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French Montana Announces “Lose It” Single Featuring Lil Wayne & Rick Ross

Mon, May 26, 2014 by

French Montana Announces Lose It Single Featuring Lil Wayne & Rick Ross

French Montana has revealed the artwork for his upcoming single called “Lose It” featuring Lil Wayne and Rick Ross. The song will also include production from Kanye West and The MeKanics.

There is currently no release date for the track, but hopefully it drops soon!

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  • Owen

    Wayne stay working

    I really don’t think he will ever retire

    Always in the studio working on albums, mixtapes, and features

    No other rapper does that

    • Birdman Richest

      Maybe he need a break because he been done since No Ceilings and if you can’t see that.. Gotta be too much of a fan and lowkey bias.. Maybe it’s time for him to live real life not just skateboarding and parties as a rapper.. I bet if he get’s new expierences as Dwayne Carter and not lil wayne the rapper.. He’ll be a way better artist.. Time to give this metaphor , punchline, materialistic, rap up. 31 going on 32.

      • [Original] Gudda Gudda

        he had a year break when he was in jail

        • Birdman Richest

          8 months to a year in Rykers not the same as living life reflecting as a man.. When you stay in the studio.. Parting, skateboarding.. Probably make sure to see his kid’s here and there.. He’s not really reflecting.. But if he does retire.. And if he comes back.. I bet he’ll be better than ever. Idc he been done since no ceilings and rebirth was better than expected. But that’s it.

          • young_Scottie

            that’s about the same amount of time football players get

            • Birdman Richest

              Is this music or football? Music is the most powerful thing on this planet and most influential. .

              • young_Scottie

                I agree but look at all the punishment football players go through and only get a little bit of time and then they are back at it… but thats what they want to do and this is what Lil Wayne wants to do and that why I like him because he continue to deliver every single time

              • Anti

                Religion then music

          • tune up

            Someone answer this, how many times has jay-z said he is retiring? Yet every year he is still creating new songs. I could be wrong though being that I’m not a big jay-z fan. Just saying. Wayne might say he’s retiring it we all know that nigga ain’t retiring. Music is his way of life and nothing can change that.

            • YoungWeezyF

              He’ll slow down on his music thats for sure, then im betting give him a few years no more than 10 max and he will get so bored of being retired. That on top of while he is retired he will think of so many clever lines that make him say “man I wish I could rap that”. So that plus boredom will make him drop a new album but probably not a Carter or IANAHB

      • Nathan Bryant

        Real talk

      • Dope Shit

        Ianahb 1 and Sorry 4 the wait was pretty stable

        • khosta

          the carter IV was dope, his verses in 2010-2011 were all sick

          • YoungJT1092

            Thank you! Damn, ppl dont wanna admit Wayne’s decline in lyrical content started really from D4 and that’s 2012. Like honestly.

            • Khosta

              ja from 2012-2013 he seemed like he didn’t care man, but the 2010-2011 wayne was awesome

              • Anti


      • nigga please

        His mataphors be hard as fuck this nigga smart as fuck no other rapper dose it like dat you don’t kno wat u talkin bout why are u on here if u don’t like Wayne u don’t have a life do u you should be on your favorite rapper fansite us Weezy fans don’t need you here and Weezy can careless if you dont like him he has the biggest fanbase in hip hop he can care less about you haters

        • Birdman Richest

          It’s like if your not suckin his dick you can’t be a fan of his is what your basically saying. .. Jay Electronica , Ab-Soul, Kendrick Lamar are smart.. Not saying Wayne isn’t smart just more clever with his wordplay in his “prime days.” Which I don’t believe in having prime period in music like it’s,basketball, football.. Kurupt is still a good ass rapper.. E-40 still here somehow, Tech N9ne .. Maybe not as popular as Wayne but Wayne only really blew to Superstardom from lollipop that was Static Major’s,idea which boosted C3 and his,popularity sky high.

      • Christian

        Please explain what exactly is “real life” and better yet, how could one of his status consciously pursue it? Wayne’s style revolutioned rap and you want him to stop that so he can do what exactly? Start rapping like J.Cole or something?

      • bitch who the fuck you think you are. dont know fucking shit motherfucker

      • blockerboi

        Maybe he just tired of Rappin bout what he did when he was young like he said “I already made my mark don’t believe I just pop corks”. Now I think he just having fun with it. He will always be the best rapper.

      • zecaD

        Agree 100% right now he act like a rich teenager who dont give a shit bout nothin, he my favorite rapper but personaly i liked him more before

  • Giraffe Boy

    Hope it doesnt sound like marble floors….

    • young_Scottie

      marble floors wasn’t that bad

      • Wayne’s verse was.

