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Episode 24 Of Lil Wayne’s “Weezy Wednesday’s” Series [Video]

Thu, Sep 18, 2014 by

Episode 24 Of Lil Wayne Weezy Wednesdays Series

This week’s “Weezy Wednesday’s” episode announces that a music video for Lil Wayne‘s “Grindin” single featuring Drake that was directed by DJ Scoob Doo will premiere online on Friday (September 19th) at noon.

Click here to watch episode 23 of “Weezy Wednesday’s“!

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  • Ym

    Lol we’ll there ya go y’all happy

    • Khosta

      no, are you?

  • YoungJT1092

    Weezy Wednesday’s is back?! Thought it was over with!

    • Same hah.

    • Khosta

      your thoughts are stupid then

      • YoungJT1092

        I mean, that is an opinion not a fact, it doesnt get the hair off my ball sack any further… What is a fact is that I’ve been missing WW.

    • Tune

      Na it’s not over it’s couse u read and believe what
      U read

  • Patrick H

    Directed by scoob Doo? Oh well we know this video will suck.

    • YMCorey

      Why you hating

    • True


    • Kid Buu

      Yep, Scoob Doo makes amatuer handheld looking music videos that anyone can make on an iphone 5 smh Grindin needs a real director

    • SerjTank

      yeah steady mobbin video sucked right?

      • c

        Yeah, it sucked ass all Wayne did was stand in front of a painting and rap

  • C5 season

    Wack episode…..hopefully the grindin video will make up for it

    • Time

      Don’t get your hopes up.

  • ShowOff

    Remember the same damn tune video he directed?

    Lol I hope it ain’t as bad as that frfr

  • So this hasn’t finished? I wonder why we didnt get any videos for the last 3 weeks?

    • Godo Zilla

      Tour and because he had interviews that needed to be done (ESPN, talk shows, award show, skating tournament & etc). Anything else would you like to know Tunechi ?

      • [Original] Gudda Gudda

        lol all them things were before the last weezy wednesday we got

        the tour is only a few hours every night

        and scoob already has so much wayne footage, surely he can just use 2 minutes of that?

  • fat maine

    ehhhh boring episode what was the point???? they could of just tweeted this date out

    • Skenny

      That’s how Dj Scoob doo is doing it
      He’s just a dickrider

  • CarterBoy

    I swear if this video is just tour footage I am going to pay a hit man to take care of Scoob

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      it will be which sucks cause c5 promo deserves better

      why not get hype williams to direct it smh

      • Kid Buu

        Or Collin Tilley

        • Skenny

          Collin Tilley is my ideal

    • Time

      They too cheap to get a professional to direct the video.


      Even Derrick g is better smh

  • William copper

    Fuck 007 I work 247

  • Real nigga

    Is grindin going to be on carter five for certain?

  • Khosta

    man I love this track

  • kgotso

    I doubt I think steady mobbing was great

  • jpeewee bond

    yo who heard dedication 3 outro song ?i need full song

    • Khosta

      we all heard it

    • SeattleAtHome

      I know. If it was full it would he his best song..
      Better than 30 minutes

    • Nathaniel Diaz

      Bitch I feel meee!

  • Lil Tunechi

    I told all of you Weezy Wednesday’s would be back this week and you all doubted me

    • Khosta

      you guessed

  • Alfredoo Oppong

    MR. President

    • Khosta

      sitting behind a bigger desk, handing him bigger cheques

  • SeattleAtHome

    Why would they keep Drake on this song?? He ruins it..

    • Khosta

      thought I was the only one with that opinion

      • SeattleAtHome

        Its just a fact. He holds tge song back.. even if young thug was on here it would be LIVE as Fuck..
        This is depressing..CV getting ruined by Tez and the wrong Feat.’s

  • The Future

    Hopefully this is an actual video and not a compilation of clips from the tour. We’ll see tomorrow.

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      come on look who directed it

      if it was going to be a real legit video played on BET and MTV they would of got someone like hype williams or colin tilley to direct it

    • Time

      Don’t get your hopes up.

  • choco prince

    carter 5 is the worst promoted album of the year

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      i agree

      • Nemisa

        But still gon sell over 1 million in the first week

        • Time

          It won’t, they don’t even have a mainstream single out. It won’t even do 500k first week.

          • Believe Me & Krazy Are On The Radio Everyday, Krazy Is On MTV Jams Every Morning.

