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Lil Wayne – Off Day (Feat Flow)

Thu, Nov 13, 2014 by

Lil Wayne & Flow Off Day

Lil Wayne has released a new song off his forthcoming Tha Carter V album, which will have the first part of the project dropping on December 9th.

The track, which was produced by Xfyle, is called “Off Day” and features a couple of verses from Young Money artist Flow.

You can view the artwork that was created by OllyCarterz above and listen to “Off Day” after the jump. Click here to read the lyrics!

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  • Ty Jenkins

    shaking my head this shit fucking sucks

    • e dog


  • Kai Balduin

    Like Wayne said “if you dont fuking love it then you dont fukin love Love” !!!

  • Esho-Hero

    My two Fav Rappers, Tune

  • Amazu Ukoh

    Again This is what C5 season should be about .. Random new Wayne songs dropping … Reminding me of c3 season , I love it , any nutshell would know this ain’t going on the album

  • Alti_tude

    I just want Wayne to jump on this track and KO it .. it’s screaming his name

    • triggacity_813

      Hell yeah I hope we get a mixtape soon

  • Guest

    To all the fans that are saying this is “fire” you are the reason why Wayne is considered to have fallen off. Stop co signing these shitty solo songs he keeps dropping. I want the wayne that was on Dusse, Gotti, Errybody remix, Only.

    • e dog

      This is fire

    • triggacity_813

      So he can’t have fun with music anymore? You want him to be lyrical all the time and not try new sounds ? You my friend is the reason Wayne is considered fallen want him to rap one way for the rest of his career when as an artist that’s exactly how you fall off. Btw he been making songs like this since 07/08..this nothing new bruh

      • Konfuzed

        Wayne himself has said that his mixtapes are for fun and his albums are more serious more thought go into them. That is what we are expecting on his final project of the carter series.

  • Dumb asses

    Notice how this song getting mixed views and not juss straight hate or straight good first Wayne song of this year I see like that but idk y this a good song especially for fuckin yo gurl some of u complainin about it bein too sexual wayne always rapped about sex WTF WAS LOLLIPOP juss stfu and don’t listen if u dont like it

  • Hey

    I’ll be honest after the Carter four wayne just doesn’t have that hunger in him even in the Carter four as well I still liked it but anyway he just doesn’t have that hunger in him to be the best I feel like he is going to go as a great but people forget about him but like I said he’s not that into it anymore I think d4 d5 we 5 out of 10 ianahb2 probe a 3 now I do like some of the songs he’s dropping but this one sucked he’s just your average rapper I think which makes us sad cause we saw what dude could do and maybe still can do.

  • Jesus

    It is a good song, not a great song. I just don’t want this on C5 it is not “Tha Carter” quality

  • 1017THUGGA

    These days you cant comment in this section unless you have summin good to say lol

  • Don_Hooper19

    This isn’t the radio smash I’m telling you I feel like because wayne has so many songs recorded they are releasing songs just to get people’s feedback and it isn’t good they won’t put it on the album I’m telling you they know what they doing

  • Don_Hooper19

    If this is the radio song which it isn’t they might as well censor the whole song and it won’t sound like anything so watch and see just chill out my fellow fans just chill out

  • Kidd

    This song is disappointing

  • Kanyelest

    It grows on you, believe dat! Fire after a while

  • loso

    Shit whack where is the no features…. #wayne ONLY!!!

  • Fly Dungas

    sounds like a we are young money left over tbh kinda sucks ass

  • mike Bradley

    This joint is definitely ok ..especially when you high or on lean this shit going to sound amazing but wayne is still that nigga no matter what

  • Kasamatsu

    After a few listens this song is kind of dope..just wish he left flow off of this one.

  • CarterBoy

    I’m still not feeling it a day later.

    • WeezyDaGOAT


  • Pen4ik

    Like a ianahb 3

  • Gunna Bout Dat

    That shit go hard asf #fire!!!
    kinda soud like thugga lol but IDGAF!!! #OFFDAY

    • triggacity_813

      Don’t sound like thug at all

      • Elizabeth Miller

        Triple throw bks. U beatm I shower times three. So wat it bzz

      • Elizabeth Miller

        Blaa LA

    • Rachel Aileen Freeman

      I heard!

  • dollar$

    My nigga wayne stay going in

  • K.Will


  • Zee.