        • young_Scottie

          well I thought it was good and I aint fellin to argue with you young blood… we all got our opinions

        • Fuck tha Fame

          nah it was what it needed to be catchy when his part come on everybody knows it word for word

        • YoungJT1092

          You trippin dude, his verse on Marble floors were one of the least pussy verses at the time, how was it terrible? Plus “Rollin weed on white sheets KKK?” “Shoot ya in the head like Abraham Lincoln?” Naww, that verse was fire..

  • YM boy

    Hope French don’t fuck it up like every song he’s in.




  • T.D.E

    The weezy drought is officially over

  • Jolly

    Kanye west on the beat so you know it’s gonna sound dope as fuck

    • young_Scottie


  • David D

    we been getting so much weezy news lately

  • Bune

    Looks like wayne wants to make a run for the summer



      • Bune

        Yesss sir I’m still tryna figure out if he’s on it or not but they did confirm big artist are on it so I guess that could be a hint

      • young_Scottie

        hopefully weezy in it

  • weezyftunechi

    Its Waynes summer. 2014 Never Queston Greatness. Best rapper alive!

  • weezyftunechi

    People are hypocritical though. Right now everyone want that ’08 Wayne but in ’08 everyone wanted ’04 Wayne lol in a couple years we will want ’14 Wayne….

    • Ye’

      Truest shit I read in a long time

    • No lie !!

    • marc hare

      Its funny cuz the ppl giving thumbs up to this are the ones thats victims to this comment lol

    • Tune Up

      I’m probably the only one who doesn’t compare to the past.

    • Anti

      in 08 i wanted 08 wayne i didn’t care about 04 lil wayne p.s i’ve been a fan since the beginning

    • nfs444

      IDK about you guys but I want the 2011 Wayne. We Back Soon, She Will, All Of The Lights (Remix), That’s What They Call Me (Ft. Gudda), etc.

      • Amazu Ukoh


      • Khosta

        I also like the 2011 Wayne, he was my favourite

    • dwayne carter


    • dwayne carter

      no lie I really want ’08 and 0’7 wayne mixed

  • Young Hitta

    You can tell by the name of this song that Wayne is gonna murder this track and burry it far away.

  • Weezy

    And it’s produced by Kanye

  • mortimerr2014

    the rich gang single will be that wayne and thugger song. the one we thought was a cv snippet that birdman had playin in his bugatti on his bday

    • kingCarterv

      U might be right

      • mortimerr2014

        I know it is bruh. If you listen to the clip you can hear young thug rapping before weezy before he opens his door

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      i hope it is

  • The Future

    Kanye co-produced?
    This shit should be fire!
    Can’t wait!

  • [Original] Gudda Gudda

    i dont think its coming any time soon cause he removed it from instagram

  • young_Scottie

    no Drake but still gonna be a hit!!! can’t wait


    Real shit.. Wayne’s,last great verse he really had was that feature with T-Pain “Bang Bang Pow Pow” that was a legit verse.. Probably need to finish that T-Wayne album bc T-Pain a good influence

    • Didnt you say you was leaving?

    • Ye’

      This kid has all the opinions we could go toe to toe in opinions all day the facts are where it’s at you have none come back when the numbers play in cause they don’t lie

  • nigga please

    You haters hatin for non cuz you will neva get wat you want Weezy has the biggest fanbase in hip hop he can care less about you haters fans and music wise he’s these Michael Jackson of Hip Hop MJ a great comparison cuz he had alot of hater but yet had the biggest fanbase in pop music thats why they called him the king R.I.P MJ

  • Malik

    Come on Wayne, mouth looking hella crusty.

    • No homo. Shit how did you even notice that?

      • nfs444

        I read it “Cum on Wayne’s mouth is looking hella crusty”

        No homo tho i’m not gay

  • weezyftunechi

    Kendrick fuckin spits too dont get me wrong…but dont you ever compare him to the KING weezy f. Thats like saying Durant is better than Lebron. This is a Wayne fan site do all of us a favor and get the fuck out. We dont go on kendricks site and talk shit…respect

  • Why Kanye not spit a verse on this 🙁

  • Tune Up

    Wayne’s year!

  • Skenny

    Ok cool!
    I just gonna wait for weezy wednesday’s & rich gang single

  • GeneralWeezy

    Tune and Kanye dont mix kanye samples old soul music shit and tune raps on real hip hop beats not some ottis redding song musik. Be real french, get mike Z kane beats or dj mustard. Some good producers who aint feminine

    • Ye’

      It’s shit like this that make people hate wayne and wayne fans smh you’re a damn fool

    • Glenn

      Nigga kanye produced some off the coldest wayne songs let the beat build was the shit you not no wayne fan or hip hop fan because kanye is the best producer in our generation besides pharrel and timberland kanye a fuckin genius you just a fuck boy

      • LeTerance Corbitt

        Exactly Wayne X Kanye collab is one of best collabs that I see the best out of Lil Wayne.

