Watch Lil Wayne Bust Out A Frontside 180 Down A 7 Stair On His Skateboard

Wed, Dec 10, 2014 by

Watch Lil Wayne Bust Out A Frontside 180 Down A 7 Stair On His Skateboard

On early Tuesday morning, Lil Wayne had another skateboarding session at Brandon Biebel’s private indoor skatepark in Los Angeles, California.

During this skating session, Tunechi bust out a frontside 180 down a 7-step stair set to show everyone that he is indeed improving on a skateboard.

You can watch footage of it all go down in the clip below. Once Weezy F Baby does the trick, everyone seems to be relieved!

Credit: James Riff and Brandon Biebel

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  • Weezy da king

    Kinda gets me mad he’s not the same Tunechi that would be in the studio 24/7.. Hanging around these white boys is what makes his music whack

    • fewcha

      lol racist but true

    • CarterBoy

      His music ain’t been bad this year, there’s just been a lack of it

  • Weezyf

    So upsetting getting news on skateboarding instead of the album

  • Anonymous

    He is too old to be on a skateboard

    • TwizzieTwitch

      there’s no set age to buy/ride a skateboard


    I can see Christina Milian, and it looks like she is standing next to Dhea or Wayne’s stylist? IDK

    • Patrick H

      I can’t.

      • CARTER V

        0:10 back to the left

      • fewcha

        i dont se dhea or tina either lol

        look like random girls to me

        • CARTER V

          you can hear tina’s voice and you can see that its tina.

    • Jbadd504

      If this nigga got dhea and christina both there cheering him on then he needs an award for that !!!

  • Muhammed Riyaz Zx

    We Want Some C5 News
    Not some Skating news

    leave the label as soon as possible
    And Release the album

  • C5Slime

    Cool Tune thanks for busting your ass to get yourself out this situation smh he doesn’t give a shit about fans anymore

    • Chris


    • WeezyFTunechi

      man hes been doing this shit for 20 years. Let the man have fun and stop the shit talk. He don’t have to rap no more if he want to.

      • C5Slime

        Yeah so he can do what he wants which is to skate and not please fans? Stop jumping to defence before you read what I say

        • Guest

          Shut the fuck up

  • Smh

    No PSA for his fans but he can skate?

    • CarterBoy

      Maybe we will get one for Weezy Wednesdays today?

    • Muhammed Riyaz Zx

      i think we get a weezy wednesday

  • fewcha

    when i used to skate i don’t even think i could do this

    so props to wayne

    • Jbadd504

      Yea ive been skating since 2007..i dont fuck with stairs though…so props

      • CARTER V

        you been skating for 7 years bro, you still dont fuck with stairs?

        • Jbadd504

          Cant fuck with it..or handrails..i gotta do whats safer for me…i still gotta go to work day after day…i cant go in there with any injuries.. so i do a lil 5 set maybe…flat bars..manny pads..but mostly flatground stuff ya know

  • SAH

    Lets hope Kelly Rowland is on CV !

    • CarterBoy

      Why lol?

      Thats random

    • 504HardHead

      Hope u a girl

  • BigWillyWill20

    Well i seen this from 2 days ago already. All I want is a PSA from Weezy when he talks about the Carter 5 was being delay,and about releasing a Dedication 6.

  • CarterBoy

    Since he did those tweets he seems to be skating all the time now…..I think he might of give up on rap :/

    • Jbadd504

      Mack maine hit me with the track game now im havin second thoughts about the fuckin rap game..damn

      • CarterBoy

        Yes but it’s more like

        Whote boys hit me with the skating game now I’m havin second thoughts about the fuckin’ rap game

  • BJ

    Hate coming on LWHQ and seeing post about lil Wayne skating, I feel danny shouldn’t even post these up.

  • BJ

    I can tell carter v aint dropping this year maybe January or February cause this label situation gone take a minute to get sorted out and deep down I still think Wayne want Nicki minaj to get some shine to, he don’t want to over shadow her album.