    Billboard here we come.

  • Nahnahbooboo

    Flow looks like wayne
    Wayne looks like transvastite porcupine
    Whatthe fuck is wrong with nigga ?
    Doing his best too look as fugly as possible

    • Konfuzed

      You my friend is what we called a fag, I don’t get how niggas check other niggas out smfh

  • Zee.

    Just fucked a whore while pumping this shit “ooh I’m cumin I’m cumin I’m cumin I’m cumin” lol

    • Fuck tha Fame


  • Shakford Anderson

    Liked as tune just dropped this song without giving a fuck whether his fan wanted him to drop something like this(profane flows), but he still dropped it. That’s gansta. *tongues out* to the “wayne fell off trash talking” fans

  • chrisbrazil2

    Already on the radio on 97.1 NY this morning

  • chrisbrazil2

    Song is garbage for c5 single especially flow.
    C5 is looking like a disapointment

  • Melusi Tunechi

    This shit grows on me

    • Green grinch

      Nigga you look like mary poppins


    She dnt call me tunechi no mor she call me bae!! This song is growing on me.. I just wish there wasn’t flow on it he killed it and not in a good way… This is definitely a leftover just to keep us fans happy till CV or nxt single but most niggas is ungrateful and hatin but i fux wit this so im good

    • Evil pumpkin

      Wayne could shit in your face and set your kids on fire and youd still be gratefull you groupie ass nigga

      People are ungratefull cause this nigga make wack bullshit and fell the fuck off


        Ogresgate that u?if he makes wack bullshit music why are u on the site LILWHQ lol.. u must be trolling cuz ive never in my life went to another rappers youtube vids let alone go on another rappers fansite that I didn’t like just to hate.. U must have something for wayne cuz i kno for a fact you’ve been here before..

        • Evil pumpkin

          Cause i wanna be proven wrong

          But im so fucking right everytime

          You eat so much penis call it dick diet


            Why do u wanna be proved wrong?? If u dnt like waynes music no more then go listen to another rapper its that simple.. But instead your looking like a lowlife hanging around a fansite of a rapper u obviously hate just talkin shit lol.. Like i said if u don’t like his music no more or u think his fans are dickriding groupiez then dnt get on his site or even listen to his music

      • Konfuzed

        Was about to like your comment but read ” fell the fuck off” he makes one decent song and now he fell off. Yet you guys have praised him all year because he came back. Make up your damn mind smh

  • Classic wayne

    Lil wayne be like
    Ill be troopin in the storm call it stormtrooper
    Eating berries through a straw call it strawberries
    And my hammer his name is jack call it jackhammer
    This bitch Mel dont know how to act call it malfunction
    Woke up with a penis in my mouth call it wake and drake

    Last night tried suicide but i missed the gunshot
    After hearing birdman cheating on me with young thug
    Who will i fuck next ? Guda or twist ? Thats a crazy choice
    While young thug giving blowjobs with his baby voice

    Thats that new weezy shit


      Damn wayne haters are so gay.. U wanna call us fans gay cuz we like his music but oh no u guys aint gay but yet u just get on his site and post some gay ass lyrics u obviously made up hahah.. U gotta be a troll cuz noone gonna stay on a fansite just to post gay stuff…

      • Skullboy

        Sensitive ass nigga

        Whats your adress ? So i can you send you some tampons and vagina wipes


          Stfu bitch!! U no life having motherfucka!! Get waynes dick out yo mouth fagot!

          • Hahaha

            All that sand in your vagina making you agitated huh ?

            Go take a time out and take care of your period cramps

      • Julian

        dude this was fucking hilarious hahahahahaha

    • Khosta


  • Chrizzey

    This song is dope! But it got to many “bad” words to be on the radio if they put it on there they habe to censor like half of the lyrics! Also I don’t like the sucking it fucking it part in that high voice!

    Still nice beat ans overall a dope song!!

    • Fuck tha Fame

      Its on the radio sounds good too

  • Fuck tha Fame

    Already on the radio haha

    • jaleel bell

      Foreal? Where?

