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Lil Wayne Is Featured On Solange’s “A Seat At The Table” Album

Wed, Sep 28, 2016 by

Lil Wayne Is Featured On Solange A Seat At The Table Album

Solange has announced she will be releasing a new album called A Seat At The Table this Friday on September 30th via Saint Records/Columbia.

On the tracklisting for the project, Lil Wayne is listed as a feature on a song called “Mad” that will also include additional vocals by Moses Sumney and Tweet.

Weezy and Solange, who were rumored to be dating back in 2006, last worked together on “ChampagneChroniKnightcap” in 2008 off Sol-Angel And The Hadley St. Dreams.

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  • TooReal

    Gone be dope

  • fewcha

    so thursday at midnight?

    • Khosta

      Tf you talkin bout

      • Time

        Probably when the song will come out

  • Jessica King

    Too interesting. … destiny child. Was my Shit growing up. Like yeah” Maaaad!

    • Malik

      Comment more πŸ‘Œ



  • Gudda Gudda

    Moolah grew on me so much and I couldn’t stand that song when it first came out

    sell coke, crack kills

    • Balt

      It grew on me a little but still nothing special doe

    • Khosta

      Shit is trash

    • Sparks

      It’s still garbage

    • Malik

      Lol that’s my shit too but you only like it cuz of the gudda s/o

      • Time

        I got a homie named Gudda, he from the gutter

  • Khosta

    I already know Wayne beat the beat up like he mad

  • Khosta

    Danny why aren’t you posting the video of Wayne blowing his candle

  • youssef

    DC4 tommorow midnight

  • youssef

    And a Wayne feat

  • πŸ™πŸΎWATTBLT πŸ‘‘

    Dc4 tomorrow only if D6 came out tomorrow or the next day 😀πŸ”₯

  • 1017BLOOD

    I find Solange so much sexier since she flipped out on Jay in that elevator πŸ”₯

  • πŸ™πŸΎWATTBLT πŸ‘‘


  • Malik

    Lol u kno this pic old af Wayne got a sidekick πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ always wanted one

    • T-Chubbs

      Boi sidekick’s were the shyt in 07′ 08′

      • Malik

        Exactly lol

    • Time



    Solange is so Underrated, too. She Makes Great Music. “ChampagneCroniKnightcap” Is Dope. The Chemistry on it is Crazy.

    • Time

      She is overlooked because of who her sister is


        Yeah, I Know. All You Need is That Core Fanbase & Your Good. I’m Sure She Has it.

  • Time

    Look at the phone Wayne is holding LOL

    • Finesse_King

      I miss dat phone lol

    • It’s a old picture πŸ˜‚

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