Trina Speaks On Her Relationship With Lil Wayne & Why They Didn’t Get Married

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Trina Speaks On Her Relationship With Lil Wayne & Why They Didn't Get Married

Trina stopped by Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club radio show recently to chat with DJ Envy, Charlamagne Tha God, and Angela Yee.

At the 11:15 and 18:15 marks of the interview, which you can watch below, Trina spoke on her relationship with Lil Wayne and why she didn’t marry or have a baby with him.

If you didn’t already know, Weezy and Trina were engaged just under 10 years ago and came close to having a baby, but Trina suffered a miscarriage. They also had their names tattooed on each other (Wayne has “Trina” on his ring finger and Trina has “Wayne” on her wrist).

Even though it didn’t work out between Tunechi and Trina, she did explain in the interview after a game of “F, Marry, Kill” between Lil Wayne, French Montana and Kenyon Martin that her and Tune are “still friends to this day”, their relationship “didn’t end bad”, he is a “great person”, and she has “so much respect for him”.

Thanks to Keeze for the heads up!

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  • Sfundo Gumede


    • CarterBoy

      That’s cool.

    • Fuck tha Fame


  • Konway Twitty

    She tryna throw a ring on my son lol

  • Tune could’ve had 5 baby mamas

    I didn’t know she has a miscarriage

    • fewcha

      cause you’re a fake fan

      (i am just tryna grind ppl’s gears before y’all attack me)

  • Mula

    Trina needs a turnup!

    • CarterBoy

      Doesn’t quite sound as right as Tina hahahaha.

  • Patrick H

    I actually thought we would get the mainstream single from C5 for Weezy Wednesdays yesterday :/

    • CarterBoy

      We just got a new single last week so they will probably leave it a bit yet before they drop it.

  • CarterBoy

    Hahahaha Charlemagne was so shocked when she said she would marry Weezy.

    • LondonB

      Cause hes a hater and dont know nothing bout Wayne

      • Khosta

        he did say wayne would be the goat if he died though

  • Ali

    lol this bad bitch be friends with every one ahahaha aka a side bitch.

  • savage813

    trina turn up! trina needa tune up!

  • triggacity_813

    Trina the one Wayne can’t let go

  • C-3 the BOSS

    My ”before C5 Drops” Tracklist

    Thug cry
    Think im lying
    After that
    Errbody remix
    Believe me
    My nigga remix
    We alright

    Delux Edition

    Tha Mobb
    Playin with Fire
    Got nothin on Me
    Right Above it

    obs. Even if C5 drops january, Im alright

    • fewcha

      or you could just go bump future’s monster mixtape until december 9

      • C-3 the BOSS

        they said that track MONSTER has the longest hook in the history of hip hop

        • triggacity_813

          That mixtape is the best this year go take a listen

          • Time

            No the Rich Gang The Tour Part 1 mixtape is the best of the year bro

            • triggacity_813

              Nah bruh it was dope but future killed them

              • Khosta

                ever since thug was rich gang future is washed up

        • Time

          Who is “they”?

          • C-3 the BOSS


      • Khosta

        it’s whack af

    • YoungJT1092

      No krazy?

  • Gold

    Is trina sexy or ugly?

    Her body on fleek but her face ain’t the same

    • triggacity_813

      Trina sexy af man to this day

    • Time

      No man says “on fleek”

  • fewcha

    “hollygrove my habitat, wish i could bring rabbit back”


      “100 shots come after that, Call a Hoe a Hoe and a Rat a Rat”

  • Time

    I done got bored of playing Let Me Through already…..

    • triggacity_813

      Song wasn’t that good..I got tired of it the first day

      • Time

        Yea you right tbh

  • Weezy

    That was a waste of 7 minutes danny..I coulda listened to gotti twice

  • Weezy

    Trina sexy tho she cute af

  • Drilon_G

    • pumpkin

      yall funny with this old shyt but new to new kids on the block

    • BobIsJah

      What is this from? I don’t get it it…

  • real shit

    Off. Topic who got the new call of duty tho

  • King Kendrick

    Check out the Kendrick interview from today.

    The interviewer was dissin lil wayne and kendrick took up for him saying he’s a,legend and people forget all that he’s done.

    Then he did an impression of him


      Who did the interview?

      • King Kendrick

        Idk somewhere in dallas just search kendrick lamar for today posted like an hour ago

      • King Kendrick

        Posted 20 minutes ago on kiddnation youtube channel

        • triggacity_813

          I just seen it his impression was on point lmao & he set that white girl straight


            Haha ya what a dumb bitch lol

    • triggacity_813

      Where is it?


      Have u ever watched dead end hip hop on YouTube? One of those dudes hate waynes music but when someone asked all them whos a legend in the game the guy who hates weez was automatically like “waynes in that category” its a lil old but it just shows that u don’t have to like the music at all but respect wayne nd accept him as a legend cuz he is

      • King Kendrick

        Just watched it


          Ya those guys keep it real..


          Ya nd the guy who first was like waynes in that category, he has said plenty of times that he doesnt like weezys music at all that it doesn’t do anything for him.. But yet still calls him a legend

    • LondonB

      Whats the name of this interview, so i can youtube it


        Its on kiddnations channel.. The first 3 are kdot.. One of those is the vid that shows it

      • Khosta

        kiddnation channel on youtube go to part 2

    • Yo

      Which part


        I went to second one like halfway thru

    • Miikeey

      whats it called

      • King Kendrick

        Go to kiddnation youtube channel.

        it’s more than.1 video posted but the one that Wayne was mentioned in.. Start off right from the jump talking about it being two years since kendrick dropped his album

  • Jdhe

    What part of the interview is it not trying to watch the whole thing

  • Khosta

    Lord Help us Lord, My bitch is beautiful Helan of Troy

  • Khosta

    Kendrick said lil wayne is a legend in the new interview and he did his impression

    • wiseman91

      link it up

  • Weezy

    That lady does not know whit about hip hop fuck out there saying I don’t look at lil wayne as a best rapper more like an alien glad k dot told her and then what’s up

  • wiseman91

    that nigga killed that shit lmao

  • JayHighAss

    I know I’m Young I’m 19 regular ass nigga I’m doing my thang not no bum Ass & I work for UPS doing Unload … So what’s Up Trina ? Fuck wit ah nigga

  • StevieD

    All these fucking tattoos, and I ain’t got one bitch name.

    • SeattleAtHome

      Trina wasnt a ‘bitch’

      She was ‘lover’

  • miszcz

    All these fuckin’ tattoos, and I ain’t got one bitch name
    nigga you lyin I dont wanna listen to him.

    • LeTerance Corbitt

      Lol they was engaged at the time, would you call your fiance a bitch?

  • Nathaniel Diaz

    Yo Danny vibe put out a mini article about some guy that wrote a book about weezy basically being a genius with his writing compared him to Shakespeare m shit

    • Nathaniel Diaz

      The literary genius of lil wayne… Bouta cop it on kindle

  • Knowledge

    Shame on all y’all Motherfuckers someone says check out what they said about weezy y’all dumb cotton pickin niggers run for it….but if they say go out and vote …y’all dumb asses stay at home
    And look up more weezy music society Got the game
    Fucked up…

  • NinaCarter

    He can change Trina to Nina js (:

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  • Whitney CHALET

    Damn Trina is very mature O-O im only 15 and want to take things like she does … damn a real role model…