      • Fuck tha Fame

        Oklahoma 103.5 heard it 2 times yesterday

        • jaleel bell

          Ohhh #radiosmashhit

          • Fuck tha Fame

            I dont think this the one they expected to be that though lol so hopefully we get a single

  • Whodatnation44

    Chill this song alright but it’s true real Wayne fans want to hear him go the fuck in on a whole song by his damn self he needs to silence the crowd already

  • Gabriel Callegaro

    Chave cuzão

  • Bus Pass

    This sound more like Flow song then Wayne’s. Wayne sound like drake just doing the hook then do literally a few bar then back to the hook

  • real shit

    Not really feeling this it sounds like some mixtape shit smfh c5 season ain’t really poppin right now I hope the album worth the wait tho

  • MoeB

    Ain’t gon lie, after 2 days I’m feelin this more lol, when the bass drop I be kuttin up lol

    • Khosta

      this is my shit

  • TwizzieTwitch

    this is def the lollipop of C5

    • jaleel bell

      Hell yeah!


      Wtf?? No it aint.. U mustve not seen that the guy who said he had the “radio super smash hit” said that this ain’t what he was talking about

  • Rachel Aileen Freeman

    Big hello!

  • lebrick

    This song is weak he should take the fake young thug off and replace him with the real one. . Im starting to have doubts about c5. They keep changing the release date how many dam singles are they gonna drop? He should change the name to something else because im not hearing the carter. My favorite things about the carter 1&2 where the intros when he would rap about walking into the carter then in the middle of the album he would rap about going upstairs and “lemme see who’s upstairs got the glass house floor so I can see who’s up there”, he rhymed about watching someone inject morphine in the carter lol he painted some really good pictures with his words imo, then at the end he would kill it and walk out of the Carter”Marley don’t shoot” lol hard to stay hungry when you got millions. I’m still going to cop because im a fan and he’s given us a lot of good music for free for many years. I still have squad up mixtapes.

  • Sept 27

    Wtf is this.. Smh at wayne. Still a fan though.

  • Best

    Not bad. I like it, but not C5’s song for sure

  • Kelvin Jacobs

    This not c5 material this some dedication shit

  • Konfuzed

    I’ve tried letting it grow on me but it hasn’t and probably won’t. It’s a decent song, more of a mixtape song than CV single. I was expecting a lot more from both wayne and flow when I saw this song on the tracklist.


      It wasn’t on the track list tho

      • Konfuzed

        My bad you’re right, I confused with no brainer.

  • Alti_tude

    Perfect weekend song shit week day to shit ridessss

  • CMB_

    Since this isnt off of C5 (thank god

    • Khosta

      it’s on C5

      • CMB_

        No its not…It wasnt on the tracklist

  • Konfuzed

    Another lil wayne documentary would be great promotion.

    • Khosta


  • MoeB

    Bruh I’m Still Kuttin Up to this they gotta promote this for the radio
    Video would be dope if they were throwing the camera like how they did on mercy

  • G


  • Zack B

    This is good, but it is NOT good enough for Tha Carter V. These types of songs with the generic beats and mediocre features (no disrespect to Flow) are for the mixtapes and IANAHB albums. Tha Carter series is for Em, Jay, Kanye, Nas, Andre 3000 features; artists that compliment Wayne and keep him on his toes. If C5 really is his last album, as a lifelong Weezy fan I wanna see him go out on top and on a high. I want him to test himself on songs and get in that 06-08 state of mind where he wanted to prove he was the best rapper alive on every verse. I know he doesn’t have anything to prove because he’s already showed the world why he’s up there with the best, but he shouldn’t be doing this for his last LP. I wanna hear songs like Tie My Hands, Mr. Carter, Dr. Carter, Shoot Me Down, Don’tGetIt, Hustler Musik, Shooter etc. where he had hunger, consistency and soul in his music.

    I still have faith that C5 will be classic but this doesn’t help the anticipation or the hype. I just want him to give it one last go at proving why he is the GOAT.


  • Countin’AllDay

    First single off Pussy I

  • Mac

    Yall need to chill.. This aint a single.. Its just a give away song. Damn yall bitch about everything

  • GonzaStyle

    Why Nicki always have her songs on iTunes and on VEVO when she upload a new song? Why not Weezy? .. I need this shit with iTunes quality, and on LilWayneVEVO, with more views.. Wayne is the boss of YMCMB! or not? ..

