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Feature Friday #32: Chris Brown – Poppin’ (Remix) (Feat Lil Wayne & Juelz Santana)

Fri, Jul 11, 2014 by

Chris Brown Poppin Remix Feat Lil Wayne & Juelz Santana

The “Feature Friday” portion for this week is the official remix to Chris Brown‘s “Poppin’” single featuring Lil Wayne and Juelz Santana.

This remix doesn’t appear on any official project, but the original version of the Dre & Vidal-produced song does appear on Breezy‘s debut studio album, Chris Brown, that was released back in 2005.

“But I’m rich, I’m high in a food chain; I’m high, I smoked like 2 trains; I’m trained, I know how to do thangs; My thing, is hot like blue flame”

You can listen to the “Poppin’” remix below.

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  • fewcha

    next weeks weezy wednesday has to be c5 news
    the past 2 weeks we have got a reginae carter video and a story we have all heard before

    • pusha t

      Or a studio session clip

      • fewcha

        true but why is your name pusha t lol

      • Weezy

        so now y’all complaining bout studio session clips? wow i’m done

        • TRUKFIT



  • whip

    Classic weezy f feature

    • cvon

      Please dont forget the baby

  • Brent

    This bring back so many memories

  • Stre$$

    “But I’m rich, I’m high in a food chain; I’m high, I smoked like 2 trains; I’m trained, I know how to do thangs; My thing, is hot like blue flame”

    Dope wordplay right there

    • nfs444

      You literally just copied what @Daniel Mousdell said. Faggot

  • We in C5 season right now but there is no hype for the album smh.

    • TRIPPY_94

      Forreal, I miss the days when wayne had new verses dropping damn near every other day smh, now we lucky if we even get 2 verses in the same month smh, This is the perfect time for wayne to drop d6, the game is in a drought right now, the streets are dry, WE NEED NEW MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!! Wayne is supposed to drop a mixtape everytime the streets get dry, it’s called DA DROUGHT!!!

      • [Original] Gudda Gudda

        he will never drop da drought 4

        • jpeewee bond

          he need to fire tez foreal

        • TRIPPY_94

          He needs to tho

  • Fly

    @lilwaynehq:disqus should of included the video.

    • guest

      they didn’t make a video, that’s a photo from the gimmie that video

    • Time

      Fake Wayne fan exposed

      • Young Hitta


      • Guest

        Make that 25 fake/new wayne fans

      • Weezy

        fan made video..nun wrong with that

    • fewcha


    • WeezyDaGOAT

      I miss this wayne flow

  • YMCorey
  • TRIPPY_94

    Yo this song was the fuckin highlight of my 6th grade summer lol, this was that Carter 2 season right there!!!! This song never gets old bruh.


    It’s about time Danny posted a relevant song for once lmao

  • Time

    Gimme That > Poppin

  • [Original] Gudda Gudda

    the c5 release date has to be announced this month

  • smokydawg2456

    I think believe me is better then she will

    • Prince_Academics


  • Yolie 30

    such head banger:)

  • Eshall Flawless

    This remains an EPIC feature! I remember hearing it first time and Wayne’s wordplay is like lyrical foreplay. SeXy! No other rapper does it like Lil Wayne! Thanks Danny for the the awesome throwback!

  • MulaindisBia

    Chris Brown: “I´m a wife beater, no sleeves”

    • Five


  • shay

    Wayne’s best love songs vol.1
    1. Grown Man
    2. With You
    3. You Song
    4. Comfortable
    5. Back To You
    6. Im Single
    7. Something You Forgot
    8. Novacane
    9. Earthquake
    10. Love Me

    • shay

      Wayne’s best love songs vol.2
      1. How to love
      2. You da shit
      3. Turn on the lights remix
      4. Romance
      5. She Will
      6. Every Girl
      7. Hot revolver
      8. Awkward
      9. So Special
      10. Mrs. parker

      • Billy riley (low low)

        Turn on the lights remix is funny, I’m white.

    • WeezYF

      Something You Forgot should be at the first place. No comment.

      • shay

        I realized that after I posted it lol

    • mortimerr2014

      How bout promise from dd3?!

    • aka remix baby

      talk to me?



  • EasyDuzitSteve

    We need a good meek n weezy collab

    • Watch

      I don’t want no meek collabo

      It’s good aka terrorists should be their last

  • TBRA

    Am I the only one that would prefer wayne to drop a dedication 5 disk two like he did dd3? It’s too soon for d6.