          • thetruetc

            Believe me is a mainstream single

          • Ye’

            You right maybe 200k but I honestly don’t think wayne even cares about sells or promotion anymore it’s just for the fans at this point

            • Aimee Conner

              ^^yeap. truuuu.. wayne don’t give a fk. he already did that – he done made it so long ago.. he ain’t worried about sells Bc he already RAF. And now, his music is just all about life and the world in general.. he spits some REAL shit these days. yal Mf’s just can’t appreciate it Bc yal too ignorant to even comprehend the lyrics. ya gotta be a lil intelligent in order to actually hear what he’s saying – not just listen to his music, but actually HEAR what he’s saying, and the messages he’s trying to get across. I think he’s still fking amazing; I think his shit is just as tight as it’s always been.. if not better. u can tell he’s lived his life, and has become less ignorant; he’s much more mature in his lyrics these days. lil nigga is stupid smart. loveeeee wayne, man.. #wayneinmabrain til I die

              • Ye’


        • K D0T

          Who cares how much it sells . How long will I care about the album is the question.. Every song wayne put out is forgettable.

          • CARTERSOSA

            More like unforgettable

          • Realshitboiboi

            Man take yo ass to kendrick site . With that fuck shit. Bitch

  • Shrugs

    Wayne’s admits he needs Drake, Drake admits he wouldn’t be anything without Wayne. Salute to those guys. Best joint tour hands down. I see a Wayne & Drake album coming real soon

    • Wil Layne

      Super best friends aka batty boys aka kiss each other on the mouth before every studio session and live show aka eating cupcakes out each others ass type of niggas

  • MirdBan

    The real lil wayne

  • Tune Up ©

    You niggas bitch too much, you wanted a video for Grindin’ you get it and still bitch. You wanted Weezy Wednesdays, you get it and still bitch. You niggas are never satisfied.

    • Time

      We want better.

      We want a legit video for Grindin with a serious director, not some footage of them performing it on tour.

      We want new footage on Weezy Wednesdays, what was this week’s footage of? Absolutely nothing.

      • Tune Up ©

        Not some footage of them on tour? You haven’t even seen the video yet and it doesn’t make you a good person to criticize before you improvise

        You niggas wan’t everything, instead of bitching about what someone else is doing how about you go worry about your own life. Bitching on the internet over a dude, shh you gay.

    • PurpleDrank !!!

      SO TRUE !! bitches never satisfied pfff

  • ………….

  • Time

    C5 promo sucks.

    Are they too cheap to get a professional to direct a legit music video?

  • Ell

    Would rather a believe me video…..

  • sucks

    losing hype for c5

  • Drilon_G

    That grindin song goes hard as fuck I expect c5 to be nothing but

  • marc hare

    It will be him nd drake on tour wildin, no need for major production. .should be raw

  • Young Hitta

    Damn and I can’t wait and thanks Danny for allowing me back on the site

  • LuvCoolJ

    Lol Tha Carter V is gonna be sooooo trash. Smh Wayne has failed us. I can’t wait till Kendrick’s new shit drops fr

    • triggacity_813

      Carter 5 gonna be great, Kendrick gonna be great too don’t hate

      • jaleel bell

        Yeah wtf is wrong wit this bitch ass nigga

  • Guest

    I had these bitches having babies every week

  • Tune

    I had a feelin will get sum thin

  • Tune

    I had a feelin will get sum thing
    Ha ha

  • Tune

    So next is to end the tune drought

  • Weezy

    Wayne and Kendrick about to go at it the old king vs new king which album will be dope of course CV

  • CV

    Its gonna be some tour compilations (backstage, tour bus ect) who remembers scoob saying he filming some shit on tour? This is exactly what its gonna be. It would be dope as a official video but scoob ain’t bad. He gives us weezy Wednesdays and Nino brown story, I believe steady mobbin, and pop that off no ceilings. Should be dope AF

  • jkgh

    notice he made steady mobbin and that was nice

  • Trey Hambrick

    Why is everyone talking shit

  • jaleel bell

    Muthafukaz hate on greatness too much!

  • KheyKheyLuvTunechi


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  • Aimee Conner

    hey – yal ever thought that maybe the way the video LOOKS is not what’s important..? maybe it’s the actual music, the song and it’s lyrics, that truly matter. wayne uses scoob a lot.. so idk about yal, but that tells me that there’s something about scoob wayne likes.. And just knowing the kind of attitude and mindset wayne got, I really don’t think he cares if the video will be liked by the viewer. if u a true wayne fan, then u shouldn’t either. isn’t it the song itself, and the song alone, that really matters??

    (this is just me.. my personal opinion. I respect urs; I expect the same in return)