  • real shit

    This that dumb shit I be talking about for all yall niggas who kept saying he can skate all he want to let the man live his life now yall niggas up here roasting him for it I told nigggas from the jump it’s all about the fucking music fuck skateboarding, fuck who he fucking, fuck how he dress, fuck what club he was in etc the homie should be sitting in a meeting right now trying to resolve the problem with birdman instead of doing fucking 180’s or whatever the fuck they called we deserve c5 so put the fucking board down and make it happen my nigga

  • LakersNation

    we need carter v

  • Tunechily

    I know its not gonna happen… But think about if they had a camera crew with Wayne all throughout these Carter 5 sessions. And that they were gonna make another movie!

    • Tarik Berrada

      dude there is another carter documentary coming out specifically based on carter 5 , trust me i read it on some legitimate hiphop site like two weeks ago, the only thing i cant assure you is whether or not that sht will be released,

      • TRUKFIT


      • mnmminies

        I wish. And if it does exist, it’ll just be another Nino Brown Story Part 3…


    so after like two years of skating he can do a trick a 5 year old child can do?

    and why are all those yes men cheering they have been able to do that trick for 20 years

    • King Kendrick

      The human brain functions like a sponge as a child. Easier for a child tto learn and develop new things than a full grown adult

      • James

        You right. You know nigga the more you post on here without being a troll like you used to the more respect I gain for you. You’ve become like a welcome addition to this site really when a lot of niggas on here used to hate yo ass lol.

        • King Kendrick

          interesting…… Hold on

        • 504HardHead

          U ain’t lying bruh. I don’t even hate son no more. Rns


      A 5 yr old doin that? Lol..

  • Kidd

    Chill everybody he has a video on tmz saying he’ll be out of cash money soon idk why Danny hasnt posted it yet it was about 3 days ago

    • mortimerr2014

      He did post it


      Lol where u been bruh? Its been posted


      YOU LATE

      • Kidd

        Nigga i said like 3 days ago get off my dick


    let me get in docs back to the future vehicle and kill the kid that made Wayne think skating was cool

  • H

    Cv or cash money news PLZ

  • H

    It’s not Danny’s fault there is nothing new to post about the wayne bs cash money ish and cv

  • Chrizzey

    Danny post up that video of wayne leaving Cash Money, he said it on TMZ.

    • mortimerr2014

      He already did



  • don peperroni

    Thats Tina and Porcelain Black with T@, N.O Capo was there too. Tina is clearly the side chick (if they are dating on the low) Since briel carter confirmed dat he is with dhea.

  • The 100

    Wayne should stop rapping and become a pro skater. His music isn’t getting any better but he continues to get better on a skateboard.

    • guest

      This nigga has been skating for almost 4 years and this is the best he can do I think he should stop skating

  • James


    • Skenny

      A big, BIG DROUGHT!!

      • James


  • King Kendrick

    What if that trick was the reason CV wasn’t dropping

    • BobIsJah

      That’d be funny as fuck my ninja… Your profile pic is funny as fuck to lol


  • SeattleAlbum

    _Seattle At Home_

    1- Super Bowl Champs
    2- rant (skit)
    3- Beast Mode
    4- Home Field Advantage
    5- S.A.H.
    6- The Earthquake ft. The 12th Man
    7- Why Not Me? (skit)
    8- Waiting ft. triggacity_813, & ‘lilwaynehq-members’
    9- Fake Track Lists
    10- Tha Carter V (skit)
    11- Lime Green ft. J. Cole
    12- 12th Man
    13- My Team
    14- Told Yall ft. Mack “Tha Fortune Teller” Maine
    15- Facts
    16- Can’t Believe This ft. Lil Wayne
    17- Lets’ See What’s Next ft. Daniel Mousdell


