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Lil Wayne Hits The Studio With Jeremih To Work On “Tha Carter V”

Sat, May 3, 2014 by

Lil Wayne Hits The Studio With Jeremih To Work On Tha Carter 5

On Thursday evening, Lil Wayne had a late night/early morning studio session with Jeremih.

The singer-songwriter shared the photo above on his Instagram page with a caption saying “#CARTERV”, so most-likely they were working on the upcoming Wayne album.

Jeremih and Tunechi have previously worked together on The Game’s “All That (Lady)” single and a song called “All The Time“.

Would you like to see a Weezy F Baby and Jeremih collaboration on Tha Carter V?

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  • fewcha

    I’ve already over played believe me

    need a new single now

    • Haroon


    • The Future

      Maybe we can get that Mannie Fresh song.


    Weezy F Crazy

  • Linoh Locc

    Believe Me is str8 fire

    • fewcha

      the next single needs to be like how to love or lollipop

      leave believe me as a ‘street’ single

      • Linoh Locc

        That would be great.. More like a lollipop song.. but remember weezy said hes not gana talk about pussy anymore or as much.. so we just gotta stay tuned..
        I have no problem bumping to Believe Me nd Moment .. imo

        • fewcha

          i think moment > believe me

      • LuvCoolJ

        See its fugazy ass ppl like you who turning wayne into a pop artist. Like wtf. Lil Wayne is a RAPPER. He used to be a gangster rapper. Leave that lollipop shit to t pain or somebody. Thats why he garbage now smh

        • Anti

          he aint garbage.

        • Ye’

          You don’t understand marketing is all

  • Jon Royal

    all the time was dope af

    • I hated that song.

      • Dzo

        you hated everything you whiny little bitch

    • fewcha

      it was horrible

    • lil


  • Keep jeremih away from c5. Ain’t nobody want a feature from him on Wayne’s last solo album.

    • lil

      i do

    • Dzo

      Mrs Officer was dope tho. I also notice all your comments are negatives. Please go somewhere else with that. You don’t decide who goes on what so shut your whiny little mouth slut.

      • C5WhatUpFive

        Mrs officer was Bobby Valentino

        • Dzo

          Damn them niggas look and sound the same lmao

          • C5WhatUpFive

            Yea and both good on the hooks

    • Drought 3

      Jeremih’s OK…but we all know the best chemistry is with weezy and Chris brown…if only he wasn’t locked up :/

      • WeezyDaKing

        Gimme That

    • wantjejayar

      Wayne’s solo album? believe me there gon be more enough featurings on it, maybe 3 songs he will make solo.

    • tsulli504

      U crazy….go listen to late.nights with Jeremih…..that boys a fool….way better than a feature with lame ass euro.

  • LuvCoolJ

    I hope him and Jeremih can put together a dope song with jeremih on the hook…I will admit Wayne always does good verses with singers. Hopefully we can get a track like Comfortable on C5…where’s that Wayne at??

    • LeTerance Corbitt

      I was thinkin the exact same thing bruh….

  • King Weezy F

    All I gotta say is sayonara, nigga
    Drop dead gorgeous but the bitch ain’t dyin’ for a nigga
    Where the real queens at? Shout out Capone and Noreaga
    We can shoot it out and see who live to tell the story later
    Diamonds in my Rollie face, cannot be exfoliated
    They think I’m associated, I’m the one that orchestrated
    Yayo get her ass whipped, whip that ass like horses racin’
    Ain’t ’bout what you walk away from, it’s ’bout what you walk away with
    Dead Presidents, them coffins vacant, I must be doin’ somethin’


  • Never say never

    Jeremih probably just wrote a hook for a singer to do on c5

  • KING

    wayne trynna bring in different people on the hooks so that C5 may be different & hella dope..The least y’all can do is appreciate his verses as they are hella dope ryt nw!!!

  • C52014

    Wayne working with real artists, Tha Carter V will be fire i know it trust, his not putting any shit artists on this album, Wayne been working on this album for months and months, and putting hard work in too this, believe me was dope as fuck, #ThaCarterV

  • Weey F’ Baby

    DieBolt Designs made this dope ass Carter V Cover.

    • triggacity_813
  • LuvTunechi

    #TRILLSHIT 4real

  • boeyybryan

    Hey guyz wats this all about! I want in.!sinc its about tunuchi!

  • stop hating


  • Anti

    Where the solo songs at Wayne

    • Prince_Academics

      Moment maybe

      • Anti

        I thought moment was a CV leftover

        • Prince_Academics

          I was just saying it’s a new Wayne solo song

    • LeTerance Corbitt

      Here’s what I think… I think he already did all of his solo songs and just now bringing people that he wants on the album.

  • corbin wells

    Believe me is mothafucking hot. damn shit is pretty hard, already played it about 20 times. my god. C5 AOTY shit is gonna win a grammy for sure.

