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Feature Friday #39: Mannie Fresh – Wayne’s Takeover 2 (Feat Lil Wayne)

Fri, Oct 17, 2014 by

Mannie Fresh Waynes Takeover 2 Feat Lil Wayne

After picking part 1 for last week’s “Feature Friday” edition, it’s only right that this week’s “Feature Friday” installment is Mannie Fresh‘s “Wayne’s Takeover 2” track featuring Lil Wayne.

Just like part 1, “Wayne’s Takeover 2” is more of a solo Weezy record as Fresh is only talking on the outro. The song can be found on The Mind Of Mannie Fresh album that was released back in 2004.

“They call me Weezy F Baby, women wanna suck all on my pacifier; And if she tell ya she didn’t, homie that’s a liar; You see me passin’ by ya… more like flashin’; Lights, camera, but I’m more like action”

You can listen to “Wayne’s Takeover 2” below!

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  • Time

    Take Kare might just be my favorite song of the year so far

    • fewcha

      moment is mine

      • YoungJT1092

        Real nigga! Lol

      • Prince_Academics


    • LuvCoolJ

      You fuckin tripping.

    • triggacity_813

      Think I’m lyin > good day > errbody remix > take care

    • Mech_Engr_09

      Yeah maybe if you skip the first 2:50 seconds

      • [Original] Gudda Gudda

        thats the best part of the song tho

        • Mech_Engr_09

          you must be joking right?

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      tell em

  • C5 Season

    11 days niggas and bitches

    • Ym

      It’s getting pushed back we ain’t got the tracklist yet & it ain’t on iTunes yet I hate Cortez bitch ass

      • triggacity_813

        Nah its coming out on time they just not putting anything about the album until the week it comes out to avoid a leak..I don’t even think the songs he’s dropped so far are gonna be on it

        • Mech_Engr_09

          I hope they aren’t on there. I want ~ 20-25 songs I haven’t heard before that are just straight fire.

          • [Original] Gudda Gudda

            you really think the album will have 25 songs on it? it will have 12 songs or 15 songs max

            there might be a few bonus songs also but 2 of them will be believe me and grindin

            • mortimerr2014

              Prob 15 tracks and 3 bonus

        • 954AUTHENTIC


        • mortimerr2014

          That’s what I been sayin. you right

  • I am hyped to their what they recorded together on Carter Five

  • Raw tune that’s real

    Weezy gangsta on this beat

  • Weezy

    Wayne on Tha Carter V

    • Weezy

      Young Thug on Tha Carter VI

      • jwade2144


      • YMCorey

        Come on with that hating shit

        • CV

          That’s shits funny. I fuck with thugga tho

          • Frank White

            Fuck thugga

      • [Original] Gudda Gudda

        u mad thugger about to take over?

        • Weezy

          y’all went from wanting old weezy back to saying young thug gon take over LOL..get real ain’t what it used to ones takin over..those days over

          • Tune Up ©

            That Gudda poser is the biggest internet dick rider I ever seen in my life.

            • 504HardHead

              Yah bruh I hate that fag ass nigga

      • 954AUTHENTIC

        Gud one. But anyone would b compared to wayne.

      • TRUKFIT


  • jpeewee bond

    wayne got so many swag that y he my favorite rapper

  • jwade2144

    The next feature Friday should be kanye west-see you in my nightmares….Definitely one of my favorite weezy features ever and also a great song overall!

    • fewcha

      i love that song, its different which is why i love it

      • jwade2144

        No doubt and wayne goes in on that song…. “you think your shit don’t stink but you are mrs peeyew” lol

    • Tuned

      I was just listening to that song

  • @dolo2022

    I know wayne is older now but he looks waaayy different than he used to. I know im not the only one who sees this. Hes lighter in complection but it also looks like he had a face lift or some shit.

    • fewcha

      its called ageing and having tattoos on your face

  • Weezy

    when he talks before he raps is when u know he’s gonna murder the beat

    • fewcha


    • Patrick H

      Hah true.



  • fewcha

    yooo look at slim in that picture

    he the most private rich person ever lol

  • Patrick H

    I miss the flow and voice he has on this song.

  • F is for phenomenal

    Carter V still probably dropping on the 28th even without no hype or tracklist didnt wayne say he wanted the album to drop as a surprise or something like that

  • weezyyyking

    Me waiting for tha carter v tracklist like….

  • ama

    eminems album gonna drop next week .. so C5 gonna pushed back until 2015

    • ama

      next month sorry

    • mortimerr2014

      Ems comin on November 28 black Friday

  • Lil Tunechi Or Young Tunafish

    The hype for Tha Carter V just went from 0 to 100 real quick



      • Lil Tunechi Or Young Tunafish

        Lol actually from the Take Kare track duh

  • CV

    Shoulda seen this coming. All waynes music is dope but get into the dopest shit. Like the juelz and Wayne days post those features

  • alejandro santana

    I do not know if this tracklist is true or false

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      its faker than ya moms breast retard

      how can you be some dumb to believe any tracklists online?

      if its legit it will be posted on this website and other credible hip hop blogs



    • Malik

      No young thug, then it ain’t real

    • Breezy

      I thought it was the track list until I didn’t see Mannie Fresh on the list.

  • mortimerr2014

    So who all think c5 will actually drop in 10 days?

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      not me

    • Me WLPjr


  • [Original] Gudda Gudda

    they be hatin on my girl tho

  • Mook

    So I guess chuckie was trying to duplicate this on D5. #notevenclose


    Ain’t got shyt to do wit this i
    Just thought that I should mention
    Doesn’t wayne look like

  • Nathan Bryant

    I was just listening to this the other day.

  • wiseman91


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