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Preview Timbaland’s Collaboration With Lil Wayne & T-Pain Off “Shock Value III” [Video]

Thu, Oct 25, 2012 by

Timbaland warned us that Lil Wayne would be featured on his upcoming Shock Value III album in an interview earlier this year, now here is more confirmation that they have indeed recorded a song together.

Back in the summer, Timbaland previewed a new song at Z104’s 2012 ShaggFest concert that you can listen to in the video above. There aren’t many details about this collaboration, except that the track features Weezy F Baby and T-Pain.

The quality ain’t the best, but Tune‘s verse sounds dope to me! What are your thoughts on the record ❓

Shouts to Jose for sending the clip over.

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  • kanye and wayne best rappers

    wayne verse be sounding niceee

  • Lil_Taz

    First πŸ˜€

  • Cry Baby

    Timbaland still going?
    This nigga irrelevant

  • Lil_Taz

    DOPE verse tho…

  • rick ross stan

    weezys voice sounded sick

    but i heard a blood gang reference and a young money reference in his verse

    so the lyrics are going to be exactly like all the other feature verses he has been on this year

  • I’m Paid Bro

    This will be a banger, quote me.

  • history

    I agree danny – Wayne verse was dope as fuck!!

  • willy wanker

    when will the song be released?
    when is shock value 4 out?

    i cant find a release date??

    hope its this year

  • willy wanker

    shock value 3, my bad, not 4

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  • F.T.W.P.T.P.

    JOSEEE !!!!!!

  • Twitter

    Please follow me on twitter @MylesEdwards24

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  • Please follow me on twitter @MylesEdwards24

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  • “Stop Hatin On A Nigga That Is A Weak Emotion The Lady Of A Nigga” #Fuckthehaters Weezy Is The Best Rapper Alive

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  • Diana

    Damnnn I love this song<3 #YoungMoneyTillIDie

  • Dwreck

    I efff with this track the long way kant wait for the real thing to be released!?

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  • Dope Songs with a fuckin hot Verse from Lil Wayne!
    Cant w8 for The Release!

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    “stop stunting…. if u ballin by yo b!tch something”
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    stfu wizzle and take ur own goddamn words of advice u pathetic rapper. take away pusy from ur vocabulary and stop writing bullshit raps and thinking youre the best.


    weezy is better than eminem and jay-z

  • @fuckeminem

    thats an opinion.
    jayz has been famous longer and has more awards
    eminem helped rap evolve
    has more rock n roll instrumentals
    has a stronger label
    lyrically superior
    made more net income than tunechi ever will even with fuckshit
    never kissed a man on the lips in public
    started the watch trend before weezy started a fake sponsorship with casio
    had a real artist give him a contract-not birdman
    doesnt have a single lawsuit against him
    doesnt rape or kill people and doesnt sing about pussy
    is in better physical shape than wizzle even tho he’s 10 years older
    doesnt lie about music for publicity and doesnt spend 2-3 tracks on his mixtapes just talking
    makes more sense when he does talk
    has never backed out in a rap battle and doesnt talk this and that on a record unless he backs it up

  • @fuckeminem

    oh and last but not least he doesnt blog about his sports all day while at the same time sucking dick at them.
    last i heard he was spotted golfing somewhere and people say he’s pretty good at it but he doesnt shove it in ur face like a fucking poser when he’s really just a rapper.
    yall can claim that tunechi will be a legend but reality and my eyes see that he’s just a poser ass bitch with some fake names and shit, he is not a legend he’s bob fucking marley’s ugly nigger cousin with the same terrible voice and no talent. get the fuckin led zeplin unless ur a degenerate niggah

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  • miyo

    Yo dude… Stop with the hating.. Every Rapper brings a new element to Rap.. If u don’t like Wayne, that’s your problem. Keep it to yourself:)


    ill stop hating when little wayne does.
    the nigger only raps about pussy and how fucked up everything he does is. he lies and fakes his kindness so i will be here and blatenly call him a piece of shit for until he is murdered. seriously wizzle is the worst celebrity and rapper and the worst role model for niggers and children.

  • miyo

    Yo bro… U need help.. Music is Music.. Sum like it for the lyrics..others for entertainment… Wayne is a entertainer..


    i dont care what he does for a living. if ur the president of the united states and u kill people or are a rapist i will hate you . nothing little wayne can do will deserve real respect if your this easy going about life and letting infadels and haters live and continue to take from other then yaaaaaa. YOU HAVE THE PROBLEM. AND SO DOES WEEZY F.

  • TheTruth

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    the fact that your here tells me ur probably racist because u support an artist that is a openly extreme racist! NIGGAH!

  • tinaphooo

    like it Wayne killed it:-):-P:-!:-)

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  • DJ SabSad

    called “The Party Anthem”… you should add this link or something to your page on it