  • master v

    I’m sure they won’t be believe me in the carter v tracklist the song is about promoting carter v nd getting more hype

    • Skenny

      It’s a CV song

  • Tramaine Johnson

    Honestly I’d rather see August Alsina On CARTER 5

    • LeTerance Corbitt

      Plus they from NOLA also, that would be dope as fuck.

  • Skenny

    yeeeeaaaa !!!!
    Believe Me

  • Christian

    Whoever think this is bad must’ve not heard the intro of D5. And that was all Weeknd. Imagine if Wayne had a part.

    • Skenny

      The intro was amazing
      I really wondered if wayne had a part 🙁

  • Countin’AllDay

    If weezy fucks with Jeremih I fucks with him too.

  • michael

    Haha . We all said carter 4 was going to be fire but than. Well . Granted there were a few good songs and the sales were weirdly high . I hope this album will be great but I just dont see it . We can’t hope for another lollipop or what ever thats dumb. We dont say every jay z album “I want another 99 problems” no we just rock to the new hits. You can’t repeat a song and top charts . What you want lollipop part 2 feat. Drake or what ever . Keep dreaming . One style I would like to see again is the comfortable type song .

  • It’s Happening ! #C5

  • BooBy Boi

    jeremih sucks

  • Dzo

    http://go firstrow us. eu/watch/258116/4/watch-boxing:-floyd-mayweather-jr-vs-marcos-maidana.html (no spaces) for the fight..

  • Tutu

    Wayne said he gotta SUPRISE when u walk Floyd out!!!! Uh oh… C5 or another single coming out

    • Tutu

      When he

  • mortimerr2014

    Wayne tweeted and said they got a suprise for us when he walks mayweather out!! Ahh shit is it c5 suprise release? That’d be so dope. And with millions watching it would help sales!

  • Swift_TrukIt

    Whats up wit all these features.. I need solos..

  • Iala

    Awwwww, Wayne look cute in that pic. He starting to get his looks back

  • realtunefan

    Damn, u can tell wayne’s dreads been growin quick, they already starting to get back down to his chest, in about a year his dreads will prolly be down his back again. When he first cut them they were at his shoulders and now they already back down to his chest, that’s crazy

  • Wayne Over Jay

    We better get that Demolition part 3 on C5!!! Forreal

  • Believe Me100%

    If u don’t think Wayne killed Believe Me den y’all don’t kno good hip hop music this nigga a fuckin monster haters always find a way to hate doe sayin its only ight and Drake made the song its better den iight and Drake killed it but now that I listened to it ova like 20 times Lol Wayne did better my nigga Drake nice to doe y’all stupid in the head if u think wayne verses or this song garbage

  • Tune Up

    Told yall Wayne was walking Floyd to the ring with that single.

  • When is ‘tha carter V’ droppin then?

  • Wantjejayar

    doesn’t matter who’s in the studio with weezy,. I just know he won’t fuck his tracks up.
    But I would love to hear a new featuring with robin thicke on the carter 5

  • Emmanuel Kesse

    Damn !! Wayne been wearing the same clothes for 3 days now…that means he been staying in the studio all that time!!! Old Weezy is back!!! C5 HOE !!!

  • Best

    Yeah he is good and I want The Weeknd too. Wayne needs to really do a song with The Weeknd on C5, because that nigga is fucking gooddddd

  • Just say hello to the captain and I stay away from magnets Cus the metal’s what I’m packing…i bet your brains on your shirt will look like jello on a napkin.

  • Made1nbg

    Weezle luv u

  • martianspacedout

    Yeah I wonder how the fuck Jeremiah gets chosen over Lloyd and Bobby Valentino and Chris brown smh thats fucked up no games too all real weezy fans please get Lil Wayne talk him on his twitter page and Mack maine page into getting Lloyd and Chris brown on Tha Carter V album

  • martianspacedout

    Lloyd Juvenile and Juelz Santana need too be featured on C5 weezy fans please hit Lil Tunechi twitter page up tell him too get more artist featured on Tha Carter V album like Big Sean Birdmanstunna 2 chainz Jae Millz Cory Gunz Cassidy Fabolous Ludacris Nelly Ymcmb Flow Kevin Gates Lil Chuckee Juvenile Kanye west TPain Pharell Kevin Rudolf Caskey Currensy T.I.

  • martianspacedout

    I think Lil Wayne should grab Trey songz up on dat C5 album too Young Jeezy Souljah boy Juelz Santana Camron Rick Ross Juicy J Wiz Khalifa Tyga should also be featured artist rapping on dat Carter V Album real weezy fans speak up on Mack Maine and Cortez Twitter pages please make dreams come true like Birdman 5 Star Stunna cash money records where dreams come true $$$$ Lol Rich Gang also get Juvenile to be featured