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Crunchy Black Says He Is A Fan Of Lil Wayne & Has A Song He Is Going To Do With Him

Fri, Jul 3, 2015 by

Crunchy Black Says He Is A Fan Of Lil Wayne & Has A Song He Is Going To Do With Him

Crunchy Black, who was a member of the hip-hop group Three 6 Mafia, recently spoke to HipHopDX over the phone from jail for an interview that you can read in full here.

During their conversation, Black spoke on his forthcoming Crunch Time album, which he will be dropping with Sony and revealed that he has songs with Petey Pablo, K-Ci from Jodeci, Ying Yang Twins, and Jizzal Man from Dem Franchize Boyz.

The original Three 6 Mafia member also mentioned that he “fucks with Lil Wayne real big” and that he has a song he is going to record with him for his album, as well as YG!

HHDX: Outside of artists within Hypnotize Minds, has any other rapper reached out to you?
Crunchy Black: Well not a lot of rappers have reached out to me in jail but you know, I got that Crunch Time album ready to go. I didn’t put that album out because I wanted to do it with a major label so I got the major under my belt through Sony. So I’mma drop that Crunch Time and I got Petey Pablo on a song with me called “Bang A Hoe.” You gone love that joint and I just sent that to Sony. Then, I got KC from Jodeci and the Ying Yang Twins on this other track and I just sent that to Sony. There’s this other track that I did with Big Jizzle from the Franchise Boyz called “Put In Work.” I basically reached out and they basically reached out. A lot of the old school rappers because the new school rappers, they just talking. They ain’t really nothing like we was doing. I don’t dislike them and I don’t hate em and some of them I bump their music. But, you know back in the day we did what we did what we talked about. Not to say you got to do what you gotta do what you talk about but, a lot of these guys these days, they just singing and doing songs just to be doing them. I fuck with Lil Wayne, real big too and I got a joint that I’ma do wit him. I got a joint I’mma do with YG who’s from the West Coast.

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