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Feature Friday #141: Jibbs – King Kong (Remix) (Feat Lil Wayne, Chingy, Chamillionaire & Yo Gotti)

Jibbs King Kong Remix Feat Lil Wayne, Chingy, Chamillionaire & Yo Gotti

I have chosen Jibbs‘ official remix to his “King Kong” single featuring verses from Lil Wayne, Chingy, Chamillionaire, and Yo Gotti for this week’s “Feature Friday” edition.

The original version of this Terry “T.A.” Allen, Zaytoven, Pretty Boy, Bradd Young, and Da Beatstaz-co-produced song appears on the Jibbs Featuring Jibbs album, which came out back in 2006. Weezy even did a solo freestyle over the “King Kong” beat on his Da Drought 3 mixtape.

“Guns so convenient… no I ain’t lenient; Car so smokey, I don’t know how I see in it; But you know that I’mma be in it, sounds and TV in it; Bad bitch screen flipped down watchin’ me in it”

You can listen to the “King Kong” remix below and you can also listen to another Jibbs and Tunechi remix from 2006 here.

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Feature Friday #137: Chingy – Get It (Feat Lil Wayne)

Chingy Get It Feat Lil Wayne

I have chosen a Chingy track titled “Get It” featuring Lil Wayne for this week’s “Feature Friday” installment.

The song first leaked on an unofficial Weezy mixtape, Hottest Nigga Under The Sun, back in 2009.

“Pockets on fire, yeah I got money to burn; And I think I am affected, and money’s the germ; From welcome to exit, my money’s confirmed; I’m a prisoner of the game, just completing my term; Girls wanna give me brain, they’re so eager to learn”

You can listen to “Get It” below and listen to another Chingy and Tunechi collaboration called “26’s” from 2004 here.

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Feature Friday #89: Chingy – 26’s (Feat Lil Wayne)

Chingy 26s Feat Lil Wayne

The “Feature Friday” installment for this week is Chingy‘s “26’s” track featuring a verse from Lil Wayne.

You can find Da Beatstaz-produced song on the Missouri rapper’s Powerballin’ album, which was released back in 2004.

“I pull up laughing at another man’s 20’s, ha; Yep, the younger man I run the damn city; Gotta pocket full of 100’s, 50’s, rubberband 20’s”

You can listen to “26’s” below.

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