One” track featuring Lil Wayne.

The song appears on Parlae and DJ Coolbreeze‘s collaboration mixtape titled Teddy Gram The Hustler, which was released back in 2007.

“Strapped like Pampers, cause we is the shit; And they know we got snow, we can freeze a bitch!”

You can listen and download “The One” after the jump below!

Download: Parlae – The One (Feat Lil Wayne)

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  • C5 in 2015

    Who the fuck is parlae?

    • YMCorey

      Dumb ass

    • Pizzle

      I believe he was in Dem Franchize Boyz… I wouldn’t blame you if you don’t remember those guys though, hahaha

      • CV

        Lean wit it, rock wit it….. holy fuck that’s a throwback and a banger everyone was bumpin that shit

  • Time

    It’s crazy to think that this song was released SEVEN years ago. Show’s how long Wayne has been killing the game

    • Skenny

      lil wayne been killing the game since 20 years ago

  • fewcha

    you got to love how they didn’t show them pink shorts in the thug cry music video rofl………

    • Jbadd504

      Lol yea son..I was like the camera never went down on Wayne’s outfit the entire time..I knew sumthin was up

    • How can you turn up to video shoot rocking pink shorts for a song about Thugs lol.

      • DOLA

        It’s RED you Fug!!

    • RichDadPoorDad

      I hope instead of making a love song as a single Weezy makes a song dedicated to his daughter. Like if Wayne loves being a father so much why hasn’t he expressed that through his music. He’s got Detail and PJ Morton who could help him produce it, PJ’s got a daughter I’m sure he’d be down to collab on that timeless track. Like a touchy feely no matter what I love my daughter track.

      I’m just saying cause I’ve been a Wayne fan since day 1 and I’m about to start my family I’m all grown and shit, my first daughter is bought to be born and I’d just think it’d be dope 15 years down when my duaghter’s causing me troubles I could just throw in the C5 and vibe to the track. Just a Thought.

      • fewcha

        “his and her’s ferarri nigga, one for me and my daughter nigga”

      • Christian

        He doesn’t have a track dedicated to her, but every now and then he spits a verse about her. La La is one.

        • Chuck_Brazy

          How to Love was dedicated to her too

          • Christian


            • Chuck_Brazy

              Yeah, He said so in an interview.

  • Linoh Locc

    Weezy went in…

  • Linoh Locc

    Weezy went in *

  • Skenny

    damn im missing that word play

  • Khosta

    Weezy been killing shit lately, this song is old yet he is not as good as he is these days anyway, guys which lil wayne is your favourite? mine is the 2011 one, he had that swag where he wears the white t-shirts, skinny jeans and vans or other types of sneakers. just check the bow chic a bow bow video, motivation video, Welcome to my hood video etc. the other thing I like about the 2011 wayne is that his punchlines were different from each other yet he delivered the most creative during 2011 and won BET lyricist of the year. listen to 6 foot 7 foot, president carter, carter IV intro, Welcome to my hood, motivation, blunt blowin. fuck it I just want the 2011 weezy back, My favourite weezy
    Which one is your favourite ?

    • 2011? GTFO. it’s 2007 or 2008 for me.

      • khosta

        dude the 2008 weezy had some cool shit too but in 2011 he was at his peak

        • Louis Essig

          wow you are a dumb fuck he was in his peak in 2009 period.

          • Prince_Academics


        • Chuck_Brazy

          naw bruh. 2011 was the start of his decline..

    • Falzy f.baby

      Mine iz the 2008 n 09 swagg…. Dat auto-tunechi nigga

    • triggacity_813

      2006-2011. Polo vneck classic

    • fewcha


    • Tune Up

      Real fans don’t have a fav., Wayne is Wayne and Wayne is the Best Rapper Alive and one of the Greatest Rappers of ALL TIME. nuff nuff jiggilly puff

    • Ye’

      I like the way that boy dresses now outside the box high fashion type shit

  • Nice verse. Couldn’t save the song though…. That other rapper wack.

  • Falzy f.baby

    The song iz kuwl.

    Weezy f.baby please say the baby

  • YMCorey

    Ya dig


    Remember before carter 4 came out.. Wayne talked about a song called “Waynes World” that would make other rappers “quit” .. Well apparently that song is on C5. THE leak of the beat is on youtube

    • TBRA

      I peeped it.. Beat sound nice, but your saying it was recorded during carter 4 time period??


        Yeah I think it was right before he went to rikers i’m not sure but I’m 100% positive he mentioned that song before he even dropped C4 . So it’s a good chance that song might be good quality Wayne

        • triggacity_813

          Yeah I remember that article bro & I remember being mad it didn’t make the album..I hope its on C5

    • fewcha

      i might make a beat, upload it to youtube with the title ‘best rapper alive part 2 beat off carter 5 leak”, just so dumb asses like you believe it


        Stfu bruh… And don’t comment back..

        Drake’s verse on believe me leaked 1st.. You can Youtube that Wayne and Mannie fresh song. A snippet of that leaked with wayne saying “Just a watch and a mink coat, even my biatch gotta mink coat” So I believe it has leaked it’s not like it can’t happen bitch ass mothafucker

  • Ym

    Y’all need to follow mike will new account eardrum records so he can drop buy the world feat weezy future and kendrick

    • fewcha

      he still won’t drop it

      he just looking for followers

      it will drop in june or july

    • wiseman91

      he aint going to drop it now weezy just dropped his single

  • LuvCoolJ

    Wayne so wack man smh…hearing old tracks just makes me more disappointed in him

    • Yeezus

      Why are you here?

  • triggacity_813

    Juelz jus did an interview & said he bout to fly to L.A & record wit Wayne

  • master v

    Juel santana said dat lil wayne called him nd tell him to come to los angels.it looks lyk juel will be on carter v or recodin can’t feel my face.



  • Daniel Parry

    Wayne always been a real G don’t care what anyone says he’s been holding cash money for over 20 years not its Young Money
    young money is rising shout out Danny M an the

  • Chuck_Brazy

    1999-2002: hot boy weezy coming up
    2003-2004: proving himself in his solo career.
    2005-2006: hungrier than ever
    2007-2008: his prime (best rapper alive)
    2009-2011: still killing it but losing his hunger
    2012-2013: Just fucking around cuz he already proved himself
    2014: the return

    • wiseman91

      pretty much also sober 2012-2013

  • Yeezus

    Outkast – Hollywood Divorce (Feat. Lil Wayne)
    Mya – Lock U Down ft. Lil Wayne

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  • @danny that boom bap would be a perfect feature Friday…..these new fans probably never even heard it lol

  • sebas

    That nigga gear game is fucked up like who let this nigga leave the trailer looking like that but he paid his gear game can change when ever he decides to look into a mirror…no lie the way he use to dress back when the drought 3 and the carter 3 came out was flawless nobody cant say they wasnt jocking his swag at that time

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