      Ur a fool

    • mortimerr2014

      Who gives af

    • Ali

      Fake track list

    • BJ

      Stfu !! superbowl champs ? The earthquake ft. The 12th man ? Home field advantage ? Lol that’s the dumbest song titles I ever heard , this tracklist look like it was made by a seahawks fan smh

  • Tunechis_bitch

    I’m honestly losing hope for Wayne

  • Lefteris

    Stop complaining to Danny about those skating posts. I swear this dude is watching them social media and them websites 24/7 just find something new about Wayne… It is not Danny’s fault! It is a Lil Wayne Fansite; everything that has to do with him, should be posted! Just appreciate Danny’s effort to keep us informed about our favourite rapper, you ungrateful pigs! Shout out to my boy @DannyM


      Only idiots would complain about danny postin skating vids.. This is a wayne fansite so u should expect to get any news we can from wether it be irrelevant or not.. Nd imo it’s better than no news, nd i bet if he didn’t post everything ppl would complain as well

    • Muhammed Riyaz Zx

      U r Right My Brother

      Daniel is doin A very good Job that no Lil wayne fan does like him

      Hatsoff daniel

    • Ye’

      True dat

  • King Kendrick

    Stay tf out this man’s way. You can see in his body language he aint playin

    (S/o to james….. I’m back)

    • James

      You give a man a compliment and what’s he do

  • Dwayne

    Random video but I did watch it like 30 times

  • James

    All I want right now is an explanation of what’s going on in Waynes head right now. Like what he’s thinking about doing in this situation he’s in. Is he gonna go independent, sign somewhere else, give up, whatever. Just wanna know what’s up.

  • TwizzieTwitch

    y’all niggas are assholes. Let the nigga skate.Complaining about it not gonna amke him stop. Skating is a stress reliever and it is a high. i do it all the time like many other people. it takes your mind off shit and its overall fun and addicting so you can fuck outta here with that “Rap only” shit. he been rapping hard af for a long time. let the nigga chill god damn

  • Kevin Figo Udeh

    Skating>Pussy>music. Wayne doesn’t care, ma Nigga RAF

  • TwizzieTwitch

    y’all dont like wayne

  • Skenny

    In that moment…
    Wayne was like:
    “Gotta do it for Tha Carter 5”

  • tha mobb c2

    Honestly i wonder wtf would wayne be doing now in his spare time instead of skating if he never decided to pick up a bored , ever since he got out of jail and then picked up a board he aint been the same thats jus imo jus saying what i think yall. No hate

  • YoitsChico

    This site is about Wayne and what he does, so what he does will be posted. If you don’t like what he does, don’t come on the site.

  • Nijee

    Wayne doesnt care about music nomore so yall need stfu let him have fun & enjoy life stop fucking crying about him droping Tha Carter V it’s not his fault

  • Linoh Locc

    Buttery ass 180, good one Wayne.

  • Guest

    Errybody need to relax on this nigga. He isn’t in the same place he was for carter one through 3. He said it himself he is living life now. Having fun doing shit he missed out on while FEEDING U BUM NIGGAS MUSIC over the years.

  • Runnli carter v

    Top 5 tracks from the block is hot or tha carter ya’ll
    Mine is:
    1 the heat
    2. Fuck the world
    3. I miss my dawgs
    4. Bm.jr
    5. Young’n’blues

    • YoungJT1092

      1. Lights. Off
      2. Tha Block Is Hot
      3. BMJR
      4. Bring It Back
      5. This Is Tha Carter

  • Izzy

    Most of ya’ll on here bitch about everything

  • KheyKheyLuvTunechi

    My Babi killd it!!! #LuvMyWeezy ♡♡♡♡♡

  • kobebryant24

    I liked wayne in the gangsta days but looks like the dude is happy with what hes doin, God Bless him.

  • Weezy fan

    At least Wayne’s tweeting again



  • Mustafa Dc SoulStar


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  • Tiffany Bresil

    Where that C5 @????

  • Jessica King

    Yeahi yeeaahhiii