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Joey Purp Reveals Lil Wayne Is In His Top 5 Of All Time List, Vic Mensa Says Wayne Should Always Be Mentioned

Joey Purp Reveals Lil Wayne Is In His Top 5 Of All Time List, Vic Mensa Says Wayne Should Always Be Mentioned

Last week, Vic Mensa and Joey Purp visited Shade 45’s “Sway In The Morning” radio show to chop it up with Sway Calloway and Tracy G for an interview.

At the 15:20 mark of the conversation, Joey revealed that Lil Wayne is in his top 5 of all time list. Later on at the 17:25 time, Vic mentioned that Wayne should always be named in every conversation.

Hit the jump to check out the full interview!

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Lil Wayne Reacts To Hillary Clinton Referencing His Lyrics In A Speech [Video]

Lil Wayne Reacts To Hillary Clinton Referencing His Lyrics In A Speech

Early this morning, TMZ asked Lil Wayne what his thoughts were on Hillary Clinton referencing his lyrics in her speech on Thursday night while he was leaving Playhouse nightclub in Los Angeles, California after celebrating Mack Maine’s birthday.

If you missed her speech, Hillary appeared to reference Tunechi‘s No Ceilings mixtape and his “Sky Is The Limit” song: “When there are no ceilings, the sky’s the limit”. This is of course similar to what Tune said on a No Ceilings tape skit: “And understand that there is no ceilings, there’s only the sky and the sky is the limit”.

Of course, this is a little bit of a reach, but the quote does seem fitting to be what Weezy has rapped in the past. You can watch Clinton say the line in her speech and see Wayne chat to TMZ about it below. Even though he hadn’t seen the speech at the time he was leaving the nightclub, it now looks like Mr. Carter has checked it out as he has since gone on Twitter to tweet: “Go Hillary! I hear ya out there”!

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Feature Friday #76: Swizz Beatz – It’s Me… (Remix) (Feat Lil Wayne, R. Kelly & Jadakiss)

Swizz Beatz Its Me Remix Feat Lil Wayne, R Kelly & Jadakiss

This week’s “Feature Friday” post is the official remix to Swizz Beatz‘ “It’s Me…” single featuring Lil Wayne, R. Kelly and Jadakiss.

The song appears on Swizz‘s One Man Band Man album, which was released back in 2007. Beatz is also the producer of this track.

“J’adore les Francs, yeah I love my riches; Bonjour money and au revoir bitches; Il ne petit, we do it the biggest; And nous ne rats mean we ain’t snitches; Now can ya tell me how good my French is – voulez-vous coucher avec moi bitches?”

You can listen to the “It’s Me…” remix below.

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DJ Khaled – Tourist (Feat Lil Wayne & Travis Scott)

DJ Khaled Tourist Feat Lil Wayne & Travis Scott

We first heard about this collaboration last week, and now here is DJ Khaled‘s “Tourist” song with Lil Wayne and Travis Scott.

The Key Wane-produced track will be appearing on Khaled‘s upcoming Major Key album, due to be released tomorrow on July 29th.

You can listen to “Tourist” after the jump below. Also, be sure to leave a comment with your opinion on this record!

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Lil Wayne – That’s Not Luv (Solo) [Mastered]

Lil Wayne Thats Not Luv Solo CDQ

For this month’s #ThrowbackThursday with STREETRUNNER, he has released a mastered version of Lil Wayne‘s “That’s Not Luv” song, which he produced.

You may recognize the beat and Weezy‘s vocals from Trae and Fabolous tracks back in 2011, but now thanks to STREETRUNNER, we can listen to Wayne‘s solo version in CDQ.

This is the original recording of “That’s Not Luv” on the original beat mixed and mastered. This version has a much more raw sound compared to the Fabolous Soul Tape version or the Trae The Truth version. I thought it would be dope to share this song in its original glory with the fans.

Hit the jump to check out the mastered version of Tunechi‘s “That’s Not Luv“. Click here to listen to all of the previous Tune records that STREETRUNNER has dropped this year!

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