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Lil Wayne’s “How To Love” Music Video Is Now “VEVO Certified”

Thu, Jan 1, 2015 by

Lil Wayne How To Love Music Video Is Now VEVO Certified

VEVO have now announced on Twitter that Lil Wayne‘s music video for his “How To Love” single has been watched over 100 million times since first premiering in August 2011, which makes it “VEVO Certified”.

“Congrats to @LilTunechi on another #VevoCertified vid! “How To Love” now has 100M & counting”

Other Tunechi visuals that have been “VEVO Certified” are “Mirror” featuring Bruno Mars, “Lollipop” featuring Static Major, “Drop The World” featuring Eminem, and “Love Me” featuring Drake and Future.

Congratulations to Weezy F Baby on this awesome achievement. If you didn’t already know, “How To Love” is also quadruple Platinum after being purchased over 4 million times!

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  • weezy wee

    King weezy


      “They throw roses at my feet nigga, idont touch one rose”

      • He


  • TBRA

    Let me just say that I think we all know sftw2 is going to be on a no ceilings type level. I’m hoping he puts his track with King Los on this mothafucka.

    • Patrick H

      What makes you think he has a song with Los?

    • Gudda Gudda

      we don’t know shit

      expect the unexpected

  • Wtf

    Smh I’m so disappointed we didnt get a song off SFTW2 for New Years…….

    • S@H

      Cuz that title is whack….

      I already told Tune he should just say ” S’4’TW ” was “Da Drought ‘4’ ” becuase of ‘Drought’ & the ‘4’

      And just call THIS (S4TW2) ” Da Drought 5 ” and tie up the dedication and drought series at 5…


      • $@#

        Can someone Please for the SAKE of this mixtape title TELL WAYNE on Twitter or something


  • Patrick H

    It’s 2015 and he is still winning.

  • don peperroni

    Even Marc Jacobs know whats up..

    • Patrick H


    • Gudda Gudda

      he got it wrong, it aint free young money at all

      • S@H

        Yah its freeCV and freeWeezy

        And alternates are : FuckBirdman/ TeamBirdman



      • S@H

        Gay title^

        But it is what officials and wayne niggaz sayin..

        So maybe they want to be corny..?


          Omg u gay ass nigga.. U act like a title is gonna change how wayne raps u lame lol.. Who gives a fuck bout the name of it!!…

    • Chuck_Brazy

      straight up out tha water with my marc jacob goggles!

      • CarterVSZN

        Fresher than a muhfucka!

  • P

    This is the single Wayne song that I’ve never liked whatsoever

    • Gudda Gudda

      it aint even that bad, stop tryna fit in online


        Fr.. I fuxks with wayne love tracks especially this one..

    • Ninad Ganore

      But it is so meaningful… that song and prove that Wayne fans are not shallow at all


      This song is amazing for wayne.. Showing his skills that he can hop on any genre nd make it so good… I’ve had so many bitches that hate on wayne nd all i do is show em this song and they can’t get off his nuts after lol

    • imhigh

      Only white teenage girls like that song..

  • Gudda Gudda

    mirror has been watched over 300 million times lol


      Mirror is waynes most viewed song on YouTube thats why lol.. do u ever notice when u go to a dope ass wayne song there’s always ppl saying “idont even like wayne but damn this is sum good shit” or bout “this is waynes only good song” lol off topic but ya just thought I’d ask lol…

  • S@H

    Sadly they (wayne friends and officials) are callin it ‘S4TW’

    It should just be SFTW2 ( if they stick with this title ↓ ) That ‘4’ was becuase it was C4…

    • S@H

      If they keep the ‘4’ in this title



        Who cares… Its a fuckin wayne mixtape get over the title

        • S@H

          Thats gay asf and we all said that before they announced it


            Ok?? Ur gayasfuck for crying about a 4 in the title of the mixtape lol.. Get over it

            • S@H

              I have wayyy better ideas than these clownss

              If you want success holla me weezy and the crew


              • THEFIREMANB1TCH

                Lol ya thats y ur on a fansite all day talking about them niggas… What success are u talking about cuz damn u can’t even get any homies on here to agree with u so u must be a lonely ass bitch stuck in gay seattle

      • i agre!!

