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Lil Wayne Performs “No Worries” & “A Milli” At Toyota City Championships [Videos]

Wed, Oct 24, 2012 by

Not only did Lil Wayne attend the “Dew Tour” in San Francisco, California on October 20th to support his skater friends taking part in the Toyota City Championships, but he also performed live at the competition. Weezy F Baby performed his latest single “No Worries” and a song which most people in the world have heard – “A Milli“.

You can watch Tunechi performing “No Worries” in the video above. After the jump, you can watch a few clips of Tune performing “A Milli” and view some footage of him leaving the event.

Click here to view lots of photos from the “Dew Tour“!

Lil Wayne performs “A Milli”.

Lil Wayne performs “A Milli”.

Lil Wayne performs “A Milli”.

Footage of Lil Wayne leaving the “Dew Tour”.

Footage of Lil Wayne leaving the “Dew Tour”.

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  • yung moula baby

    weezy has some serious swag

  • kashkg

    Why is the crowd not hype they just sitting there

  • YOLO

    Wish he would start touring again =[

  • fuck skaterz

    On October 24, 2012 at 4:59 pm kashkg responded with…
    Why is the crowd not hype they just sitting there


    cuz they aint real fans of his music

    dey all skaters so they into lupe and odd future

    this y weezy need to stick performing at his own concerts

    ya digg

  • fell off

    i love how lil wayne has never performed my homies still live at any of his shows…..i think he knows it was a terrible single… now he is acting like he has forgot all about it lol…..still why perform a milli? what about all the carter 4 songs??

  • Elo

    Was he using auto-tune on No Worries ?
    Sounded like it

  • chief queef

    damn yo!! that was crazy when wayne tried to leave and he gave his hat to a kid
    that must a gr8 feeling

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    KILLED IT !!!

  • Tunechi is killin’em. Follow on twitter @Andrabia

  • Lmfao

    I dont even wanna hear about lil wayne performing songs from tha carter 3 era with the way he is just doesnt look right. Watch tha carter documentary the way he does a milli compared to now..theres no room for Truk fit swag in 07 -09 song wayne sorry. I an not a human 2 will either be really good or garbage. Unfortantely hes only getting worse. Its not gunna come near tha carter 4 wich wasnt shit on tha carter 3 so its really all down hill for weezy. Its enivetable u guys act like he will b the best rapper alive forever..sumbody elses turn

  • Fr33styl3e

    Greece need you 😀

  • that

    niggers suck

  • seem like everyone missed da gurl with da flower dress on the right getting practically mauled by security at 0.02 seconds


  • Jamie

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  • YungGod

    In the a milli video wayne looked like a g from far away. He was still wearin skinny jeans but with that jacket reminded me of “hustler muzik” weezy f baby video

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  • denilson

    Cara , que Policiais Filhos da putta !

  • #1fan

    Anyone know where to get those pants?

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  • Lil wayne has swag to the fullest

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