Lil Wayne Goes Skateboarding With His Son Dwayne Michael Carter III In Atlanta [Video]

Tue, Dec 13, 2016 by

Earlier this month, Lil Wayne hit up a skate park in Atlanta, Georgia to practice new tricks on his skateboard.

Weezy was joined at the park by Lil Twist, Petey Lo, Tyreek “TJ” Morrison, Sarah Vivan, and his son Dwayne Michael Carter III (who was also skating).

You can check out some footage from the skateboarding session in the clip above!

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  • fewcha

    i was just about to go to sleep and i thought i’ll check lwhq before i go

    first btw

    • WeezyLEF

      And? Are u happy with yourself wasting 10 minutes of your precious sleep on some shitty-lil-wayne-skateboarding-again-not-landing-a-single-trick-AGAIN news BOI?! Damn I really need dat Funeral 🌹 tbh, im going mad lol

      • Khosta


        • WeezyLEF

          I’m on it, hold up

          • Slime Revived

            You still alive ?

            • WeezyLEF

              Nope, this is actually his brother typing, what up?

  • WeezyTilInfinity

    I’m ready for some Funeral news!



  • Patrick H

    I fall off my skateboard I don’t fall in love.

  • YungStevenSeagal

    funeral coming before christmas i think

    • 🐐Wattblt🙏🏾

      You thought wrong

  • logan k 32

    Fresh gang

  • logan k 32

    Pussy for breakfast thts how I start my day my dick is a pen it’s written all over.her face 
    Young Mula baby

  • P0W£R

    I remember when lil homie was born😏

  • Thami_SA

    LilWaynehq being tagged on XXL

    • Khosta


    • Malik

      Boy we been on the map

  • Brand Johnny

    Sometimes Kanye trend for no good reason.. SMH!

    • Malik

      That’s damn near all the time

  • 🐐Wattblt🙏🏾

    D6 or funeral any day now

  • Official Birdman #Respek

    Cross Me and I’m Me are the most contrasting songs in Wayne’s legacy

    • Tunefan1234

      I’m me is so dope

  • Khosta

    I faced my fears and told them motherfuckers “Y’all too gorgeous”

  • 🐐Wattblt🙏🏾

    It’s obvious that he’ll be cash money till the death of him the ground shall break when they bury him

  • Hope Wayne remix ju ju on that beat

    • 🐐Wattblt🙏🏾

      He probably did that dae dae song

    • 🐐Wattblt🙏🏾

      He probably did that song what you mean by dae dae

    • Malik

      Tf is that

    • Nathaniel Diaz

      He did that like ten years ago, that’s the “knuck if you buck” beat with Mack n Curren$y lol..

  • Malik

    My nigga Tom came in clutch for boys 😳 he would’ve been in 1st place too

  • XOCorey

    Nigga been skating for three years & still can’t land a 360 tail pipe, just know how to drop in, grind rails & that’s it

    • Nathaniel Diaz

      You know how hard shit like that is to learn for the first time at 30 something yrs old? Boy came a long way IMO, give credit b

  • MuddyCupSavage (Untouchable)

    Post bail ballin!

    • Khosta


  • T-Twitch

    Bruh IANAHB2 is so underated. All the wayne did was have more of a skater influnce on it and try something new. He had fun i still bump it time to time

    • Khosta


  • Malik

    @realshit:disqus that’s how u really feel?

  • Lil Mk vert 🖕🙄🖕

    I just skate it off on the plug

    • Malik

      Nigga 😂 SKATED*

  • 🐐Wattblt🙏🏾

    Read for 2017 to get underway so we can get some new music


    • 🐐Wattblt🙏🏾



    lol, I’m sorry but he has been doing that same Ass pop shovit for like 5 years. I thought u was getting better by now.

  • Jessica King

    I remember almost knocking my two front teeth out tryna go down a Hill on a skateboard, skateboarding is narley af, #Earthsurfers.

  • ChrisxDope

    hopefully wayne hopped on ‘no heart’

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