    • ThaTruth

      Ya u are

      • mortimerr2014

        Lol he said yeah you are fuck what you thinkin

    • Five

      Why would he drop disk 2 of d5 after the first one was released last year

      He didn’t do that with dd3

    • mortimerr2014

      Yeah dd3 came in one as 2 disc

    • blahhh

      It’s just a title

  • Ayanda Mili

    If ma nikker weezy wants to run the game like he did he must kill c5 first then wear nice clothes luxury goldiez for the image adawise hes still king to me ppl hate on him coz his the realest black man alive and his richer than most rapperz his ppl love him…go king weezy go black blood do your kind proud man….

    • Skenny

      Preach !!

  • Werton

    Download ?

  • mortimerr2014

    Can’t wait for that Tina turn up shit sounds like it’d be so dope.. And side bitch

  • Skenny

    Wayne tweeted saying he headed for a PhotoShoot !!
    Waybe for C5 CoverArt ??

    • JayHighAss


      • Skenny

        Lol my damn keyboard
        Thanks man

    • He said it was a young photo shoot so it was probably for young money.

      • Young Hitta

        Watch the next weezy wednesdasys to find out

    • Young Hitta

      Hopefully bro, i’m tired of seeing art work, we need the real weezy on the cover

  • razor

    He flowed too hard on here I still have this song.

  • Young Hitta

    Something u new fans don’t know shit about… this is all I listened to as a kid, this is what made most people become wayne fans

  • #FreeMeek MMG leader

    Dope song. Damn can’t believe meek got locked before an album drop. Gonna ruin his career for a minute. You know MMG and ymcmb right as fuck. C5 hoe.

  • ThaTruth

    If ur man is wack and if he lack what I pack, then imma make u lack him

  • Weezy

    Flame, the fireman put it out
    she hot, the fireman put her out
    all she gotta do is call up emergency and i will be on my way to the house

  • Wayne Holmes

    Freeway ft lil wayne- step back
    That song snapping



      • Wayne Holmes

        What about ransom with drake and lil wayne?

      • Wayne Holmes

        What about ransom ft lil wayne?

  • President Carter

    real fans don’t abandon the fan base then expect attention in return



    • Weezy

      Da faq lmao did u just say abandon the fan base..I’m done…

  • Drilon_G

    Until the carter 5 drops TINA TURN UP NEED A TUNE UP



    • Skenny

      WTF is a NEVUARY ?????

  • Giraffe Boy

    the tunechi drought is real

  • tunechily

    Krazy sold around 25,000 in the first week

    • Weezy

      Next year around the same time..we gone get news sayin krazy went platinum if not gold for sure!

  • Skenny

    Did Danny disable the mobile version of the site or I’m the only one that can’t access the site with the mobile version ??????

    • tuned

      I can’t either

    • There was some issues with it. I’m hoping it will be back Monday 🙂

      • Skenny

        Ok then I’m ok with that
        Thanks 🙂

  • Tunechi4Lifeya

    Weezy should do Fancy for D6 or whatever mixtape he got coming out.

  • Tuned

    Features we should see on C5:
    Robin thicke
    Kanye West
    Juelz santana
    Busta rhymes
    Jay Z
    Maybe kendrick Lamar
    Jay rock
    But he’ll put ppl like Lil twist

    • FuckUNigga

      Robin Thicke? Hell no, kanye west? Hell no, jay-z? Hes so effen overated smh, currency? Great rapper but no…. sick of t.i…Kendrick defiantly put him on C5…Jay rock ummm no…kurupt mmmm yea why not. ..juelz hell yea put that nigga on it!!! Drake and Busta that’s a defiantly

      • Tuned

        I wanna see some Kanye production, Robin thicke was on C2 n C3 and he did pretty good to me, I wanted a mr. Carter pt 2 on C5, I feel you on the T.I part though. I just hope he gets some good rappers though and not just some average/ok rappers.

        • FuckUNigga

          I feel you dawg , i loved ye when he was humble in the beginning but I just can’t rock with no man who renames his album after Jesus christ, alot of people love Robin Thicke…im not one of them lol but i understand your point. .i feel like he should have these rappers on C5….drake of course juelz, Busta, EMINEM, Ludacris, and maybe That’s it… prolly Nicki sexy ass too lol

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