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Lil Wayne Hits Up The Studio With Nicki Minaj, Doesn’t Know What Instagram Is!

Sat, Jun 21, 2014 by

Lil Wayne Hits Up The Studio With Nicki Minaj, Doesnt Know What Instagram Is

Lil Wayne recently hit up the studio with his Young Money artist Nicki Minaj to work on their upcoming albums Tha Carter V and The Pink Print.

During their studio session, the Barbie uploaded a video to her Instagram page of Weezy saying wassup to her followers, but he doesn’t seem to know too much about the social network because he calls it “instigator” and “grams of weed”!

You can watch the short hilarious clip below.

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  • Rook


  • [Original] Gudda Gudda

    i dont want nicki on c5
    but i want wayne all over nicki’s album

    • Some of nicki and Wayne songs together go hard.

      • CARTER V

        dat wordplay doe (the “go hard” song)

    • Jbadd504

      That black diamond chain sick as fuck

    • xgoblin

      Me either she’s to cartoony when she raps, doin those strange voice changes and shit…

    • corbin wells

      she gon be on it either way.

  • chainz

    this makes all them idiots who thought wayne really had an Instagram look so dumb

  • fewcha

    “whatever y’all children call it”….. he sounding old

    • d1440

      wayne put the grandaddy in grandaddy purp

  • weezy f for flame

    ahahahaha jokes

  • Brent

    Wayne gettin old lol

    • TRIPPY_94

      He knows what instagram is, Wayne just likes to play dumb sometimes.

      • Skenny

        Exactly bro

      • MrGoHarder

        Wayne is smart and clever as hell

        • TRIPPY_94

          I know, I’m just saying he likes to play dumb at times lol that’s all.

      • Droomzy Daboy Dozi Hollaboss

        Musta been stoned during the video.

  • Guest

    Heaven up, Hell down, man down, gale down, and I keep that hammer, do you wanna get nailed down? Better kneel down, cause I am the God. I am the hardest motherfucker to try it before. My diet is y’all I riot and war fighting them all, fighting them all, giant or small. I am a dog. I could smile at dumb bitches and brighten them all. I am a hog, writing them off, I just lay that pipe and I’m off, call me plumber, and give yo’ girl my number, hombre(Spanish for friend/brother). I am a bumble bee on the humble. Yo girl friend want my pickle and my cucumber. Tell your boyfriend I’ll turn him to a vegetable. Break a nigga down to a decimal. I’m telling you, I’m very cool, no lesser fool, fucking up my revenue. I tote that whatever dude. I shoot at whatever dude. Just bought a Lamborghini Murcielago, and my girl from the bay say its hella’ cool. Where’s the heli pad? My helicopter land. I shot the man, if I’m not the man. Do I go in, or I go in? I’m not your friend I’m not your kin. I make your brain come out your chin. Been in the game since the beginning. I’m all about winning. I look down, I see them, when i look up I don’t see any. Your cool wife wit me(?), Do? I did it. I just left, but your boo right wit me. And I’m from never do right city, but don’t get me wrong, Young Money I’m goonnee.


    • fewcha

      demolition freestyle >>>>>

    • Nathan Bryant

      Probably the best post on this article, even though it’s not relevant to the post itself. Demolition days…sigh.

    • Tune Up

      Your Pooh like Winnie, do I diddy*

      • Time

        And I just LEFT but your boo RIGHT with me

        • quentG

          & I’m from never do right the City bt don’t get me wrong YOUNG MONEY I’m gone!!!!

    • TRIPPY_94

      I can’t wait til Demolition 3 doe. It’s gonna shut that T.D.E kid up for good probably.

      • stephanie

        Who the fuck is that T.D.E. Foo I don’t get y the fuck he come talk shit bout wayne if this a wayne fan page n this nigga visits this page smh

      • Antner

        How do you know there’s a demolition 3

        • disqus_J25uvemEH9

          Gudda confirmed it awhile back

    • dave

      Bruh i posted that shit!!! Thanks for the recognition!

      • dave

        I posted that on the youtube vid for lyrics.

        • Skenny

          It isn’t that important to proof
          Ok, he copied and pasted your comment from YouTube ..
          So whatever
          Chil bro

          • sWAG


            • Skenny

              Ain’t nobody hating !!!!!

      • dave


    • James

      Your pooh like Winnie *

    • Linoh Locc

      Look i aint speaking to em,
      I call my guns jumppers, cuz my bullets just leapin to em,
      G.O.A.T right here !!! #WeezyFBaby

      • Cj Heard

        All you boys bustas so soft I bet the wind blew em I claim flame

        • QuentG

          My intuition is get paid but this glock will knock you back to fifth grade I schools you niggas but none of ya gets A’s

    • xgoblin

      I don’t think a Demolition 3 could top part 1 and 2, Wayne fukn murdered those tracks …but then again I could be wrong Wayne is back in killer instinct mode

    • guess

      unless a fool

  • cedric

    instigator rofl

  • Brent

    Wayne and Nicki – Biggie & Kim

    • Time

      Wayne is better than Biggie and Nicki is better than Kim though

      • Christopher Wallace

        Juicy, suicidal thoughts, big poppa, hypnotize, mo money mo problems etc…

        • suckaniggadicksaturdays

          good good, Biggie had 3 albums… even if they were all hits… wayne still has more

      • Shaquan James

        Stfu my nigga like foreal stfu u need to hang yasekf and die for that comment u just made

    • me mf


    • Droomzy Daboy Dozi Hollaboss

      Wayne is Wayne and Biggie is Biggie.