  • wiseman91

    best hook in a minute

  • swatantra

    One word “Disappointed”

    • Khosta

      this is a banger

      • jaleel bell


  • Khosta

    we suckin and fuckin we suckin and fuckin we suckin and fuckin I’m cuming I’m cuming I’m cuming!!!
    My best moment

  • Kvng

    Tune barely uses Ad libs

  • blackjesus

    is this the “RADIO SUPER SMASH” record that Fabian was talking about ?

    • Anonymous

      Yes sadly..

      Come on they said the next song… this was the next (radio smash) song..

      C5 WILL BLOW nuts and this will get 1 radio play…tops

      • blackjesus

        This is actually growing on me.

      • CMB_

        I dont think it is

  • Anonymous


  • BD

    Beat = 9/10 (Beat is HOT !, the hottest i heard so far off the songs released for CV

    Wayne = 7/10 (Weezy never been considered a Lyricist (he had a few good lines here & there back in the day) but he was never on that Nas level when it comes to lyrics, it’s a typical sexual wayne song we been getting for years, nothing really exciting about it.. i like the song, but i hope there’s something better than this on CV with the hype he keep putting on it

    Flow = 6/10 ( he wan’t that bad guys, his flow is actually nice..that’s about all i can say i liked about him (i think Big Sean would have been a nice feature on this beat)

    Overall = Average

    CV review (So Far)
    Believe Me = 8/10 (still the best song released so far)
    D’Usse = 8/10 [him doing all the shout out’s ruined it)
    Krazy = 7/10 (wasn’t feeling it at all)
    Grindin = 8/10 (Drake saved it)
    Gotti = 8/10 (wish the LOX could have done more tho)

    so far it’s sounding just Above Average, stil havent put out a song that Stand’s out further than the rest (ex. Miss My Dawgs (C1), Hustler’s Muzik (C2), Tie My Hands (C3),

  • Anthony Soprano


  • RodgyRo

    lyrics made me cry, expect a lot better songs for CV

  • RB

    I was waiting for wayne to switch up his flow in this track. Like in Steady Mobbin he begins with his singing’ flow before going in. In this song he’s forgotten that. Plain boring.

  • CMorrow2

    CV or 2014 Forest Hill Drive?

    • 504HardHead

      Forest gump niggah?

  • KheyKheyLuvTunechi

    Aww Fuk!!!!! My Babi duin a full nasty song again…MMMMMMMMM FUK!!! #SO WET ♡TUNECHI♡

  • Anti

    Remember somebody said the next single would be a radio mega smash nd this ain’t no smash period

  • Evan666

    nah this song isn’t really good and you know it, I love weezy ive loved his music for a while but we all no ones perfect and this song is far from it. would find it hard to give this song a 4/10 (don’t mean I aint a fan though)

  • Damm. I thought This was really it. I thought this song was gna be the one to kill the radio stations. .. Damn weezyFbby. U should have picked a better song. , fuck. I am a lil wayne SUPERFAN. And now even i recognize that Lil Wayne the fuckest GOAT has FALLEN OFF!!! FUCK MAN!!:( Disapointed.

  • BobIsJah

    Hey everyone I wanna play a prank on my friend, everyone and I mean everyone text the number


    And say ,,

    “Hey, we the people nominate you to recieve the (enlargement) circles. You mate, have been voted off the island. Take care and enjoy the (package). You may return to the island during the next (uprising), until then, stay golden pony boy.”

  • BobIsJah

    That was pretty dope man

  • blackjesus

    after listening to Off Day for the hundredth time, I’ve come to the conclusion that THIS SHIT IS

  • dre

    My favorite song from tha carter 5 so far! Shit Bumps!!

  • Liionchiss

    This track a joke compared to weezys earlier tracks,you can’t even compare…this nigga fell off before I used to wait for weezys song to drop now when it drop I do t even get it..

  • Trey Hambrick

    Hell yeah

  • Trey Hambrick

    Damn tht go so hard

  • Trey Hambrick

    I luv it onna mike hand

  • Trey Hambrick

    This song go hard

  • Trey Hambrick

    In da paint

  • Trey Hambrick


  • Trey Hambrick

    Rt man

  • Nobody

    Nice but you sure do have alot of bitches lol between work n fucking… How do you sleep??? LOL

  • Trey Hambrick

    Married 2 tha game

  • Trey Hambrick

    Up up n away

  • Trey Hambrick

    Goin up. She go each way… yeah