Tech N9ne Says “Tha Carter IV” Boosted His Appeal To African Americans, Calls Lil Wayne A “Lyricist”

Mon, Jul 14, 2014 by

Tech N9ne Says Tha Carter 4 Boosted His Appeal To African Americans, Calls Lil Wayne A Lyricist

J. Bachelor from Only Hip Hop Facts recently sat down with Tech N9ne for a one on one interview, which you can check out after the jump below.

During their conversation at the 3:15 mark, Tech mentioned that him appearing on Lil Wayne‘s Tha Carter IV album boosted his appeal to African Americans as he saw more turn up to his shows. He also thanked Weezy for recognizing a lyricist:

“Thank you to Wayne for making that happen, I love you brother. Thank you man for even recognizing a lyricist, as well, because he’s a lyricist, I don’t care what nobody says, fuck ’em, that nigga can rap!”

Click here to read more compliments that Tech N9ne has give to Tunechi throughout his career!

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  • Strangeland

    Tech N9ne a real nigga like Weezy F

  • dixie

    is c5 still coming soon or nah?

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda


  • fewcha

    i want another collab from wayne and tech
    not on c5 tho
    maybe DOA or tech’s next album

  • Kermit

    Takes a real lyricist to know another one…… But that’s none if my business

    • fewcha


    • triggacity_813

      Exactly why nas, & krs recognize weezy for what he is

      • Jay weezle

        And em

        • [Original] Gudda Gudda

          and gudda

          • BP

            And Gudda ? Lmaooo

            • Bang

              Stop going in on Gudda bruh.

          • Lord Rassoull

            lmaoo word

  • I’m confused, is he saying he had more white fans that black fans?

    And wouldn’t wayne give him more white fans than black fans?

    • Greatest Ever

      You’ll be surprise how many black fans Wayne has.

      • blahhh

        Me being one

        • Chuck_Brazy


    • Patrick Hoenigk

      Tech was unhappy with the fact that not too many black people go to his show. His music is for everybody and he wants to have everybody at his show. He said that he felt that the percentage of the african american audience is still too low.

      • Slateer

        Well. Most people going to concerts are white, and most people buying cd’s are white so Idk what he expects

    • Nfs444

      Tech N9ne is from Kansas City, ofcourse he has more white fans. @Danny M

      • thestoebz

        That makes no sense

    • Bang

      In D.C, niggas love Wayne in the Streets.

  • dwayne carter

    long time no see everybody

    • Weezy

      Technically you’ve never really seen us,and don’t comment unless it is relevant to the post bro.

      • Time


  • dwayne carter

    I haven’t been back on here since that summer jam shit

    • fewcha

      why? are you a fake fan?

      • dwayne carter


        • carver

          Wayne i gotsomeone you need to here he is the next big thing he had over million plays on MySpace we in kansas

          • Slateer

            Hes not the real Wayne obviously

      • dwayne carter

        ion listen to nobody but wayne i’mma true fan

        • Time

          If you are a true fan why would you not come on his website for updates?

          • dwayne carter

            sike i’m just playin my shit had got deleted

  • laury

    wayne been a beast since day one

    • thestoebz

      Wayne is far from a beast, but he’s okay I guess.

      • Slateer

        Fucking pussy

        • thestoebz

          The truth really does hurt. I’m sorry kid didn’t mean to break your heart darling.

  • YM91

    I need to go back and play c4, it was a dope album

    • Time

      C4 > C3

      • Truth

        C2 > all tha Carter’s

      • x-x

        Kill ya self

        • triggacity_813

          He’s right as far as lyrically..C2>C1>C3>C4

      • Droomzy Daboy Dozi Hollaboss

        That would mean 6 Foot 7 Foot > A Milli…

      • corbin wells

        stupidest comment on the forum I’ve seen all day.

  • Nemisa

    So pissed that there are no C5 news lately…

  • Time

    They look so stoned

  • Efrem Russell Heights Robinson

    im a wayne fan and im 32

  • Jay weezle

    Idk if this dude is right but he was right about the hook to Krazy so idk

    • blahhh

      What he said about the hook

      • Jay weezle

        He tweeted the lyrics to the hook before Krazy came out

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      stop posting this guy
      danny delete this cover
      he tryna get promo
      he got exposed in the forums of being a bitch with no life

      • Jay weezle

        How he got exposed

        • [Original] Gudda Gudda

          for having no exclusives and just stealing info from the forums and posting it in these comments
          and for also appearing in a gay porno

          • Jay weezle

            Lmfao damn, niggas gay smh

  • xgoblin

    I tried to get into tech n9ne music but that shit sounds so weird and crazy

    • jc_love

      have you heard fragile or worldwide choppers those are pretty dope songs but you would expect his music to the strange seeing the label is called strange music

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      he got some good music but i dont really bump it

    • Big Mike

      if you listen to tech, you listen to him for the unfathomable genius lyricism. not because the songs sound “catchy”. but i guess wayne fans don’t like good lyrics. if you know enough about tech and his music, you would consider him the best rapper in the world.

      • wiseman91

        nigga just cause you’re a wayne fan doesn’t mean we don’t respect other artist period

  • Linoh Locc

    Man im hispanic ! Im aboutta be 20 this december. Ive been listening to Weezy since i was like 11-12 and ever since it has been Wayne i listen to lol

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda


  • Weezy

    I love tech n9ne

  • Weezy

    Hes the fkn truth i dont care what nobody says

  • big mike

    you don’t know rap if you don’t know Tech N9ne. makes eminem sound like a dumbass. listen to him for the unfathomably genius lyricism, not how “catchy” the song is. spread the word. tech is the best, most talented ever and if you disagree you haven’t heard his music.

  • Chuck_Brazy

    Techa Nina needs to get on that C5!

  • Drilon_G

    Tech n9ne +1

  • DSmith10

    Tech N9ne is Dope as fuck, Strangeulation Cypher is a must see

  • fank5star

    hhhahah…gudda stop show off

  • fank5star

    somebody should tell us when the rich gang trailer is dropping we waiting maann

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