    • Alicia

      Saw a similar comment like this on HNHH & people were throwing the biggest b*tch fit about it! Wayne is clearly better than any other rapper, past or present. & Nicki is definitely better than Kim and her washed up self.

      • xgoblin

        Nicki aint better than the old lil kim back in the 90’s tho

        • corbin wells

          biggie wrote all of kims shit nicki at least writes her own shit,

  • Young Hitta

    Wayne should open up an Instagram account.

  • Linoh Locc

    Lol weezy f !!!

  • T.D.E

    Lmao Wayne is lame, even my grandma has an instagram lol.

    • Time

      Can you link me to her Insatgram please

      • T.D.E

        Damn………..stalkin ass nigga smh

      • Skenny

        damn man you killed me xD

  • Finally Tha Truth

    Best Wayne CD ever

    1. Fly In ,Carter II, Fly Out
    2. How Can They Be Better
    3. Never Get It
    4. No Quitter Go Getter
    5. Drop The World
    6. Trouble
    7. Dr. Carter
    8. The Bad Side
    9. Get High Rule the World
    10. I Like The View
    11. Upgrade You
    12. Playing With Fire
    13. Me and My Drank
    14. No Love
    15. We Be Steady Mobbin
    16. Scarface
    17. I Feel Like Dyin
    19. Lost
    20. Bitch Please
    21. Boom Bap
    22. Nothin On Me
    23. My House
    24. Outstanding
    25. Prostitute 2
    26. Bill Gates
    27. My Life
    28. When They Come For Me
    29. Misunderstood
    30. I’m Me
    Bonus. I Hate That I Love You
    Bonus. Uptown (beginning of Drake)
    Bonus. Best Rapper Alive
    Bonus. Buy The World Feat. The New Wayne and Future

    • T.D.E

      I like the view????? Buy the world???? lmao gtfoh

      • Finally Tha Truth

        You Gonna Pick Out Two Songs? You A Bitch Nigga I Gave You 30 Classics. Kendrick Will Never Make A Song As Good As Never Get It. And I Put Buy The World As A Bonus Because I Want A Song With Wayne And Kdot

    • YC

      No “money on my mind” or “BM JR” or “hustler musik” or “it’s time to give me mine”??? You got a bunch of autotune jams on here smh

    • Time

      But it’s not

    • Sixten Dalen Jensen

      Just put C1, C2, C3 and No Ceilings into one CD 🙂

      • T.D.E

        Don’t forget DA Droughts.

  • Tune Up

    Waitin’ for a song to drop.

  • T.D.E

    R.I.P LIL WAYNE (2003-2010)

    • Time

      C5 > Kendrick career and it ain’t even out yet

      • Shaquan James

        The heart part 2 beats anything waynenput out

    • nooo

      are u mentaly ill? wayne is a legend dude u are soo fuckn dumb smh thats like comparing mahummad ali to toger woods lol

    • Martinez

      Dude, nothing Kendrick records will come close to everything Wayne has put out. C3 and the sessions alone are greater than anything Kendrick has done in his career.

      • T.D.E

        Okay that was C3 which was when wayne was still good. Everything he put out after No Ceilings has been complete garbage. Moment and D’usse are the only good songs wayne has put out since 2009.

        • triggacity_813

          Okay we all know Wayne’s not in his prime..when he was tho ain’t no way Kendrick touching him at all or even know..that album gon flop c5 gon sell 1.1 first week & weezy retakes his place on the throne

        • Skenny

          I bet you will cry untill you die when wayne retires .. fake ass nigga

        • DMC

          6 foot 7 foot, mirror, john, everytin on c4 …etc fucking idiot

        • Milli tune

          What about bielieve me and my nigga remix? And thugs cry? Weezy’s back in 2014

    • fuck tde

      Talk Is sleep dude Actions speak louder than words And even if This album does make history Congrats to him Wayne has been making history for years He still wont outsell lil wayne Specially when Wayne has tons of more fans then Kendrick if C5 don’t sell ova 1 mill his next album will but I know it will sell that much probably not in one week like tha Carter 3 but it will and how you gonna use what Wayne said about C5 on flow mixtape for Kendrick come up with your own promotion buy the world dropped already so why are u still here

    • Top Dick Eater

      I’m working that grave yard shift, man these niggas been dead, c’mon man

    • Ddatwee

      How can u compare wayne and Kendrick? U dnt knw wat music is all abt boy.