  • GeneralWeezy

    Fuk kangay west like how can u work with such a faggot wayne?

    • Ye’

      Kanye is one of the best producers that ever lived you don’t know shit about art kid please go very far away

  • Linoh Locc

    Cant wait for Weezy Wednesdays this week !!! Two days left for it 🙂

  • Young Tunechi

    It’s finna be dope you got Wayne n the boss together its a rap

  • Jay P Ya-Yo

    Hot Shit…

  • Harry Hannafin

    Hyped for this! Could of used a better pic of wayne tho lol

  • Harry Hannafin

    Kanye needs to be majorly on tha carter V

    • LeTerance Corbitt

      Kanye West & Mannie Fresh production needs to be heavy on C5.. Forreal!!!

      • Harry Hannafin

        Real Talk !

  • Young Hitta

    We need another 9 piece type track for the summer

  • Khosta

    lil wayne dissing Kendrick Lamar
    “niggas saying they’re kings they’re lying, bitch you talking to a card shark. I already made my mark, just don’t think I just pop corks”
    “all y’all that lashed out I’ll come see what that’s ’bout. but you don’t need to call the fireman to put a motherfuckin’ match out”

  • yadig

    My nigga Wayne straight ballin this year

  • Crissy

    Wayne and Kanye The Legends

  • khosta

    d6 intro(Fuck Chi-raq this is the N.O) saw it on twitter posted by Twist

    • nigga please

      No he didn’t post that u liein I juss checked

  • Khosta Murk these lil bitches

    where’s the dude named “just trolling” just to let you know nigga on saturday I’ll be recording a diss track dissing your ass for callin out my mother, I ain’t finna let it slide

  • Khosta

    comment on the old post guys
    throw back post of the day is:

  • this would be dope!!!
    especially as kanye producing this!!

  • Bune

    I see you guys fight over the Kendrick lil wayne thing I honestly don’t listen to Kendrick like that so I wouldn’t be able to speak on that but I do feel like the control verse which is what made him really be noticed wasn’t as good as people made it seem he didn’t say anything that got me to think damn how the hell did he think of that

  • i aM NOt a hUMan

    That awkward moment when i take ” you ride Wayne’s dick” as a compliment…Im on HQ everyday, I KNOW DIS MANN!!!

  • Yeezus

    Looks good on paper

  • dwayne carter

    people keep sayin when wayne went to jail weezy died and tunechi came alive like lmfao

  • michaelYMCMB

    Stfu about 08 wayne 2011 wayne, man waynes wayne, he just evovled as an artist like an artist is supposesed to!!! Wayne knows how good he is an we all know how good he is, he is the best rapper alive and will be till he passes.. keep doin it for us fans wayne ! We proud my nigga.. YMCMB

  • GeneralWeezy

    EVeryone on me for not liking kanye but I just dont like old style music he samples old soul music it aint no joke really it says on wikipedia “he is known to sample soul like music” I hate that shit I like hip-hop beats mike zombie dj mustard I like that not soul music and kanye isnt good at rappin either talkin bout swag heelee like he fabo – drake

  • GeneralWeezy

    And on the 08 04 11 Wayne debate to be honest my favorite Wayne album of all time is Carter 4 and I know C5 is gonna be better tho already iANAHB2 was okay it wasnt great but something and rise of an empire was amazing moment was great we alright but thats YM wayne took moment off of c5 bcz it wasnt good enough and it was great so imagine songs 10x better than moment, 08 wayne has flaws too guys what about lollipop? It hit #1 but it was some poppy stuff I like rap, my favorite song on c3 was shoot me down and lets talk Dedikation, D5 was my 2nd favorite mixtape, D4 is my favorite and I havent even heard evry song on d4 ive listend to d5 since it’s release tho, d3 was ok and d2 was good d1 was shit tho and the leak in 07 was great 04 carter1 was good but not as good as c4 or even close to c3 c2 was also great but not as good as c1 so every 1 has an opinion and every wayne has flaws so there

  • Kristo Palacios

    Montana gunna ruin the song

  • LuvTunechi

    ♡ TUNE ♡ CNT WAIT!!!!!

  • Weezy Da God

    Wayne and ross gonna spit fire.. Gotta love that everyone now a days is spittin ever since Kendrick’s control verse.. Real rap

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  • I like this Wayne.. [again]

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