  • Nijee barrett

    Wayne Need Drop Something Because Start a fire was last song he drop

  • Lefteris

    Hey, I want to thank yall and wish you a happy new year! Im not on this site for long (probably 10 months or so) but spending even the slightest amount of time here on LWHQ was so damn fun! Chatting with people or watch conversations and articles about my (and our) favourite rapper, was hella satisfying! Sorry for my bad english, but anyways, I really had a great year here, with yall, and I wish yall, and of course Danny, that you have a great time this year, with your family and friends! 🙂


      Happy new yrs bro!! Have a good one

    • Appreciate it! All the best to you too 🙂

  • S@H

    @DannyM and niggaz

    Anyone know where to find that ‘Interview’ sampled in the mash-up (samples: King Kong, Throw some Ds and somethin else) track “The Martian” with wayne… he talks about some krazy shit. But i cant find the interviews

    • S@H

      Part 5.

      “Receiving Transmission”
      Fallen Angel
      Crunch Time
      Best Rapper
      Signed ‘Em (skit) ft. YMCMB
      Suck It
      King Me
      All You Will Need
      France (skit)
      The Space Ship


        Ya reply to urself cuz u the only nigga that fuxx with that gay stupid shit

        • S@H OnTop

          Nah yall to lame…


    • Nathaniel Diaz

      The ima move to France n become a French rap star? I’ve always wanted to hear that interview too


    Happy new years bro!!!!

    • Tuned

      Happy new years

  • C5Slime

    Weezy would murk that “buy a heart” beat by nicki ft meek mill, I imagine a thug cry flow kiiiilllinnnnn it

    • Tunechis_bitch

      Omds that would be tooo good I love that song

  • S@H

    If it has a ‘4’ in the title…

    No one get this tape…itl prolly be corny like the title..


      Omg that suxx!!:(…. Lol stfu already u ultimate stan ass nigga makin other wayne fans look bad with ur stupid ass

  • Ye

    What happen to dat Seattle at home dude

    • S@H

      Look at my name dude…


      • S@H



        And so on…

        Its the same nigga tard


          Seattle On top of a dick

          • $@#


            • THEFIREMANB1TCH

              Jealous that u got to suck on ur mommas fat ass titties!!



      • triggacity_813

        Fuuuuuccck that niggggggaaaa *Drake voice*

        • S@H

          I love that type of jealousy

          Sad thing is; nigga like trigga tha type to try and catch my nut and refridgerate it

          Jealousy means love



            It ain’t jealousy lol.. What would make anyone jealous of u??

          • triggacity_813

            Nigga what? You just annoying lol what is there to be jealous about ?

  • SeattleAtHome

    Im Raw
    Im Raw
    Im Raw
    Im Raw
    Im Raw

    • $@#



        Talking to his self as always lol^^

        • S@H

          Im hot enough i dont need yall lil bic’s


            Shit lil nigga u dnt know nuthing lol

  • SeattleAtHome

    Rhq, gay hug, #teambirdman – Up Up & Away


  • SeattleAtHome

    T.I’s go get it beat was too mean

    Wayne shoulda burried it

    • Tuned

      And trap back jumpin

  • Jon Royal

    “I stumbled upon a goldmine, I thank God that it ain’t copper
    Some niggas were late bloomers but boy look how they’ve blossomed”
    -Greatest Rapper Ever

    • PurpleDrank !!!

      gotti ?

      • #1stunna


  • Runnli carter v

    Starts of the new year with style

  • Ali

    Happy New Years day to my lwhq homies, hope you all have a blessed year, also hope we get that CV! 🙂

  • Yung Kyrie No Bron


    • S@H

      This isnt bad….

  • Tanisha_Sosa_weezy_XO

    Mirror is wahnes most watched video tho

  • Francois keou

    FreeC5 freeweezy

  • K

    Oh look kayne drops a song and it goes crazy on the Internet… Wayne better drop something crazy soon so people know what up

  • Eshall Flawless

    How To Love is epic greatness songified. Music video makes me misty. Congratulations Wayne!!!!! Happy New Year Bae. I love you.

  • Ultron2015

    Wayne is now offically a pop rapper now lol his lyrical beast songs will never reach that much views

  • Ultron2015

    S4tw2 will be worse than D4 and D5 watch

  • Bankotsu

    I Know a professional singer and when he heard How To Love that’s when he was convinced that Wayne is the Best Rapper Alive

  • Best

    Congracts Wayne

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