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Fans Dressed Up As Lil Wayne For Halloween

Lil Wayne, Marley G and Boo Dressed Up For Halloween

While it’s been a slow few days with Lil Wayne updates, I decided to make a Halloween post here on LilWayneHQ.com. If you are wondering what Weezy F Baby dressed up as for Halloween this year, then check out the photo above.

I don’t exactly know who Wayne is supposed to be (people are telling me Slender Man), but I know his homies Marley G and Boo are wearing masks from the Batman films – Scarecrow and one of the Joker’s workers.

I have also been sent a lot of photos via emails, Twitter and Facebook from you Tunechi fans that dressed up as him for Halloween. You can view those pics after the jump below.

If you did dress up as Tune yesterday and I have not posted your picture, then please email it to me here and I’ll be sure to add it to this post. As a bonus, I even posted a photo of a little kid dressed up as Birdman, which I’m sure you will all find funny!

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Preview Timbaland’s Collaboration With Lil Wayne & T-Pain Off “Shock Value III” [Video]

Timbaland warned us that Lil Wayne would be featured on his upcoming Shock Value III album in an interview earlier this year, now here is more confirmation that they have indeed recorded a song together.

Back in the summer, Timbaland previewed a new song at Z104’s 2012 ShaggFest concert that you can listen to in the video above. There aren’t many details about this collaboration, except that the track features Weezy F Baby and T-Pain.

The quality ain’t the best, but Tune‘s verse sounds dope to me! What are your thoughts on the record ❓

Shouts to Jose for sending the clip over.


Lil Wayne Performs “No Worries” & “A Milli” At Toyota City Championships [Videos]

Not only did Lil Wayne attend the “Dew Tour” in San Francisco, California on October 20th to support his skater friends taking part in the Toyota City Championships, but he also performed live at the competition. Weezy F Baby performed his latest single “No Worries” and a song which most people in the world have heard – “A Milli“.

You can watch Tunechi performing “No Worries” in the video above. After the jump, you can watch a few clips of Tune performing “A Milli” and view some footage of him leaving the event.

Click here to view lots of photos from the “Dew Tour“!

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Lil Wayne Speaks On What’s Next For TRUKFIT, Shooting The “Ball” Video In New Orleans & More

Above, Lil Wayne discusses what he plans to do next with his TRUKFIT clothing line during the 2012 Magic Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. Weezy F Baby says he will be looking to release some TRUKFIT apparel for the females.

After the jump, you can watch Tune speak with MTV about shooting T.I.‘s “Ball” music video in his hometown of New Orleans, which will premiere on VH1 tonight at 11:30PM EST. You can also view some more behind the scenes footage from Game‘s Celebration” music video featuring Wayne, Tyga, Chris Brown and Wiz Khalifa.

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Lil Wayne Watches & Performs At The Toyota City Championships [Pictures]

Lil Wayne Watches & Performs At The Toyota City Championships

On October 20th, Lil Wayne made a special appearance at the “Dew Tour” in San Francisco, California to watch and perform at the Toyota City Championships. He attended the event rocking all new apparel from his TRUKFIT clothing line, including a pair of jeans (which he hasn’t worn in a long time).

Weezy‘s friend Nyjah Huston was the skater who came 1st place at the competition and took home the 2012 Skate Street Dew Cup. Nyjah even talked about Wayne‘s attendance during his winner speech: “It’s great to have Lil Wayne out there supporting skateboarding!”

Hit the jump to view lots more photos of Tunechi chilling and performing at the “Dew Tour“.

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