    • triggacity_813

      Okay when Kendrick wins 4 Grammies I’ll consider

    • Skenny

      R.I.P KENDRICK LAMAR (0000-0000)
      I feel sad for you bro

    • Guest

      No one on this site agrees or gives a flying fuck

    • Anti

      No one on this site agrees or gives a flying fuck

    • William Tom

      Bro you always come on this fan page just to hate you are the biggest Kendrick dick rider he’s garbage YG is better then Kendrick

  • MrGoHarder

    Who else thinks he needs a song with Hopsin on Tha Carter V?

    • Time

      No, why would he work with someone who tries to diss him for relevancy? You’re probably Hopsin himself

      • MrGoHarder

        The song would go hard as hell, it could have a rap off type style

    • President Carter


  • Time

    Grams Of Weed Hah!

  • Wayne hilarious.

  • lil_muthafucka

    Of course he knows what instagram is, he’s just fucking around, damn.

  • PhilWeezy

    I see Wayne’s rocking the young money chain! And the black diamond chain looks nice

  • TRIPPY_94

    We need tracks like “Shoot Me Down”, “Tie My Hands”, ” Best Rapper Alive”, and “Phone Home” on C5

    • President Carter

      Nah man dont u want new hits

  • boooooooooooobs

    I do what a nigga gotta do I got goons I ain’t even gottta shoot got a buncha bad bitches by the pool I like my bitches in twoooo gotta go i stick it n move g code I stick to the rules last night I got so high I swear to god I went to the moon I’m on the kush you can’t get nowhere pussy boy don’t go there

    • Skenny


      • boooooooooooobs


        • WeezyDaKing

          He right fool

          • boooooooooooobs

            Obviously lol

        • Skenny

          It’s Racks … smh

  • boooooooooooobs

    Fuck a tde

  • Ddatwee

    Did he jst said grams of weed?

  • shhh_theylistening

    First of all i listen to wayne everyday …ok here i go ..

    Man he lying this nigga knows everything about instagram wouldn’t be surprise if he’s had a IG account for about a year now…This dude sure knows how to lie to his fans ..what a douchbag

    • shhh_theylistening

      Tell me what you think . .right or wrong?

    • Droomzy Daboy Dozi Hollaboss

      He coulda just been stoned.

      • shhh_theylistening


    • boooooooooooobs

      Good job detective

    • fu

      Or maybe tez or someone send him a screenshot, ,am you are creep as hell

    • xgoblin

      He’s probably just too high man relax

  • Skenny

    The upcoming Android 5.0 OS is called Lollipop !!!!!!
    “Sh-She update me like a Lollipop” LOL xD

  • Tokologo Mosiane

    lol, this nigger is olddddddd skullllll foreallllllll

  • TUNE

    ha ha
    truck da wurl!!

  • dwayne carter

    straight up if u gon hate on wayne don’t come on this site

  • beezy

    Wayne should do a freestyle to 0to100 he would kill that beat

    • ibfndwarfs

      Word but im ready for tina turn up or somethin up beat lika ice cream paint job or swag surfin typa track idk jus me

    • triggacity_813

      Fuck being on some fake shit, Nina turned into a surgeon get ya face lift goin 0-100 no brakes bitch green and yellow kush pack a blunt on some green bay shit #raplikeweezy

    • Weezy Fan

      and to danny glover nicki killed that shit

  • PSN – iiAtex

    he knows what ig is, even tho no one seems to know his ig, hes posted screen shots on twitter.

    • wiseman91

      he doesn’t run those pages but his team does

  • tunechid


  • JayHighAss

    Tune Be High Y’all

  • xgoblin

    nigga said gram of weed lol

  • YoungMoney418

    Ok, let’s talk about this ice that I’m carryin….all these carrots like I’m a fuckin vegetarian….niggas play I burry them….y’all already knowin….I threw out my arm and bitches thought it started snowin….see ima keep it goin, big tymers ya heard me….dog I got cake like everyday my birthday!

    • JayHighAss

      ” Wait I don’t think they Heard Me I say dawg I got cake like everyday my birthday “

  • YMCMB Hoe

    What necklace is he wearing? And also what necklace is he wearing in the 6 Foot 7 Foot video when he says “black and white diamonds”. They look cubed same here

  • Tyty

    No ceilings was THE best tape ever released. PERIOD! niggahs wan hate but no nigga can tell me a tape better! Real fkn shit. Mixtape or cD

    • YoungJT1092

      My nigga, Da Drought 3, Dedication 2, The Drought Is over 1-7. Yeah, No Ceilings weny silly. But in a real sense, songs like Scarface and I Feel Like Dying stomps No Ceilings on the whole….

    • Glenn

      Da Drought 3 is the greatest mixtape of all time son no ceilings was good but drought 3 was greatness upgrade you,sky is the limit,seat down low,if I ruled the world,back on my grizzy,we takin over to name a few but every song on that mixtape was legendary wayne was spazzing fareal and dedication 2 a close ass second because he was spazzing on that bitch to

  • President Carter

    Why can’t we all just be fans of good music!!!

  • wiseman91

    that nigga said instigator lmmfao

  • Dwight Smith

    Lillie Wayne Instagram weed and a pink room lol.

  • bravojr

    Hahahaha weezy f baby

  • Dwight Smith

    Just miss’s understand