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Lil Wayne Will Be At STORY Nightclub In Miami Next Month

Tue, Jun 27, 2017 by

Lil Wayne Will Be At STORY Nightclub In Miami On July 15th

On Saturday, July 15th, Lil Wayne will be hosting a party at STORY Nightclub in Miami, Florida.

Tunechi will more than likely perform a few songs live at the event too, and you never know, it’s possible he could debut new music.

If you wish to attend STORY Nightclub next month and see Weezy live, click here to order your tickets online for $30.00!

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  • MemoYM

    Mula! YM

  • JTOnHisCarter5Shit

    Attention LWHQ I am pleased to announce that I- not you- am the SECOND personn the history of this site to ever comment on this post. I declare this day: JT day in which you must now play Wayne songs that I recommend.

    • CarterBoy


    • Raz!

      wow well done

    • Tuned #POP #FreeGates

      What’s wrong w you bro

    • Smh

  • Danny must know something

    • CarterBoy

      Or he is bored himself of writing the same nightclub articles so he tried to make them more interesting LOL

      • That too lol idk I think Danny do got a line of communication w Wayne’s camp tho

        • ❤️Mula gang💰

          Reaching like JT huh ?😭

    • Tuned #POP #FreeGates

      He do, Daniel ain’t slick

  • CarterBoy

    Fuck all these nightclub appearances when fans are suffering.

  • Raz!

    are we ever getting a new weezy project or is it time to give up?

    • ALLRED-7


    • Tunde

      Give up

  • Tuned #POP #FreeGates

    I gotta thing for bitches, ion really hang wit bitches

  • ßlย૨

    according to Tez & mack’s management skills, I assume ‘YRS’ is supposed to have the fans satisfied. I wonder how clueless they really are

  • riak tha god

    This shit becoming a joke every new post about a fucking club appearance with performances of the same 10 old ass songs never no new album or tape no release date no new song can’t even get a fucking PSA of him explaining what the fuck is really going on then y’all bitch niggas say ppl complaining bitch its realness this nigga fell off washed up and dried

  • SUPA M

    ????What is the “YAY”????

    “i see my father whip the YAY like some mayonnaise” ??

    • Kunechi


      • SUPA M

        Ok thanks

    • Nathaniel Diaz

      Yay is white…coke


  • JTOnHisCarter5Shit

    And when C5 drops and it ends up being one of the most powerful albums in hiphop it’s the “Wayne’s going bald””Wayne is washed, admit it” “Wayne sound gar gar” mf’s who gonna rise up like they stayed down, smfh!

    • plantman

      What’s good man.
      I’ve been a real fan for a long long time now… I have never seen a drought like this one.. Correct me if I’m wrong…
      Legit this dude is an idol to me I love his music but you can’t lie to yourself man he’s EVOLVED as an artist and is nowhere near the Monster Wayne of 07-12

      • JTOnHisCarter5Shit

        You call 2012 a “monster” year? Welp, we all have our tastes. 2015 the man’s features were damn near as gopd as his 2007 run, but this issue with Birdman honestly got his career on hold, but I know he still got the talent, just not the right atmosphere to show it

  • plantman

    I can’t lie it realty sucks being pretty much 7 months into 2017 with no solo Project. I remember him tweeting “New Musik and Tours” yet we only got 2 weak tours…. I really don’t know what to make of it man…. I’m really starting to think that all the Lean and Pills are getting to my Boys Work Ethic… Think about it, he lost his voice, swag, and confidence.. Dr. Carter where are you man….. We miss you..
    -LOYAL DAY 1’S

    • 1017BLOOD


      • plantman

        How So?
        Did you forget this is a Fan-site? where not everyone will have the same opinion as you?

        • 1017BLOOD

          Yes exactly, and my opinion is this is dumb


      • plantman

        Serious question.
        You don’t think the amount of drugs(Pills) effects his work ethic at all? or his appearance and or performances?

    • Esoteric Khosta

      Boy he didnt lose his swag wtf

      • plantman

        Ok if not his swag, definitely his confidence. His Live performances were always EPIC. I’ve seen him in Chicago 3 times and they were all amazing shows… Have you seen his performances lately? Over the past 3-4 years they have all been the same Set of songs..
        He doesn’t perform any other list of songs because when he does he forgets the lyrics. which is why I said the lean and pills are effecting him.

  • Lil Mk vert 🖕🙄🖕

    The chance of him preforming new shit is gone with bet award

  • Dr Carter

    Wayne needs to do a PSA

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