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Lil Wayne To Perform Live At The Cuthbert Amphitheater In Eugene, Oregon

Tue, Aug 22, 2017 by

Lil Wayne To Perform Live At The Cuthbert Amphitheater In Eugene Oregon

On Thursday, September 28th, Lil Wayne will be putting on a live concert at Cuthbert Amphitheater in Eugene, Oregon.

If you wish to go to the show, which will start from 6:30PM to 10:00PM PDT, you can purchase your tickets online here for $55.00.

Will you be attending the concert in Oregon to see Weezy perform live?

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  • Gudda Gudda

    The only Wayne news we get is shows and shows

    I think Wayne’s done

    • Dr Carter


  • Raz!

    the fact wayne can just drop c5 right now but wont is really depressing

    • Man Man

      But we been knew that tho.. it’s prolly just more depressing since we heard it from the horses mouth

      • Rich Forever Way 👉🏾 💰❤️


      • CarterBoy


    • Yeah he gotta realize Baby not paying him that money

    • InfamousWeezy

      Yeah but it won’t be on iTunes, spotify, or tidal. Just youtube…. until universal removes it… which means weezy won’t get paid for it. Don’t be selfish

    • Moolah

      I’m sure blood got a plan this nigga ain’t stupid


    • fewcha


    • 💰RichGangBaby💰

      Good for you 👏

  • Young

    3 years..Free C5

    • CarterBoy

      It’s not “Free C5” anymore cause Wayne said he can drop it whenever

  • Man Man

    The neighbors don’t like me cuz they know I’m pumpin, bitch I ain’t cook all this yayo for nothin, I’m sipping that syrup like eggo I’m muddy, I’m whippin that sauce like some prego or sumn, and bitch Ima boss watch me take over sumn, my Mexican pay me in peso or sumn, they call me Jose like conseqo they drug me..

    • Time

      Underrated feature

      • Man Man

        On god

  • Weezy The GOAT

    It would be dope if Gucci x Wayne perform runnin circles together Wayne killed that

    • Rich Forever Way 👉🏾 💰❤️


    • CarterBoy

      Or Both remix


    Wayne is crying about not getting paid for making C5 when he easily could have just released it, went on a world tour, made double the money back birdman owes him anyway. Why make the fans wait on it? We goin on 5 years with this shit man and at this point Wayne’s buzz is already down the drain, summer 2014 was the perfect time to drop C5, Wayne was technically still in his prime and still had crazy buzz. Could’ve done a milli first week, Now if he drops C5 it definitely isn’t selling more than 300k (if it even gets to that level). Wayne just ain’t doin it nomore and at this point music has evolved snd time has passed up.

    • CarterBoy

      Use paragraphs please

      • XXX PND

        Except for Nothing Was The Same & Magna Carta


    2013 was the last year Wayne wss poppin on a mainstream level, that was 5 years ago, he’s done

    • CarterBoy

      And that was a bad year musically

      • XXX PND


      • Man Man

        It was until that d5 dropped and he been 🔥 Ever since

  • Dr Carter

    Bullshit walks, Money talks, yours say TTYL Lord

  • Dr Carter

    If Wayne is touring he’s not done to me

    • Time

      He’s touring nightclubs and performing A Milli like we still in 2008/09. Wayne used to sell out arenas

      • Dr Carter

        You got a point. Imo I think his career coundnt be the same after many years of domination. Glad he stays ‘relevant’ by many features and shows even if he’s ont performant in arenas like he used to. But saying Wayne done is a little to much

  • Mystic Weezy#Comebacktime

    So technically wayne lied in 2014saying it was birdman who was stopping c5 from getting released and birdman told the truth saying wayne can drop it whenever he wants

    • XXX PND


    • No cause he’s not dropping it until the lawsuit gets settled and he gets what he deserves. Not directly Baby stopping him but yeah

    • Justin Cayz

      Technically, yes. But this is his life’s work, I understand why he won’t give it out for free

    • Khosta The Tormentor

      actually birdman not releasing wayne from his contract is the reason why C5 aint droppin so yeah Birdman stopping C5

  • Time

    Remember when Wayne promised this was going to be his year…..

  • Weezy The GOAT

    I bet rick Ross gonna come thru to the fest would be nice

  • fewcha

    wayne fans need to stick together in these hard times…. weezy a legend

    • Dr Carter

      Fr man

  • G.O.A.T worshipper

    If Wayne doesn’t drop an album before this year is over then yeah, we’ll have to face facts that it’s over…

  • DC

    Wayne should just drop D6 it’s good publicity wtf. And fuck DJ Drama the troll lol


    Hey, you better stop the hate around there! Before Tommy, Mack, and Nina debate around there.

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